The “Laf, Lagu, Lögr” Rune According to Guido Von List

  laf, lagu, lögr = Primordial Law [Urgesetz ], Sea [Meer ], Life [Leben ], Downfall/Decline [Untergang ] (Defeat /Failure [Niederlage ])

A fourteenth I sing to the gathered folk
by naming the divine names;
of all the Gods and Elven kind
I know as well as any.

The intuitive knowledge of the organic essence of the All (and therefore of the laws of nature) forms the unshakeable foundation of the sacred teachings or exoteric religion, which was able to encompass and comprehend the All [Note: For von List, the exoteric religion was “Wotanism” whereas the esoteric was “Armanism” or the religion of the Ar-man].

This also includes the individual in its [1] arising, [2] working, and [3] passing away to new arising. Such esoteric knowledge was communicated to the folk in symbolically formulated myths, since the naïve popular eye (unaccustomed to such deep vision and clairvoyance) could not see the primordial law any more than the physical eye can see the whole ocean (or the unschooled inner, spiritual eye the endlessness of life in the All).

Therefore the fourteenth rune says: “First learn to steer, then dare the sea journey!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes [Das Geheimnis der Runen] (1908)
by Guido Von List


The “Laf, Lagu, Lög, Laug” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben

Letter L and Number 14.

  Laf-Rune Laf, Lagu, Lög, Laug; liquidification (water); lex (law), the law of life; lux (light), illumination, light which descends into the darkness.

By means of initiation, of illumination, the heaviness of life is taken away.

Its Ur-word is Bestimmung meaning “Determination” as well as Decisiveness, Resolution, Regulation, Purpose, etc.

“A fourteenth I sing to the assembled people
when spelling out the divine names
because no one knows to speak out
the various kinds of Aesir and Albes.”

This Rune means life, leaf, Labe (Refreshment), Lage (Location), law, liver, lye, glue (Leim), leeks (which have the effect of clarifying – Läuterungseffekt and were held in high esteem by the ancients). Leeks are mentioned in the Edda and are often used as the symbol of fine growth; additionally, they were also supposed to have magic power.

The Rune of Leaves/Foliage/Greenery [Laub] – life, this Rune also shows the leaf that is on its stem.

Compare the shape of the Rune with the image of a scythe, but also a whip, with which Life (LAF) whips us ahead. The Rune also connects with the German suffixes of –lich and –ling, and the English word ‘Limb’.

Other words that belong to the    LAF Rune are Leid (suffering), to leave, Lingam, Love, Logos. The Higher Word is the law, the Ur-position or Ur-condition, the “Logos”, the Ur-laid: the laid down law!

As we see, each Rune is a secret symbol of a huge amount of ideas and concepts, a collection of all constructive thoughts and of the building material of the spiritual world.

If the previous Rune,    BAR, refers especially to Birth, then the    LAF Rune puts emphasis on Life: life as a law, as a great load because of duties, tasks and more or less painful experiences.

Great as the sea (lagu ), unbridgeable, appears life and law which is based on the earthbound eye, which cannot look into itself and therefore cannot look beyond what is earth bound. One should know the lawfulness of the eternal change of life & death, and then one’s spiritual eye can overlook the vast expanses of life and of the sea of laf and lag.

The    LAF Rune is equally the whip, with which life whips us into error and confusion. This means that as long as the human being is alive, the torturous state of tension will exist in his soul between his striving towards higher spiritual demands (that correspond with his Divine nature) and the low physical demands (of his animal nature).

In the Ur -word Laf or Lag is both the brilliant ‘fire of heaven’ or ‘light of life’, and the destructive flame of that fire.

Combat/Struggle is the Ur-law of life and be it even in the adjustment & approach of two lives that are united in marriage. We could also see this Rune as a Self (an IS-Rune ), with an arm hanging down. The one Self is a wavering stalk, which goes with the wind and which can break in the storm, yet if it fraternizes with a second Self-laf, then it is more resistant.

Two Life-Runes connected together are the Wedding Rune, which means ‘lawful union’, resulting in the    Ehe Rune, the Rune of Wedlock/Marriage. In old German, Ehe (Wedlock, Marriage, Matrimony) has still kept the Ur-meaning of ‘Law’.

Laf = “life” and Lag = “that which was laid, which was set in stone” (Law). Live following the law, the original law: the procreation of life. Adjust to the natural-Ur-law, the highest law of nature. The ideas of Lion [Löwe ] and Life [Leben ] are closely connected. In heraldry, the Lion was used as a symbol of this Rune.

Two LAF Runes crossed over in such a way that the arms touch each other in the upper angle of a rhomboid, result in the    OTHIL Rune, which equates with od-hil = spiritual healing, or Od-Heil (‘Od’ or Odin aka Wotan; and ‘Heil’ meaning Hail, Heal, Salvation, Deliverance, Well-Being).

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Laf” Rune According to Kummer & Other German Authors

  (L) The L-Rune; Laf, lagu, laug, means Life; the law of life. Liver, restoration [Labe], lye, leaves. Refreshment; sound or loudness; spring-time [Lenz]; linden-tree; sorrow [Leid]; lore.

Lagu = sea, laughter, pool, lake. Lögr = the Ur-water, waterfall, river, ocean, the water, the Ur-water Rune, the marine rune. The “glowing water” of the sea, entered into the mother-water, in the lap of the sea. Symbol of the “overflowing from the dynamic world of the divine Ur-Will”.

Log (Logos) = the Ur-Law, the Logos, that which grows/breeds in or above the waters of life.

It is also: Love [Liebe]; loftiness; Ardor/Blaze [Lohe]; tears. As well as: Light, the light of Life; the emergence of light; insight into Life; the lantern, enlightenment.

The    Laf Rune is the Luev, Leb, Lew, Leo (the Lion), the emblem of all life; the law of life, law, dignity, power and strength. It is associated with the Leek (the healing plant).

  Laf, the Rune of initiation/inauguration into the higher life, which allows earthly existence to be experienced as an initiation process. Life as an initiation! It is the Rune of Life, but also the Rune of experiences and examinations. Leading/guiding = learning. At the same time, it reaches into the life of painful experiences and negotiations on the path to the true God, All-father.

The reverse, inverse or ‘demonic’ of the    Laf-rune is: Corrupting, annihilating, lying and deceiving, morbidly selfish, useless fight against the fate and law, vindictive, black magic procreation of the descendants. Suffering, corpse, dynasty, lot, fate, emptiness, cancellation… The one who seeks through selfishness, greed and lust will suffer hard and painfully from the forces of the    Laf-rune until they have recovered and navigated the sea of life & death.

Two Laf-runes make up the inauguration rune of the marriage    which leads to a higher life by overcoming the demonic and gives birth, through purity, to the child of God.

It is the Rune of the Ur-Law, the Law of Life. It symbolizes the “legitimate Life in Growing/Breeding and with Order”. It embodies the law of God to which Humanity is committed. The    Laf-rune is the signpost to the higher divine life. It is also in you: experience it, recognize it consciously. – Numerical value 14.


• “First learn to steer, then dare the sea journey.”
• “Light and enlightenment came to me through you, All-father. So I dare the ride and learn to steer and steer thereby.”
• “Through Pain, Failure, Distress [Not ], Temptation and Suffering, I recognize the true Life.”
• “Recognizing the life of the Ur-law, I submit myself to every test, I learn from every force of Destiny.”
• “Laf, Rune of Initiation, give me the consecration of inner illumination; one Self and God.”
• “The divine Ur-Will overflows in me, holy Laf-Log Rune power.”
• “Lögr, the primordial water of life, give me the consecration of holy baptism.”
• “Laf-Laf: Rune of love, silent my longing for the Thou [the twin soul], give me the companion for life’s journey.”
• “Laf-Laf: Loving for life, we want to move towards common goals.”
• “Nothing can separate us, the Laf-Rune binding power unites us.”

Sound Formulas: “L” and “la, le, li, lo, lu”; as well as “al, el, il, ol, ul”, “Laf”, “lagu”, “logr”, “lagor”, “laas”, “log” (Logos), and “laug”.

Full Body Rune Exercise:
Take the passive Is-Rune position, then the arms are raised forwards but angled obliquely downwards with the palms face down, so that (when seen from the side) one forms the    Laf rune. One can also practice with the palms facing upwards. Let the cosmic waves pulsate in the body and vocalize or sing “L” or “Laf”. Later, the phonetic formula “la-le-li-lo-lu” can be used.

Kummer also recommends the following meditation (concentrate on it while in the L-rune posture):

“Through pain, failure, distress, temptation and suffering,
I realized true life.
I now know the divine path and the cosmic laws.
Light and enlightenment came to me through All-father.
My Inner Being [Ich ] rejoices and cheers!
So I dare to go forward, and learn how to lead and how to steer.”

After these exercises the student lingers for a quarter of an hour completely at rest, turning off all thoughts (or if that is not yet possible, then one has only thoughts of love & harmony), and confidently awaits advice, instruction, response or inspiration.

The Hand Rune Exercise:
Raise the left arm, with the palm flat (fingers together), then angle upper phalanges in order to form the    Laf-Rune grip; see Figure 14.

The practitioner will observe a mild warming of the left hand. After ending this exercise Kummer was able to detect an odor similar to rubber on a number of occasions.

With this sign one is able to strengthen one’s aura. It is also the sign for initiation into higher Life. The astral color is bright fire-red by day, ruby-red by night.

During the practices, one should focus on the reception of certain energies which are related to: Life (insight into life, life as an initiatory process), the ‘Waters of Life’ and the Logos that fecundates those ‘Waters’; Light (learning from life in order to be illuminated); Love (love for humanity and allowing others to have their Free-Will); and Law (the Ur-Law of life).

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.
Possibly also from Karl Spiesberger’s Rune-Magic [Runenmagie] (1954) and/or
Friedrich Bernhard Marby’s Rune-Library [Runen-Bücherei] (1931-1935)


Rosicrucian and Gnostic


The “Laf” Rune According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple: We have arrived at the    LAF Rune which signifies Life. It is the LIF or “Life” of the English and our articles EL, LE, LA, LO that we have in the Spanish language.

All of this means that at the moment when we have something or we are owners of something, we can put the Article in order to give it life. Thus the Stone [la Piedra ], the Air [el Aire ], are living things and have a positive existence.

In both the North as in South and Central America, we find stones with these two Runes engraved upon them that read LAFTAR and means SAVIOR. In both syllables is also the mystery of the word or Logos or Light that has in itself the primitive and eternal force.

In the L or LAF, we also have the Latin Lex or law, whose word in the Nordic language, means STONE and reminds us of the word LORELEI (Murmuring rock), that is to say, the triangular of all things.

If we join the two    LAF Runes by their arm, we have the formation of an M and this letter (considered as a Rune) signifies Matrimony [this is the    EHE Rune]. In this way the union of EL and LA (or HIM and HER), forms a pair, a conjunction. They are, therefore, two lives that seem to form only one.

The practice of the Norns, in order to attract the forces of    LAF, consist of concentrating on a glass of water while giving it spiritual meaning and exclaiming:

“With this water clean my being, my inner-self, of all weeds [maleza ]
in order to receive the human being, the cosmic being, the cosmic forces.”

The instructions of this Rune must be given along with those of the    MAN Rune which is the God-Man (or Divine-Humanity) who raises his arms.    LAF signifies that God is locked up in us or imprisoned within, and who (with the absolute right to attain Light and Liberty) cries and appeals to Heaven. All this is enclosed within these two Runes.


-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Laf” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

The Initiatic Stone is esoterically converted into the Cup of Hermes, into the Sacred Chalice, the Holy Grail. Peter, Patar , is the Initiatic Revelation within the Sexual Organs, and anything that is not accomplished in this way signifies a useless waste of time.

It becomes tremendously significant that engraved upon the stones of the Americas is the LAFTAR (or    LAF Rune) whose meaning is SAVIOR. We must build the Church for the intimate Christ upon the Living Stone.

If we join two    LAFs by their arms, then we have the letter M of the word Matrimony. It is clear that only by treading upon the Path of the Perfect Matrimony can the Wedding Garment of the Soul be attained.

  LAF RUNE PRACTICE: The practice corresponding to this Rune consists of walking towards the Sun in the morning (in the moment in which the Sun ascends in the East), but in that mystical attitude of raised hands (as shown by the Rune), and one implores the Sun-Christ for Esoteric help. This practice must be performed on the 27th of each month.

-Paraphrase from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor



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