Rosicrucian and Gnostic Supplement

Part 1 – The “Laf”, “Man” and “Yr” Runes According to Glorian Publishing

In a class given on the Glorian Publishing website, the following information is given by one of Samael’s Students:

[14] Laf : Life (the Law of Life),
Lake/Water (the Waters of Life),
the Chalice (Holy Grail),
Leaf (Growth), Initiation,
Lapis (Stone – Yesod/Sex).
[15] Man : Man (Masculine),
the Heavenly Man (Spiritual Being),
Divine Sex (Transmutation), the Monad,
Manas (Mind, Head),
Manus (Hand – Willpower),
the Power to Unite,
the Rune-Tree or Tree of Humanity.
[16] Yr : Woman (Feminine),
the Earthly Man (Physical Being),
Negation, Error, Confusion,
Intoxication, the Fool (Fornication),
the Work in the 9th Sphere,
the Roots of the Rune-Tree.

The Laf, Yr and Man Runes are intimately related. We cannot speak about one without taking into account the other two. As you can see, the    Yr Rune is an upside down    Man Rune, and as its name indicates: the    Man Rune represents man, while the    Yr Rune symbolizes the woman (who are opposites). Between them we find the Laf Rune, which symbolizes the Cubic Stone of Yesod.

In order to perform the    Laf Rune, we start in a standing position with the arms forward, forming a 45-degree angle with the body and the hands at the level of the sexual organs. Then we have to walk towards the East, the sunrise. This is because the    Laf Rune relates to a certain prayer made while walking, which we are going to learn in this lecture.

To perform the Yr Rune, the arms open toward the left and right sides of the body forming two 45-degree angles. The arms are in a similar position to those of the    Laf Rune, but to the sides of the body, instead of in front. In other traditions the Yr Rune is performed by standing on one’s head. Amongst the yogis in the Hindu tradition there is an asana called “Sirshasana” in which the practitioner places their whole body on their head and stands on it.

The    Man Rune is performed by lifting the arms aloft, in order to pray. We will also see how these last two Runes (   Man and    Yr) relate to each other in regards to the practices of esotericism.


The Laf Rune, the Holy Grail and Alchemy

The symbol of the    Laf Rune relates with the human body in motion. Remember the    Laf Rune means life, which is related to the sexual force. The sexual energy of the Holy Spirit is related to the Solar Force. The    Laf Rune indicates that the true life (the eternal life that we are searching for, the power of the Grail) resides in Yesod, the sexual organs.

We have stated that the Philosophical Stone is the same as the Holy Grail and that (as a symbol) it relates to our physicality, our own physical body. Yet, the Grail also symbolizes the Stone of Yesod (Sex) as well as the Mind. So when we talk about the Stone of Yesod, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Grail, they are the same thing. When you know Alchemy, when you are a practical Alchemist, you have to know these different interpretations through intuition.

If we do not know Alchemy, we will not understand why the Stone is called the Grail, because indeed the other symbol of the Holy Grail is the feminine Yoni, the sexual organ of the woman. We have told you that the Grail symbolizes your physicality (Malkuth) which is also feminine. But in the feminine body, the Grail is the sexual organ.

So, when a man is looking for the Grail, he is looking for a woman. That is why we have placed a woman performing the    Laf Rune in this graphic —in order to indicate that the most perfect representation of the Grail is the woman, because she has the cup that the Knight needs in order to drink wine.

Who is the Knight that finds the Grail among the Knights of the Round Table? If you know about the quest of the Grail’s legend, then you know that Parzival is that Knight. Wagner wrote the marvelous opera Parsifal. Master Samael Aun Weor wrote a book, “Parsifal Unveiled”, in which he describes the mysteries hidden within Wagner’s great opera. The opera Parsifal was based on the 13th century German book Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach (which was based on the unfinished 12th century French romance Perceval, le Conte du Graal by Chrétien de Troyes).

In his opera, Wagner calls Parsifal “Falparsi” which in Arabic apparently means “the innocent fool”. If we observe the roots of the two words “Fal-parsi” when we pronounce them, then we find that “Fal” derives from Phallus, and “Parsi”, from Parsee, Persia, the Pharsees.

Yet, based on the Latin language, we will say that “Parsi” is ‘Per-se’. Thus we have: “Fal-parsi,” the “Phallus Per se”. Parsifal (the “Phallus Per se”) is the only one who can find the Grail, because the Phallus is the male sexual organ that penetrates the “Grail”, the feminine sexual organ.

This is how, in the past, the Mystery of the Grail are hidden within the name ‘Parsifal’ or ‘Parzival’, in order for the Initiates to understand and why Wagner calls him Falparsi, “the innocent fool.”

Who is the fool that falls inside the Grail? The man who penetrates the woman and fornicates: when he reaches the orgasm, he is the fool. All of us, men, are the fool, the “Fal-parsi”. Only through the Grail can we re-conquer Youth, because the Grail (the Philosopher’s Stone) is the    Laf Rune (Life).

See how everything is hidden and why the Masters of ancient times left everything chiseled in stone, in order for us to study? However, the main point here is that people always like to read things literally. They do not use their intuition. When you read something esoteric, you have to sit, close your eyes, and meditate.

Why is Parzival the one that finds the Grail? Why does Wagner call him “Falparsi”? When you study the language, the Word, the Logos (which is Christ, the origin of all languages), then you see how everything is hidden within the sacred words, letters…


Man, Yr, and Hagal Runes

When united together, the man and the woman (the    Man and the    Yr Runes) form the Hagal Rune, within which all the letters of the Runic alphabet are hidden. In other words, every word (the Logos, the Christ) is hidden between the man & the woman. When man & woman perform the sexual act, they are before God. Thus, because humanity ignores the mystery of the Grail and the Spear (the mysteries of sexual esotericism), when they perform the sexual act: they fornicate, thus, they become the fool.

The fool is represented by the upside down man who does not respect the Grail. This is why the    Yr Rune is also represented by an upside down man: the man who falls into Fornication. This is also why any black magician is represented by the upside down cross, because by means of the sexual act (the cross) they fornicate and fall. Nevertheless, we cannot state that the    Yr Rune is 100% negative; better to state that it is dual. Its duality is based on how we utilize sex.

Remember that it is necessary to descend into the Ninth Sphere in order to enter into Initiation. The    Yr Rune indicates the descent into such duality.

This descent reminds us of Peter (the Apostle of Jesus) who was crucified upside down. Does the crucifixion of Peter on the upside-down cross means that Peter is a black magician? No! It indicates that if we want to rise, we first have to descend by means of the crossing of the two    Laf Runes, however we must be nailed to this cross if we do not want to fall (meaning we must not fornicate but transmute the sexual force).

Thus, the    Laf Rune rises up, but not by renouncing sex. Otherwise, how can we be impelled upwards?

This is what many people in this day and age misunderstand: knowing that the Spear and the Grail hide the mysteries of sex (the    Laf Rune, the sexual force, the mystery of Self-Realization), they want to renounce sex, thus they become monks and nuns. This is good for someone that is not married (to be a nun or monk), in order to prepare themselves for matrimony. But to think that you are going to Self-Realize thereby is 100% a mistake. Nobody can do it, because the mystery of the    Laf Rune indicates that when you unite the arms of two Lafs, then you form the letter M of matrimony.

You can see the two Lafs forming the letter M in the shape of the man & the woman, holding hands. Their hands are always at the level of their genitalia because this is how the man & the woman unite, through the sexual act.

They can pronounce their vows in a religious ceremony together, etc., but the real moment in which those two physicalities, psyches, and Spirits join in one body is in the sexual act, and that is why the sexual act in matrimony is sacred; it is a sacrament. Yet, everybody performs the ceremony (in whatever religion to which they belong) and thereafter when they go to perform the sexual act, they act like the fool: they fornicate.

Only the Initiates (who know the mystery of the    Laf Rune) know that when they go into matrimony they have to perform the sexual act without reaching the spasm, or the orgasm of the animals, in order to steal the fire from the devil and to give life to themselves. Most people feed the devil.

What devil? The ego that we have within; namely, lust, the animality that we have within—that is the devil. Thus, the devil is not outside; it is within, and God is also within.

The Hebrew letter  מ  Mem, or M, is pretty significant; it is always related to the Holy Spirit. We taught about it in other lectures in relation with the Hebrew Alphabet. Thus, we know that the letter Mem relates to sexuality, to the Holy Spirit, to Matrimony, and to the two Lafs.


The Yr Rune and Peter

If we look at the body posture of the    Yr Rune, we can see that it is made by standing on our feet. There is a similarity with the    Laf Rune’s posture, yet the    Yr Rune shows the two arms separated from the body and making not one but two 45° angles. The body posture of the    Yr Rune indicates that the descent is related with the work in the Ninth Sphere, since it is openly showing the genitalia, which is precisely its profound significance. The following statement of the Apostle Peter is related:

“…Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect, precious. And he that shall believe in him shall not be confounded. To you therefore that believe, he is precious: but to them that believeth not, the stone that the builders refuse, the same is made the head cornerstone: And a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence…” – 1 Peter 2: 6-8
When we talk about sex, people are scandalized. People are offended when we clarify certain rules related to sexuality, because through it we uncover the degeneration which every one of us has.

When he was going to be crucified, Peter asked, “Please, do not crucify me as my Lord (in the form of the    Man Rune). I want to be crucified upside down, the opposite of my Lord (the    Yr Rune).”

Peter the apostle represents Faith, the Faith that we develop in the pineal gland, which is where we have the atom of the Holy Spirit. The pineal gland controls the sexual force. In order for us to control the sexual energy, we need to fortify Peter in our pineal gland. In order to fortify the pineal gland, we need to transmute. This is how Peter is capable of building the Church of the Lord:

“I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” – Matthew 16: 18.
The rock of offense, the stumbling block, is sex, because only the sexual force can create the inner bodies, the Merkabah, within each one of us.


Peter Crucified and the Yr Rune

This is why, in the picture of Peter’s crucifixion, he is lifting his head, as if to say, “Behold, I am going to work with the Earth”. The Cross is going to be inserted into the Earth (symbolizing the woman).

But he is lifting himself from the Cross, as if to say, “You do the same. When you unite yourself with ‘Eve’ (the woman): lift yourself, lift your sexual force to ‘Adam’ (the head) and know that ‘Adam’ (your head or brain), has to control ‘Eve’ (your sexual organs).”

Usually sex controls the brain (which is why it is degenerated). If we start controlling our sexual force, then our brain will develop; thus, we will perceive things that we cannot easily perceive when it is degenerated.

When we talk about all of these symbols, people ask us, “How do you know that?” This is because we put other parts of our brain into activity, since we practice sexual transmutation. When people fornicate, they ignore that the one who receives the punishment for their Fornication is “Adam” (their brain).

So, when they read Religious or Esoteric books, they do not understand, since they cannot perceive, because their brain is damaged. If we want to regenerate our brain, then we need to transmute our sexual force (the Life we have in our body), thus the brain will start developing.

Superlative perception is Peter, because Peter is in the pineal gland, related with the Sahasrara Chakra (the Crown Chakra). With Peter’s crucifixion, he is indicating that it is necessary to descend and that man & woman must be united in the sexual act in order to do so. This also means that each one of us has their own particular, individual, archetypical Peter.

You have to allow your archetypical Peter to descend with you into the sexual act and to help you to transmute your sexual force in order to ascend into the higher Sephiroth.

“The descent into the Ninth Sphere was, in the ancient Mysteries, the greatest ordeal in order to prove the supreme dignity of the hierophant… Every authentic and legitimate White Initiation begins here.” – The Perfect Matrimony
Sexual energy is the origin of everything. If you want to create a true disciple of the Lord Christ within you, then you have to imitate Peter. Which is why he was crucified upside down because the    Yr Rune also represents to us: the terrestrial man, the earthly human being (who is below), opposite of the Heavenly Man (the Divine human being), the Man Rune (which is above).


The    Man Rune, the    Yr Rune and the Monad

The    Man and    Yr Runes relate with the trident: the upright trident relates to the    Man Rune, while the    Yr Rune is an upside down trident. The three upper parts of the trident on the    Man Rune represent the Monad, the True Man in us, our Divine Triad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas), related with the Sephiroth Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth.

The    Yr Rune relates to the Sephiroth Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, which are the three brains that we have to work with.

Within each one of you there is a Monad who is a Master. Of which degree? Well, you have to discover that by yourselves. And, if he has a lower degree, then work with the Stone, the    Laf Rune (Life).

Remember that the    Laf Rune is ‘between’ the    Man and    Yr Runes (the man and the woman) and that the ‘heavenly man’ is inside: it is your Monad.

“the Stone”

This is why it is stated that “within every woman there is a man”. For instance, in English we say “wo-man”. I asked my wife, “What is the ‘Wo’, in the ‘woman’, because I see the word ‘man’ there?” She answered me, “It is a man with a womb, capable of creating, better than you.” And I said “Yes, she is right.”

Even though I, as a man, can create here internally, with the help of my woman (my wife), the woman is also a “man” capable of creating too: she needs only a seed. When she receives the seed in her womb, she creates a child. All of us were created within the womb of that ‘man’ who is called female, wo-man, womb-man. Behold the beauty of that name.

Thus, the woman says, “I need a seed, husband. Give me your seed, and I will create for you a son. But, if you approach me with Chastity, and you do not fornicate, then I will create within you the Son of Man, which is even better.”

The Son of Man is the union of Eros (the Son of Venus) and Psyche in Greek Mythology.

“The Son of Man is born in the Ninth Sphere. The Son of Man is born of Water and Fire. Water is the woman; fire is the man. When the Alchemist has completed their work in the Mastery of Fire, then he (Tiphereth, their Soul; not their mind, not their ego) receives the Venustic Initiation.” – The Perfect Matrimony

Why is it called the Venustic Initiation? Because the son of Venus (Aphrodite) is Eros, or as we say in Christianity, the son of Mary (the Goddess Venus, the Goddess of Love) is Jesus (Eros).

Jesus Christ is Eros, the God of Love who is born when the Alchemist reaches the Mastery of the Fire; that is, when he reaches the Fifth Initiation of the Major Mysteries. In other words, by means of the    Yr Rune, the Initiate (man or woman) with their spouse descends (with Peter) into the Ninth Sphere in order to take the Life from the    Laf Rune.

“The betrothal of the Soul (Psyche) to the Lamb (the Son of Venus) is the greatest festival of the Soul. That great Lord of Light (Eros) enters Her (the Psyche).

He becomes human; She becomes divine.

From this divine and human mixture, that which with so much certainty the Adorable One called “the Son of Man” is born.

The greatest triumph of supreme adoration is the birth of the Son of Man in the manger of the world.” – The Perfect Matrimony

That Eros (the Son of Venus) is Jesus (the Son of Mary), who is born when the Initiate receives the Initiation of Tiphereth. The one who receives Eros is the Manas, the Monad (since the Superior Manas is the Human Soul). It is the Soul, Psyche, Tiphereth, who receives Eros.

In Greek mythology the Soul is represented by Psyche, because the soul is always represented by that feminine aspect inside of us who is marrying the Lord, Eros. That union is precisely the great goal for every Initiate—to receive that force we call the Lord (Eros, Jesus, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl).

According to Greek mythology, the trinity is: Chaos, Eros, and Gaia. Gaia is the Earth; Chaos is Uranus, the Sky or Heaven; and between them is Eros (the Son). So to incarnate Eros is equivalent to incarnating Jesus Christ within us; the same as developing the Lord within, developing Manas.


The LAF Rune

Now, the    Laf Rune (in which the hands form an angle of 45 degrees) is indicating the way that you have to lift your hands—up. After you lift your arms, forming an angle of 45 degrees with your body, then you just walk towards the East.

It is good to perform this Rune on the 27th of each month. In the Internal Planes, the temples perform special rituals on the 27th. So, at dawn (four o’clock in the morning), you just perform the position of that Rune and walk as the Rune indicates, towards the East and pray.

What type of prayer? Whatever you want to ask from your Inner Christ, your Inner Master, your Inner Monad, your Inner Goddess, the Divine Mother. Honor your Father and your Mother, and pray.

What do you need? You have to ask for whatever you need, with simple words, as if you are talking to your mom or dad in the physical plane. The way you talk with them when you ask for a favor, in the same way you talk with your Inner God (remember: “to pray is to talk with God”). Thus, with a very slow motion, walk towards the East. It could be inside your home, or outside—it does not matter—but the prayer has to go down, inside you.

Now, when you reach the East, and finish your prayer, then perform the    Man Rune and a prayer to the Lord as well. Raise your arms and say: “Oh Thou Solar Logos, Igneous Emanation…”

That prayer is called the ‘Universal Prayer of the Gnostic Church’ which is the Church in which the Lord, the Christ, internally works. The Lord is in the Gnostic Church; you can only find the Lord in the Internal Planes. Actually, the    Man Rune can be performed every day, but the    Laf Rune is only on the 27th, as the Master Samael Aun Weor indicates in his book on the Runes.


The MAN Rune

The center of the Tree of Life is Tiphereth, which corresponds to the heart. The Solar Work is done between two hearts, because the mystery of the Philosophical Stone always relates to two hearts (man & woman). This is indicated in the union of the Man & Yr Runes, previously explained.

The    Man Rune (which comes after the    Laf Rune) indicates that the Human Soul (whether that of the woman or of the man) is the one that has to work in the Ninth Sphere (represented in the    Yr Rune).

Man reminds us of Manas (“mind” in Sanskrit), and of Manus (Latin meaning “hand”).

This is why in all the body positions of the Runes, the hands have a special relation with the solar energies that we have to handle. In many scriptures the hand always points at willpower, goodwill, the action that we have to perform when we want to do something spiritual. For example:

“These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand (Manus), who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks… Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads (Manas).”

As well as evil will:

“If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God.” – Revelation 2:1, 7:3, 14:9

The Book of Revelation states that either the seal of God or of the beast is received on the forehead (Manas), and “Willpower” relates to the hands (Manus). All of this relates to the    Man Rune.

The Book of Revelation In regard to Manus (Hand), the hand of Jesus Christ comes to mind. He is always painted performing the following hand-symbol: the thumb, index and middle fingers of his right hand pointing upward (like the three upper lines of the    Man Rune) while pointing at his heart with his left hand.

It is profoundly significant that the    Man Rune is related with Manus, the right hand and the heart of Christ; indicating with it that everything we do with our hands, every action of our Willpower (Tiphereth, the heart) relates to the mind, Manas. Remember that the seal of God is received in the forehead.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Runes Laf, Yr and Man on the Glorian (formerly Gnostic Teachings) website



Part 2 – The “Man” & “Yr” Runes and the Monad According to Glorian Publishing

Continuing to quote from the class given on the Glorian Publishing website, the following is explained by one of Samael’s Students:

When we address the    Man and    Yr Runes, we have to talk about the trident. Let us study the trident, related to the    Man Rune, which is really the opposite of the    Yr Rune, an upside down trident.

The three upper parts of the trident on the    Man Rune represent the Monad, the True Man in us, which is our Divine Triad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas), which in Kabbalah are the Sephiroth Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth.

Yet, the    Yr Rune relates to the Sephiroth Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, the three brains with which we have to work.

“The Divine Triad (the    Man Rune) is the Innermost [Atman] who has two Twin Souls: the Divine and the Human. At one hundred years old (in esoteric age), the Divine Soul [Buddhi] fuses with the Innermost [Atman], and so a new Master is born within the internal worlds. At five hundred years old (in esoteric age), the Human Soul [Manas] also fuses with the Innermost [Atman]. This is how a new Mahatma is born within the internal worlds.” – Manual of Practical Magic
If we quoted the former paragraphs, it is on order to comprehend that the Monad (the Divine Triad) is the real Man, the    Man Rune within us. When we talk about the Being, we talk about the two superior parts of the Monad, which are Chesed and Geburah.

The Master Samael Aun Weor explains very clearly that in the First Initiation of the Major Mysteries, when the Kundalini (the life, the    Laf Rune) reaches the pineal gland, then the two superior parts of the Monad are united: Chesed and Geburah become one.

The Innermost [the Being] and the Divine Soul [Buddhi] become one. These two are always in Heaven; this is why the    Man Rune is represented by a Man with his two arms pointing to Heaven —to indicate that the True Man (Chesed and Geburah) is always above, not below.

The first degree of Mastery (the First Initiation) in the Major Mysteries is when the Innermost is united with the Divine Soul.


Regarding Mastery (and the Degrees of the Monad)

Obviously there are many degrees of mastery, for instance the Nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries. The one who receives these Initiations internally is the Monad of the Initiate. The Monad becomes a Master of the first degree, second degree, third degree, fourth degree, fifth degree, until the 9th degree of the Minor Mysteries.

However, before the Monad reaches a level of mastery in relation with the Law of Evolution (because in order for a Monad to enter from the Mineral Kingdom into the Plant Kingdom), the Monad needs to reach mastery in the Mineral kingdom. In order to enter into the Animal Kingdom, the Monad has to have the mastery of both Mineral and Plant Kingdoms. When the Monad enters into the Human Kingdom, the Masteries of the Animal, Plant, and Mineral Kingdoms are already reached internally.

Those levels of mastery are received by every Monad, which is related with the mechanicity of Nature (Evolution & Involution). But when we talk about the Minor and Major Mysteries, those are only achieved by working with sexuality.

Monads receive degrees (powers) when they attain Initiations, or different levels of mastery in the Internal Worlds. This is why we always state that every single Monad is a Master inside of us; the Monad is the Guru inside of us.

Different degrees of mastery are found among the Monads. It is one thing to be a Master of Minor Mysteries, and another thing to be a Master that already has the First Initiation of Major Mysteries. With it that Monad has entered into the path that leads to Nirvana. Eventually that Monad will become a Master of the second, third, fourth, fifth, and many other initiations, according to the development of that Monad in the Internal Planes. That is why we always say that each one of us has a Master inside.

So, when I said that my Inner Monad is a Master, it is true, but it is also true that all people’s Inner Monads are Masters, in different degrees. Degrees in mastery depend on our work with the    Yr Rune, the    Man Rune, and the    Laf Rune.

In order to develop more mastery, Monads always rely on more developed Monads. Such development always comes through the Philosophical Stone (the    Laf Rune), from Christ.

Now, the degree of our Monad is something very personal. To unveil the degree of our Monad is something that is useful only as in the case of the Master Samael Aun Weor, who (as the Avatar of Aquarius) is teaching, giving the knowledge to humanity.

Thus, everybody has to know that Samael Aun Weor is a Monad whose mastery is at a very high level, a Monad from a higher hierarchy, and therefore capable of teaching the lower Monads at any level. This is something that we have to understand, since among the Gnostics, or among the White Brotherhood, there are many Masters, Monads, of different hierarchies. Let’s quote the Master for better comprehension:

“The Christ substance extends itself in all the infinite space, and, while we practice Sexual Magic, it is absorbed by each one of our seven bodies until Christ is formed within ourselves. These seven ardent portals are something very personal, very intimate, very individual, and very profound. The path of Initiation is something very internal and delicate.

In order to possess the reed (cane or staff), the disciple must liberate themselves from all types of schools, religions, sects, political parties, concepts of motherland and flags, dogmas, intellectualism, selfishness, hatred, anger, opinions, classroom arguments, authoritarianism, etc…

There is a need to search for a Guru in order for us to be guided along this internal and delicate path. The Guru must be searched for within, in the profundity of the Consciousness… Each disciple must search for the Master inside, inside, inside. The Master is found in the profundity of our Consciousness (it is the Monad).

If you want to search for the Master, abandon all bookish erudition and pseudo-spiritual schools. The Master appears when the disciple is prepared. The gravest danger for the occultist is to have a bookish culture. The students of occultism who have read excessively are commonly filled with terrible pride.”

As we have explained in a former lecture, pride is that mythomania that boasts of being a master, boasting that because you have knowledge, you are better. Remember, the Master is always inside, and it is the Monad.

The student who is vain (due to the intellect) feels as though they are the lord of worldly wisdom. They not only lamentably waste their time going from school to school, but moreover they close the door of Initiation for themselves (their Monad), and fall into black magic. In other words, the student thinks that they are going to receive Initiations just because they belong to this or that school, this or that religion, etc.

Understand this: Initiation is related with the    Laf Rune; related to how we handle the Grail, the Stone; and, thus, related to how we handle the    Yr Rune (the upside down Cross).

Therefore, every time you go into the sexual act, remember: Peter goes with you (your brain, your pineal gland). Thus, if you fornicate, instead of raising the Stone to your head, instead of receiving the name of your God on your forehead, you become the Fool, “Falparsi”.

“We must become like children in order to penetrate into the wisdom of the fire, which is deep within ourselves, in the living profundity of our internal Consciousness. There is a need to be humble in order to acquire wisdom. Once we have acquired wisdom, we must be even more humble.” – Igneous Rose

Humbleness is something that we acquire when we comprehend our pride, when we comprehend self-esteem, in all levels of our mind. It is not that we have to fake humbleness; it is something that we have to develop when we comprehend our pride, when we stop boasting of this or that. This is something that we have to comprehend, because the attitude of many Gnostics, as well as many esoteric students in other schools, is that of liking to boast about themselves and to be followed.

Master Samael always stated, “do not follow anybody, if you want to really enter into the path of Initiation, follow your own Being”, because your Being has the degrees (the Initiations) that allow you to comprehend.

Do you want more comprehension? Well then, go down into the ninth sphere, work with the    Laf Rune (work with your Peter) and transmute your sexual energy. Then your Monad will receive more degrees, more comprehension, more understanding. Thus, you (the Soul) will be guided from with-in (internally).

But the problem here is that everyone wants to be guided from with-out (externally). We recognize that it is good to find someone externally who will indicate what to do spiritually; nonetheless, the main thing to remember is this:

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind… And Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” – Matthew 22: 37, 39

If you become like many people in this day in age, who are always looking for a Guru outside, then (like them) you will forget that the true Guru is inside. When you find your Inner Guru, your Inner God within, then you can talk with confidence to other Initiates in the Internal Planes.

With every piece of advice that you receive from them, you can go and meditate, concentrating on your God asking, “My God, my Lord, this Master told me this, can you explain to me what this means? Because you are the reality within me, and here, your terrestrial man cannot understand it. I am your terrestrial man. Can you explain this to me?”

Then you meditate, and during Meditation your God will disclose, for you: “What this Master told you, is this…” “What the Master Samael told you in this book is this…” This is for you, at your level, at your degree of understanding. Thus, this is how you have to comprehend why the Master Samael said that the Guru (the Master) is within, inside…

However, do not misunderstand. We do not mean to say that all of you have a Master of the fifth degree of Major Mysteries inside of you. Nor do we mean that all of you are Mahatmas, or great souls. No, because mastery has to be gained in the Stone. Your archetypical Peter has to descend into the ninth sphere in order to develop wisdom, intuition. As Peter descends, this is how you develop your pineal gland.

That is why people sometimes misunderstand when we say, “My Guru, my Inner Monad, is a Master”, because it is. It would be a big lie if I said that my Inner Monad were not a Master. Of what degree? Well, that is personal; that concerns only me. Likewise, I always respect you, and I see you and know that within each one of you there is a Monad that is a Master. Of which degree? Well, you have to discover that by yourselves. And, if he has a lower degree, then work with the Stone, work with Life (the    Laf Rune).

The Son of Man is the union of Eros (the Son of Venus) and Psyche (the Soul). Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

“The Son of Man is born in the Ninth Sphere. The Son of Man is born of Water and Fire.”

Water is the woman; fire is the man. When the Alchemist has completed the work in the mastery of Fire, then their Soul (Tiphereth; not their mind, not their ego) receives the Venustic Initiation.

Why is it called the Venustic Initiation? Because the son of Venus (Aphrodite) is Eros, or as we say in Christianity: the son of Mary (the Goddess of Love, Venus) is Eros, Jesus (the Christ). Jesus Christ is Eros, the God of Love who is born when the Alchemist reaches the Mastery of the Fire; that is, when one reaches the Fifth Initiation of the Major Mysteries.

In other words, by means of the    Yr Rune, the Initiate (man or woman) with their spouse descends (with Peter) into the Ninth Sphere in order to take the Life from the    Laf Rune.

“The betrothal of the Soul [Psyche] to the Lamb [the Son of Venus] is the greatest festival of the Soul. That great Lord of Light [Eros] enters Her [Psyche]. He becomes human; She becomes divine. From this divine and human mixture, that which with so much certainty the Adorable One called “the Son of Man” is born. The greatest triumph of supreme adoration is the birth of the Son of Man in the manger of the world.” – The Perfect Matrimony

When we said MANGER, the MAN, the    Man Rune comes to mind. Remember that the    Man Rune indicates the Triad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas). That Eros (the Son of Venus) is Jesus (the Son of Mary), who is born when the Initiate receives the Initiation of Tiphereth (the Fifth Initiation of the Major Mysteries). The one who receives Eros is the Manger, the Manas, the Monad, the Human Soul (Tiphereth).

In Greek mythology the Soul is represented by Psyche, because the human soul is always represented by that feminine aspect inside of us who is marrying the Lord.

That union is precisely the great goal for every Initiate—to receive the Lord, Eros, Jesus, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl, or whatever name you want to give to that force. According to Greek mythology, incarnating Eros is equivalent to incarnating Jesus Christ within us; it is the same thing as developing the Lord within, as developing Manas.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Runes Laf, Yr and Man on the Glorian (formerly Gnostic Teachings) website


The Superlative Consciousness of the Being and the Ascension of the Lord

Still quoting from the class given on the Glorian Publishing website, the following is explained by one of Samael’s Students:

Let’s understand the synthesis of the Path symbolized by the Three Mountains:
1st Mountain: The work of creating the Solar Bodies and the Soul.
2nd Mountain: The Elimination of the Ego (Decapitation) and the Internal Resurrection
3rd Mountain: The Incarnation of the Christ, the Ascension of the Initiate

Now, with Peter, you enter into the First Mountain, which is the Initiation. The First Mountain is related with the building of the Church inside of you. The Second Mountain relates to the annihilation of all that we are (egotistically speaking), so as to acquire objective reasoning. The Third Mountain is related with the work that the Christ has to do with humanity, through you.

Let us remember that the Being is the Innermost and the Superlative Consciousness (Geburah). Our Geburah has to be developed through different steps, through the Second Mountain.

When the Initiate enters into the Second Mountain, then they liberate the different levels of the Superlative Consciousness of the Being. The Human Soul —or the Essence that becomes the Human Soul— which is lower than Geburah, is the one that is here, expressing itself through the physical world. But within Geburah, the principles of the Christ are developed.

The goal is to acquire the trident (symbol of the objective reasoning of the Being), represented by the    Man Rune. Subjective reasoning is related to the ego, but the objective reasoning of the Being relates to the Superlative Consciousness of the Being and has six degrees.

When you develop certain comprehensions and reasoning (related with the Spirit and your Geburah), then that reasoning is developed in relation to the Second Mountain. When the Initiate finishes the Second Mountain and resurrects, then they receive one trident, two tridents, or three tridents —different tridents, different degrees. The highest degree of comprehension and reasoning that any Initiate can acquire is called Anklad. This type of reasoning goes with the five senses and the seven chakras.

The way in which the Initiate comprehends the doctrine relates with what we call the Auric Embryo. The Auric Embryo is the Superlative Consciousness of the Being which acts in all of the bodies. That Auric Embryo gives you comprehension in relation with the degree of development that you acquire in resurrection.

Some Initiates who have reached the second degree of objective reasoning, for example, decide to acquire another degree, and for that, they must say, “Peter, I have to descend with you into the Ninth Sphere, help me! Because the degree of reasoning that I have right now is not enough for me, and I want more intelligence.” So then they descend with Peter, but most of them fornicate and become the fool: a fallen bodhisattva.

We have to understand the difference between a descent and a fall. To fall is to fornicate; but to descend is to practice Sexual Magic and not reach the orgasm. Many Initiates, when they acquire the trident of Neptune (which represents the intuitive mind) or of Raphael (the Lord of the Mind), see the difference in comprehension when they talk with other Resurrected Masters.

For instance, when you talk with the Master Jesus of Nazareth (who has Anklad), his doctrine is so high that you need to work very hard in order to understand it. His wisdom is written in the Pistis Sophia. Below him there are other Masters that have other degrees; namely, Podkoolad, Ternoonald, Degindad. You can find those names in the Pistis Sophia Unveiled; they are the names of the different degrees of objective reasoning.

For instance, if a Master with the Ternoonald degree of objective reasoning wants to acquire the level of Anklad, then he has to practice the    Yr Rune; that is, he has to descend into    Laf (Life). For them, the sexual act is prohibited, but if they want more reasoning, more intelligence, more wisdom, they have to descend. This is the problem, because after millions or thousands of years without performing the sexual act, some of them cannot control the sexual organs and they fall. So through the    Yr Rune, they fall. That is why the    Yr Rune is the number 16.

To perform the    Yr Rune is very delicate. You have to pray the prayer we have given to the Holy Spirit, the Lord of the Sea, inside of you. This is necessary in order for you to receive help. If you forget Poseidon, Neptune, the Lord of the Sea (the Lord of your sexual force) and you think that you can do things by yourself, like Odysseus, then you are punished.

That is why it is written that many Angels fell with the daughters of man in the Book of Genesis. They were trying to acquire more objective reasoning – another trident, knowing that Neptune is the one that can give you another trident. Neptune, the Holy Spirit will appear and say to you, “Do you want another trident? Do you want more intelligence? I can give you that. But for that, you have to descend with Peter. But, woe unto you if you fornicate, because then you will become Falparsi, the fool.”

Remember that in order to acquire wisdom you need the Grail, and the only one that can penetrate the Grail (which is the feminine sexual organ) is the Phallus per se . Some of them perform the sexual act without spilling the mercury of the wise, and work very hard in order to acquire another level of objective reasoning. That is why, among the Masters, among the resurrected Initiates, you have many levels of wisdom.

Listen carefully: The objective reasoning that you acquire after resurrection is never lost. You never lose it. When I say “you”, I am talking about your Monad. I have to emphasize this, because sometimes I say you, and people understand that “you” as the ego, the terrestrial man here. No, “you” is the Being who receives the objective reasoning; it is Kether in Chesed, the Monad.

So, once acquired, a degree of objective reasoning is never lost, meaning the Monad never loses it. But of course you, as a Soul, can lose it: if you fall like a fool. Then the Monad will say, “Where is my vehicle?” “I do not know, it is already in Hell.”

So, you lost what God gave you, and now you want to acquire more? Well, fight and maybe you will acquire more. The thing is this (which the Master stated), “When a fallen bodhisattva enters a group, he is immediately recognized, because the Auric Embryo of his Monad has that level of objective reasoning, and he never loses it.” To recuperate that is another thing, but he has the ability to comprehend, to understand things. This is something that you need to comprehend and put into your head.


The Yr Rune and the Hippie Movement

We should maybe also mention that the    Yr Rune was used negatively as a peace sign in the 1960s (remember that Hitler’s Germany also used the Swastika in the wrong way). There are many groups in this era that utilize different signs, Runic signs. Sometimes they do it because, as they say, “It’s cool”, but they do not know the meaning of them.

I have always wondered why the hippie movement adopted the    Yr Rune for their sign. I do not know. Maybe it is because they are sexually “liberated”, because they are performing sex without any scruples, right? Obviously, they were performing the    Yr Rune, but as fools—not like Peter. They are not transmuting; they are not lifting the head up.

Still in this day and age, there is “sexual freedom” (hedonism) among them. Thus, they applaud any type of sexual degeneration. They even go onto TV shows and declare themselves to be this or that type of degenerated being. That is how this society is. They utilize the    Yr Rune in the wrong way.

But, we the Gnostics, perform the    Yr Rune as Peter’s cross. The    Yr Rune of Peter hides the mystery of the Stone. We have to transmute the sexual energy, otherwise, we will fall like the fool, Falparsi. Remember that. When the phallus becomes the fool, then we go into Klipoth. That is precisely the direction we must go in order to rise—Peter says, “Go down, in order to go up”. But, people go down, and continue going down, into the inner layers of the Earth, into Klipoth.

It is stated that when a Master descends, he is then submerged into Samsara again. Let us understand what this means. Once the Soul is in Samsara (which is Malkuth) in order to acquire more reasoning, that Monad (that Master) has to wait until his bodhisattva rises again. But that Master is always a Master. We are talking about a fallen bodhisattva that descends, or that falls. The Master is always the Master; the mastery is never lost. Once you acquire it, you never lose it. When I say “once you”, I remember again to emphasize this: “you” is the Monad, not you, the ego.

In Meditation, your Monad can tell you many things, and then you say: “Okay, I understand that” and you receive it because you have the capacity of understanding (since your Monad reached that level in past ages). Now, if you rise again to the same level, that level of reasoning will be higher, that is obvious. That is IF you rise again. There are many bodhisattvas in hell, who really do not want to rise again, because it is very difficult. The karma that you have to pay is always doubled, tripled; it is very hard.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Runes Laf, Yr and Man on the Glorian (formerly Gnostic Teachings) website



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