The “Hagal, Hakel” or H-Rune According to Friedrich Fischbach (1900)

In close relation to the Kien-Rune, this Rune stands as the character for “H”, because it is the Hook- or Connection-Rune [Verbindungsrune ].

The previous designation that Hagal = Hail is senseless. Too little attention was paid to the fact that Hakeln = Binding = Connecting. To assume the meaning of this Rune to be ‘Hail’ (as in Projectiles of the Valkyries) may be poetic, but is very far-fetched.

So, what has the Hakel-Rune to do with Fire-Worship? Very much. The depicted Consecrated-Altar shows the two Logs fastened with Cords. This symbolizes the Rotation-Cords, as well as the Connection with the Trinity of the Godhead [Gottheit ].

The Connection-Line is often doubled in the Rune. As a Rule, it is the two parallel Altar-Woods that appear connected. Exceptionally, we also see crossed Woods united by a vertical Line.

The Line connecting the Wood-Pieces is found as Volutes or Spiral ornaments on the Ionic column capitols, which can thus be explained from an inverted Altar-Plate.

The sacred Woods were transformed into Foliage-Wreaths [Laubgewinde ]. What somehow belonged to Fire-Worship was then used as a motif in Temple-Ornamentation. Its Basic-Scheme remained, even after its meaning in Worship had fallen into obscurity.

The rowed Fire-Altars were similar to Pyramids (or triangular shapes) and, furthermore, the Fire-Cords were used in this Scheme. It was then so richly unfolded, aesthetically pleasing and colorful, that the ideal Basic-Form is veiled, i.e. hardly recognizable.

-Paraphrase from Origin of Gutenberg’s Letters [Ursprung der Buchstaben Gutenbergs] (1900)
by Friedrich Fischbach


The “Hagal, Hag” Rune According to Guido von List (1907)

hagal = the All Nurturing/Cherishing, to enclose; Hail, to destroy.

A Seventh I know, if I see a Fire
High around the Housing of Men;
However wide it burns, I will bring it to Rest
with taming Magical-Songs [Zaubergesange ].

Hagal! – The Inner-Feeling or Introspectiveness [Innerlichkeitsgefühl ] (the Consciousness [Bewusstsein ] of carrying one’s God with all His Characteristics enclosed within oneself) produces a high Self-Confidence in the Force of the individual Spirit, which gives Miraculous-Power. This Miraculous-Power is inherent in all Humans who believe in it with a strong Spirit, convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Christ, who was one of these rare persons (as was Wuotan ) said: “Verily, verily I say unto you, if someone were to say to this stone: ‘move yourself away!’ – and he believes in it – then this stone would lift itself away and fly into the sea.” [Mark 11:23]

Sustained by this Consciousness (which is beyond any shadow of a doubt), the Chosen One controls the Physical and the Spiritual realms, which is contained all-inclusively, and thereby one feels oneself to be all-powerful.

Therefore: “Lovingly-Care for the Universe in Yourself, and You will control the Universe!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes
[Das Geheimnis der Runen]
(1907) by Guido Von List

* NOTE: According to List, this Rune is the neither a vowel, nor a consonant, instead it is the “Aspiration sound” (to aspirate means the pronunciation of the letter “h” at the beginning of a word, so it is to make the H-sound while inhaling).


The “Hagall” Rune According to Ernst Tristan Kurtzahn (1924)

Exoterically: Wisdom, Androgyny [Weisheit, Androgynität ].
Esoterically: God-Self [Gott-Ich ].
Generally: “to nurture/cherish the Universe”, to enclose; Hail, to destroy, Air, Wind, etc.

This Rune is not (as is often erroneously assumed) essentially a Mischief-Rune, but rather the Opposite! For whosoever feels God in themselves, whosoever cherishes and encloses God in themselves as the Universe, no Harm can come to them at all, since they no longer feel themselves as being one with their physical body and, thus, they are truly Wise.

On the other hand, this Rune, which is composed of the Man-Rune    (Spirit) and the Woman-Rune    (Substance), is the full Symbol of that Androgyny (Male-Female), which not only dominates the Cosmos everywhere, but also allows it to come into being in a perceptible way.

In my opinion, the actual inherent Mischief of this Rune (for the Discerning person) lies in the cold meaning of this Rune as a secret emblem for the flesh body, upon which our actual Self (Jesus Christ the Son in us!) is crucified. Furthermore, one may have known that the Rain mixed with Hail [Hagel ] comes from the Cosmos as a Fire-Extinguisher. Thus it is first Benefactor, and later became Mischief-Maker arbitrarily through Magic.

This happened by laying out Hagall-Rune-Staffs or Hagall-Runes secretly on the blooming fields of envied neighbors, a custom which unfortunately is practiced even today in different regions of Germany from time to time. Probably because the Average-Person is closer to Evil than to Good, therefore, this Rune belongs to the cold and hostile, but wise Planet Saturn.

-Paraphrase from The Runes as Salvation-Signs and for Unbinding-Fate
[Die Runen als Heilszeichen und Schicksalslose]
(1924) by E. Tristan Kurtzahn


The “Hagal, Halga, Galga, Gilg” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben (1930)

Letter H and Number 7.

The Rune of Salvation: Hagal , holy [hagla ], Galga, Lily [Gilg ]. “The cohesion of the world”.

Dr. Friedrich Teltscher’s Ur-word is Ewiger Wechsel meaning “Eternal Change”.

“A seventh I learned, if the hall is burning
With fire around bench and comrades;
However bright it burns, I will banish the blaze,
As soon I sing the magic chant.”

The    Hagal Rune is hiero-glyphic (which means holy script-wise), and pictographically, the Hag-All or All-Hag, it caringly surrounds everything (the universe): “Allah il Allah”, “Wal-Hall”, the God-All, the One-All, the MAN-All, the man-All, the human-All.

In its negative aspect (also called Hagel ), it is represented by the tipped Rune; it signifies death, destruction as well as air, wind. In the Nordic realm, Hagal is represented as a swastika or X-shape and is said to be the picture of a procession.

In the Germanic realm it is seen as a gate that leads to the realms of salvation. On the parchment of the Wessobrunner Prayer, this Rune appears in the place of the syllable ‘Ga’ (the God-syllable) and is therefore a sacred symbol.

The    Hagal Rune represents the cross of the world, with the radix , the root, the hub in the middle, in the point of intersection of its branches, around which the world turns on its axis (spiritually as well as physically). As microcosm, it represents the human being, as macrocosm, it is the universe in its largest conceivable expansion. As a symbol, it is self-image and the image of the human being; it is the extent of one’s physical and spiritual self. It is understood as meaning ‘valuable’ and ‘spiritually important’, it is the human being and the world itself.

The    Hagal Rune is the Rune of humanity, and especially the Rune of Adam (of the androgynous first human). It is the symbol of creation, of the world circle, of the wheel of the world. Indeed the Hagal Rune can also be thought of as consisting of the Man-Rune and its reversal, the woman-Rune or Yr-Rune . These Runes (Man & Yr ) may also be considered as corresponding to the Celestial and the Terrestrial, Heavenly and Earthly, the macrocosm and the microcosm, the cosmos and humanity.

The double Hag-all Rune is the symbol of the reincarnation, of the resurrection. But it is also the “spine” with the twelve dorsal vertebras of Adam Kadmon, who fills out the world with his body and spirit. The spine of the heavenly body of the zodiac, the twelve-part zodiac of the Heavens. “Take care of the universe and care for it within yourself and you are ruling the universe!” Thus, Hagal is the Ur-scaffolding, the spiritual Ur-Christ or the Christ-Uhr (Uhr = clock/time), the time of God, eternity. “Behold, I am with you every day”, says the Christ-Uhr, the Ur-Christ, the Son of God, “I am the beginning and the end…”

The Ur-shape of the word Christ is indeed Aristos or Haristos. The Greeks and many others, have replaced the H (or aspiration sound) with a K, G, I, or Ch (a throat sound). All languages have taken over this Ur-word Hari (meaning ‘the High one’) and made it into “Chri-” or “Kri-”. “Har” = “Aar”, the superlative of which is the Haristos , the “Christos”. In India, one of Vishnu’s names is Hari ; One of Vishnu’s incarnations was as Krishna). In Hebrew Hari became: Heres or Hammah (meaning the Sun). In Arabic the word was changed to Haris , with the meaning of maintainer, protector. In modern Swedish, Hari means “herein” or “in this”.

Numerous artifacts show this Chrismon or Krismon, this Harimon (Hari-Man or Ar-man), already in pre-Christian times, and as such on a coin from the time of Ptolemy III which is dated to at least 1000 BC. The Chrismon originated from the Christ-all-siegel (the “crystal seal”) of the high and holy Rune name of the Lord: Arahari , which came to its Runic-image expression in the Hag-all Rune (this we will explain below).

Let’s understand that, in the Kala (the Nordic Kabbalah): Christ, Christos, Charistos, Haristos, Aristos are related to Ar or Aar , the eagle and the symbol of the Sun. They are also related to the term Ar-yan, which is runically written AR-I-AR : (with the second AR Rune reversed or flipped). These three Runes together are understood as meaning:

This brings us closer to the mystery of the son of man and of God. If we twist and turn the AR Rune around the   IS Rune axis, then we get 4 different positions which make the Hag-All Rune. These four AR Runes would be read as “AR-AR-AR-AR”!

If we attach the sounds of the Hag-All and of the IS-Rune (the H and I) to the four AR Runes, then we get the array of sounds, which we want to pronounce loudly: “AR-AR-AR-AR-H-I”

By means of partial contraction and reversal of these Rune sounds: we receive a word. This word speaks out the name of the Highest God: “ARAHARI”. If we add still another Rune, then we get the Runic Ur-image of the “monogram of Christ”:

This symbol is composed of the X-cross (which means ‘the world’ or ‘the universe’), and the Pard Rune (the Rune of the Son) which is the half of a BAR-Rune (the Mother-Rune).

It is no coincidence that the Hagal-Rune is called “the head of the Aesir ”, “the head of the Aristos ”, of the Haristos (which means ‘the Highest One’). Jesus was an Essene (a word which reminds us of the Aesir , the Nordic gods). Here the God-self or Divine-self (the IS-Rune , the Rune of the self) was nailed to the X-cross of the God-All or Divine-All (the world or universe).

Investigating this Rune more closely, as consisting of the IS-Rune and the X-cross (the cross of Saint Andrew), we receive more information. This X-cross is composed of two lines: the ascending Bar-line and the descending Balk-line .

This mystical grouping, related with the crucifixion, originated from the content of the ideas of these Rune-symbols. The “Is” Rune (the vertical line) and the “Sie” Rune (the horizontal line) is also called IS-SIE . Laid on top of each other, they result in ISIS: the god-human, the All-Christ, the Krist-All.

Now, let us consider the other crosses at the Crucifixion. The right criminal is the    IS Rune, intersected by the Bar- or life-line and forms the Rune of wedlock or marriage (Ehe ). The left criminal (the one who is unwilling to improve) is the IS-Rune intersected by the Balk- or death-line and is forming the Not-Rune .

The contrast (the law of polarity of all life) comes into play here. By way of crossing (or the action of two energies, like fate and free-will), there is always tension.

As we have mentioned, the Hag-all Rune speaks the name Arahari : Aar = ‘Sun’ and Hari = the High One; which, in the Greek language, took the form of the so-called “monogram of Christ” (that contains the initial letters of the Greek word Christos):

The X (Greek letter Chi ) and the P (Greek letter Ro ), as “monogram of Christ” still leads us to a further symbol. In Greek mythology we know the Centaur Chiro-n. What is a centaur according to the mythical image? A man-horse, a horse body and legs with a human torso, arms and head.

Therefore, with the Greek letters Chi and Ro we can justify the name of the Chiron in a monogramistic sense better than the name of the Christ. In Chiron we recognize an initiated person who teaches the noble youth all wisdom. Many great men have been disciples of Chiron according to legend. Through the Nordic Kabbalah (the Kala) we can disassemble this symbol into: Ross-man (horse-man), Hross-Mann, the Kross-man, the Cross-man: the Christ.

But we also know the monogram of Christ, the Hag-all , as the “wind rose”, Wodan’s wind-ross (wind-horse) named Sleipnir (the breath of the world). The wind-ross (wind horse) therefore is the Kreuz-ross (cross-horse), the Ross-kreuz (horse-cross), the Cross (crux) in general. From the ross to the rose is only a little jump in the language of the mysteries, and we arrive at the “Rose-cross” or “Rosicrucians”. One of the secrets of the ancient mystery orders, was to veil their wisdom under these mysterious images, in order to protect the higher knowledge from the misunderstanding of the masses…



-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Hag-All, Hagal” Rune According to S.A. Kummer (1932-1933)

(H) The H-Rune, Hagal , Hag-All, All-Hag, God-All, Wal-halla, Val-Halla, Allah, World-All, Man-All; Grove [Hag ], nurture/cherish, enclose, contain within oneself, all-inclusive, the Key to all murmuring Runes, to the holy great Universe – Numerical value 7.

The Hagal-Rune is the World-Rune, the World-Cross, the World-Tree, around the Middle-Point, Hub, Navel, of which the whole spiritual and physical World revolves, the rotating Microcosm and Macrocosm.

The Hagal-Rune, the male-female Unity, the All-World-Rune, is also called the Head-of-the-Æsir, which means the highest Initiation. But whosoever cannot, and does not want to, sacrifice themselves will never reach the All-Father, which is why Wotan says on the World-Ash-Tree: “I consecrated myself to myself!”

The Hagal-Rune is the most-perfect Rune; it is masculine and feminine, it consists of the Man and Yr Runes, the Is-Rune    and the Ge-Rune (the Multiplication-Cross), but also the Not- and Eh-Runes .

Hagal is Rune of the holy Seven: the seven Senses, the seven Tones and the seven Colors; and of the great Filter of Harmony, of the eternal Wisdom in the divine, all-embracing Self [allhegenden Ich ]. It is also called the Seven-Hag-Cross, the old Seven-er, the seventh, and the seventh Knower.

Hagal also reveals itself in the spatial directions of the snow crystals. Crystal = Krist-All = Christ-All = All-Christ = Christ; the Framework, the All-Framework. Christ = the Carpenter’s-Son of God of the Universe and World-Builder. Krist-All, the self reflecting, cosmic Universe; the Krist-All-Stone, the Krist-All-Ball in its Mystery-Exercises to recognize the Krist-All in the reflecting Crystal and to receive Information about Past, Present and Future.

The Hagal-Rune also corresponds to the South-North World-Axis, to the Ich Rune   and the Ge-Rune with their Solstice-Points . From the Hagal-Rune the Wendehorn , Turning-Horn, listening/hearing, procreation, Conception/Creation.

It is a Salvation-Rune consecrated to the Moon, which was formerly used for white-magic Purposes and was very disreputably used in its Daemonium as a Magical-Character under the Influence of the Full-Moon.

Hag-All , the murmuring Universe, the Universal-Murmur that opens all the doors of Spirit and of Realization, the auspicious Mandrake-Root in the Form of the Hagal-Rune, or the Mandrake-Root dug out at the New-Moon in the Form of the Wendehorn , which is supposed to provide magical, supernatural Abilities.

The Hagal-Rune is also found in the Hexagon and in the Six-Pointed-Star, which is the Star of Rebirth, of Gender, of ascending and descending Life in the World-Ash-Tree Yggdrasil. The three upper branches of the World-Ash-Tree Yggdrasil are Becoming, Being and Passing-Away, and its three roots point to the Past, Present and Future.

Fig. 1 Hexagon containing all 18 Runes.
Fig. 2 The Hexagram of the germanic Initiate-Sigil.
Fig. 3 & 4 The Six-Pointed-Star, the germanic-Sigil, laid sideways.
Fig. 5 The World-Tree: the World-Ash-Tree Yggdrasil.
Fig. 6 The All-Raune.

The Hagal-Rune is also the Symbol of the World-Wheel, the masculine and feminine Circles of the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac (wherein the high 13 is hidden).

Arahari, the Monogram of Christ, Coin of Ptolemy III

On the Coin of Ptolemy III from the Year 300 BC, the Monogram of Christ is seen between the Legs of the Eagle.

The Hagal-Rune is the Rune of the Currents of the Universe, of the Air. It contains the great Mystery/Secret of the Art-of-Breathing.

The Hagal-Rune shows us the recognition of Divine-Liberty, the Divine-Force, the Divine-Unity and Immortality with the Cosmos and with Eternity, through which Humanity will redeem itself.

The Demonic of the Hagal-Rune is the Hagel-Rune . It means Destruction, Annihilation, Death, Hailstorm, Wind. Tension-fracture, Hatred, black Magic, the un-nurtured Descendants sinking into the darkness.

Hag = All , to enclose the Universe in oneself, to feel God All-Father in the innermost Self [Ich ], who leads to the holy Grail, to the Divine-Sonship.

All eighteen Runes of the Futhork, all the Fine-Force-Streams of the Microcosm and Macrocosm, all Spatial-Directions, as well as Forces of the Heavens and of the Earth, can be felt in the Hagal-Rune-Position.


Kummer’s Full Body Rune Exercise(s):

Kummer gives this rune in 4 different parts, which are as follows:


1) First Rune-Position of the Hagal-Rune: The Cross-Position

a) The Student stands in the Ich-Rune out in Nature, if possible on top of a Hill or a Mountain-Summit facing North or East. Seven Breathing-Exercises follow.

b) One extends both Arms sideways (making a Cross), with Palms facing up, and feels the Currents of the Universe. One sings softly “ha-ha-ha-ha-”, while one slowly and rhythmically turns in a circle, staying a little longer when Facing North.

Mr. F. B. Marby already gave this Rune-Position in his Magazine “Der eigene Weg ”, and Kummer expanded upon it with the following Positions.

2) Second Rune-Position of the Hagal-Rune: The Not and Eh Runes

a) Start in the Ich-Rune facing North, do the Breathing-Exercise. Then the Student takes up the Not-Rune-Position and hums “n-n-n-” while slowly turning around rhythmically, until returning to the starting position.

b) Next follows a second Cross-Position with the turn, while one sings “ha-ha-ha-ha-”.

c) When one has returned to face the North, then immediately go into the Eh-Rune-Position and sing “e-e-e-” for the next turn

d) This is followed by another Cross-Position, with the turn while singing “ha-ha-ha”.

3) Third Rune-Position of the Hagal-Rune: The Man and Tyr Runes

a) Start in the Ich-Rune facing North. Here, after the Breathing-Exercise, the Practitioner first sings the “i-i-i-”, then “ha-ha-ha-”,

b) Then one raises the Arms diagonally sideways upwards, taking the Man-Rune-Position, and turns while humming “m-m-m-”.

c) Next follows a second Cross-Position with the turn, while one sings “ha-ha-ha-ha-”.

d) When one has returned to face the North, then immediately go into the Tyr-Rune-Position and sing “Tyr” or “ta-te-ti-to-tu” for the next turn

e) This is followed by another Cross-Position, with the turn while singing “ha-ha-ha”.

4) Fourth Rune-Position of the Hagal-Rune: The Ge Rune

a) The Student spreads themselves out of the Ich-Rune position with their right Foot sideways. One now stands with their Feet tense and placed sideways (directed North or East), and now raises both Arms diagonally upwards.

b) Depicting an X shape, one sings “ha-ha-ha-” in different pitches when exhaling. At the same time, one slowly, rhythmically turns in a circle with their Legs tense and spread.

Summary of Full Body Rune Practice*:

*Note: For all Positions (except Ich or Is  ) there is a clockwise turning while holding the Rune-Position.


These four Rune-Positions pose a difficult Task for the Student, because during its practice one must not absorb any Impressions.

Thoughts must be completely eliminated, the Mind emptied, so that one’s Solar-Plexus (as well as all occult Force-Centers) start to function and so that the fine All-Waves can manifest later as new Thoughts, as Concepts to the Mind.

One should not be Astonished or Excited if one has a Perception, sees a strange Image or hears Voices. Instead, one should remain completely passive when perceiving Impressions that were previously unknown. One must neither be excited, nor concerned, in this Condition.

These Perceptions, often also Images, do not occur immediately because the fine radio-like All-Streams must first begin to work Inside the Practitioner. It is often the case that one is forced to Speak loudly during this Exercise, so it is advisable to practice this Rune alone in solitude if possible. Kummer says he cannot give an explanation about what a Perception may be, because these occur for each Practitioner according to their Stage-of-Development and their purity.

Also, later the Student will be given information from the other Side in this Rune-Position about the Hagal-Rune-Mystery/Secret. Each one according to their Type. Kummer reminds us once again that Silence is the Law for the Practitioner.

The one who is Experienced in the Hagal-Rune will have very great Benefit from this Position. In it, one is able to absorb high spiritual Insights and to observe Perceptions.

After this four-part exercise, the Student takes a brief pause in the Ich-Rune-Position (facing North) with Thoughts of Love, Harmony, and Optimism. When the Practitioner has sufficiently recovered, then seven rhythmic Breathing-Exercises and the entire series of Hagal-Rune-Positions are repeated.

The All-Streams penetrate threefold into the Body of the Practitioner and resound three times again in the Back-of-the-Head, in the Hands and Feet.

Finally, all the Hagal-Rune-Positions are repeated again, so that the Student repeats them a total of three times. For the third Repetition of the fourth Rune-Position it is recommended to focus the Eyes on the Root-of-the-Nose.

Later, the Student will also feel the fourth Dimension in their innermost Self [Ich ].

With the Hagal-Rune, the Practitioner also strongly influences their Radiation, hence their Astral-Colors. Already in the first Weeks-of-Practice one will notice with astonishment that one perceives soft Colors, and later one will see themselves vibrating in bright Yellow, Blue, Red, and so on. One always has good Control over their Development in these Color-Scales.

One’s Solar-Plexus is always sending forth fine Waves which are guided in this Rune-Position through one’s Aura (or “Od-Cloak”) and then they stream into the Universe.

Throughout the Duration-of-the-Exercise, the fine Waves continue to flow and stream away. New Thoughts and Concepts accumulate more and more in the Subconscious in order to reveal themselves later as Advice or a Solution.

After this Exercise, the Student remains completely relaxed in Peace, thinking as little as possible or meditating on Harmony, and All­-Connectedness.

Mostly, already in this state of Peace, the practice of the Hagal-Rune causes either clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, or a Perception, a Revelation, or the Practitioner is forced to Speak, a new Concept appears, Advice is given to them or something similar.

The Student does not forget that they are a Receiver as well as a Transmitter. Therefore, this sacred Rune-Position also requires pure, noble Thinking so that the advancing Waves serve one’s higher development but do no harm (Purity leads to Perfection).

All incoming and outgoing Waves are always of the Direction, Height and Purity which correspond to the Student’s Stage-of-Development. Therefore dear Brothers, dear Sisters, strive with a pure heart in ardent Longing toward the Divine-Humanity and you will receive heavenly Waves and divine Inspirations.

Many thousands of years ago this Rune-Position was one of the most sacred Mystery-Practices of our Priestly-Ancestors, it is a Rune-Position of the great Mysteries and is inexhaustible in its Depths.

All cosmic Rune-Streams and Fine-Force-Waves are similar, nevertheless they speak to Humans quite individually, manifold, differently and are eternally inexhaustible.

Only through one’s own inner Ich may one penetrate into the highest Rune-Magic and its Mysteries/Secrets. But whosoever believes that only their own Findings, Discoveries and Solutions are the true, right, and unique ones has transgressed against the Spirit of true Higher-Development.

For the Hagal-Rune-Position, the following phonetic formula is given: “ha-he-hi-ho-hu-”.

Motto: “Know All-Father in yourself, vibrate in the Rhythm of the Universe, then you control Human and Animal.”


Kummer’s Hand Rune Exercise (‘Mudras’ or “Rune-Grips”):

The Rune Practitioner should take up the Ich-Rune-Position (Military “At-Attention”); this is followed by a deep Breathing-Exercise three times, with thoughts directed toward physical and spiritual purification; which must also be observed with all the other Rune-Grips.

One stretches the both Arms upward. Hands as shown in Figure 7, with Thumbs touching. While singing the “h-a-a-a”, special Importance should be given to good, Deep-Breathing.

Remember that each Rune-Grip must be repeated three times (for 3 Minutes each, followed by a short Pause in the Ich-Rune-Position between sets), since otherwise no satisfactory Collection of Subtle-Force [Feinkräfte ] can be reached in the Hand-Centers.

This Grip has a very strong ability to Conduct the corresponding Subtle-Forces, such that one feels as if an electric Current runs through the Body.

With deep Immersion, astral Perceptions and higher inner Experiences occur here. This Grip is a strongly whispering Rune-Grip. Meanwhile, the Thoughts are focused on Universal-Love [All-Liebe ], cosmic Connectedness [kosmische Verbundenheit ], animated by the Wish for consummate Perfection.

Again, a conscious-willed [willensbewußte ] Circulation through the whole Body should not be forgotten. After Completing this Exercise you will notice a strong odor of ozone and sulfur on the Index- and Middle-Fingers. Color-Vibration is glowing Indigo-Blue.

Further Sound-Formulas are: “he-hi-ho-hu”.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.


Additional Note: Kummer’s Practices for the “Magnetic Gaze”

In the chapter on the Ka– or Kaun-Rune, Kummer also says the following:

“It is now time for the student to acquire the magnetic gaze. There is a great power in the human gaze. The eye radiates the will, as well as the mental and emotional state. The practitioner can apply their gaze much more successfully the more trained their eye is; the student can acquire the magnetic gaze through conscious exercises.

At present, one’s eyes are barely able to affect others magnetically; one makes many mistakes because the gaze is restless, unsteady and unaware. One’s eyes wander back and forth, with every movement the eyelids and their muscles twitch, so the gaze remains unimpressive. The student must get their eyes and facial muscles fully under control.

1st Exercise – Draw this    Hagal-rune on a white piece of paper:

The    Hagal-rune is the rune of the three dimensions, the fourth dimension is in the middle.

And now the student attaches this piece of paper to the wall or places it at eye level in front of them on a table, sits comfortably at a distance of 1.5 meters away on a chair, then gives their body the command not to be bothered by any twitching or itching of the skin.

One sits motionless and looks steadily with their eyes at the center of this    Hagal-rune for 7 minutes.

The Center-Point is something Intended [Gedachtes ], something Spiritual; it is the Center of the Universe, of the Cosmos, of the Earth, it is God. The Point is also the Key of the    Hagal-Rune because the moving Point becomes the Line.

So the    Hagal-Rune is again the Key to all other Runes because they can all be united in it.

In this exercise the student may not move the eyeballs or the eyelids. One must strictly avoid blinking and twitching. The eyes should be firmly & calmly fixed on the center of the rune. The tears of the eyes (which are taken for granted at the beginning) will be lost again as soon as his eyes are more disciplined. One practices only in daylight because artificial light results in a slight weakness of the eyes.

If, after 14 days of practice, one has achieved the immobility of the eyes so that one can calmly, without blinking, see the center of the rune for 7 minutes in the above manner, then the practitioner will soon have the magnetic gaze. When they look at someone with this gaze, the other one believes that the practitioner can see directly through them and can look into their deepest, innermost heart. The whole personal impression of the student will be more self-confident and more trustworthy.

2nd Exercise – The student sits down in front of a mirror and sees their own reflection with the same calmness and immobility. Their eyes must be fixed, immobile and motionless on the bridge of the nose in the mirror image (this is the point between the eyebrows).

The root of the nose is now focused on for 7 minutes in the greatest state of calm. After a few days one will be able to see the close surroundings of the room and even the whole face clear and distinct, though the eyes are fixed only on the bridge of the nose.

Later the practitioner can look at other people. For this exercise one will find sufficient opportunity in daily life.

The magnetic gaze will benefit the practitioner, especially for the better implementation of their wishes in the environment around them. They will force hypocritical liars to tell the truth with their magnetic gaze.

In conversation with other people, one grows accustomed to not looking the person in the eye, but firmly, calmly and without blinking, at the brow of his opponent. The practitioner’s words will then make a deep impression and will work and stick with the listener. And the effect is amplified when one speaks in a low pitch and in complete peace.

One’s eyes might suffer from burning and tears, however, these will be lost when the eyes are sufficiently strengthened by the exercises.

Eye baths are highly recommended and should be done daily. The student puts their face into a bowl full of water, holds it as long as he can underwater, and opens his eyes in the water. These baths are incredibly powerful for the eyes and are highly recommended by ophthalmologists.

Good gymnastics for the eyes are as follows: look right and left, up and down and roll the eyes in the water.

If one follows all these exercises exactly, no one will be able to withstand one’s gaze, their enemies will be intimidated, and their will becomes greatly strengthened by the magnetic gaze.

One does not abuse the magnetic gaze with hypnotic experiments that only serve vanity and not abuse their sisters and brothers hypnotically.”

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
by Siegfried Adolf Kummer



Rosicrucian and Gnostic

The “Hagal” Rune According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple:

In the ESPASA Encyclopedia we find, under the word ALPHABET, all the ABCs of the World, singularly known, and in first term is the Nordic Runic and in second then is the Anglo Saxon.

Readers who have this Encyclopaedia at their fingertips will observe at first glance that the Runes must have been the Genesis of all written languages, and with this intelligent understanding we will already demonstrate how all the Latin letters even emerge from the Hagal Rune…

The Mexican Indians (the Mayans) when asked about the name of God, answered that God has no name and that it was only an aspiration, a breath and, in order to express it, they aspirated as if pronouncing a german “H”; H is, therefore, the principle of the Logos, of all the Runes and of all words.

In many Mexican Gods we find this symbol , whereas in the Gods of Egypt we find the Ankh , but it is the same Mexican symbol only that the Egyptian formed into a cross afterwards.

However, in both Mexican and Egyptian symbology, it means LIFE.

Thus, LIFE is the origin of everything and CHRIST said: “I AM THE LIFE”, that is, the vital-Christ, the christonic-life or the christonic-substance, as we have called it.

In this way the monogram of Christ (that we find on all the old pictures) has the same meaning as the previous ones although this one conserves in the upper part a semicircle and the whole glyph , in Greek, means LIGHT.

LIGHT and LIFE, in themselves, are, consequently, the same thing, here we encounter the well-known symbol of Arahari (Spiritual Sun) and thus the Hagal Rune is the most important of them all, there being no people in the world where it is not found as the most precious of symbols.

In the South of Chile and in the Cemeteries of the Mapuches there existed before – we do not know if it also does now – more Hagals than Crosses on the tombs and thus we see throughout all of America and Europe that star of six points. Sometimes even in the East we have observed it, although it is characteristic of the North.

On ancient stones, in Sweden, we have found this word KRISMON differing from the Monogram of Christ only in the triangle which is at both ends, meaning the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

The emblem of Kristna is this and we repeat that it is also the emblem of Christ .

Let’s face it. It has the Greek letters CH, R, X and P. In Latin it would be CHRI and always signifies LIGHT. On a coin of Ptolemy, 300 years before the Christian era, we already have this same monogram and the name of the Christ.

Thus, the myth of Christ existed (as Saint Augustine points out very well) centuries before the birth of the Nazarene, signifying at every instant the LIFE, the LIGHT, THAT SOLAR FORCE which the ancients venerated and which was utilized through Jesus in order to give it concrete form.

The etymology of the name of Christ (or “Christos”) is “Aristos” or “Haristos”. To this day, the greeks and many other peoples change the H for K, G, I and CH.

If AR [  ], is the Sun, then Christ (the Anointed One) is MAN OF THE SUN. AR, HAR, HARI, HARA was (for the Indians) the connection of Shiva and Vishnu and of that HARO, the Highest, the Select, the Best. ARISTO, thus means the best.

Aristocracy, comes from ARISTOS (the best) and from KRATOS (strength/force). It can be translated as THE BEST FORCE. From the hebrew HARI, emerged the HERES, sun and HARIS, in arabic, means the Helper, the Guide. HARIS, CHRIS, AAR, Sun and HARI, highest. We can say THE HIGHEST SUN.

Overlapping two Hagal Runes, the twelve-pointed star is produced, the column of Adam Kadmon, the 12 seats of the Grail Princes, of King Arthur, the twelve Apostles and the twelve zodiacal signs.

If we separate those Runes from the arms above and below, meaning one to Man [  ] and another to God [  ] , thus we will have the meeting of Man with God [ ].

The Masters say that HAGAL , as a Rune, signifies the INTERIOR, our connection with the divine forces. This Rune, applied, gives confidence because the sign itself is recognition that we are Gods and we are in possession of the Divine Forces.

It signifies Triumph, although we have a special Rune for Triumph [which Huiracocha says is Sig    ] , however since Hagal    contains all the runes, then it also encloses the Force of Triumph. Its numerical value is 7. Let us remember our septenary composition and many other applications that this symbolic number has.

The EDDA speaks of the SONG OF THE RUNES and this was the song that was sung in the celebration of the Mysteries. Today we learn many things by heart, but what is required in school with regard to Poetry is very little. The Poets no longer have the merit as before.

Tacitus, who saw the Germans celebrate their Mysteries, says that from childhood they had to learn those runic chants that were 1,500 verses. The value of these verses has already been lost.

The Edda itself is in verse and sounds very harmonious and very lyrical when they are recited, although, even to those of us who know German, it is difficult for us to understand them.

Hebrew letters, apart from the fact that they serve to express ideas and thoughts, have at the same time and separately numerical value and symbolic value and are, above all, accumulators of forces. This latter sense is what we are most interested in.

For our ancestors, the letters were sacred and could only be used for sacred objects.

Today, letters serve in order to propagate the greatest truths and, at the same time, with them the greatest crimes are committed by spreading Obscene and Pornographic Magazines or political and social lies.

The ancient Nordics had a sacred respect for the Runes and nobody would have been able to desecrate them in order to spread lies. With this same respect for the runic letters, it was through them that they wrote all their legends in verses and the verse (or rhyme) cultivates the memory.

That is why the Rose Cross adepts must love poetry and keep Poets as privileged men.

Now, it is not the Poet who spontaneously writes the great conception of his thought and of his idea in verses , he intuits in the act of writing the greatest conceptions dictated by his own being made by God at that instant.

In Sweden we have recently seen a multitude of Runic stones that had engraved legends as prominent as that of Siegfried with the Dragon and around the picture, the Runes themselves were describing the fact.

In Boualan, where there are those large stones and whose inscriptions are supposed to be 60,000 years old, plows and men are seen driving oxen, armed with a Spear as a symbol of the Priesthood. This means that the work of the farmer is a sacred work.

The students of the Runes must, therefore, do all things possessed with a religious feeling.

We are trustees of all the goods of the earth, but we are not their owners. They are our Gods, that is to say, those omnipotent universal forces that we can surely personify.

A disciple had to ask us one day, “Do you believe in a Personal God?” “To a certain extent”, we responded. But he was confused by our answers, and protested its ambiguity, demanding a YES or a NO, to which we answered: “YES and NO”.

THE FORCES ARE IMPERSONAL and so is the Christic substance, but it takes a bodily form in us and for this reason we continued saying to the Disciple: “I believe that in you there is a Personal God enclosed in a physical body.” “Liberate me from it!” the Disciple replied to us.

We will, of course, answer him, but not by killing him, but by gradually reducing his strength/force and giving him more Strength/Force, which seemed even more paradoxical. And, in effect, it is.

By exercising ourselves in runes (which may well be called our exercises), the body gains in Physical Strength/Force, but evidently loses in spiritual agility and this gives power in order to make God stronger in us.

Let us begin this exercise by looking to extract the forces from this great Rune. Let us concentrate our thoughts on the Great All, on the Invisible World, with all its inhabitants, which the Nordics call “Valkyries” and our Elementals (Sylphides, Gnomes, Salamanders, Undines), calling them to our aid and with this we enter into the terrain of Practical Magic. We can not live without those beings.

Let’s make the Rune of them on a white paper like this:

and let’s look at it for some time and then look up one meter higher and there we will see the inverted image. This is an optical effect but, for the moment, it will help us in later exercises.


-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Hagal” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

Let us now talk of ELEMENTALS, GODS, and DEVAS, sparks and flames. Let us remember the old TIBER himself, rising as a mist from within the waters of the river which has his name in order to speak to AENEAS.

“Oh you who are born of the race of the Gods, who are bringing back to us the city of Troy saved from its enemies, you who are preserving its citadel Pergamum for all time. Do not be intimidated by the threat of war. The real persecution of the Gods has ceased. Now I offer you to fight, but fight victoriously. But come now, so that you may not think what you are seeing is an empty dream, and I will give you a signal that you will not delay in recognizing…”

Certainly, VIRGIL (the poet of Mantua) tells us that when this vision of TIBER vanished; AENEAS awoke, got up, then (after rubbing his eyes) he ran around to see if he could discover the sign that the sublime Elder had spoken about.

Concretely, before his astonished eyes there appeared an omen. This was enough for him to state that the predictions of the GOD TIBER (an ELEMENTAL DEVA from the sacred Italian river) had become totally fulfilled. These were times in which our Aryan root race still had not entered into the descending, involutive cycle. The human mind had yet to be poisoned by the materialistic skepticism of the 18th century. The people had FAITH in their visions, and they worshiped the ELEMENTAL GODS of Nature.

All ye worthy ones, those who have reached the Second Birth, those have dissolved the EGO and have sacrificed themselves for humanity’s sake, listen to me, please! Upon the LIVING ROCK, right there, on the beach, you must trace the HAGAL Rune    with a reed. Then, you must call the little boat of the Sacred Swan. This is how you can travel to the mysterious islands of the Fourth Dimension.

Afterwards, when this sacred sign, this marvelous Rune has been traced, you must chant the following mantras: ACHAXUCANAC, ACHXURAXAN, ACHGNOYA, XIRAXI, IGUAYA, HIRAJI (Pronounced with Latin vowel sounds: “ACHA-XU-CANAC, ACH-XU-RAXAN, ACH-GNOYA, XI-RAXI, I-HUAYA, HI-RAJI”).

Look fixedly at the HOLY HAGAL RUNE   , and (with your heart filled with FAITH) beseech, ask unto the ROMAN HARPY, the NORDIC URWALA, the SCANDINAVIAN ERDA, the primeval SIBYL of the Earth (your own DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI) to send the extraordinary little boat for you (moved by the Sylphs). Ah! How joyful you will be when you embark upon the mysterious boat of the Sacred Swan towards the mysterious islands of EDEN.

But to you, the beginners, I advise you to render worship unto the HOLY GODS, to work with the creatures of FIRE, AIR, WATER and EARTH. You must not forget your DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI, since without her you cannot progress in this sacred science.

You must remember that GOD has no name and that he is only an aspiration, a sigh, the Incessant eternal breath, profoundly unknown to Itself. This is, by all means, the principle of the LOGOS, of all the RUNES and of all words.

PRACTICE: Beloved disciples, you must profoundly meditate on the UNITY of LIFE, on the GREAT ALAYA of the UNIVERSE, in the INVISIBLE WORLD, in the PARALLEL UNIVERSE of the SUPERIOR DIMENSIONS OF SPACE. Concentrate your thoughts on the VALKIRIES, the GODS of FIRE, AIR, WATER and EARTH.

GOB is the GOD of the EARTH element.

Through MEDITATION you can enter into contact with the GODS of the elements. You must trace the HAGAL RUNE    on a blank paper, then afterwards, concentrate your mind on any of the four principal GODS of the elements.

Call upon them so they can help you when it is necessary. The HAGAL RUNE    and deep Meditation will permit us to be put in contact with those Sparks, with those Ineffable Flames.

-Paraphrase from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor


Another Practice with the “Hagal” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

Draw the sign of the Hagal Rune    on a sheet of paper or on the sand with a stick, thereafter; meditate profoundly on the unity of life, on the Great Pralaya of the Universe, on the Invisible World, on the Parallel Universes of the Superior Dimensions of Space.

Concentrate your thought on the Valkiries, on the Gods of fire, air, water and earth.

To establish contact with the Elemental Gods is possible through Meditation:

Agni, God of the fire

Paralda, God of the air 

Varuna, God of the water 

Gob, God of the earth

-Paraphrase from The Mayan Mysteries [Misterios Mayas] (1977)
by Samael Aun Weor

Note: See the complementary practices with the Elementals given in Arcanum 4 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah by the same author.


Supplement Regarding the Mantram “HARI”

…Fortunate is the one who has a GURU-DEVA as a guide and director. Blessed be the one who has found the MASTER of PERFECTION. The path is narrow, strait and frighteningly difficult. One needs the GURU-DEVA, the director, the guide.

In the HEART-TEMPLE we will find HARI, THE BEING. In the HEART-TEMPLE we will find the GURU-DEVA…

MEDITATION on the name HARI (THE BEING), permits us to experience what is Real, what is true…

-Paraphrase from Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology
[Tratado Esotérico de Astrología Hermética]
by Samael Aun Weor



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