Peryt Shou and Modern Germanic Runology

In 1920, Albert Christian Georg Schultz aka Peryt Shou published The ‘Edda’ as Key to the Coming Age! [Die “Edda” als Schlussel des kommenden Weltalters! ]. In it, he tries to highlight some similarities between Christianity and Germanic Mythology.

Quoting from the section ‘The new God-Experience [Das neue Gotterleben] ’:

“Christ, and Christianity, have led the World to Destruction, to Death. Wuotan, the Awakening-One, on the Cross (of the World-Tree) will lead it back to Resurrection. Certainly the World had to die, like him, but it also has to reawaken — as he did, in a higher Transformation [Verwandlung].

The germanic Spirit (Edda “Hávamál”) predicted this long before there was a historical Christianity. Christianity led humanity to death. This is what has happened. And with him, Christianity killed itself too, succumbing to “the Lord of this World”! The christian Nations had to experience what is happening to them today, Death and Decay on the Cross. But in their second Mission, the Edda sees the Nations descend from the World-Tree (Cross), called to new Life, rejuvenated!

Here the Blood, the vibrating Crystal Within, takes on a certain Role! But it should be mentioned that what is “Germanic” in the rebirth is different from what is Germanic in decay and defeat —a drunken self-aggrandizement to some kind of blood-related privileged “caste” among humanity. Even the Botocuds [an indigenous South American tribe] think of themselves as Racially superior to all others. Through the divine drop of Blood in our veins we are a Flock of God. But woe unto those who would make this divine drop of blood bestial, who would blind the visionary Crystal, the eye of God, in our veins!

The new World will only shine for the “Visionaries”, not for the “Blind”, even if they will rule equally for a while! They will die and disappear. The Visionaries, however, will remain, for they shall return. The Runic-Magic of Wuotan, which allows for his Resurrection, is a Blood-Mystery…

Every great Cultural-Nation has its Vocation/Calling in Blood and Spirit, which in all cases Exemplifies the Modification of the single great World-Secret, and through this modification it establishes its most holy Traditions. But we do not know how far each of them has fallen away from, and has ruined, the divine Crystal of the Blood to the point where it is impossible to recognize [Unkenntlichkeit ].”

In the section of his book called ‘The Tabernacle of the new Will’, he explains a concept that he calls the neue Wille or “new Will”, associating it with some of Nietzsche’s and Schopenhauer’s writings, saying:

“In a secret Prototypical-Language, in its “Runes”, this Cosmic-Will [Welt-Wille ] speaks in an ascending way … and it is stronger than anything else for the one who knows these Characters [Zeichen], and who stands there in the Tabernacle of the new Will.”


Peryt Shou’s Bibliography

These are the books we have been able to find associated with the author (44 items listed below):

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