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The “Rita”, “Not”, and “Eh/Ehe” Runes According to Glorian Publishing

In a class given on the Glorian Publishing website, the following information is given by one of Samael Aun Weor’s Students:

 EH or EHE
[5] Rita: the Law, Religion,
the Wheel; the Judge (Kaom );
one’s Right; to Ride, the Rider,
the Horseman, the Knight.
[8] Not: Danger, Emergency,
Need/Necessity (Negotiations);
the Severity of the Law.
[17] Eh: Marriage, the Horse,
Sexual Force, Equal;
the Mercy of the Law.


First we have to study the    Rita Rune, which is related with the Law and, consequently, our interior judge (the judgment that we have to develop and which is part of our own spiritual reality). That judgment is related to our own particular karma.

  Rita is the “R” of Ritter (meaning ‘Knight’ in German), as well as Reiter (meaning ‘Rider’ or ‘Horseman’ in German), and of Richter (the judge who executes, who pronounces judgment). This “R” is also found within the “RA” of the Egyptian Mysteries (the solar light, or “Aur ” in Hebrew) and in the Retter (Savior) who rides on the white Horse (symbolized by the       Ehe or Eh Rune).

The Yew tree is related to the    Ehe Rune (also called the E, Eh or Eihwaz Rune). Let us remember that the Yew tree (which is the Yggdrassil   World Tree) is also related to the forces of good & evil. The symbol for the    Ehe Rune is the fruits of this Yew tree, which resemble red berries. The color of Mars is red, so we say that this fruit is related with the planet Mars (which rules Geburah).

In order to comprehend the    Ehe Rune, we have to study the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil; that is, Life & Death (Death or Klipoth is suspended from the bottom of the Tree of Life). Thus life force and death force depend on how we use the Yew tree in us; that is, life & death depend on how we behave with the creative energies that we have.

In German, the word Ehe means “Marriage”. When we discuss the Ehe Rune, we always connect it to the wedding and the marriage of one    Laf   Rune with another    Laf Rune (man & woman), because the    Laf Rune represents the Philosophical Stone which is the sexual force. One    Laf   Rune looks a little like a numeral 1 that has been flipped.

Two    Laf   Runes facing each other look like an M    , or like an E turned 90° Σ (which is the Capital form of the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet, Sigma, and said to be derived from the 21st Phoenician letter Shin W, which is the Hebrew Shin ש ; however the lowercase form of Sigma σ seems to be related to the 15th Hebrew letter Samekh ס ).

The Arcana (18, 21 and 15) associated with the shape    of the this rune remind us of the obstacles that the Initiate must overcome in order to Triumph…

This M-shaped Rune (which is another form of the    Ehe Rune) is like two    Laf   Runes together (or two 1’s, that is: 11)    and is also called the “Horse Rune” because the horse or equine (from Latin equus , an adjective meaning “equal” or “steady”, “stable”, “stallion”) means that the Law is working equally between man & woman.

This is why the horse is also a symbol of the Law that is accomplished in the Perfect Matrimony: because it is through the sexual act that we manage the Ray of Creation (which is the One Law). You cannot control the Ray of Creation with only one polarity, since in order to create you need the two polarities.


The Knight [Ritter ] who Rides [Reiten ] upon a Horse [Equus ]

This is why the M-shaped    Ehe rune is the mystery of matrimony, which is also a word written with the Latin “M” whose shape symbolizes a horse.

Whosoever wants to become a Ritter (a Knight) and a Reiter (a Rider or Horseman) has to control the law of karma, and must do so through Matrimony in order to develop all the qualities & capabilities of their own Ain Soph equally and evenly.

Thus, we need to be married in order to control the Ray of Creation, and that is precisely the mystery of the    Ehe Rune. If you know how to control the Ray of Creation, you then will know how to develop your own qualities and how to control your own karma:

“The Law is thus: Equal [equus or equine]. One has to operate by the action of the staff and by the action of the sword.” – Gnostic Axiom

Now we can understand why the    Ehe Rune is symbolized by the Horse and the    Rita Rune is symbolized by the Rider… This is because the rider is working with the    Sig Rune (the Ray of Creation) in order to control the sexual act in their    Is Rune (spinal column).

No matter if the rider is a man or a woman, the Matrimony is the Horse (Equus ). When you start taming the Horse, it is black, and it has to become white. We have to transform our animal nature into a spiritual nature. Remember that the energy we need in order to realize ourselves is in the physical body, which is the horse…

We have to control the inferior quaternary, the four animals we have. Remember that the animals (that we have within) are represented in their negative aspect as Medusa. She represents all the negativity and animality that we carry within.

Perseus riding Pegasus slays Medusa. In Greek mythology, when Perseus cut off Medusa’s head and dropped it into the sea, then from the sea emerged Pegasus (the winged white horse).

Pegasus represents the metamorphosis, or the transformation of the animal soul into a perfect spiritual soul by means of sexual transmutation. The sea symbolizes the sexual force. So when we decapitate Medusa inside of us, then the outcome will be Pegasus (the white winged horse), which is the symbol of the absolute control of the animal force that we have. This is why the winged horse is a symbol of the Mercury.

Yet if the horse is tamed or transformed into a white winged horse it is because the    Rita Rune, Ritter (Knight), Reiter (Rider or Horseman), is doing it. You cannot find a rider on horseback who has not first tamed the horse.

The horse has to be controlled by the rider, and in order to control the horse you have to sit on it. Sitting on the horse refers to man & woman performing the sexual act in order to control the solar & lunar forces of creation.

Remember that when we talk about matrimony, if what we want is to transform ourselves into human beings, then we are talking about the marital union of a man & woman. So we have to ride the white horse of Chastity, which is also the symbol of the Kalki Avatar.


The Kalki Avatar and the White Horse

According to Hinduism, the Kalki Avatar appears riding a white horse; this means that the rider teaches how to acquire the complete dominion of Ehe (Matrimony). This is why Master Samael Aun Weor’s first book is entitled The Perfect Matrimony. In that book the rider of the white horse wrote the precise meaning of the    Ehe Rune. Likewise, in the Bible:

“And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse (    Ehe Rune),
and he
(the Rider, the    Rita Rune) that sat upon him was called Faithful and True,
and in righteousness he doth judge
(    Rita ) and make war.” – Revelation 19:11

The white horse is the sexual force (the animal force) that has already been transformed into a Pegasus. It is perfect scientific Chastity. “And he who sat upon him was called faithful and true, and in righteousness he judges and makes war”: this means that in righteousness he executes karma. “In righteousness” also means through Geburah, because Geburah is that part of the karmic law that makes war inside of us in order to acquire perfection.

So, in order to acquire the level of Ritter/Reiter (one who controls the    Ehe Rune, the Horse) you have to be a Rider. And to be a Ritter you have to reach the level of Tiphereth (the Knight).

You reach the level of Tiphereth by controlling the four horses: the Physical, Vital, Astral, and Mental bodies, in order to finally reach the Causal body or Body of Conscious Willpower. Thus you become a Ritter in order to continue perfecting the Self according to Geburah (the Law), since each one of us has their own particular    Rita (Richter – Judge), karma.

This is why karma relates to Rita, Rota, Taro, Thor, Tora or Torah (the Law), or the way in which we have to manage our own particular karma through the forces of creation (the    Ehe Rune).

The forces of creation are related to the Three Primary Forces (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that we employ when performing the sexual act. The man is the affirming force, the woman is the negating, receptive or passive force, and the force that unites the first two is the neutral or reconciling force. Thus, this is how we ride.

So, esoterically speaking, when somebody is controlling the sexual energy (whether a man or a woman), he or she is a good rider. But if we are falling from the horse – meaning transmuting and dropping – then we are bad riders. Alchemically we say: “this person is falling from the horse many times, their horse is very wild, and every time it is throwing them on the ground; obviously, they need to tame their horse more if what they want is to become a good rider”.


The Knight must Tame the Horse in order to Ride it

It is very rare to find Knight-Riders. Horses are everywhere but where do you find a good Knight-Rider?

Jesus was a good rider and he even showed it by entering in Jerusalem riding a donkey, which is worse, because this animal (the donkey) is a great fornicator. This is why Samael Aun Weor is also represented riding a white horse. Anyone who wants to escape the degeneration of this Aryan Root Race has to ride the horse (which is animal desire). In the end we have to transform desire into willpower. Thus, our motto is Thelema – Willpower.

When the billions of inhabitants of the planet Earth perform the sexual act, they feel sensation-desire. But the Gnostic transforms sensation-desire into sensation-willpower, which means that the sexual act is always pleasurable.

With a good rider, Tiphereth (or the causal world – willpower), we manage to control the sexual energy. This is the sensation-willpower that we have to develop in order to become a Knight-Rider, a good Ritter-Reiter . This is done through the    Ehe rune, whose left arm relates to the Sephirah Binah, and whose right arm relates to the Sephirah Chesed (which means Mercy).

This is why matrimony (or the    Ehe Rune) is represented by the left arm taking the blessings of Binah and placing them into Chesed. Who is Chesed? Chesed is the Innermost, the Inner Being, the true Adam, our own particular Spirit that controls the waters of Genesis. Remember that “in the beginning the Ruach Elohim was floating upon the (sexual) waters”; it descends into Malkuth, and that is what we call the Holy Matrimony – the matrimony in accordance with the Law of God.

The matrimony in accordance with the Law of God is when the Ruach Elohim (which is in the right arm of the    Ehe Rune), that is Chesed or Mercy is obeying the commands of Binah during the sexual act, in the Holy Matrimony. This is how the matrimony becomes holy, because it is our own particular Spirit or Innermost (that Jehovah Elohim, the Creator) who controls the sexual energy.

And Jehovah Elohim (Binah) took Adam (Chesed), and put him into the Garden of Eden (Yesod-Malkuth) in order to dress it and to keep it. And Jehovah Elohim commanded Adam, saying, “of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” – Genesis 2:15-17

These verses relate to the law of karma (cause and effect). Behold the cause: “in the day that thou eatest thereof…” and the effect: “thou shalt surely die.” This is how we create karma, which is the opposite of dharma (the    Ehe Rune). The    Not Rune exists in order to negotiate our karma.

The    Not Rune is completely the opposite of the    Ehe Rune. The right arm is above, pointing toward Chokmah, and the left is below, pointing toward the Sephirah Geburah. This is why when you see the sign of the    Not Rune it means that the Law is against you according to your actions. There is a Gnostic axiom that states: “Do what thou wilt; this is the only Law, but think that thou will have to answer for all thy deeds.”

Through the    Not Rune we negotiate. As we have explained in other lectures, in Geburah is placed the inheritance of the Cosmocreators, and we need to develop this inheritance in order to acquire that self-realization based on our own karma (Geburah). This is why you see that from Chokmah, the right arm, we go in to Geburah, the left arm. There is the need to know precisely how to handle our own karma: this is what the    Not Rune is teaching us.

The    Not Rune is related to Nut (pronounced “Noot”), the Divine Mother, on the left side of the Tree of Life, who is Isis in Geburah (the priestess and warrior woman, the feminine aspect of the soul). Nut or the Divine Mother’s number is 56. This is formed by connecting 5 (Geburah) and 6 (Tiphereth), resulting in 56.

Nut works through the Law (5 Geburah) and through the Human Soul (6 Tiphereth). By making the addition of 5 and 6 we get 11: the two 1’s or    Laf   Runes of the “M” or    Ehe , the Horse Rune. These two 1’s, are man & woman united in matrimony; that is 56 (which is 11).


The Divine Mother, the Forces of Creation and the Horse

Those couples who know how to control the sexual energy during the sexual act, “know how to ride”. If they do not “know how to ride”, then they create ego, because the sexual energy creates, and if you do not know how to control it then you create children for Lilith and Nahemah (psychological defects, vices and errors within your psyche) – not outside but inside of you.

This is why it is also stated that the number of the ego is 56. This is easy to understand because in the ego we have the karma (the 5), and the ego is created because of the wrong use of willpower (which is Tiphereth, the human soul, the 6) during the sexual act.

In some of the Master Samael Aun Weor’s books, we read that the number of the ego is 56, and the number of the Divine Mother is also 56. When you read with the eyes of the Spirit and with Kabbalah then you understand and say: “Yes, of course, I understand why: because the    Sig Rune, the Divine Mother, is there between 5 and 6 (Geburah and Tiphereth), between 11.”

So it depends on how we utilize the sexual energy (which is the energy of the Divine Mother) in order to either be a good rider or to fall from the horse and to go into Klipoth with our ego very fat. “Woe to thee, oh warrior, oh fighter, if thy servant collapses!”

So it is all up to us. It is not a matter of believing in something, accepting or rejecting; it is how we behave with our sexual force, whether we are generating or regenerating or degenerating ourselves. We have to balance Ida & Pingala, because the    Not Rune also relates to the forces of the kidneys, the scales of the constellation of Libra.

Remember that Nut is the Divine Mother; Nut reminds us of the    Not Rune. The Divine Mother is the sacred cobra of the mysteries who rewards or punishes her children according to their own actions and she can even forgive the karma of her child.

But how does she discover the behavior of her child? She does it through the scales of Libra, the kidneys. In Taoism we know that the forces of the kidneys nourish the sexual glands. It is written:

“I am the one who searches the kidneys and hearts:
and I will give unto every one of you according to your deeds.” – Revelation 2:23

The spinal column is the    Is Rune, and the face & arm are a flipped    Sig Rune. Both runes represent the Divine Mother – she is the one who “searches the kidneys and the hearts, and will give unto every one according to their deeds”.

Thus, what Revelation 2:23 states is sexual; it is related to the Ray of Creation. It does not mean that someone will come and punish you; rather, it means that if you use your sexual force in the wrong way, then you will suffer the consequences physically and psychologically.

Now you understand why    Ehe and    Not are the Runes of our physical Natura . The    Not Rune teaches us how to negotiate our karma. So when an event related to karma comes into your life, then work with an exercise that you perform by combining the    Not Rune with the    Ehe Rune.

The    Not Rune (which is the Law of God and falls into Geburah according to your deeds) is the opposite of the    Ehe Rune (which is Mercy from God). We practice the    Not Rune by balancing Mercy & Justice within us (Chesed & Geburah). This is not just an exercise – you have to already know what karmic debt you want to negotiate, which is the reason why you perform the practice.

Behold how the exercise of the    Not Rune relates to the negotiation of karma: We alternately combine the    Ehe and    Not Runes – left and right, right and left – while vocalizing: “NA – NE – NI – NO – NU”.

Through this, by balancing Mercy and Justice within us, we ask for the help (that we are begging to receive) from the Divine Law. But please understand that prior to performing this Runic exercise, you also have to comprehend in Meditation the karmic reason why you are doing it.


Mercy, Justice and the Law of Karma

Sometimes on your path you are doing something good, you are developing, and then the Law comes to punish you: you have developed spiritually, and materially you have a house, but remember that in your past life you were exploiting people.

Now, in the first initiation, according to karma, you have to lose something: non-attachment will balance your psyche.

Thus, you are working with the Law (Geburah). Then the Divine Law decrees: “this is what you love the most, right? You worked for this through your life. Well, now you have to sacrifice it, you are going to lose it.”

But the Gnostic knows very well how to negotiate with the Law and says: “the Divine Law (the    Not Rune, the law of karma) is against me now – what do I have to do? I have to negotiate with the Law, and for that I have to balance my psyche. I am going to work with the    Ehe Rune, the sexual energy, the matrimony, to be chaste. Through    Ehe I will receive Mercy (Chesed).

Because of the negotiation, the Divine Law is now in your favor. In order to do what you have to do, and in order to receive forgiveness, you have to sacrifice something. The Divine Law negotiates that karma by sacrificing something else instead, by losing what you have to lose, by giving what you have to give. You have to do something, to sacrifice something for others.

Samael Aun Weor explains in his book on the Runes, that we also exercise the    Not Rune by remembering our past lives during Meditation.

You sink into yourself and ask your Innermost: “Show me my past lives.” If you are receiving very strong karma, then meditate and say: “Why am I receiving this type of karma?” Then the answer (the cause) is found in your past lives, because karma is cause and effect. Thereafter you do the negotiation and say: “Please take this karma from me and I promise to do XYZ” and if it is a negotiation that can be done, then that karma is taken out of you – but you have to pay. If that karma is taken out and you do not pay what you promised, then that karma will come back even more heavily for you.

The law of karma is not like the law created by the humanoids of this planet, since they play with it. The judges and lawyers play with this invented law, and make a big game of it, but with the Cosmic Law you cannot play. If you promise and make a negotiation you have to accomplish it otherwise the Kaom inside of you will accuse you.

Remember that the Master Samael Aun Weor talks about the Kaom . The police of karma, the Kaom , is one part of Geburah in you, related to the inheritance that you receive from your Cosmocreator. The Kaom is the internal police. Each one of us has that Kaom inside that emerges within those intimate regions where love is missing.

It is impossible to flee from the agents of karma, since inside of each one of us exists the police who inevitably will lead us toward the cosmic tribunals. If you wonder how the law of karma is controlling all these billions of people, the answer is easy: the inner police take us to the Judges when we commit a mistake.

Everything is written in the Akashic records, and you cannot escape from your own Consciousness. The soul is lost when the people do not feel remorse, because remorse comes from the internal Kaom that accuses you, that tells you: “You did this; sorry, but now do you feel any remorse? I have to tell the Lords of Karma up there about what you did. That is my mission, that is my duty as an archetype within your Consciousness, and it is for your own good.”


Our Internal Kaom , Conscience, and the Law of Karma

When you go in the temple of the Lords of Karma, you can you ask for your book (within which is written all good and evil deeds that you have done).

You might say, “How did they write all of this? Who wrote it?”

Listen: you wrote it! Part of you yourself wrote it, that is, your inner Kaom , your internal police, your conscience. You have to understand that. What you have to see is that the Law is an angel inside of you; if you still have that connection with your inner Kaom , good for you, because then you have good judgment within you when you are acting.

When bad karma comes to you, you have to perform the    Not Rune in order to negotiate it or develop your inner Mercy and Judgment.

The Master Samael Aun Weor also explains that in order to develop remorse of conscience or to develop that internal judge that will give you that remorse (because remorse is what we need): we need to be masters of good & evil, we need to know what is good and what is evil. And how will we know that? By liberating the internal Kaom (our internal Judge): by performing the    Rita Rune.

While concentrated in Kether (the First Law), in Geburah (your internal Kaom ), in Tiphereth (your human soul), and in Hod (your Astral force). This is how you imagine the Ray of Creation coming from your head into your liver, into your heart, and into your spleen – because through them remorse (and your karma) acts. So by practicing the    Rita Rune, we will develop internal judgment within us, which we need.

If you still feel remorse when you do something bad, that is good, and to develop more remorse is even better. People exist who do not have remorse, and when they do bad things they feel like heroes. This is really bad, since they are far from the inner Monad – so they need to perform this Rune a lot in order to liberate their internal judgment. They must also practice the    Ehe Rune which develops Mercy.

The    Ehe Rune develops by managing the forces of matrimony (the forces of your kidneys, your horse); additionally, you can perform the    Not Rune when karma is against you.

However, remember that there are two types of karma that cannot be negotiated. Once those karmas have entered into action, you just have to accept them and say: “Okay, that is the will of my inner Kaom .”

That karma is something that you are receiving because of the action of past lives or actions of this present life. For example, if you drink a lot of alcohol, your liver will have a lot of sickness (for instance, cirrhosis). Resign to that karma if it is already there. What can you do? Take medicine, do whatever is good for you.

There are certain karmas that you cannot negotiate, namely: Kamaduro and Karmasaya. Kamaduro is related with Fornication, and Karmasaya with Adultery. Kamaduro and Fornication are related with Lilith, the origin of Fornication: orgasm, spasm, animal behavior. In other words, Lilith is the desire inside of us. The origin of Adultery is Nahemah. All of us are stamped on the forehead with those forces, Kamaduro and Karmasaya. All of us have that karma. Karmasaya relates to the heart, when you emotionally suffer in your heart because somebody betrayed you.

You cannot negotiate Karmasaya unless the person who is betraying you changes his or her behavior. But when a person acts against you in that way, it is because you deserve it. This is the law of cause and effect. If you protest against Karmasaya and say: “But I am a meek sheep, I am good, I do not deserve this,” then the Law says: “Okay, here is another ton of that Karma for you, so that you will learn.” And if you do not learn, then more and more weight is added. But when you say: “Okay, I am guilty and I receive the punishment,” then that Karmasaya dissolves more quickly for you. Unfortunately, all of us feel that we are innocent, and that we do not deserve that Kamaduro or Karmasaya.

Remember, negotiation is possible if it is not Kamaduro or Karmasaya that is already acting. For instance, Kamaduro is cancer or maybe another type of sickness. This is because Fornication causes different types of sicknesses, among them cancer. Kamaduro causes earthquakes, tsunamis, different revolutions. It is the Law in action and it is not because we are meek sheep, but because we deserve it. If we want to negotiate our own karma, then let us use the    Not Rune practices.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Runes Rita, Ehe and Not on the Glorian (formerly Gnostic Teachings) website



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