The “Fe, Feoh” or F-Rune According to Friedrich Fischbach (1900)

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-Paraphrase from Origin of Gutenberg’s Letters [Ursprung der Buchstaben Gutenbergs] (1900)
by Friedrich Fischbach


The “Ge, Gi, Gifa, Gibor” Rune According to Guido Von List (1907)

Wotan himself speaks of the mysterious eighteenth rune:

ge, gi, gifa, gibor = Gift [Gabe ], Giver [Geber ], God [Gott ]; gea, geo, Earth [Erde ]; gigur, Death [Tod ], etc.

The eighteenth I will eternally never tell to a woman or maiden:
it forms the best end to the lays — which only one of all knows,
except for the lady who embraces me in marriage
or who is also a sister to me.

The highest knowledge, of the primordial generation of the All, can be known and comprehended only by the nuptually bound divinities of united spiritual & physical power. Only these understand the thrice high holy secret (of constant generation, constant life, and uninterrupted recurrence) and are able to perceive the mysterious eighteenth Rune.

However, the eighteenth Rune is actually a fyrfos, and harkens back to this sign in both name and meaning. Thus, the intention of the skalds (poets) to vigilantly guard the fyrfos as their exclusive innermost secret (and as the sigil thereof) can be seen. Only after yielding to certain pressures did they reveal another sign which partially replaced the fyrfos. This sign can sometimes be seen as a substitute for the eighteenth rune [see the symbol on the right].

“Gibor-Altar” is still included in the location name ‘Gibraltar’, it was a Halgadom (temple site) consecrated to God, “the All-Begetter” [Allerzeuger! ]. God is the giver, and the earth receives his gifts. But the earth is not only the receiver, she is also in turn a giver as well.

The primordial word (or Ur-word) is “gi” or “ge” and in it resides the concept of “arising”, but it also signifies “being” (in the concept of the gift), and the “passing away to new arising” (in the concept of going/walking). This Ur-word (“gi” or “ge”) can now be connected to other primordial and root words.

With the Ur-word “fa” (as in: gifa, gefa, gea, geo) it refers to the “giving” earth.

With “bar” (Singing) or “bor” (Spring/Source/Well), it refers to the “Gift-Spring” God [“Gabenborn” Gott ].

With “gi-ge-ur”, it refers to the Gift that goes back to the Primordial source (or ‘Ur-Gift’), as well as to “Gigur”, the Gift destroying frost giant, who becomes a personification of Death and, later, of the Devil.

With “Gigas” (“gi-ge-as”: the Gift that goes out of the mouth, out of the source), the Geige (Fiddle/Violin) is understood.

The fiddle is the old skaldic (poetic) magical instrument of awakening that introduced Gesang (Song/Chant), and since bar (singing) also means “Life”, this explains why the fiddle/violin was one of the many symbols for rebirth. It is for this reason that the fiddle/violin is often found in graves as a sacred gift.

Flutes and fiddles/violins enticed people to dance, to the excitement of love, and were banned by the Catholic church since they served as magical instruments in order to arouse the human fyr, fire, of love. Then the Catholic church replaced the Wotanic symbol of awakening with the Christian symbol of awakening (the trumpet of judgment).

The personal names Gereon and Gertrut are rooted in the primordial word ge, meaning ‘rebirth’. Gereon is, in turn, God incarnate in the All as the All Spirit, World Spirit or Human Spirit. And for this reason the meaning of the Ge Rune is closest to that of the fyrfos.

The difference between the two interpretations lies in the fact that the idea of the Ge or Gibor Rune seeks exoterically to approach the comprehension of the idea of the divine from below upward (in a certain sense from the level of humanity outward) while the explanation of the fyrfos seeks knowledge of the Nordic God esoterically in the innermost level of man himself, and finds it.

Thus it is known, as the spirit of humanity, to be unified with God from the standpoint of the concept of the binary, and it will attain certain knowledge from inside out, as well as toward the inside from the outside.

Here again the exoteric and the esoteric are clearly distinguished, and the fyrfos is recognized as a secret exoteric sign of high holiness, which is represented exoterically by the Ge Rune. So, while the exoteric doctrine teaches that man emerged from God and will return to God, the esoteric doctrine knows the invisible cohesion of man and divinity as the binary. And so it can be consciously said: “Man, be one with God!”

Thus, in the Eddic song, Wotan’s wisdom allowed him to poetically interpret the individual runes in concealed forms and implied the magical songs (or invocatory formulas) connected to them, without actually communicating them, thus preserving the skaldic (poetic) secret. However, he revealed enough that their sense can be rediscovered, since he confidently concluded:

“Now have I ended the high song here in the hall of the High One,
needful to the earthly, not to the Giants.
Hail to him who teaches it!
Hail to him who learns it!
For salvation, all ye listeners, make good use of it!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes
[Das Geheimnis der Runen]
(1907) by Guido Von List


The “Fa, Feh, Feo” Rune According to Ernst Tristan Kurtzahn (1924)


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-Paraphrase from The Runes as Salvation-Signs and for Unbinding-Fate
[Die Runen als Heilszeichen und Schicksalslose]
(1924) by E. Tristan Kurtzahn


The “Gibor, Gi, Ge, Gifa, Gea, Geo” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben (1930)

Letter G and Number 18.

The G Rune: Gi, Ge, Gifa, Gea, Geo. Gibur, Gyfu, Gifu, the concealed swastika, fullness of divine powers of grace and splendor, the guild of the opponents of Loki (the Nordic Devil) at the meal of Egir, the Cup of the Grail [Graal ].

Dr. Friedrich Teltscher did not give this Rune an Ur-word.

Between the 17th and 18th stanza of the Rune song by Wodan (the Divine poet), there is an intermediary stanza:

“And should these stanzas, oh son of men
be unlearnable to you for a long time
Grasp them, when you experience them
use them, when you hear them
Blessed you are, if you retain them!”

After this admonishment, Wodan continues with the 18th Rune (the last Rune of the Futhark).

“An eighteenth I learned, but I would never
allow this to be known to a woman or girl
Because everyone knows his best things for himself
That which leads to the end of the songs
Only the one who is in my arms
as married wife and as sister knows it.”

The Rune is called Gea, geo = Earth, but also gibor = gift, the one who gives, God. It stands for the swastika (which is purposefully given incomplete in the Gibor rune, in order to avoid its misuse). In this shape, it is the four-foot, the fyrfos, the fire-foot, the creator of fire.

In its other shape, it is the Cross of St. Andrew, the two pieces of wood in the shape of a cross: Ask & Embla (the Nordic Adam & Eve), the first humans. Ask or Askr literally means Ash Tree (a hard wood), and Embla is Elm Tree (the soft wood). These two help the “thridi ” (the third one), the Try , the Tyr , the turning, and then the four is created: the fyr , the fire of life, love.

The Giver-GIBOR-Rune contains the multiplying symbol of the crossing, of the crucifixion, of multiplication, of the wedding [Vermählung ] of two forces, which have their origin in the One Basis, Odhin , and which wants to get back to the One (which they find in the child or works). Words, which carry this meaning are: “bride-groom”, Gamma (the Greek letter G), Gammon (the celebration of the birth of Mohammed), Gamos = wedding, Genesis = creation, generation, generate, ingenious (procreating spiritually), genital, Geed (Spear) as a phallic symbol.

The Giver-GIBOR-Rune and the Cross of St. Andrew have found many uses in the art of heraldry using this shape. Besides the simple arrangement of its X-beams in the shield, it is also found as two crossed spears or swords, and occasionally also as pure GIBOR Rune in the ornamentation of a coat of arms. Also the swastika, where it appears openly or concealed, such as in the Maltese cross or the cross of the Johannites, also belongs to the GIBOR Rune.

The Giver-GIBOR-Rune brings the highest knowledge, about which Wodan says: The Ur -procreation of the universe is only consciously known to the spiritual and physical powers that are tied together through marriage and siblings (brotherhood), the secret of continuous procreation, of continuous life and continuous death, which means the uninterrupted chain in the cycle of eternal returns.

Gibor is the giver and Altar is the All-Tyr    , All-Zeus, All-procreator; therefore the name “Gibraltar” is a “giver-altar”, a place of wedding, upon which heavenly and earthly testimony of the procreative forces is given.

God as Giver is the gift-giver and “Gea” is the one who receives, the Earth that, again, gives the gifts: Gea and Gifa. God and the Earth are one, because everything from the Earth (including man) comes from God and will merge with God once again. The ancient teaching recognizes the inseparable connection of the human with his Divinity. The Rune calls to us: “Human, be one with God!”

The person who has become rigid from an overestimation of the intellect (which can never give higher knowledge) has separated themselves from the Divine Ur-Ground [göttlichen Urgrund ]. Even though we have a highly progressed knowledge of nature in individual situations, we often trample all natural laws under our feet…

The GIBOR Rune is composed of the IS Rune    and the tipped over Sal or SIG Rune    , therefore it means Sal-Is, the Sun-Being, the Sal-Self, the Heil-Self of the Salig ones, of the blessed ones or holy ones (saints).

As the full symbol, the swastika is the Ur-symbol of the “Christos”, the Haristos, the holiest one, the first one.

GIBOR = giver, the God rune X, which also has the name of Fyrbock, fire-buck, fire god, light god. “Be aware of God, the giver!”

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Ge, Gibor, Gibur” Rune According to Kummer & Other German Authors

  (G) The G-Rune, Gibor, Gibur, Gi, Ge, Gifa, Gifu, Gypu, Gigur, Gea, Geo, Gebo.

Geo = Earth; God, God’s rune; Gift, Giver; God’s gift.

Gibor – the Rune representing the Fyrfos, the Swastika, the fire of Love, constant re-creation and eternal rebirth. Gibor is the rune of the inflow of the All-Father: the harmonious vibration in the universe which turn itself into Gibur , the eternal human heart.

Giboraltar, the altar of the All-Father, the Giver. The Giver-Rune, wherein is contained the X-Cross [Malkreuz ], the crossing, the marriage of two Selves [Ichs ], two Inner Beings, of two powers. It is said to harmonize the relationship with the sister or brother soul (the twin-soul).

The Gifu Rune (X) stands for Marriage, Augmentation/Increase, and Gathering/Procreation-Union/Generating-Combination [Zeugungsvereinigung ].

The X-Cross [Malkreuz ] is a symbol of “the earthly (human) generation and creative power”. It binds the forces of “You & I” in sacred marriage. It leads to “cosmic consciousness”, to the “seeing of God”, to the “unio mystica“, to “becoming one with the cosmic Ur-Ground (the Primordial Cosmic Cause)”.

The Gifa Rune holds the secret of the “sisterly Lover [schwesterlichen Geliebten ]” (as Wife and as Sister); the Union with the Sister-Wife or Brother-Husband, with the Spiritual Companion (like Osiris & Isis). The only person to whom the knower may entrust high and most high Wisdom.

It is said to be Strengthening to the Procreative-Force [Zeugungskraft ] and, therefore, teaches the Transmutation of the Substances-of-Procreation [Zeugungsstoffe ] into the Spiritual.

In its highest implication, this rune points to becoming one with the All-Forces [Allkräften ], and to achieving/arriving at the Divinity [Gottheit ].

God-All or God-Everything [Gott-Alles ], Symbol of the god Gibors (the Begetter [Zeugenden ] ) and Gea (the earth, the recipient, the woman giving birth – Gefa, Gifa).

Gibor also points to Poison/Toxin, to Donation and to Gift/Giving; it is the Gift-Spring [Gabenborn ].

It activates the cosmic streams and strengthens the earth’s current (the terrestrial magnetism), whereupon the sun’s netting and the lower half of the body respond with the use of deep tones. High notes affect the pineal gland and the upper parts of the body.

Gibor is the Eternal in human hearts. Gibur Arahari! “Man, be one with God!” or “Give us primordial power, Soul of the Sun, Arahari!

Kummer does not give a reverse, inverse or ‘demonic’ of the Ge- Gibor- Gibur-rune and says that it is associated with the sign of Virgo – Numerical value 18. Speisberger says that the meaning of its number (18) is fraud and false friends; wisdom and wise action protect against fraud and false friends. Thus, this rune can provide protection against evil and adversity.


• “Man, be one with God.”
• “Gibur, All-Father, let me be one with YOU.”
• “Coming from the Ur-Ground (the Primordial Cause), Gibur, guide me back to you.”
• “The Father and I are one.”
• “Husband & Wife, Brother & Sister: the Gibor & Gea Force!”
• “God above everything – God in everything.”

Sound Formulas: “Ga, Ge, Gi, Go, Gu” and “Ag, Eg, Ig, Og, Ug”; as well as “Gibor”, “Gebur”, “Gefa Gifa Gefu”, “Gea Geo”, “Gebo”, “Gigur Geuua”, “Gibur Arahari”.

Full Body Rune Exercise:
1st Posture – The body takes the form of the Gibor rune in the following way: Knees slightly pressed in and together; thigh, torso and head stretched backwards in a straight line; raise the arms obliquely, in parallel with the slanted lower legs.

2nd Posture – The X-Cross [Malkreuz ] position: Legs straddled sideways and arms raised sideways at an angle.

The Hand Rune Exercise:
Arms stretched over the head, with hands intersecting, so that the hands and fingers form the X-Cross [Malkreuz ]. Fingers remain stiff, straight and pointed, equally extended on both sides, forming antennas (see Figure 17).

Inherited memories and higher knowledge become apparent to the practitioner. The astral color is golden-yellow by day, golden-red by night.

This is the Grip for prayer and meditation.

Concentrate on “All-Connectedness, and on Involvement in the harmonic Oscillation of the All”.

Spiritual clarity, as well as a content feeling of safety and inner peace is attained through its practice.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.
Possibly also from Karl Spiesberger’s Rune-Magic [Runenmagie] (1954) and/or
Friedrich Bernhard Marby’s Rune-Library [Runen-Bücherei] (1931-1935)


Rosicrucian and Gnostic

The “Gibor” Rune According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple:

We were studying Logosophy, and we had to begin with the Great Master Heraclitus (the sublime Initiate of Ephesus), whose figure we were really interested in after having carefully read the conquest of Mexico, where the Catholic Fathers figured out the belief that Quetzalcoatl had been the famous Greek Initiate.

“The LOGOS”, said the Masters of Ephesus, “has its material exponent in Writing and as a consequence, Peoples of equal or similar writing, are karmically united by an inescapable law.”

Then there arrived in our hands, Paleography, runic characters from all over America, rare forms of writing, alphabets completely different from those of the East, and in the midst of these studies, this German was especially interested in their magnificent poetic compositions written in those same runic characters.

One day our Guide, having followed our research step by step, offered us something that was known to him and asked: “What are these characters?”

“We do not know”, we responded.

“Well, that is Spanish writing…” But he rectified this immediately and gave them the name “Iberian” and suddenly we could observe that the Karma of the Spaniards conquering America was closely united with that of the Americans through the Logos. That is to say, the preservation of a writing equal to that of those unknown peoples. (Today we already know that these Iberian characters existed 10,000 years before our Era).

Next we bought works on Iberian writing and that’s when our disappointment came. There are authors who say that the Iberian people had received their alphabet some twelve or fifteen centuries before our Era and that it came from the Tyrians. Other authors asserted that it came from the Phoenician alphabet and there were also not missing those authors who looked for its origin in the Archaic Hellenic alphabet.

This is the eternal error of past centuries placing the matrix of all things in the East.

Then we learned that Writing, like all our language, were of divine origin and that there was no possibility of specifying the date when humans had begun to write. But what we were looking for was the connection between Spain and America, that is to say: the Karmic Key, and the Runes taught us the path.

Knowing this, we comprehended that these runic writings had occult forces and inherent powers, and it was then that the idea arose in us of awakening those powers in our Spanish-Indian disciples.

Nobody, until now, had thought about it and a year ago we decided on the bold undertaking of offering our runic course. Although the material was superior to our possibilities in order to synthesize everything, we first tried to make the Runes known, since they were then unknown, making the hidden background of each and every one vibrate in Spain and in America.

We now come to the last Rune which is certainly the most important GIBUR. It corresponds to our G.

The G, the sacred letter of initiatic Masonry, and upon which rests so many concepts, symbols and emblematic significations which have never been given with their true Key.

The G is the Swastika Cross, it is the Amen, it is the end of all prayers.

The swastika Cross is nothing more than two Gibor runes put together or crossing each other, signifying in one way the germination of the physical light and in another way the Spiritual Light. It is therefore an ancient symbol of Light known in the world from its beginnings.

It is ‘GEO’ (earth), Geometry, Grammar. It is GOD in its meaning of ‘Gimno’ (engender) or that of the ‘genesis-zing’ principle of all things.

It is the Gymnastics or way to awaken or to make one’s internal powers strong (in the runic sense) and in the Generation where everything begins and, despite this, with this Rune the runic alphabet ends.

It is curious that in the Iberian alphabet, they lack the Swastika, since they had it as a symbol and isolated it in order to give it all its importance. However they have put the Rune Odil or Odal (the rune of life) as the final letter. This means that when the Iberians received the Runes, they confused the physical and material life with the purely spiritual impulse.

In Mexico, the God of Life carries the Swastika Cross on his forehead and the Priests had it as an ornament in their garments.

G is also the ‘Gott’ or ‘Got’ which signifies God in German.

Gibraltar was formerly called GIBURALTAR. i.e., altar. The altar of Gibur, of divine life.

Gibur means, likewise, the return to God, the return to the Divine life and the Cross, it is a SYMBOL OF LIGHT, but of DIVINE LIGHT.

It is the one that tells us: “Man, return to God, identify yourself with God, reawaken the divine life in you and thus you will have fulfilled all the Runes and, since you are of divine origin, as is the Logos, if you validate the internal forces that you possess, you will be a Magician, you will be an Initiate, you will be God himself ……..”

The current that we have learned in the zodiacal course (which comes from above and stops in the heart) is the one that waits for the current from the earth from below to rise in order to form a single, unique current.

From above, the celestial forces arrive. From below, the sexual forces. When both are united, transmutation enters and becomes pure divine essence. Such is the Cross.

A beam comes from above, another ascends from the earth, while the transverse beam joins both and makes the vertical, horizontal current. The ancients called this “FIRFUSS” Cross and from it they have mistakenly made four legs or four beams. Etymologically “FIR” is fire, it is our Gnostic Cross, the fire-Cross that purifies everything.

If we unite the    I (IS) Rune with the    SIEG (Sal-Sol) Rune, then we form the Gibur Rune.

The Crosses of Saint Andrew and that of Malta have identical significance, and very few have known or conceived that the Cross, the Rose-Cross and the G of the Masons, are the same thing.

Now the symbolic importance of the Christian Cross is comprehended, since this Cross is only a symbol of death for the exoteric Christian, whereas for the esoteric Christian or Initiate, the Cross, as the G, as Generation, is the ultimate symbol of Life.

Almost all practices related to the Runes have been lost over the centuries. Only one has been kept alive, which is the practice of the Cross.

We see in all the occult practices, in the Legends and even in History, that when Evil (the Devil) persecuted humans, they made the sign of the Cross, and Satan fled. This is not a preconception, it is real, since the Cross or the sign of the Cross certainly has a real value.

We have been led to believe that the Devil was a coward and that he persecuted his victims, until the Knight took his Sword by the blade showing the cross.

Both in sleep as when awakened, we make the sign of the Cross and it is a beautiful custom that has prevailed in all Christian Churches, but those who call themselves “believers” take this into practice mechanically like a routine, as a S.O.S. for the being in danger and suppose that it only has a religious value. It is not thus.

The Cross is a symbol of High Magic, it evokes Life, and God within ourselves and if we make it consciously, it has an even greater meaning and becomes most powerful.

We do not need to give special instructions because everyone knows how to make the sign of the cross and it speaks to the student of Magic, who wants powers, who yearns for help from the Invisible, since to make THE SIGN OF THE CROSS is always a call to the superior forces. Amen.


-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Gibor/Gibur” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

In the Nahuatl and Maya conception of the world the Sacred Swastika of the Great Mysteries was always defined with the Cross in Movement; which is the Nahuatl “Nahui-Ollin”, the sacred symbol of Cosmic Movement.

The two possible orientations of the Swastika clearly represent the Masculine and Feminine principles, the Positive and Negative principles of Nature. Two Swastikas, one in each direction perfectly superimposed, undoubtedly form the Cross Potent, and in this sense it represents the erotic conjunction of the sexes.

According to the Aztec legend, it was a couple, a man and a woman, who invented Fire and this is only possible with the Cross in Movement: INRI, Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra ; “THE FIRE RENEWS NATURE INCESSANTLY”.

-Paraphrase from Ch.4 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah
by Samael Aun Weor


The Rune GIBOR is the letter “G” of generation and thus, the Gibur Rune signifies: generation, Gnosis, the sexual force.

This electric force is the ‘cross in movement’ or the swastika (continuous movement). The cross in the profane is not a swastika because once the chemical copulation ends, the movement ends. On the other hand, in the Gnostic Cross, the movement does not end because the electricity continues transmuting itself.

Samael Aun Weor used the transcendental electricity (which turns like a vortex) in order to form the Gnostic Movement.

The Gibur Rune is an alchemical, cosmogonic, and anthropologic sign with seven clues of interpretation. In the Macrocosm, the Gibur Rune represents the incessant evolutions and involutions of the seven cosmoses. Its elbowed arms represent the inexhaustible terrestrial rotation and the rejuvenating movement of the cosmic garden. The Swastika in the Microcosmos (in the physical plane), represents the human being with his right arm aiming towards Heaven and the left arm aiming towards the Earth.

The Swastika is a profoundly significant esoteric symbol. Such an ineffable sign shines on the head of the great serpent of Vishnu. All ancient peoples always put the Swastika at the head of their religious emblems.

It is also Thor’s hammer [Mjölnir ], which is the magical weapon forged by the pygmies against the giants (or pre-cosmic Titanic forces) who were in opposition to the Law of Universal Harmony. The sacred Swastika is, then, the hammer that produces the tempests which the Heavenly Lords use.

The Swastika is a symbol of transcendental electricity, the Alpha & Omega of the Universal Sexual Force. It is the electrical windmill of physicists. All of the mysteries of the Lingam-Yoni are enclosed within it. It is the Cross in movement, that is to say, Sex Yoga, Maithuna, Sexual Magic. Intimate Self-Realization, the Second Birth, becomes something impossible without Sexual Alchemy, without the sacred mysteries of the Cross.

Gnostics know very well that the Ens Seminis is contained within the sexual endocrine glands and is the “Water of Life”, the “Fountain of Immortality”, “Elixir of Long Life”, the “Nectar of Spirituality”, etc. Intimate Self-Realization is exclusively rooted in the medulla and the semen. If someone tells you that it is possible to achieve Self-Realization without the Holy Cross, that is to say, without the sexual crossing of two people, then they lie.

It is fundamental to build the Solar Bodies, which is only possible by transmuting the Ens Seminis , the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12. Then, based on incessant sexual transmutations, we can condense this Hydrogen into the marvelous forms of the Solar Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies. Therefore, only by means of these Alchemical crystallizations, can we Incarnate the Divine Spirit within ourselves. Thus, by working with the mysteries of the Sacred Swastika, we arrive at the Second Birth.

To ignore these fundamental postulates of Gnosticism is very serious, because the result of such an attitude is that our intelligence becomes bottled up inside distinct dogmas and theories (which are sometimes enchanting and fascinating, yet, absurd when we examine them). In no way can the Solar Bodies (the Wedding Garment of the Soul) be built without the Sexual Mysteries of the GIBUR Rune. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, except you be born again, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

People have already forgotten the runic practices, but fortunately the CROSS Rune has not yet been forgotten. When tracing the sacred sign of the Swastika with the thumb, middle and index fingers, we can defend ourselves from the tenebrous potencies. The columns of demons flee before the Swastika.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 15 of Igneous Rose [Rosa Ignea] (1954)
and from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor


A Mayan Baphomet and the “Gibur” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor


Represents: sex yoga, Maithuna, sexual magic, sexual alchemy.

This figure is very fascinating. One leg is bent downwards and the other is bent upwards in order to indicate the Gibur rune. He carries in his hand a cup marked with the tao cross. A flame protrudes from the cup.

This simple figure in itself indicates the work in the ninth sphere.

The cup indicates the deposit of the mercury of the wise. The flame symbolizes the sulfur, the fire that fecundates the mercury in order to perform the Great Work. The face represents a Mayan Baphomet.

A Baphomet with the chalice in his left hand; the right hand represents or indicates the region of the solar plexus, the work in the ninth sphere.

It clearly indicates the rune GIBUR: generation, Gnosis, the sexual force.

The chalice represents the feminine yoni, the eternal principle.

Saying Baphomet is the same as saying Lucifer. Lucifer is the reflection of the Logos within us, here and now. If a tree has its shadow, why should it surprise us that the Logos has a shadow?

Lucifer is the one who gives us self-independence and the powers that divinize. Lucifer is the one who gives the sexual impulse—without this, Christification is impossible. Therefore, Lucifer serves as a ladder to descend or a ladder to ascend.

One ascends one more degree on the back of Lucifer when one defeats temptation, when one wounds his side with the lance. This is how one ascends on the back of Lucifer until one day reaching the Golgotha of the Father.

The eight doors indicate the eight great initiations that every adept has to receive and qualify; it also indicates the star of eight points.

The six inferior steps represent the “indecision” in order to launch oneself to the disintegration of the ego. It is the terrible struggle between love and desire, the mysteries of the lingam-yoni, the supreme affirmation and the supreme negation of Satan.

The way this Baphomet is represented here is in order to invite us to enter into the temple; however, few are those who enter into the temple of wisdom.

Inside is a great book of Mother Nature where the cosmic laws are written. Rare is the one who can open and study the book.

The ordeal of the sanctuary is very terrible, and only those who pass it receive the ring or seal of Solomon where the positive and negative forces of universal magnetism are represented.

The seal of Solomon reunites the work of the Great Work. The six points of the star are masculine, and the six deep entrances are feminine. Total: twelve rays, a perfect symbol of the central sun.

The GIBUR rune in the macrocosm represents the incessant evolutions and devolutions of the seven cosmoses. Its elbowed arms represent the inexhaustible terrestrial rotation and the rejuvenating movement of the cosmic garden.

In the physical plane, it represents the human being with one arm towards heaven and the other towards the Earth.

It is Thor’s hammer, maker of tempests, crafted by the pygmies of the earth in order to defend him against the giants, titanic cosmic forces opposed to the law of universal harmony.

The GIBUR rune is an alchemical, cosmogonic, and anthropologic sign with seven clues of interpretation.

In its Mexican Aztec interpretation, it symbolizes the God of life who carries the swastika on his forehead.

With the mysteries of this rune, magnificently elaborated in the ruins of Copán, one can reach the second birth. GIBUR: altar, Giburaltar: high magic.

-Paraphrase from The Mayan Mysteries [Misterios Mayas] (1977)
by Samael Aun Weor


A Bet with the Devil

Napoleon would have lost in a fight against the Devil.

It is one thing to be on the battlefield against other men and it is another to fight against oneself.

Satan is a golden enemy, and he is very useful.

The Devil is a ladder to descend and also a ladder to ascend.

The Twelve Labors of Hercules are with the Devil.

The pact with the Devil is the bet itself and when we win it, we acquire the capacity to make gold.

The electric force is the cross in movement or the swastika, it is continuous movement.

The transcendent electricity which turns like a vortex has served me in order to form the Gnostic Movement.

The cross in the profane and the profaners is not a swastika because once the chemical copulation ends, the movement ends.

On the other hand, in the gnostic cross, the movement does not end because the electricity continues transmuting itself.

What is normal in the sexual work should be a minimum of one hour.

In India, the degree of culture is measured according to the time that the chemical copulation is realized; the one who lasts three hours is respected and is a “lord”.

The swastika in movement generates transcendent sexual electricity.

Hitler knew about these things and that is why he took the swastika as the symbol of his Party.

The “Man with green gloves” belonged to the Clan of the Dag Dupas. Hitler allowed himself be dazzled by this man and he was taught to crystallize everything negatively.

When Von Litz was capitulated, the monks of the Dag Dupas in Lhasa launched themselves to the streets celebrating the capitulation of Berlin.

The Second World War was a duel between the teachings of Gurdjieff and that of the Dag Dupas.

This duel was imported from Tibet and it was a true struggle between the white and black magicians of Tibet.

-Paraphrase from Ch 6.01 in The Revolution of the Dialectic [La Revolución de La Dialéctica] (1985)
by Samael Aun Weor



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