The Language of Light, Harmony, Vibration and the Law of Rhythym

Huiracocha (Arnoldo Krumm-Heller) says that human language is of divine origin and in its beginnings this divine language was a Language of Light. “I am the Light of the World” said the Nazarene and St. John repeated that the LOGOS (the Verb, the Word) and the DIVINE LIGHT were two aspects of the same thing. If God (the Divine Force, the Universal Law, the Great All, Life in itself, the Great Energetic Potentiality) is the same and equal (in essence and in substance) with the Word of LIGHT or LOGOS, then we are being given a synthesis that encompasses everything…

We could interpret Genesis as saying: “In the Beginning was the Rhythm”, and (as the first manifested law) this had to be the law of vibratory movement or that primordial “Genesis-izing” light, the vital electricity that generated Light, Heat, Sound, etc.

What is it that Animates Everything? The Voice, the Spirit and the Word, the Great Breath, the Holy Spirit. The Universe has to be a wonderful concert of vibratory movements. This great divine concert is musical, through the Law of harmony (although it may not be perceived physically) and music is only its manifestation or expression in the world of sound.

Rhythm, just as in music, must be the condition that prevails for all of this great accumulation of vibrations. Even in the human organism everything obeys a rhythm and the heart itself keeps the beat.

Do you remember the chromatic Prelude to Wagner’s Rhinegold from which the symbolic waters of the River are fecundated? This must have been the biblical Genesis-izing principle. These stories, just as that of Pan’s Flute, the Magical Flute of Papageno, or the Lyre of Apollo, are not fiction: they are an eternal truth. Music is Number and Sound; Vibration had to construct everything that exists with its Word, Verb or LOGOS.

What did Pythagoras mean when he said, that “he heard the rhythmic music of the stars in movement”? That vibratory electrical energy is what beats throughout the Solar Universe, dragging planets towards a Central Sun. As such, they are chained electron to electron, atom to atom, molecule to molecule, cell to cell, etc., in each of the combinations and forms of this vast system. This system works under the Law of Rhythm.

Harmony and music are produced when the vibratory values of the notes of the scale are encountered in relation to others. Every musician knows that the chords formed by a note and with its third or fifth Octave, are harmonic. Contrarily they are discordant. There is only one reality in the Universe: Energy. Matter is nothing but the Geometric or Geocentric place of the singular points of an energy field.

We receive the Materia Prima (the Primordial Matter of the Cosmos) from the Planets & Stars, and each one vibrates in a sound which is peculiar to it. These Astrological influences (like everything that gives us impressions from the exterior world) pass through certain magnetic centers within us that, in their turn, are subject to our endocrine glands, organs, etc:

Each Center has a Star or Planet that produces its basic substance and a sound that corresponds to it. The occult powers also reside in these centers and whosoever wakes up those powers, will show that within mantrams is enclosed the special force of the vowels that can give us help. Vowels & consonants are syntheses and their forces activate the Astrological bodies as well as act upon the chakras.


Huiracocha and Astrological Vocalization

Sound exists in the very root of all manifestation. As we have said: Astrological influences pass through certain magnetic centers within our organism that, in their turn, are subject to our endocrine glands and to other occult centers. Each center, gland or plexus within our organism has a star or planet that produces its basic substance and a sound that corresponds to it.

When pronouncing a vowel, the sound opens a passage towards the currents of the astrological body to which it corresponds. The Sun vibrates in “A U”, Venus in the “A”, Mercury in the “I”, the Moon in the “A I”, Mars in “E”, Jupiter in the “E”, and Saturn in the “U”.

Consonants correspond to the Zodiacal constellations and if we study the origin of a disease and the remedy that we are going to apply to it, then (from the astrological point of view) there appear mantrams as a grandiose curative medium and now we know its mode of operation. In the consonants corresponding to Aries are the “W” and “V”, “R” and “RR” to Taurus, “H” to Gemini, “F” to Cancer, “G” to Sagittarius, “L” and “LL” to Capricorn, “M” to Aquarius, “N” and “Ñ” to Pisces, “T” to Leo, “B” to Virgo, “C” to Libra and “Z” to Scorpio.



Huiracocha’s “Psychotechnical” Practices, Eurythmosophia and the Runes

We have intuition as a prominent divine factor, which can guide us, but intuition does not work for us if we do not do magical exercises. We should study the movements before we do these magical exercises and this has always been the privilege of the initiatic societies. These exercises and everything that is done (like the steps and movements in the different Masonic degrees) are not only psychotechnical practices, but they are also practices that can take us to a superior state of consciousness from the commonly known state of consciousness…

There is a new science, Eurythmia, or it would be better to say Eurythmosophia. With this science we learn to do our gymnastic movements imitating the consonants and pronouncing vowels. Through this system, Huiracocha was able to return lunatics back into rational people (including those who had spent many years in a mental hospital). This, he says, was because they had lost the rhythm and when they were rhythmically put back into alignment, then they were instantly healed. The secret of vocalization is to produce edifying, constructive, and creative sounds. In Huiracocha’s science of Eurythmosophia, we use the very ancient system of writing called the “Runes”…

The last 2 runes are also combined with other runes:

    21    combines with with 4   

    22    combines with with 18   

-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


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