Welcome to Gnostic Studies!

This website is meant to be a source of materials to study Gnosis and Gnosticism in a practical context. Our purpose is to provide a Spiritual Education that promotes the Revolutionary Message of Aquarius and the teachings of the Awakening of the Consciousness.

The purpose of Gnosis is to restore, in each one of us, the ability to live consciously and intelligently: through the study, comprehension of and experimentation with Art, Science, Philosophy and transcendental Mysticism (Religion). These are collectively known as the Four Pillars of Gnosis.

All the Great Teachers of every Authentic Religion have brought us a wonderful message that is accessible (here and now) for those sincere seekers who do not stop searching until they find what they are looking for. In order to understand the transcendental spiritual message (which is beyond any one religion) we study 3 main subjects: Psychology, Kabbalah, and Alchemy, which constitute the SYNTHESIS of all Spiritual Teachings.

Through these studies we will arrive at the Doctrine of the Synthesis, a revolutionary doctrine which (when applied to ourselves) leads to the transformation of our lives. This personal transformation is the purpose of all authentic religious teaching and is the ultimate goal of any authentic esoteric school. It is summarized in the phrase: “the Awakening of the Consciousness”.

The Gnostic Esoteric Work consists of Three Fundamental Factors: to Die, to be Born and to Sacrifice. To Die is Psychological Death, to die to the Ego, eliminating our Psychological Defects. To be Born is the Second Birth of Christianity, the Spiritual Birth of the Soul which is achieved through Authentic Alchemy. To Sacrifice is to Sacrifice ourselves for Humanity, Universal Charity, to work in order to help others end their suffering and misfortune. When the Three Factors are applied to our lives, we radically transform ourselves and enhance the spiritual connection to our own Inner Divinity (the God in each one of us). And so we say to you, dear reader, “May God be with you!”