Understanding Our Study of the Runes

We have tried to introduce the reader to different factors that have played a part in the development of Runic Exercises. We have briefly looked at the Mythological aspect, and then the Historical Background and Context that contributed to the popularization of the Runes. However, our real goal is to study and understand the Gnostic Esoteric aspect of these practices.

Our goal has been to prepare the reader for the teachings of Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha) and Samael Aun Weor. Why? Because of the following statement:

This statement implies that the Runic Exercises can be used to assist us with the Awakening of the consciousness.

It becomes clear, when studying Samael Aun Weor’s writings on the Runes, that he studied Huiracocha. When we study Huiracocha, it becomes clear that he studied the German Esoteric and Occult authors of his time, including: Peryt Shou, S.A. Kummer and R.J. Gorsleben. And If we read these German authors, then we can see that they read Guido Von List. So we include them all in an effort to show the possible sources or, at least, similarities between authors.

We mentioned that the term “Aryan” was used differently by Blavatsky than it was by Volkish authors, and the Gnostic Movement uses it similarly to how Blavatsky used it (referring to the 5th Root Race, that is all the peoples populating our planet in these present time). Therefore, we can look at the German author’s use of the term Aryan in its Gnostic sense rather than its Volkish sense. That being said, we need to remember the definite impact that Volkish ideas had on the previous centuries, and continue to have on people searching for an understanding of identity.

Often, we think of “Volkish” as referring to only those of European ancestry, but the idea of the “Folk” (that is a ‘special’ group) is often what is used as a catalyst to unite a people, regardless of their ancestry. We see it in religious extremism, nationalism, and even gang culture. Many times people want to define themselves by what group or groups they belong to (or by which ones they don’t belong to), but, in terms of Gnostic Psychology, this does not really allow us to know ourselves.

To know ourselves, to know what we are internally, depends on our ability to direct our attention to our interior and then what we do with the data we receive. If we define ourselves based on exterior things (“race”, ethnicity, nation, politics, socio-economic situation, local affiliation, etc.), then we are more trying to fit a predefined mold of what that exterior thing is ‘should’ be, than we are trying to study ourselves. So if our goal is to know ourselves, then let us recognize the drawbacks of group affiliations and, instead, let us attentively study ourselves.

In any case, in our study of the Runes, we must note the influences that have affected Modern Runology, so that we can understand what needs to be discarded and what needs to be emphasized. Modern Runology emerged from a Volkish culture, and we can study this while, at the same time, extracting the essential concepts from it in order to “salvage” some wisdom from these authors. Let us not forget that after the WWII, the United States took many German scientists who had been working in missile & rocket technology and used them to put a man on the moon (see Operation Paperclip). So let us also take advantage of this esoteric information, but without becoming fanatical, because there are some themes here that can help us advance quickly in these studies.


Bureus, List and the “Armanen” Runes

When studying Guido Von List, we encounter the term “Ariosophic” or “Ariosophy” (meaning ‘wisdom concerning the aryans’). However, the term was not used by List himself, but popularised by other Volkish authors and came after List had published his final book, it has since become the standard way of referring to certain types of Volkish studies. List referred to Wotanism [Wuotanstum] or Armanism [Armanenschaft] when he was gave a name to the “pre-christian” spiritual system he described (which he said was the Germanic or ‘Aryan’ religion in ancient times).

For List, the ancient Germanic society had been led by a hierarchical system of initiates, which he called the “Armanenschaft”. This fraternity was said to contain the priests, judges and teachers of the society; and was described as having three degrees (each with their associated signs, words and grips). List explained the similarities with Freemasonry, by saying that after the Christianisation of Northern Europe, the Armanist teachings were passed down in secret, resulting in their transmission through later esoteric traditions such as the Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

So the term Ariosophic was not List’s but may come up when studying these topics and has even been used to refer to List’s Rune Row of 18 Runes. However, List’s 18 Runes are very similar to Bureus’ 15 Runes:

Bureus used a modified version of the Younger Futhark runic alphabets (combining variants together) and List added 3 more runes to this same alphabet.

Other similarities or notes from List’s “Armanen” runes include:

• List keeps Bureus’ ordering of the    ‘M’ rune, which was modified from the 11th position in the Younger Futhark to the 15th position.
• Of the 3 runes that List adds (   Yr #16,    Eh/Ehe #17 and    Gibor #18), Bureus considered    Yr or ‘Y’ rune (#16) to be the same as the    ‘R’ rune (#5) and used them interchangeably. Meaning that List really only has 2 different or ‘new’ runes when compared with Bureus’ runes.
• List adds the    Eh or Ehe rune (#17), which is a similar shape to some of the Younger Futhark’s ‘A’ rune (#10) variant.
• The last rune of List’s “Armanen” runes is what he calls    Gibor or Gibor (#18). The initial symbols List gave for this rune were [1] something similar to an X, [2] something like a Z with a horizontal line through the middle, called a Wolfsangel or Wulffsangel in German (which was a Forest Services symbol that had also been used in heraldry and as a boundary marker). However, he also associated this rune with [3] the now famous swastika or fylfot cross.

All this to say that List’s 18 “Armanen” runes are very similar to Bureus’ 15 “Adul” runes (which was a reduction of the Younger Futhark). But List claimed that these were the original runes, the Ur-Runes, so to speak. He claimed that he deciphered this original runic alphabet and its secret meanings from from particular runic poems which appear in the Old Norse Havamal.


List and Huiracocha

Huiracocha’s runes continued the development of Volkisch runology (building off of List’s ordering to include more runes) and added 4 more runes for a total of 22, while also apparently giving their correspondences with the Hebrew letters. The runes Huiracocha added are:

• The ‘J’ rune called Ger or Jera from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark which is also used to indicate the number 19 in runic calendars
• A Cross or plus ‘+’ rune, which seems to have been an attempt to give this symbol esoteric significance beyond its typical Christian association
• An X or “Multiplication cross”, which is a variation of the Elder Futhark or Anglo-Saxon Futhark’s ‘G’ rune (also known as the Gebo or Gyfu rune)
• The ‘O’ of Odal/Odil rune from the Elder Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhark.


A Note About “Race”

The Gnostic Movement’s Position on Race

The following is from Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor:

“In his course of Runic Magic, the Master HUIRACOCHA teaches all these things [referring to certain Runic Exercises]; however, the sacred Runes are not the property of Master HUIRACOCHA, because this knowledge is as ancient as the world and belongs to the great Schools of Internal Mysteries.

We do not accept the statement of the Master Huiracocha which states that black and yellow skinned people cannot belong to the WHITE LODGE because it is only for people who belong to the white race. We cannot accept this type of racial prejudice, because the WHITE LODGE is universal. Masters from all races exist within our venerable WHITE LODGE. We must not forget that the Masters MORIA and K-H (Kout Humi) belong to the yellow race. The white race is not superior nor inferior than another race; simply, it is different, that is all…

We also disagree with Master Huiracocha’s despise for Oriental wisdom. Christ taught three ways in order to reach the union with the Intimate (the INTIMUS or Inner Being).

[1] When he was preaching to the multitudes, when he was mystically exalted, he showed us the way of Ramakrishna, Kempis, and Francis of Assisi. This is the path of Anthony of Padua and Theresa of Jesus. This is the Mystical Path.
[2] When Christ was walking with Magdalene, the repented prostitute, when he was among publicans and sinners, fishermen and wine drinkers, he showed us the Gnostic path.
[3] When he retired to the solitude of the desert for forty days and forty nights, he then taught the way of oriental Yoga.

The seven rays of cosmic evolution are synthesized in these three ways that the Nazarene showed. Therefore, we cannot despise Oriental wisdom.

All human Intimates (or Inner Beings) who are fastened to the wheel of births and deaths belong to these three ways. With all this, we sustain that sexual magic between husband and wife is the way in order to reach Nirvana. Therefore, we cannot accept the racial prejudice of Master Huiracocha for any reason. God has no preference for anyone. All human beings without distinction of sex, race, creed or color are beloved children of the FATHER and have the same rights.

We also cannot accept the absurd thesis of Huiracocha, who stated that it is a sin for a man of one race to become married with a woman of another race, and that the bastard children of such marriages are children of the devil.

We recognize that the Master Huiracocha is a GURU of the Universal White Fraternity and it is evident for me that he is an Archbishop of the Gnostic Church; yet, he committed a lamentable mistake when he made these statements in his Course of Runic-Magic. There is no doubt that if the Guru Huiracocha had a physical body he would rectify those errors, because humans commit errors, however, only those who are stubborn remain in the error.

…All human beings, white, black, yellow, red and brown, have the right to speak the verb of light and to form part of the Great Universal White Fraternity, because everyone is a beloved child of the Father. God has no preference for anyone, he cares equally for humans and ants, birds and reptiles.

God has no racial prejudice and loves all his children with infinite love, without distinction of sex, race, creed or color. We must love all human beings; we must give even the last drop of our blood for all our brothers and sisters who belong to this great human family.

Evil ones criticize me because I teach the secret doctrine of the Gnostics to humanity. I diffuse all the esoteric teachings in order to save all my brothers and sisters of this humanity. Everything that I know is for my brothers and sisters. Therefore, I have decided to teach them the most sacred things of the universe, so that they may enter Eden, as I have entered.”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 31 of Igneous Rose [Rosa Ignea] (1952)
by Samael Aun Weor


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