The “Man, Mon” Rune According to Guido Von List

  man, mon = Male/Masculine [Mann], Moon [Mond] (ma = to mother [muttern], to increase [mehren]; empty or dead [leer oder tod]).

I count a Fifteenth, which Volkrast the Gnome
sang before the Gates of the Day
to the Gods [Aesir] for Strength [Stärkung],
to the Elves [Alben] for Force [Kraft],
[and] to myself to clear my Senses.

The well known Folktale, the “Man in the Moon” reveals himself in the fifteenth rune as a sanctified sign of the Propagation of the human race. The Primordial-word “ma” is the Mark of feminine Procreation “Mothering”, just as the primordial word “fa” is that of the masculine. Therefore, we have here “mater” (Mother), just as there we have “fater” (Father).

While the concepts of man, maiden, mother, husband, wife, marriage, menstruation (and so on) are rooted in the primordial word ma (just like the concept Moon, with which they are all internally connected), they nevertheless symbolize individual concepts reconnected into an apparent unity. So too is the conceptual word for this unity rooted in the primordial word ma and expressed manask or menisk, that is: man.

The fifteenth rune thus encloses the exoteric and esoteric concept of the high mystery of humanity, and culminates in the admonition: “Be Man! Be Human! [Sei Mensch! ]”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes [Das Geheimnis der Runen] (1908)
by Guido Von List


The “Ma, Man, Mon, Madr” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben

Letter M and Number 15.

The man, the human being and, at the same time, the Rune Tree and the Tree of Humanity (with 15 shoots, the arms as well as the branches reaching towards heaven).

This    Rune has the power to condense and collect cosmic rays (which means pulling the spiritual down into matter), so that the mystery of humanity (the immaculate conception) becomes perfect by means of inspiration.

Its Ur-word is Trieb meaning “Determination” as well as Drive, desire, urge, inclination, instinct; impel forward, propel, push; shoot, newly grown plant stem, sprout, burst forth, etc.

“A fifteenth I know, which Volkrast , the gnome,
is singing early before the gates of the day
for strength from the Gods [Aesir ] and for power from the Elves [Alben ]
and wisdom, All-father, for me.”

The fifteenth rune is the sacred Rune of humanity and it introduces us to the mystery of being human. It culminates in the admonition: “Be Human!”. The sum of the digits of 15 = 1 + 5 = 6, and the six is the sexus. This leads us back to    Kun or Kaun Rune, the Rune of Sex. All procreation pulls something soul-related and spiritual down into existence, into its material form.

The    Man -Rune depicts a man who reaches up to the heavens with his hands (in the ancient prayer position). He stretches his hands towards the heavenly ones in such a way that he is striving for the connection with the Divine by means of magical-mantramistic actions. Thus, there very easily comes a comparison of this position with the one who has been “crucified” on the wood of the world.

The    Man -Rune shows the basic idea of the human being as embodied and spiritualized. The three-partition of the    Man -Rune upwards means the trinity of spirit, soul and body. Man is also the word of leadership, man-ager, the one who gives orders, com-man-ds or man-dates.

Through hand (manus ) and head (manas – meaning: reason, spirit, mind ), through the soul (mens ), we become human (Man ). Because of the hand and the head, the human being is decisively different from animals and is able to grasp things around him.

Lifting the outstretched hands towards the heavens, the human being can collect cosmic rays. Collecting cosmic rays really means condensing them, that is: drawing that which is spiritual down into the ‘womb of the mother’ (matter), so that the mystery of humanity (referring to the immaculate conception) can be achieved by means of “in-fluence”, influx, inflow, by means of “inspiration”, “correctly illuminated by the spirit”.

This power to condense is magic. The    Man -Rune is, therefore, the Rune of the magician, of magic and of the Power-to-Unite [Vereinigungskraft ]. Magic is Might [Macht ], since both words are the children of the same root word, which means “to be capable” [Können ].

What forces the human being to lift up their hands to the High Ones is an effect of their Man , of their ad-mon-ition, of their manas , of their reason, but not of their intellect (which continuously removes us further and further away from the love of God). While you practice pure love, God remains within you.

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Man” Rune According to Kummer & Other German Authors

  (M) The Man -Rune reminds us and whispers to us that we should become conscious of our inner God-spark, our higher Self. Man is the Rune of the breath, of truth, of power and the positive Male force (even in procreation).

The    Man -rune is the rune of the divine magic, of cosmic-spiritual generation. The    Man rune points to the spiritual, soulful union of man & woman (“Man” & “Ma”) in noble, conscious, procreation.

The reverse, inverse or ‘demonic’ of the    Man -rune is: the negative    Yr -rune: error, delusion, lunacy. Demonic love & greed, self-destruction through unnatural procreation leads to anguish and suffering. The    Yr rune has its greatest effect on the new moon, the least on the full moon.

The Rune of Awakening, Working, Controlling, Forgiving, and of new spiritual Acquisition (as indicated by the three emerging lines). The mysterious words “Amen” and “Omen” are derived from the old Norse Om and the Germanic Root Man, which means the God-man, the Spirit-man.

Kummer says that the    Man -rune is associated with the sign of Gemini and with Spring. – Numerical value 15.


• “Be Human!”
• “Holy Man-Rune, Spirit-Rune, thou who art associated with the “primordial light substance”, a human being unites with God.”
• “MAN: rising symbol, crown of the tree of the world, human sign, oh thou, I joyfully open myself to the influx of manas, the spiritual force that pervades the universe.”
• “Holy Man inspire me, holy Man spiritualize me, holy Man awaken the omniscience, the All-Love [All-Liebe] (Universal-Love) in me.”
• “Holy Man reveal Mimir‘s secret*, awaken the primordial memory, the primordial knowledge in me.”
• “Man-Rune unleash in me the Might of Divine Magic [die Macht göttlicher Magie].”
• “Man-Rune arouse the positive power in me.”
• “Man-Rune, pour into me the forces of the spheres, the waves of the “M”; multiply my Od.”
• “Ma, the original word of abundance, is the fulfillment of my wishes.”

Sound Formulas: “Mmm”; “Man”; “Ma, Me, Mi, Mo, Mu”; “Mam, Mem, Mim, Mom, Mum”.

[* NOTE: Mímir (Old Norse meaning “The rememberer, the wise one”) is a figure in Norse mythology who is renowned for his knowledge and wisdom. He is beheaded during the Æsir-Vanir War. Afterward, the god Odin carries around Mímir’s head and it recites secret knowledge and counsel to him.]

Full Body Rune Exercise:
1) According to Kummer: take the passive Is-Rune position, then the arms are raised diagonally upwards sideways, with the palms face down. This makes the M-rune position. Later also practice with the palms facing upwards.

Now one visualizes the form of this rune and concentrates on the radio-like All-Power waves that penetrate into (A) the back of the head, flowing down the spinal column and, at the same time, (B) these waves penetrate the hands, flooding the arms and the torso. With both of these currents (A + B), one feels surrounded by the All-Powerful waves that unite in the sympathetic nervous system and create a peculiar, blissful, beautiful feeling.

This evokes a resounding in the practitioner and awakens a deeper All-Knowing and All-Love (Universal-Love). Then these waves sound softly through the thighs and calves, under the bottom of the feet, and then flow into the earth.

After taking the Man-rune position and concentrating one’s thoughts and observations on the inflow of the All-waves for a few minutes, the student magnetizes their aura, singing the “M” in a clear, deep tone and slowly, rhythmically rotating in circles in one place, when facing north and east turning slower, when facing south and west, turning faster. A very strong influx of the waves from the south and west is to be avoided.

In this rune position, full and deep breathing is very important. The student, if they persistently practice the previous exercises, then, after 14 days, the wisdom of the divine magic in the Man-rune manifests along with the perfection of the breath & the vibrations, and the rhythm of the All-waves of divine power currents. The student recognizes the budding God-Man in themselves.

Kummer recommends practicing this rune position with the following phonetic formula:

All-Father calls:
be a spirit warrior,
a Divine Knight!”

He gives the following meditation as well:

“Strike the ‘M’ posture  -take in the ether.
You feel within you
a murmuring and a singing,
which will bring you a holy patron.”

2) Speisberger gives the following kneeling position for this Rune: Kneel with the buttocks resting on the heels, and feet stretched backwards (toes, instep and tibia form a straight line) with the toes on the floor. Upper body is upright, with the head slightly inclined backwards and eyes closed. The arms are in the    Man -Rune form stretched laterally, and the hands are cupped.

The Hand Rune Exercise:
The    Man -Rune hand-sign is performed with the right arm stretched upward, pointing the index finger and middle finger sideways obliquely while slightly spreading the thumb outwards. The back of the hand faces the body. See the hand position in Figure 15.

This hand-sign is the sign of the reborn, conscious magician; it blesses and protects. It enables the practitioner to penetrate into the highest secrets of Rune-magic.

After performing this hand-sign, the aroma of burned electrical wires is often perceptible. The astral color is purple-red by day, phosphorescent greenish-red by night.

During the practices, one can concentrate on condensing & collecting the cosmic rays; on Spiritualization [Vergeistigung ]; on uniting with the Divine; and on the Might of Divine Magic [die Macht göttlicher Magie ].

The    Man rune body posture is a prayer position in which the practitioner is empowered in high, cosmic, spiritual waves that enlighten and complete their spirit more & more, through the inspiration to gather and draw down to themselves. The    Man -rune position has its greatest magical effect on the new and full moon.

To consciously feel the    Man -rune in oneself means to follow the path to Spiritualization, the path into the subtle world, into the higher sphere.

Be the truth and the life—
Become a great Human—
Be the Spirit-God-Man!

One can feel the cosmos, feel the world, and perceive it rushing within oneself, resounding and singing, when one hums the pitches of the    Man -rune. Then the palpable current, the cosmic force, will enter our outstretched hands and flow through the body.

Every rune, every sound has a different current, strength, vibration and rhythm. Whoever understands and learns to consciously move the divine cosmic All-waves becomes the conscious master of their fate.

The student must always strive to maintain their emotional harmony, they should come to be without anything unnatural and, as much as possible, be free from all impulses and passions. The student must live in harmony with their thoughts, desires, wishes and feelings with the All-wave forces, then they will always be with the All-Father (God), and the star influences will no longer harm them because they now have All-Knowledge and rule over their stars. Despondency, doubt, fear, worry and weakness no longer exist for them. All their good wishes are fulfilled, since their will, their thoughts, their faith are firmly focused on the high goal of becoming a God-Man.

If there are failures, the practitioner has to look for the mistakes in themselves. Strict self-criticism after failure brings knowledge and learning. Therefore, one practices strict criticism of their actions and deeds, of their thoughts and desires.

If the student has now recognized much evil in themselves, then they immediately take up the fight by sending forth good, strong thoughts and willpower, and taking their body under strict control of Inner Being [Ich ]. After all, the student wants to become a wise magician, a God-Man, so they must stand above wild passions, animal drives, wishes and desires.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.
Possibly also from Karl Spiesberger’s Rune-Magic [Runenmagie] (1954) and/or
Friedrich Bernhard Marby’s Rune-Library [Runen-Bücherei] (1931-1935)


Rosicrucian and Gnostic

The “Man” Rune According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple: MAN signifies, in the first place, Man or Human Being, but it also signifies the HAND from the Latin ‘Manus’.

In the United States we find many streets with the name of “Main-road” or “Main-street” (principal way) and we must remember the word ‘Manas’ (soul). Let us also think of the word “Manager” (among English speakers) as well as ‘Mandate’, ‘Command’ and, above all the God ‘MANUS’ that we find always adorned with this symbol.

It is one of the most important Runes and by its very form invites us to a constant Prayer. It is the man who implores on high, who implores the Great All.

MANEMANU are also anagrams of the Mantrams AMEN and AUM, which are the ones that must constitute our prayers and must always express: “I AM OF DIVINE ORIGIN”.

Remember that greatly misunderstood and interpreted phrase “I AM AS MUCH AS YOU ARE” that does not signify establishing a comparison between two persons. That phrase is symbolic. It means, “I AS A SMALL MICROCOSMOS, AM SO MUCH LIKE YOU, IMMENSE MACROCOSMOS.”

The man who is conscious of his value, must never go about with a lowered head in an attitude of humiliation, but must instantly possess the idea that he is REAL LIFE, flooded with ardor, with fire, with accumulated potency and potentiality. Who dominates and who is not dominated. In whom reason vibrates and this is, in him, like an overwhelming force and that, while listening, is firmly fixed to the ground, with the forehead up, and with all the full weight of his spiritual energy.

In Hebrew “OM”, as a monosyllable, is translated as ‘that which is True’, ‘that which is Vital’, ‘that which is Legitimate’, and, in that sense, we must possess the biblical phrase that is spiritually found on the Banner of the Gnostics: “I AM THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!!! But I, I MYSELF, without complaining to anyone and without asking for anything external. Without my prayer going outside, but doing it within. Is there anything outside that is not inside me? I must demand a sign, as certain religions do, which I can demand it of myself wherein everything is real and nothing exists without symbolic nuance.”

We must ensure ourselves that: “I AM THE LIGHT, I AM GOD, since that divine spark which is God, dwells and resides within me and the purpose of my life is to liberate it, achieving it, recognizing it within myself, in order to make it objective before my eyes….”

And we must continue: “I am health, I am a hand of the Great All through which it executes its will and I, as a living antenna, must gather the divine forces of the Cosmos without twisting its course nor adulterating its Law.”

The corresponding practice is to be done in the morning facing towards the Sun, at the moment it ascends in the East, in that attitude of raised hands as expressed by the Rune and imploring for help and support. This should always be done on the 27th of every month from 3:30 to 4:00 in GMT .

One should never implore while employing this prayer uselessly in this sense and in such attitude.

Observe also that in the Catholic Church there are faithful who pray and implore in the same form with open and pleading arms. The Christ by the great sculptor Thorwaldsen is conceived adopting the same norm.

In many Shields, that same MAN Rune represents the Tree of Life and we also observe that in ancient documents, there is the Tree of Paradise with only three branches (similar to the Man Rune) and a serpent coiled around it, that is to say THE SERPENT, symbol of Life, coiled around the TREE of the CROSS, but it is a Cross, not as we know it in Christianity, in which the transverse beam is like an obstacle that interrupts the current, but with raised arms leaving that expedient current So that it can ascend.

If we start with the    HAGAL Rune which represents the whole Cosmos, then we get two Runes (    Man and    Yr). One, arms raised upwards (being the    MAN Rune) and the other, arms down (being the    YR Rune). The first represents the God-Man   , the Spiritual-Man who looks up. The second is the physical-Man   , the human-Man who feels the call of the Earth. Unite both concepts, that is, God with Man and we will have the meaning of those Runes.

These two Runes are also a symbol of    Man and    Woman when they form that All which forms Nature. Or what is the same thing, that hermaphrodite being, Man-Woman, harmoniously united, which is the supreme key of Sexual Magic, MA, MAN, (“Mama”) mother and MAN, MANO [or HAND], father, two archaic words, original symbol of the birth of all things.

We must also UNITE, and balance, as indicated by this Rune, the KNOWING of the brain with the FEELING of the heart.

They are the two poles that, together, will make the spark of that mysterious Light that is in us go out and of which we are, as a Spanish occultist, truly producers.

The value of the Rune is 15. If we add both numerals together, it gives us 6, that is, Sex. From this word is composed the Sex which, kabalistically, is    Kaun or the sixth Rune. It is the Rune of the Sexual Organs or of Sex, which we already know and has a single raised arm representing sex in the material sense.

In the    Man Rune, the two arms rise in order to determine that LOVE, Divine Sex, is our own transmuted substance. The disciple should not expect to be told everything, but one should look for words that begin with MAN, MANO and see how in the beginning of human language that Rune had its importance.

For the operations of Runic Magic (of which we shall speak later), all these forces which we have explained must have been felt in themselves.

No operation of white Magic can be done without raising the arms, even if it is mentally, to the Great All, thinking that everything has a trunk, a base , and in doing so we indicate that everything is a TREE, the tree of Humanity, the tree of Life.

PRACTICE: The practice is to be done in the morning facing towards the Sun (at the moment it ascends in the East) in that attitude of raised hands as expressed by the Rune and imploring for help and support. This practice should never be employed with a passive, useless or in any similar attitude. This should always be done on the 27th of every month from 3:30 to 4:00 GMT.

Here is the corresponding prayer (which can also be done partially):

“I AM THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. But I, MYSELF, without complaining to anyone and without asking for anything external. Without my prayer going outside, but doing it within…

I AM THE LIGHT… since that divine spark which is God, dwells and resides within me and the purpose of my life is to liberate it, achieving it, recognizing it for myself, so as to make it objective before my eyes….

I am health, I am a hand of the Great All through which it executes its will; and I, as a living antenna, must gather the divine forces of the Cosmos without twisting its course nor adulterating its Law.”


-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Man” Rune According to a Student of Samael Aun Weor

Samael says that the MAN Rune “represents man” (that is, the human being) and “I saw the stars and practiced the MAN Rune…”, but he does not give a corresponding practice.

However, one of Samael’s students (from Glorian Publishing) had an internal experience where he was able to associate the Prayer to the ‘Solar Logos’  with the Man Rune.

He recommends doing this    Man Rune practice on its own or immediately after doing the    Laf Rune practice (specifically the walking    Laf practice on the 27th of each month). We take up its corresponding posture (arms raised towards the heavens) and say the following:

“Oh Thou, Solar Logos, Igneous Emanation,
Christ in Substance and in Consciousness,
Potent Life whereby everything advances,
come unto me
and permeate me, illuminate me, bathe me, pierce me
and awaken within MY BEING
all those ineffable substances
which are as much a part of thee
as they are a part of me.

Universal and Cosmic Force, mysterious energy,
I conjure thee,
come unto me,
remedy my affliction,
cure me of this evil [or illness]
and remove from me this suffering
so that I may have harmony, peace, and health.

I ask thee in thy Sacred Name,
which the Mysteries and the Gnostic Church have taught me,
so that thou can make all of the mysteries
of this plane and the superior planes
vibrate with me,
and that all of those forces unite
to achieve the miracle of my healing.
So Be It.”

Then one can also add the Mantram “AUM” three times or even “Om Tat Sat Om” (which can be vocalized three times in the following way: “OM Tat Sat OM Tat Sat OM Tat Sat OM”).

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Runes Laf, Yr and Man on the Glorian (formerly Gnostic Teachings) website



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