The “Naud, Noth” or N-Rune According to Friedrich Fischbach (1900)

The Naud = Noth Rune shows a vertical Staff [Stab ] with a line through it. This probably means Destruction or Extinction of the Fire [Vernichtung oder Erlöschen des Feuers ].

Anyone who was fireless, at that time, was in Noth, that is to say, in ‘Need’.

In the South (ancient Greek), this Rune approaches the Latin N in contrast to the North.

-Paraphrase from Origin of Gutenberg’s Letters [Ursprung der Buchstaben Gutenbergs] (1900)
by Friedrich Fischbach


The “Nauth, Noth” Rune According to Guido von List (1907)

nauth* = need [noth ], Norn, Compulsion-of-Fate/Destiny [Schicksalszwang ].

An Eighth is suitable for me, and certainly for All,
Most Necessary [Nötigsten ] to use:
Wherever any Strife grows among Heroes,
I know how to settle it quickly.

“The Need-Rune [Nothrune ] blooms on the Nail of the Norn! ” This is not ‘Need [Noth ]’ in today’s understanding of the Word, but the “Compulsion of Fate/Destiny” – which the Norns determine according to Ur -Laws [Urgesetzen ] – thus, the organic Causality of all Events is to be understood as being under this Nail.

Whosoever is able to grasp the Source or Ur-Cause [Urgrund ] of an Incident, and recognize the corresponding Ur -Law or Laws (the organically-legal Development) and the Subsequent-Events resulting from it, is also able to measure the Consequences that are still in the process of Development.

Thus, that person commands or masters [beherrscht ] the Knowledge of the Future and also understands how to settle all Strife through the “Necessity [Nöthigung ] of the clearly-known Course-of-Fate/Destiny [Schicksalsganges ]”.

Therefore: “Use Thy Fate/Destiny [Schicksal ], do not oppose it!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes
[Das Geheimnis der Runen]
(1907) by Guido Von List

* NOTE: The German word ‘nauth ’ can be translated as “need, want, penury, indigence, poverty, lack of necessities; hardship, difficulty; destitution, distress, adversity, trouble, anxiety; danger, peril”


The “Noth, Nauth” Rune According to Ernst Tristan Kurtzahn (1924)

Exoterically: Need and Death, Loss/Defeat [Not und Tod, Verlust ].
Esoterically: Fate/Destiny [Schicksal ], Norn , Metamorphosis [Verwandlung ].
Generally: inevitable Fate/Destiny.

This Rune brings Need & Death [Not und Tod ] and thereby quickly settles “the Quarrel among the Heroes”.

One should not forget, however, that Need and Death are temporal (i.e. not eternal), and pass according to the Law of eternal Change; Need through the Occurrence of any reasonable Circumstances; and Death through a Transformation, the Rebirth, which will take place as often as those concerned still have any kind of wishes for earthly Life.

Need, no matter what Type, is a (or more correctly the ) Main-Component of every Human-Life, which no one can escape – just like Death.

Therefore this Norn-Rune signifies the Fate/Destiny which suddenly and inexorably falls upon someone! This is the Rune of the ‘great Test [großen Prüfung ]’ and can be considered a Mischief-Rune [Unheilsrune ] in purely earthly terms.

Significantly, the Eh -Rune (which we will soon see) is, so to speak, its Opposite.

-Paraphrase from The Runes as Salvation-Signs and for Unbinding-Fate
[Die Runen als Heilszeichen und Schicksalslose]
(1924) by E. Tristan Kurtzahn


The “Not, Nit, Naut” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben (1930)

Letter N and Number 8.

The Rune of Destiny, Cosmic Law and Need/Necessity.

Naut, Not, Norn, the decapitated Trunk of a Tree; the Norns’ Thread of Need meaning Water, Guild, Debt, Fate, Negation, and Decline.

Dr. Friedrich Teltscher’s Ur-word is Trennung meaning “Separation” as well as Division, Parting, Split, Distinction”.

“An Eighth one is mine,
useful to hear for all the people.
Where hate arises between man and man,
I can mediate it fast.”

Misery and death, night, nott. Nothingness, blank, loss, fate, Norn, transmutation, change from misery, that which is unavoidable: “The    NOT Rune is blooming on the nail of the Norn.”

The    NOT Rune is the cross of Misery [Not ], the Emergency Anchor [Not-Anker ] or Emergency Fishing Rod [Not-Angel ], upon which we hang between life and death. Here we do not understand Misery [Not ] in today’s meaning, but as necessity, coercion of destiny, which the Norns determine following the Ur-law that is active within every creature.

It is the Rune of sacrifice, devotion. The ‘Emergency’ Rune is the Wheel of Necessity, the Wheel of Karma and Rebirth.

N is the wave-rune of the Egyptian pictographs, you are subject to the “water words”: Naut = flood, Undine, Nek, Nix.

It symbolizes the emergence from the infinite, divine into finite, earthly. Now Ur becomes Nat-ur (Nature), the Non-Ur

In the lower planes of life hate between humans is often settled fast by means of misery and death. But misery and death are temporary in the eternal changes of life. Our misery and our necessities come from the Originality of our Actions, our Will.

Whosoever is capable of fathoming the origins of something that is happening (or of an action), can also recognize consequential events and is thereby capable of adjusting (and even preventing) them. This is how one rules the future and therefore also understands all necessity of fate as a relation of cause & effect.

Thus, NOT also brings transformation, re-birth (Natus , in Latin, means ‘being born’ and ‘destined by nature’).

Still a few more terms emphasize the meaning of negation. “    NOT breaks Iron.” Note that the IS Rune (the vertical line) is symbolically represented as the Ice or Iron Rune, which is crossed by the Balk- or death-line from the right side below to the left side above. NOT breaks the IS (the Self or Ego)!

In all languages the N means collapse, decline, negation, destruction, wetness, to go into the wet, naked, from the infinite, Divine into the finite, Earth bound, non-Divine. Therefore also Nat-ure, old Nordic = nattura, the characteristic – property, one’s properties, one’s Self that the human being acquires with birth.

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Not, Noth, Nit, Naut” Rune According to S.A. Kummer (1932-1933)

(N) The N-Rune, Need [Not ], Naut, Nit, is the Rune of Need and Death, of Necessary-Turn/Change, the Necessity-of-Fate/Destiny [Schicksalsnot ]; the Rune of the Norns, who spin the Threads-of-Fate/Destiny from Past to Present and Future. – Numerical value 8.

The Compulsion of Fate/Destiny, the Imperative which helps to remove the self-created ‘Need-Test [Notprüfung ]’, therefore it is said:
      • “Use thy Fate/Destiny, do not oppose it”,
      • “Need [Not ] knows no Imperative”, and
      • “Need breaks Iron [Not bricht Eisen ]”.

Not guides the Transformation to higher spiritual levels, including the astral Plane, as well as to Rebirth. Therefore Not serves your Higher-Development and Refinement.

Not is Negation, Destruction. Only the one who deeply knows themselves, who recognizes themselves, who draws the Notung Sword, who releases or frees their Self [Ich ] from Not, can then turn or change their Not .

Those who consciously position and use this Rune for the Salvation of others will bring much Relief and Healing to their Humanity, thereby reducing their own ‘Need-Test [Notprüfung ]’.

The Not -Rune is the Demonic of the Eh -Rune.

Motto: “Become a true Helper & Healer and you will grow-above Need & Death [Not und Tod ].”


Kummer’s Full Body Rune Exercise(s):

Facing North, the Practitioner, again, takes the Ich-Rune-Position, and does the Breathing-Exercises.

Then they raise their right Arm sideways diagonally upwards, and their left arm sideways downwards, the Fingers stretched out. Now, one is in the position of the Not-Rune.

The radio-like Waves of the Universe now enter one’s Body through the Head and right Hand, unite and flood down the Spine into the Sympathetic-Nerves and the Solar-Plexus. One hums and sings the “n” sound.

Its subtle Universal­-Waves [feinen Allwellen ] sound in the Solar-Plexus and suddenly become apparent to the pure Student as Advice/Counsel [Rat ], Concepts, Thoughts and Hunches. One receives the Power to arbitrate Envy/Jealousy, Hatred and Strife among the People, as well as to alleviate the Distress [Not ] of one’s Brothers and Sisters.

After the Practice, the Practitioner remains in great Peace and awaits an Answer. With pure, noble Feeling, the high Magic of the Not-Rune will open up to the Practitioner: one’s Need-Test [Not-Prüfung ], one’s Garma , as well as one’s Past, Present and Future will be revealed.

In order to feel the Not -Rune in other favorable Spatial- and Electric- Directions, Kummer recommends Singing the following Formula: “na-ne-ni-no-nu”.

Remember: “Live your Garma consciously, because you cannot escape it.”


Kummer’s Hand Rune Exercise (‘Mudras’ or “Rune-Grips”):

The Rune Practitioner should take up the Ich-Rune-Position (Military “At-Attention”); this is followed by a deep Breathing-Exercise three times, with thoughts directed toward physical and spiritual purification; which must be observed with all the Rune-Grips.

For this Grip the Rune Practitioner should use the right Hand. One stretches the right Arm upwards, bending the Thumb of the outstretched Hand slightly in order to form the Not-Rune-Grip, as Figure 8 shows.

The Rune Practitioner should hum the “n-n-n” sound siren-like. Thoughts are directed towards Higher-Development and Refinement.

Remember that each Rune-Grip must be repeated three times (for 3 Minutes each, followed by a short Pause in the Ich-Rune-Position between sets), since otherwise no satisfactory Collection of Subtle-Force [Feinkräfte ] can be reached in the Hand-Centers.

The Not-Rune-Grip has a more spiritual and psychological effect, it makes one’s own Need-Test [Notprüfung ] decrease.

A cool, lukewarm or warm sensation will often be observed in the hand, similar to that of the Ur-Rune-Grip.

After finishing the Exercise, the collected Subtle-Forces are to be directed throughout the entire Body by conscious-willpower [willensbewußt ]. The astral Color is dark-red.

Further Sound-Formulas are: “na-ne-ni-no-nu.”

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.


Additional Note: Kummer gives more Breathing Exercises

In this same chapter on the Not-Rune, Kummer also gives the following practices:

“In all Rune-Exercises the Student must practice great Patience. Also, they must not believe that if they practice a Rune-Position once or twice, that they will thereby receive the same great Inspirations, Clairvoyance, etc. It takes Time…

Before the necessary Maturity and Higher-Development has occurred, one must be content with small Successes. Also, note that selfish people will never recognize the full Wisdom.

Through many years of Practice, Study and personal Experience, Kummer has worked out the Rune-Positions in such a way that every aspiring Student will Succeed if they follow his Rules diligently. He did not take the Runes from the Futhark (the ancient Runic-Alphabet in Order), but instead put them together so that the Student could follow along easier and get to the Goal quickly.

Exercise – An additional Breathing-Exercise is the following: the Student inhales through the right Nostril (counting in the Mind slowly to 12). Then push the Air down into the Belly and hold it while counting to 12. While doing so imagine how the Universal-Force [Allkräfte ] contained in the Air penetrates into the Solar-Plexus. Then exhale through the left Nostril with the Mouth closed, counting to 12. The Student now alternates, by inhaling through the left Nostril and exhaling through the right. The whole Exercise is to be done 7 times in a row and is to be combined with the other Breathing-Exercises every Morning and Evening.

Now the Student does this Exercise: Every two days, after Deep-Breathing (through both Nostrils), one should hold their breath for 25 seconds and then slowly expel it. For the time being one does this practice 7 times in a row. Later one tries to hold the Air for 34 seconds, and one will also have very good success with this.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
by Siegfried Adolf Kummer


Rosicrucian and Gnostic

The “Not” Rune According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple:

There is a sign in Masonry called the sign of Danger or Help. It is not usual to make it known to every Apprentice, but of course the Masters know it, although (in any case) they have no idea what it means since Masonry has lost its initiatory character and they do not know the true hidden meaning of that particular sign.

Masonry has materialized its whole rite and it is certain that for the Freemasons, this sign of danger or help signifies an “S.O.S.” of purely material danger and we must recognize that in the present times this is the only significance.

Already during the great war, this sign saved the life of more than one prisoner who would have been shot if he had not done it in a timely manner. But….. what do the dangers of material life mean to those who threaten our souls? It is against the latter that we must protect ourselves in the first place.

The Mason, when making the sign that we have been talking about, does it over his head and portrays a Rune, the NOT Rune of the ancients.

“NOT”, clearly signifies danger [peligro], but in the Rune itself is also the power to reject this danger.

From the moment the student of occultism acts upon superior planes – and this happens whenever occult practices are done – they not only call upon and bring forth positive protective forces (in a word Gods), but they also draw the attention of the negative forces, nefarious forces, demons or low astral entities that must be immediately rejected and for these purposes the NOT Rune is utilized (which becomes of an extraordinary power).

In the NOT Rune , there are the precepts of the Night, of Nothingness, of the Norns of Karma, of Danger and of Death. United or enclosed it signifies LIFE and this is how we find it in Mexico and still as the ANKH in Egypt.

We know that Karma is the law of just equilibrium and of compensation. Reward and punishment come to us in this life in order to even out or balance the virtues or defects that we have had in past lives.

Karma is not blind, that is to say, it is not that we have to put out our cheek in order to receive the slap that we gave to another in a previous life.

Karma can also be exhausted and canceled through good deeds in general and through Magic. It will be said that this would hurt Justice itself, but this is certainly not true. One who has developed the Occult Powers, must have achieved enough virtues (and vibrations similar to those Virtues) that this, therefore, can do nothing less than produce the corresponding effect.

With the practices of the NOT Rune , Karma is canceled and we prepare ourselves for a happy future.

The ancient Nordic Mysteries, in explaining this Rune, they would say: “DO NOT OPPOSE YOUR KARMA, CANCEL IT” and immediately delivered this sacred weapon of cancellation. Whosoever doubts the power of this Rune, need only practice it, which will make them recognize its effects.

Karma constantly threatens us and the same intuition will be able to tell us when a suffering comes to us, which we must submit ourselves to because we have earned it. But the Magician who knows how to handle the Runes does not expect that kind of punishment to come, unless they avoid doing the NOT Rune practices.

The present Rune is also the Rune of Marriage (the EHE Rune ), since the man (who is absolutely alone) has only partial forces, as is unilaterally the same for the unmarried woman. United in marriage is how the positive and negative forces are coupled in order to form a stream of tremendous and effective power.

Celibacy is, then, the renunciation of this force as absolute sexual abstinence, but both sexes united (as when the protagonists unite themselves in a true embrace of love with the male covering all the astral centers of the woman), engenders a powerful force capable of making inconceivable miracles and we will be very careful to not allow them to be known prematurely by those who can still jeopardize a certain drawing back of the mysterious veil.

All religious sacraments are (to a certain extent) operations of Magic and marriage is the perpetuation of a Magic that can be white or black depending on the character, or purity of love, that both spouses bring. That is why, although we respect many couples who have united without appealing to the Church, we know that they can not mobilize runic forces, such as those that can be mobilized by legitimately married couples. Hence we constantly recommend to the Gnostic Priests to celebrate the ritual of Marriage with married or unmarried couples thereby connecting them to the great chain of immense strength/force.

There is, however, a small difference between the EHE (or EH) Rune and the NOT Rune of the ancients.

Sometimes the line crosses the pole horizontally [Gorsleben’s “Sie Rune”   ], other times from left to right [Gorsleben’s “Bar-line”    ] and still others from right to left [Gorsleben’s “Balk-line”    ].

That horizontal pole or line is the Rune of the SELF (the    Is Rune), and this SELF (this symbol of individuality) can be crossed by another line forming a Greek Cross    .

It is not difficult to deduce what is behind these NOT and EHE (or EH) Runes which are so similar, since they always make the person aware of the danger that threatens them, when something is on their path in order to disturb or disrupt them.

In the Mysteries, to study them, they applied the consonants “H” and “CH”, and especially the “N” and many words with “N” such as “knot”, “note”, “news” and even “NOSCETE” (“knowledge”) which reminds us of the value of the NOT Rune.

In the word AXIS [Spanish: “EJE”] is the value of the other form of the Rune (being the EHE or EH Rune ). The Axis around which everything turns.

The practices of this Rune lead to solar and lunar breathing filling the chest first with air that must enter through the right nostril and that we must then expel through the left nostril, while counting to 12.

Once these practices are advanced, then the initiates are advised to stop counting and in its place (where there was previously counting) we must remember an echo of the past that has been recorded in our subconscious.

The objective is to arrive at the memory of our past lives and to remember the bad actions with which we have engendered our Karma and that we now want to heal with the present practices.

The gymnastic practices consist of opening the arms and, once thus, forming a rune by opening an arm at an angle of 135 degrees and the other of only 45 degrees.

During exercise you have to say “ni….. ne…… no……. nu……. na……” making sure that the corresponding sound or vibration goes to the tips of your fingers, always thinking that the defensive and protective forces are awakening in us. Do so with the corresponding calmness and stillness and its result will work in your favor and give you the Magical power of such an interesting and mysterious rune.


-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Not” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

It is urgent, and necessary to truly study the famous NOT RUNE. One day, Samael Aun Weor was sitting under the shade of a tree and saw some ants crawling on the ground. So he decided to meditate on the ant… Then, after concentrating very deeply, he came into contact with the MONAD of the ant.

The Monad of the ant seemed to be a beautiful twelve year old girl. She was dressed with a white tunic with a dark blue cape. Her eyes were of an evocative beauty, her gestures like that of a Prophetess. Her innocent smile was like that of the Mona Lisa

So, what did this girl say? Terrible things, she spoke about her very horrifying Karma. “We the ants” said this Monad, “have been punished by the Lords of Karma, and we suffer a lot…”

Many centuries before the first root-race appeared upon the face of the earth, those non-human creatures (which today are named ants & bees) were living on this world. They had Evolved, but never in life had they entered onto the path of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

It is obvious that Evolution can never lead anyone to Intimate Self-Realization. It is normal that every Evolution is inevitably followed by an Involution. Every rising is followed by a setting, every ascension is followed by a descent.

These creatures came to renounce the idea of a superior knowledge and of the Esoteric Circle of life. Thus, they established their faith a Marxist-Leninist type of gibberish… Their way of understanding was mistaken and the result is shown to the entire world. Thus, this is what the ants & bees are: they are INVOLUTING, retarded and regressive creatures. Today, we are astonished when we contemplate a bee’s honeycomb or an ant-hive, but we only lament that they now lack intelligence and that they have become mechanical…

Let us talk about the Forgiveness of Sins. Can perhaps Karma be forgiven? We say that it can. When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the latter has the extraordinary power of washing away the former. Nevertheless, there are lost cases, such as those of the ants & bees…

Let us consider the two types: the incurable Karma (like that of bees & ants) and the forgivable Karma. Let us now talk of Negotiations which are possible with the NOT RUNE.

The NOT Rune in itself signifies DANGER, but, it is obvious that the power for intelligently avoiding this danger resides within the same RUNE.

Those who tread the Path of the Razor’s Edge are incessantly attacked by the tenebrous ones, and so they suffer the unspeakable. Therefore, they can and must defend themselves with the NOT Rune.

We can beseech, asking Anubis and his 42 Judges of Karma for help with this NOT Rune, in order for them to consider negotiations. We must not complain because of Karma, since it is negotiable. Whosoever has capital from good deeds, can pay without the necessity of suffering.

1st PRACTICE: The practices of the NOT Rune take us to Pranayama, to the wise and intelligent combination of Solar and Lunar atoms. You must profoundly inhale the vital air, the Prana, the life, through the right nostril, and then exhale it through the left nostril while mentally counting up to 12. Then, inhale through the left nostril and then exhale through the right one, and vice versa. Continue with this exercise for 10 minutes.

Afterwards, the student must sit down or lay on their back (face up), with their body relaxed, and concentrate trying to remember their past lives.

2nd PRACTICE: If you urgently need to negotiate with Anubis, then, you must open your arms to the sides. While in this position, you must form the Rune by placing one arm at an angle of 135 degrees and the other at an angle of 45 degrees. Then, the arm which was at 45 degrees will move in order to form an angle of 135 degrees, and the other arm will move to form the angle of 45 degrees. The right and left arms must alternate in their movements.

During this exercise, you must chant the Mantrams, “NA, NE, NI, NO, NU”, while concentrating on Anubis, the Chief of Karma. In this manner, beseech him for the help needed.

-Paraphrase from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor


Our disciples should learn to go in the Astral Body to the offices of the Lords of Karma. Our disciples should learn to manage their business (the business of Karma), personally.

There are forty-two Judges of Karma. The Lords of Karma grant credit to whosoever asks for it, but all credit has to be paid by working in the great work of the FATHER.

When our disciples want to ask for help from the Lords of Karma they paint a Star of six points on the ground, they open their arms in the shape of a scale.

And they move their arms in the shape of a Scale, up and down, keeping the Mind concentrated on ANUBIS, who is the Chief of the Lords of Karma.

Then we can mentally ask the Lords of Karma for the desired service.

While moving the arms in the shape of a Scale, we vocalize the syllables: “NI, NE, NO, NU, NA.”

In this manner we ask for help from the Lords of Karma in moments of danger or need.

However I tell thee that it is better to travel in the Astral Body to the Offices of Karma to speak personally with the Judges of the Law.

-Paraphrase from Ch.8 of Manual of Practical Magic (1954),
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work



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