Historical Supplement

Kummer and the “Man” Rune Practice

The practitioner should take up the well-known basic military position ‘at attention’ (or the passive Is-Rune), facing North or East. One stands straight, the chin is slightly drawn in, the back arched; the hands are held at the sides, the heels close together, toes pointed outward. Any rigid exaggeration of the posture must be avoided. The student will then inhale and exhale deeply 3 times with the intention of purifying and readying themselves for the reception of Divine Rune-currents.

One should raise both arms diagonally upward, in order to form the human    M-Rune, as shown in the drawing. The palms are turned upward and slightly cupped. Now begin to hum: “M-m-m-m”, with slow, deep breathing. One should begin soft and deep, let the tone swell and rise to the highest pitch, then sink slowly again to a deep tone. The M is to be hummed at all tone levels and in different volumes; it can also be sung in a siren-like fashion. Imitate the humming of bees.

The whole formula is to be repeated for half an hour, with good, deep breathing. If your arms become tired, they can be held for short pauses in the ‘at attention’ position, during which time, however, you should continue to meditate spiritually on the reception of subtle Cosmic-Force.

The subtle currents of the Universal-Force flood into the back of the practitioner’s head, flow through the back and sympathetic nerves and gather in the solar plexus and around the navel. At the same time, subtle waves of Force flow into the palms of the hands, flood through the arms, stimulate the thymus gland (in the center of the chest), join with the streams of the Universal-Force in the sympathetic nerves, activate the spleen, and strengthen the gathered Force-Currents in the solar plexus, from where they fade away through the navel into the aura. To some extent, they also flow through the legs and then through the foot centers (in the middle of the feet) into the earth, into the place one is standing.

This process is repeated throughout the entire practice session and brings about a strange, blissful, beautiful feeling – a fine ringing and vibration in the practitioner. The glands and higher centers of the body begin to sparkle; the inner-Self is freed from the constricting bonds of the body; flashes of thought, ancestral memories and astral perception dawn from within the practitioner.

You can feel and sense the cosmos, the world, in yourself whenever you hum the tones of the    Man-Rune. Every Rune has a different type of current, a different strength, vibration, and rhythm. Those who understand it and learn to connect themselves consciously to the All-current (or Universal-current) of the    Man-Rune become conscious magicians and masters of their Fates. The    Man-Rune may be felt in other related types of current by means of the following sound-formulas: “ma-me-mi-mo-mu” and “am-em-im-om-um”

After ending the exercise the practitioner should drain off any energies which have been too strongly accumulated, or unfavorable waves accumulated through false thoughts, in the following manner: In the    Man-Rune posture, hum the M in a high tone, then sink to the lowest tone, while thinking, consciously willing, that all waves harmful to the Spirit, Soul and Body are bound to the tone vibrating in the body, and flow through the body and fade away under the soles of his feet into the earth with the deepest tone.

Additional Work with the “Man” Rune from Kummer

The formation of the “Grail-Chalice” [Grals-Kelch ] should only be attempted after the    Man-Rune has been practiced for at least 20 minutes prior; otherwise the aura of the practitioner will not be sufficiently charged with subtle energies, and the Runic antenna-net will not have been developed. This is absolutely essential for the formation of the Grail-Chalice.

The practitioner should again strike the    Man-Rune posture. The hands are stretched upward in the form of a chalice. The head is raised; the eyes directed serenely into the All. Your weight should be placed on the left foot, while the right foot rests lightly to the side. In this way the astral Force centers of the body are most strongly activated. Due to this position, the Rune-stream, the subtle current of energy, is unable to dissipate sufficiently through just the one foot into the earth and seeks an escape through the navel into the aura, where it then (in conjunction with the fading energies from the mouth) forms the Grail-Chalice. Standing in this position the practitioner will feel a rather strong prickling sensation in and around the navel.

Now the practitioner should sing the formula: o-o-m-m rhythmically, like, for example, the chiming of church bells, while he imagines that from his mouth emanate rings of subtle energy which vibrate around his whole body and increasingly complete the Grail-Chalice, which finally results in a strong, magnetic center of Light which attracts higher, spiritual, cosmic influences.

It is important for this mysterious exercise that a pure, noble state of mind be in control of desires and efforts toward Universal Love and higher development. During the singing you should think as follows:

Fa-tor [Father], I call to Thee,
With Universal-Force stream through me,
The Grail awakens in me,
Threefold in Love, a Tyr ‘s oath I take.”

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer


Rosicrucian and Gnostic Supplement

An Interesting Practice with the “Man ” Rune According to the FRA

The following was taken from a Facebook post in a Portugese language FRA group “Grupo de Estudos Mestre Huiracocha”. It appears that it was first posted February 10, 2016, and then reposted September 26, 2019 at 8:06am MT both times by Andrey Oliveira. The picture below (of the Man Rune position) was also included with the post.


Preparation: Cleanse and organize the temple at will, and with the inspiration of how to arrange the altar according to the work.

Burn a lot of incense.

Standing in the center of the Armanen Runic Circle, in the Man Rune position (the 15th Nordic Rune of the Armanen Futhork), face east, and close your eyes.

After being quiet for some moments, recite the Invocation to the Solar Logos so that it penetrates your essence and floods your mind, as follows:

Universal and Cosmic Force, mysterious energy, fertile womb from which everything is born; Oh Thou, Solar Logos, Igneous Emanation, Christ in Substance and in Consciousness, Potent Life whereby everything advances: Come unto me and permeate me, illuminate me, bath me, pierce me and awaken within my Being all those ineffable substances which are as much a part of thee as they are a part of me.

Universal and Cosmic Force, Mysterious Energy, I conjure thee, come unto me: remedy my affliction, cure me of this evil and remove from me this suffering, so that I may have harmony, peace and health.

I ask thee in Thy Sacred Name, which the Mysteries and the Gnostic Church have taught me, so that thou can make all of the Mysteries of this plane and the Superior Planes vibrate with me, and that all of those Forces unite to achieve the miracle of my healing. So be it.


The post gives a number of mantras here (the rest we have omitted), many of which are also given in Occult Medicine and Practical Magic (sometimes published as Esoteric Medicine) by Samael Aun Weor, in the section called “Curative Words (Mantras)”.

And the post concludes by saying:

Finish the invocation as you wish.

Now get into meditation.

Consecrate the offerings (bread & wine) and consume the sacraments.

-Paraphrased from this webpage (original post): Grupo de Estudos Mestre Huiracocha


At the end of the post, the following graphic (of the Man Rune position) was also included:


The “Man” Rune and the Crucifixion of Samael Aun Weor

In another class given on the Glorian Publishing website, the following information is given by one of Samael’s Students:

In many of his books, Samael Aun Weor clearly stated that, in 1954, he incarnated Eros, his Inner Christ, the beautiful Cupid, which in Christianity we call the Baby Jesus. He incarnated Him in his Manger, in his Superior Manas [Tiphereth], in his Human Soul, and started working with Him.

Let us remember that Christ (Eros) is not a person; it is an energy; it is a force, like electricity is an energy. But in order to incarnate this force you need to be prepared. You need to build a Church on the Rock. Peter has to work first, in order for John (Juan or “I-E-O-U-M-A-S”) to come into your Self and work.

Personally, I like to investigate esoteric things internally, through Meditation. When I read something that the Master wrote, then I close my eyes, and I ask, “What is the Master saying here?” I have had the habit of doing this for many years. Thus, through this method of Meditation, I have investigated the process of the Master Samael Aun Weor, because he is the Avatar, and the Lord Vishnu incarnated in him, as a baby, in order to give the doctrine that we are teaching here.

Therefore, I was always observing (in detail) all the steps that he was taking physically, in relation with his internal development. Why? Because he stated, “Everything that happens in the internal planes has to correlate with the physical plane, otherwise it is not true.” If what we say, what we investigate, and what we experience does not correlate with the physical plane, then it is not true. If what we experience in the physical plane does not correlate with the internal planes, then it is not true. The two worlds—the internal worlds and the physical world—have to correlate.

I was observing his life (    Laf ), especially the last years of his life in Mexico, in order to see where the Lord is. In which step or level is that Baby (who was born in 1954, and who grew up), who is now an adult inside of him? In which level is he developed right now? I remember that year after year I was studying him and what he was saying, and meditating upon it.

At the time when I was teaching Gnosis in the north of Mexico, the Master invited us to Mexico for a special lecture that he was going to give in honor of the president of Mexico. He was going to discuss a book that the president wrote (entitled “Quetzalcoatl”). Of course I knew that Quetzalcoatl is the Christ among the Mexicans. Thus, I wondered if the president of Mexico would be there, since he was going to be honored. And I said to myself, “Okay, let us meditate and investigate. What has the president of Mexico got to do with the Master Samael Aun Weor?”

The president was a Mason, and he knew about the doctrine of the Gnostics. So, then I went there in order to hear the lecture of the Master. I saw him, and heard everything that he said in his lecture in relation with this book written by the president of Mexico. Thereafter, I said, “Okay, if I find similitude here, it means that the president is the mind, is the head. Obviously, the intellect governs this world. Then who is the president of Mexico in Christianity, in relation with the Christic Drama?” And I said to myself, “Of course, he is Pilate. Pontius Pilate.” Understand me, I am not stating that the President was literally Pontius Pilate, but for me he was symbolizing, or representing, the Mind. Thus, I was there, and I saw the Master showing his own mastery.


The Christic Process and the Prayer to the Solar Logos

Ecce Homo , “behold the Man”, the    Man Rune there giving a tremendous, beautiful lecture, with a lot of wisdom. Many ambassadors from different countries were there listening, and they were surprised to hear of all of this knowledge from the mouth of the Master Samael Aun Weor, for the first time.

Then I said, “Well, this moment is very critical, because if the president of Mexico represents Pontius Pilate, that means that the Master is going to be crucified.” And then I returned to the North of Mexico, very preoccupied with this.

Months later, I received a phone call. The Master was sick. Yes, he was in his Christic process, because he died in 1977, and that event that happened in Mexico was in the same year, in the month of September. But he was looking very weak, so it was not a surprise to me when somebody called me from Mexico and said, “The Master is pretty sick, please pray for him.” Then I started doing chains for him because I knew that he was in the process of being crucified and dying; eventually he had to die…

On the 24th of December of 1977, one of his daughters called me (very preoccupied) and asked, “Please, do chains for him; he is very critical, very sick.” And I said, “Oh, what is happening?” “Well, he was in the hospital, now he is not; he is in our home. But really, he needs a lot of help.”

And then I remember performing a prayer to the Solar Logos. That day, the 24th of December, we performed a special work for him. At the end, we were doing a chain, and in the chain I was performing this prayer (which some of you might know) and which is written in the book Occult Medicine. Thus, after the special work that we did in order to attract the Solar Force, the Christ (as I knew that he, the Solar Logos was passing through a process in the body of the Master). So, together with all the brothers and sisters who were holding the chain, we said:

“Oh Thou, Solar Logos, Igneous Emanation, substance and Consciousness of Christ, powerful life whereby everything advances, come unto him , and penetrate him, enlighten him , bathe him, go through him and awaken within himself , within his Being, all of those ineffable substances that are as much a part of thee as a part of him.

Universal and cosmic force, mysterious energy, I conjure Thee, come unto him , remedy his affliction, cure him from this illness and put apart from him this suffering so he can have harmony, peace, and health.

I ask Thee, in thy sacred name, which the Mysteries and the Gnostic Church have taught me, so Thou can make vibrate within him all of the mysteries of this plane and superior planes, and so that all of those forces together may achieve the miracle of his healing. So be it.”

Of course, as you can read, I changed “me” to “him” in the text of the prayer. We said it a total of 3 times, concentrating on the Solar Light, on the Cosmic Christ, in order to send the energy to him.

But then, when I was doing that chain with those brothers and sisters, my third eye, my clairvoyant eye, started to spin, and a great picture came into my head. What did I see? I saw the    Man Rune, the Lord, the living Christ, crucified on the cross, as you see him in many paintings. When I saw that, I saw the Lord, the Christ, with my third eye, pronouncing the Last Word, and dying on the cross. This is why I associate the    Man Rune with that prayer. This was so disturbing because I was asking for life, not for death, and when I saw that, I immediately pronounced the mantra “Aum” three times, and said “This is it.”

Then I asked, “What time is it?” They said, “8:20pm, on the 24th of December”. Later, after that day, after midnight, I received a call, and his daughter told me, “Please come to the funeral”. So, this is how, internally… you know, it is very emotional for me to say this. I kept this to myself for many years, but now I am sharing this because there are many speculations about the transition of the Master Samael.

I never liked to talk about it; I never liked it. But, I said, I have to talk about this, even though it is very stressful for me, because I saw the Lord, the Living Christ, dying there, at the same time that he was physically dying.


After the Prayer

When I went to Mexico for his funeral, I asked, “At what time did he die?” And they told me, “At 8:20”. That was too much for me. After that, I continued with my habit of meditating on everything that I read, or that I studied. Moreover, I was a witness of his resurrection, I was a witness of his ascension, and that is why I talk with certainty, because I saw these things. I understand that the Logos, the Christ, is a force that incarnates, in order to become human, and in order to self-realize any Initiate.

As he was incarnated in him, and self-realized him, the Logos Samael also promised to return (as he promised in his books), but I always understood and comprehended that the one that was talking through him was the Lord (the Christ, the Logos), and I am so sure, not because I read it, or because somebody told me, but because I saw him many times in the internal worlds.

Many times I found him in the Internal Planes. In a previous lecture I stated that a Master, a Divine being, said, “I manifest myself through these hands.” But I forgot to tell you that the hands are at the very end of the arms, and that the arms are part of Chesed and Geburah (the Monad). The hands are related with Tiphereth. So when this Being was telling me: “I manifest myself through these hands”, he was saying that he manifests through the Soul (Tiphereth).

So it is good to develop the Soul, internally, in order for the Lord to manifest. Remember, when you see your hands or the hands of anybody internally, these represent the Soul. This is precisely what we have to understand: the Spirit always manifests through the Soul. But remember that the hands do not move, they do not indicate anything, if the brain does not command them. This is a deep symbol that you have to understand, because every Monad has his own hands, his own soul, that you have to know how to manifest, or how to handle.

This is related to the    Man Rune and to this prayer. When we practice the Man Rune, we have to perform (to pronounce) this prayer that I recited that day. Of course, we have to recite it as follows:

“Oh Thou, Solar Logos, Igneous Emanation, substance and Consciousness of Christ, powerful life whereby everything advances, come unto me and penetrate me, enlighten me, bathe me, go through me and awaken within my Being all of those ineffable substances that are as much a part of Thee as a part of me.

Universal and cosmic force, mysterious energy, I conjure Thee, come unto me, remedy my affliction, cure me from this illness and put apart from me this suffering so I can have harmony, peace and health.

I ask Thee in thy sacred name, which the Mysteries and the Gnostic Church have taught me, so Thou can make vibrate with me all of the mysteries of this plane and superior planes, and that all of those forces together may achieve the miracle of my healing. So be it.”

This and other marvelous prayers are written in the new prayer book as well as in the Occult Medicine book (also called Esoteric Medicine). I know, for sure, that the    Man Rune is associated with the prayer to the Solar Logos because I experienced it, I saw it. The    Man Rune is precisely the Lord crucified on the cross. It is a way of praying.


The Symbolism of the Apostle Peter with the Man and Yr Runes

Let’s understand that the    Man Rune represents the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, who was crucified on the cross (the right-side-up cross) in the way we know it. However, the Apostle Peter’s crucifixion is related to the    Yr Rune, because he is the one that is crucified on the upside-down cross. Peter, thus, represents the opposite of the    Man Rune: the    Yr Rune. This means that in order to reach that right-side-up level, you first have to descend, to perform the upside-down cross with all the mysteries of Alchemy, the pineal gland, etc.

Now, the crucifixion of Andrew (Peter’s brother) is different, because Andrew was crucified on the X-shaped cross, which also relates to the sexual force and which we discuss in the lecture on the Gibor Rune.

It is very important to understand and comprehend that the sexual potency of the    Laf Rune (which is Life, the Stone, the Grail) comes from the kidneys. The kidneys are related to Andrew and the X-shaped cross, the force of the kidneys that give strength (sexual strength) to the man and to the woman.

But the hormones of the pineal gland also relate to the strength of the sexual force. When a man has a very strong pineal gland (Peter), it is because his sexual force is very strong, and vice versa. Thus we find that Peter and Andrew are brothers, since they both relate to sexual potency.

Of course, the esotericism of the mystery of Andrew and the Cross is related with other aspects of the doctrine, which is the annihilation of the ego, the sufferings the Initiate has to pass through in order crystallize the Soul within themselves. In order to destroy all the enemies of the Lord (which are our defects, vices, and errors), he has to utilize the cross, the potency of the kidneys, in the sexual act. That is the mystery of Andrew.

Peter is different, although he always assists us in the different developments that we need to acquire on the esoteric path. Remember that Peter is called the first Apostle. Why? Because first, we have to build the Church. What is it to build the Church? It is to perform the    Yr Rune (the descent into the Ninth Sphere) in order to work with the    Laf Rune (Life) and build the Solar Astral, Mental, and Causal Bodies. They are called “Solar Bodies” because they are created with the transmuted sexual force.

The one who is doing that work is Peter, and so he said:

“Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded. Unto you therefore who believe he is precious: but unto them who be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence.” – 1 Peter 2: 6-8
Who are the builders? Well, if you are speaking in esoteric terms, they are the Masons (those who work with the Stone). We will say that there are many Masons and Masonic Lodges in this day and age, but they do not transmute; they do not practice any Sexual Magic. They reject the Stone, the Rock, because they do not know about it.

Many religions do the same, such as the Catholic Church. The monks do not marry, and if they do marry, they do not transmute. So they are also rejecting the Stone, which is    Laf , the Grail. The Holy Grail for a monk is a woman, and the Stone for a Nun is a man.

If we are not transmuting, then we are not working with Peter, who says in the Pistis Sophia : “My Lord, we will not endure this woman, for she takes the opportunity from us and have let none of us speak, but she discourses many times.” This means that Peter cannot speak or build any church without the woman.

We need the woman (the Grail) and the man (the Stone) in order to build the church with Peter, and Peter knows it. That is why he says, “Crucify me upside down, so that the future Initiates will understand that I am in the pineal gland, and I have to descend into the Ninth Sphere,” which is the woman, the Holy Grail.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Runes Laf, Yr and Man on the Glorian (formerly Gnostic Teachings) website



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