The purpose of our studies is to find the methods and techniques to give each human being access to:

  • Objective Knowledge of the Universe and of Ourselves
  • Superior Principles which allow us to Transform our Lives
  • Comprehension of the Path in order to return to the Bosom of the Absolute (so that we know what we are doing and why)

Each one of us is at a specific place in the Spiritual Path, our goal is to explain (as best we can) how the Gnostic Teachings can aid anyone on this Path to get change their Level of Being by working with the 3 Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

“A Person is what their life is”, so let’s learn to transform ourselves so that we can transform our lives. This is possible by studying the principles, laws and facts which are directly related to the transformation of the individual. These studies we divide into 3 main groups: Psychology, Kabalah and Alchemy. But there are other topics that don’t always fall into an one of these groups and we will study those as well.

Outline of Studies

We have divided our website and our studies into various categories based on the 3 main groups mentioned above. However, we also have categories that contain elements of multiple groups in them:

  • The Mysteries (The Mysteries Religions of the Ancients) – Introduction to Esoteric and Gnostic Studies
  • Meditation (Techniques for Internal Development) – Introduction to Internal Work
  • Psychology (Gnostic or Esoteric Psychology) – Psychology, and Introduction to Alchemy
  • Astrology (Gnostic or Esoteric Astrology) – Psychology, and Introduction to Kabalah
  • Gnostic Chemistry and Cosmology (Occult or Esoteric Chemistry) – Psychology, and Introduction to Kabalah & Alchemy
  • Gnostic Tarot & Kabbalah (Tarot & Kabalah in the Gnostic Tradition) – Psychology, Kabalah & Alchemy
  • Gnostic Alchemy (Authentic Alchemy) – Psychology, Kabalah & Alchemy
  • Hermetic Masonry (Esoteric or Occult Studies of Freemasonry) – Psychology, Kabalah & Alchemy
  • Runology (Gnostic Study of the Runes) – Psychology, Kabalah & Alchemy