Gnostic Kabalah is a very beautiful subject which allows us to access the mysteries of any religion, esoteric school or mystical experience. It can be called the study of the Language of Symbolism.

The letters of the alphabet of this Language explain the meaning of the “Path of Regeneration” who’s purpose is to restore in us:

  1. Access to Objective Consciousness and Divine Reasoning
  2. Authentic Spiritual Freedom (Self-Realization and Final Liberation)
  3. The accomplishment of our Spiritual DUTY
  4. The manifestation of the Light within ourselves

Topics we will study include:

  • The Ray of Creation
  • The Tree of Life and its Sephiroth
  • The Transcendental Laws of the Universe (including the Triamatzicamno and Heptaparaparshinock)
  • Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition and the Language of Symbolism
  • Symbolism in the Alphabet: the Hebrew Letters and their associated Hieroglyphics (the Egyptian Tarot cards)
  • The 3 Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness
  • The Human Verb and the Divine Verb