Dr. Friedrich Teltscher’s Hypothesis of ‘Subtle Energy’

Dr. Ing. Rudolf Emanuel Teltscher (1880-1931) was a doctor of engineering who taught at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and who also discovered the “intellectual biorhythm” of 33 days. Sometime during the 1920s, he seems to have begun publishing a monthly magazine, Hag All All Hag (later changed to simply Hagal ), where he said the following:

“We are living on the Earth and we see the stars moving along their tracks in the night sky. The first basis of the knowledge of our world image therefore is an optical one. Modern astronomy is based on the law of gravity. This means that two bodies attract each other with a force that is inversely proportional to the square of their distance from each other [Newton’s law of universal gravitation]. In order to deepen our understanding for an exact world view, we have to gain knowledge of the energies that are blocked, for instance, that the earth would be pulled into the sun if it did not have its own movement.

Now astrology assumes an influence of the position of the stars upon the destiny of people, and astro-meteorology is based on the influence of stellar positions upon the formation of the weather. Similarly, we could develop an astro-geology. Yet, all these influences do not fit into the world view of exact science, because neither the science of the light nor the science of gravity can explain such influences. Therefore we are either forced to reject the astro-sciences or to search for an expansion of the basic energies that are considered to be active in our model of the world.

Let’s make such an attempt to go this route, and let’s state a preliminary working hypothesis of a third basic energy besides [1] light and [2] weight/mass (gravity), which are [3] streams of subtle energy. We can assume these subtle energy streams to be free energies:

1. that are active without being blocked in any way,
2. that the planets & the Sun (and Stars) send towards the Earth, and
3. that have the role of basic energies that provide formation.

All more subtle compositions of minerals, stones, petrifications, but also of living beings, are (according to this hypothesis) the consequences of streams of subtle energies, which come to our earth from the universe. These flows of subtle energy would even be part of the shaping of our mood, and would have influence upon the economic and political events on the Earth. The assumption of streams of subtle energy would then clarify an array of facts that to this day could not be explained. In the following it is important that we bring proof of the possibility of the existence of energies of a subtle nature that act in such a way, because a working hypothesis can only become a science, if it is backed by sufficient facts as proof (be these facts historical, done by experiment, and furthermore), if their practical usefulness has been established.”

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The Runes as Compounds of ‘Subtle Energy’ according to Dr. Teltscher

“Here we will briefly touch upon an important question: If streams of subtle energy exist, why have they not been discovered long ago and analyzed with precision? With this question we touch upon the most difficult obstacle to overcome in this whole situation. The answer is that because these energies are so subtle, they escape our direct observation most of the time. In other words, our normal organs of perception (such as the eye and the ear) are not suited to detect streams of subtle energies and our internal sensory organs are degenerated most of the time. Notwithstanding, the streams of subtle energies can be proven under some circumstances.”

Consider the revelation from modern Quantum Mechanics that a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed…

“A possibility to explain the Runes could perhaps be in their characteristic as symbols for compounds of streams of subtle energies, not unlike chemical compounds. In ancient traditions we can see that the cosmic feeling of the ancients was already on a high level, certainly on a much higher level than is the case with most people of the present times. We can then assume that this could also have manifested in the symbols of writing, such as in the Runic alphabet.

Let’s try to examine the Runic symbols on the basis of this assumption. For that purpose we have to put the Runes into groups or classes, namely:

A. Runes with full length lines, i.e., Runes, the lines of which are of equal length, and
B. Runes with full length and half length lines, i.e., Runes, where we can see lines of full length and of half length.
C. Runes, which consist only of half lines.

Group A can be regarded as connection of equivalent streams of subtle energies, because each full length line describes an individual stream of subtle energy. The angle of intersection of 60 degrees means a harmonic interaction and cooperation of the corresponding streams of subtle energies. According to that we have three such connections:

1. The        Is Rune: Only one full line, therefore the only stream of subtle energy
2. The    Eh or Ehe Rune: A harmonic connection of two streams of subtle energy
3. The    Hagal Rune: Harmonic connection of three streams of subtle energy.

Connections with more than three independent streams of subtle energy would not exist in our world according to this grouping.

In Group B the shorter lines would mean auxiliary lines of power, or energy, which adapt themselves to the basic streams of subtle energy, such as is the case with the    Laf Rune (as well as most of the Futhark Runes). The vertical full line supports the main flow of subtle energy, while the inclined line or lines are working with the auxiliary flow of subtle energy.

As Werner von Bülow has shown, the Runic inscriptions and old coats of arms (which are also Runic documents according to their lines and images) refer to flows of subtle energies that trigger movements in the sidereal pendulum that the experimenter holds above them. In other words: Runes and coats of arms (in nature or also on photographs) are not giving the usual vibrations and figures of the pendulum that the substance upon which they are engraved (stone, wood or metal) is supposed to deliver, but they produce specific images that still have to be interpreted. There still remains hard work to be done in this regard. These hints should suffice for the moment. The extremely important and basic meanings of the Runic symbols as images of connection between, and combinations of, subtle energies is obvious by now. Accordingly, the ancient Runes are symbols that somewhat correspond to the symbols of modern chemistry…”

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


Dr. Teltscher and the “Subtle Energies” of the Runes

To interpret and recognize the ancient Runes as symbols (like those of modern chemistry) would have a significant expansion of our world view. This conclusion may seem a bit too early, even too bold. A final judgment is possible only after science has penetrated into the field of the physics of subtle energies, which is entirely new for us. But, we are fortunate enough to also have a historical monument that gives us a few hints and from which the deeper meaning of the Runes (as far as natural processes are concerned) emerges very clearly. With this, we mean the very ancient song in the Edda, “Wodan’s Rune Song” and some passages in the skalds-Kaparmal of the narrative Edda.

From this song we can clearly see that each rune contains a healing power as well as a defensive power. Here the Rune is not just a pure means for communication such as our modern symbols of writing, but each Rune mentioned here has a means to cause or force a specific state within ourselves or around us and this is exactly what we mean when referring to the notion of connections with streams of subtle energies. Let’s take the Is-Rune as the most simple example. Wodan says regarding it:

“This I sing as a ninth, when distress at sea forces me
To protect my ship against the billowing floods,
The storm I cause to calm down and I calm down the sea as well
And I put the waves into slumber.”

In the opinion that we present here, this would refer to the following basic law concerning the streams of subtle energies on our planet: On one hand, we can re-constitute disturbed balances in the air with the help of a simple stream of subtle energy. On the other hand we have to look at streams of subtle energy when trying to explain disturbances in the air and the weather.

Proof that modern science has not yet explained everything in the field of hydromechanics, are the appearance of basic waves in otherwise calm weather (for instance the so-called ‘shooting’ or ‘roaring’ of the lake on Lake Constance in Europe, on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps). This appears most pronouncedly when the hot wind starts, i.e. in disturbances of the air. This can be easily explained as an accompanying effect when seen in the light of simple streams, or flows, of subtle energy. In any case, several very unique natural phenomena point to the fact that we (by far) do not know our earth sufficiently and (no doubt) will we achieve significant progress in this field with the introduction of the notion of ‘flows of subtle energies’.

Now, let’s go back to Wodan’s song. From the interpretation of this single stanza follows very clearly that with technology of streams of subtle energies we can achieve a much more perfect control of natural processes than with the means of modern technology. Perhaps our ancestors possessed extensive means in this field. People of our days have to start all over again. And here we find a concise path, starting with a little experiment in the laboratory, slowly ascending and progressing all the way to a cosmic power plant. Something similar has happened with the development of the technology of electricity that started with frog legs and went all the way to the electric train.

Finally we want to mention a very important fact: at the end of the song, there is emphasis on the development of technology of streams of subtle energies will play an important role. Then it is also necessary that we acquire basic knowledge in this field.

We are not saying to acquire treasures of knowledge alone, but (on the contrary) to acquire the interior experience, or co-experience of them. Therefore the technology of subtle energies will not find any fertile ground with people who measure the value of a science with a yardstick and with scales, but with those who feel streams of subtle energies within themselves.”

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The Runes and Dr. Teltscher’s “New Doctrine”

“The streams of subtle energies are ‘the murmuring Runes’ [die raunenden Runen ] in our existence. They murmur, flow, and surge, within ourselves and (in their language) continuously tell us what is good for us, what we have, what we are lacking, etc., and they bestow upon us strong power & health, but they also bring the close end of dense matter.

It is unfortunate that there is not just life giving and good subtle matter, but we know that there are also noxious or poisonous subtle matter and streams of subtle energies (corresponding to dense matter). Accordingly, we can (at least partially) ascribe the bad vibrations of some locations, paintings, rooms, precious stones, etc., to poisonous subtle matter.

We had better listen to them, because they are our inner help warning us against accidents and disease, they are the guardians of our health. We should never neglect strengthening the streams of subtle energy in our body by means of exercise, sports, massage, deep breathing, Runic postures, etc., by means of joy, goodness, and love.

As important for life as streams of subtle energy are, if they are flowing where they should flow, they can become noxious when they get to places where they should not go. As a whole they are the Ur-element of our inner feelings and “the feeling” is everything, says Goethe.

The new doctrine of the subtle energy introduces an important era, i.e., the connection of materialism with spiritualism. It delivers the bridge upon which a new cosmic culture can take the first steps into a new era. All pure humans who are striving to get ahead, are now starting from materialism or spiritualism and they have to unify.

As long as there is dissipation (as has been going on), nothing great can happen in terms of a valuable leadership towards mutual recognition both sides. Therefore it will be a difficult task, because the materialists and the spiritualists both believe they already know everything and that they are exclusively correct. We do not deny the dense material world, but we cannot deny the world of subtle matter and its facts either. Only this way can we find the best of both worlds.

If we are familiar with dealing with the streams of subtle energy, then we can learn to direct these energies and to use them for the well-being of all humans. The main effect of the Runes lies in the fact that they are spiritual means to cleanse and to nourish, i.e., that they have an effect of spiritual cleansing and nourishment.

The new realm of knowledge and proof that the doctrine of the subtle energies opens up for us will be revolutionary for humanity in its multiple potentials of use (similar to the discovery of electricity). But the subtle materials are not only limited to that which is material, but they relate (above all) to that which is spiritual and emotional, to what is related with the soul.

If we do not limit ourselves to the five senses with which to perceive the environment, then we reach a territory of that which is above the senses, i.e., things that (up until this point in time) remained closed to conscious experience and experimental tests. Of course there have been exceptions to that in all eras and these exceptions have been documented by the most ancient of traditions of humanity (provided we understand correctly myths and legends and the sacred books of all peoples and times), and we know that there was once a magical era with humans who could do more than humans of our days, no matter how evolved our technique of dense matter may be.”

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


Dr. Teltscher Explanation of the Runes

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben



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