What is Alchemy in Gnosis?

When we talk about Alchemy or Al-Chemy (the Chemistry of God), we are talking about White Tantra, the Sahaja Mithuna, Transmutation of the the Creative Energies. This is something that Gnosis is very clear about. There are plenty of schools that teach Black Tantra and even use the term ‘Gnosis’ or ‘Gnosisticism’, however, when we analyze the results of their work: we do not find the liberation of the Essence as a goal, nor the method of the Second Birth. In fact, we find the opposite: an increase in karmic debt, an increase in the strength of the Ego and a terrible disregard for the transcendental laws of universal equilibrium. Generally, they end by disconnecting themselves from their Inner Divinity and by becoming inhabitants of the various spheres of the Abyss.

The system that we are teaching is that of the Christ, the Transcendental Doctrine of the Avatar of Aquarius: the Revolution of the Consciousness, with its three factors. What it teaches is how to liberate the Essence from Suffering, from the Wheel of Samsara, from the slavery of materialism, mental concepts, duality, etc. It also teaches how to incarnate the Christ within ourselves (in Gnosis, the Christ is impersonal and not only incarnate in the one we call Jesus). This necessarily requires a ‘radical’ element, but one that is intelligently equilibrated. Some of this has already been explained in the “Gnostic Psychological Studies” series, the “Gnostic Chemistry and Cosmology” series (also called “Introduction to Gnostic Kabbalah”) and the “Tarot & Kabbalah in the Gnostic Tradition” series. But now we are going to go into more detail about the application of the teachings presented in those classes. We are going to be building upon what we have already studied, so you may need to look back at those classes in order to clarify concepts.

This section of our study (Gnostic Alchemy) has multiple series (which will be developed as time permits) and are currently the following:

A.   Introduction to Gnostic Alchemy
B.   Hermetic Masonry – Part 1: “Initiatic Symbolism”
C.   Isis and the Temple of Nature (or Hermetic Masonry – Part 2)
D.   Gnostic Runology (or Hermetic Masonry Further Explained)