Gnostic Tarot & Kabbalah

We will be primarily using the Gnostic Egyptian Tarot for this class (which may be a difficult deck to find, especially in English). Its plates are available in the books listed below (recommended for the class) and a bilingual copy of the deck may be acquired by emailing gnosticstudies at gmail.

Each Tarot card is associated with a Number and a Hebrew Letter (Example: The Magician or Magus, number 1, and letter Aleph א ). What we will be studying in this class is the symbolism of the Card and how this relates to the Path of Regeneration. This symbolism is the Esoteric Spiritual Path that is present in all authentic religious forms.

This class will cover materials from 3 main books, which are available from either of these two different publishers:

Original Book Title (Spanish)
Glorian Publishing (English)
Daath Gnosis Publishing
(Bilingual – English & Spanish)
1- Manual de Magia Práctica (1954)
available in
Practical Astrology
available in
Magic, Alchemy and the Great Work
El Magnus Opus (1958)*
not available yet
available in
Magic, Alchemy and the Great Work
2- Curso Esotérico de Kábala (1969)
Alchemy and Kabbalah
in the Tarot
Esoteric Course of Kabalah
3- Tarot y Kábala (1978)
Tarot & Kabbalah
The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of
Tarot and Kabalah
[Recommended Supplement]
Gnostic Egyptian Tarot Coloring Book

*Note that this book is not required for the Class, but may be of benefit for the student

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