This class can also be called either “Gnostic Chemistry and Cosmology” or “Introduction to Gnostic Kabbalah” because it covers the fundamentals of creation, both for the Universe and for the Human Being. Related information is below:

 1st Class Source Materials: Creation and the Logos
 2nd Class Source Materials: The Logos and the 3 Primary Forces
 3rd Class Source Materials: The Verb and the Musical Scale
 4th Class Source Materials: Vibrational Movement and the Law of Octaves
 5th Class Source Materials: Inner Vibrations and Organic Life on Earth (as well as the 12 Basic or Fundamental Hydrogens)

 6th Class Source Materials: The Language of Symbolism (as well as the “Hymn of the Pearl” or “Hymn of the Robe of Glory”), Free-Will and Faith

 7th Class Source Materials: The Ascending Ray, the Different Types of Human Beings and Influences
 8th Class Source Materials: Center of Gravity and the Psychological Moon; the Three Triangles; Morality, Buffers, Conscience and Ethics

 9th Class Source Materials: The Necessity for Shocks, ‘Doing’, and the Transformation of Ourselves
 10th Class Source Materials: Saving Energy for the Work: Energy, The Human Factory, the 3 ‘Foods’ and Why to Transform Impressions
 11th Class Source Materials: The Human Factory and the Transformation of Impressions
 12th Class Source Materials: How the ‘Hydrogens’ are Used in the Human Machine, the Right & Wrong Working of the Centers, and the Abuse of Sex
 13th Class Source Materials: Transmutation & the Human Machine, Normal Sexuality, Infra- Sexuality and Supra- Sexuality
 14th Class Source Materials: The Aquarian Era, the Dionysian Wave, Uranus, Imagination and Magnetization



Singles Transmutation Instructions (Alternate Nostril Breathing or “Pranayama”):

More Explanation about Transmutation in the Gnostic Tradition:
Lamasery or Lamaseria Exercises for Transmuation:
Additional Meditation handouts: here


Video about some Runic Exercises that help with Transmutation:

External Link: Runes: Energize the Consciousness and the Body (another wonderful video from Glorian Publishing)



This class covers materials from 5 main books: Logos, Mantram, Magic; The Reconciliation of Science and Religion; In Search of the Miraculous; The Gnostic Kabalistic Verb; and Gnostic Christification.



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