The fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ד (Daleth or Dalet) who’s numeric significance is 4 and its kabalistic significance is also 4. There are many ways of representing this letter/sign, some of which were used in the ancient world, here are some examples:

The following information is from 4 books: The Major Mysteries, The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah, Esoteric Course of Kabalah, and Manual of Practical Magic, all by Samael Aun Weor. Some of the information is repeated, but is presented here so that there is a single place to find all relevant material.


Arcanum № 4: In it exists the four concordances. These are: Affirmation, Negation, Discussion, Solution.




-Paraphrase from Ch.90 of The Initiatic Path
in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah
by Samael Aun Weor



Upon coming out of Eden, man fell into the abyss; we would not have been able to get out from that abyss without the help of a Savior. Between Eden and the abyss are the guardians of Light and darkness.

The guardians of Eden guard the way of the Tree of Life. The guardians of the abyss are the tempting Lucifers.

When we came out of Eden, we entered the tenebrous abysses of nature. From those abysses we will only be able to come out by means of Cosmic Initiation.

Every Initiation is a spiritual birth. He who wants to be Born has to enter a woman’s womb in order to be gestated. This is how the one who wants to be born gets the right to do so.

Initiation is totally sexual; if we want to be born then we need to practice sexual magic with the woman. The key of sexual magic is the following, “Introduce the virile member into the woman’s vagina and withdraw ourselves without spilling the semen.” This is the sexual act that the creatures who live in Eden, use.

When we are within the mother’s womb, we develop: organs, senses, viscera, glands, etc. When we are practicing sexual magic, we are in the process of spiritual sexual gestation, developing the flowers of the soul. This is how we awaken the fire of the Holy Spirit and we become Masters.

Thus, within the womb of the great mother, we are gestated as Gods. This is how we awaken the Kundalini and we convert ourselves into Gods.

When man ejaculated the semen, he sunk into pain and lost his occult powers. Upon ejaculating the semen, human consciousness sunk into the atomic infernos of nature; this is the kingdom of the Lucifers. All of humanity dwells in the abyss. One only realizes that one dwells in the abyss when one is about to get out of it.

From the abyss we can only get out by means of Initiation. There are 18 Initiations, 18 cosmic births. There are nine initiations of minor mysteries and nine initiations of major mysteries.

Initiation is your own life. Initiation is from the consciousness and from sex.

Our consciousness is a spark detached from the great cosmic consciousness. We had mineral, plant and animal consciousness. Now we have human consciousness. Much later we shall have Angelic, Archangelic, Seraphic consciousness, etc.

To say, “this is good, this is bad”, is easy. To have consciousness of what is good and of what is bad is very difficult. To say that 2 and 2 is 4, is very easy. To have consciousness that 2 and 2 is 4 is something for Gods.

The drunkard knows that drinking alcohol is bad, but the drunkard does not have consciousness that drinking alcohol is bad. If the drunkard had conscious awareness that it is bad to drink alcohol, then he would prefer to hang a millstone around his neck and throw himself to the bottom of the sea, before continuing with the vice of alcoholism.

Our consciousness awakens to more elevated states of the Being and of life. Knowledge that does not become consciousness is useless. Millions of spiritualist students study our books. Intellectual knowledge of written truths is useless; the important thing is to have consciousness of these truths. Thousands of spiritualist students believe that they have consciousness of the truths that they have read; poor beings… They are mistaken…

Only the Great Masters of Major Mysteries have consciousness of those truths. The students of spiritualist schools are parrots who repeat what they read, that is all. Therefore, the important thing is the awakening of consciousness. The intellect is a function of the animal soul. Consciousness is a function of God.

A mountain exists, its bottom is the abyss. The one who wants to get out of the abyss has to climb the mountain.

There are two paths to get to the summit. The first path makes spiral turns around the mountain; in this manner one reaches the summit. The second is the narrow, strait and difficult path which, in a straight line, reaches the summit.

Through the spiral path (in the form of a seashell) all suffering humanity rises. Only the Initiates ascend through the narrow path. The spiral path is very long. The narrow and difficult path is shorter. The latter is the path of Initiation.

In ancient times there existed great Mystery Schools. There existed the mysteries of: Egypt, Eleusis, Troy, Rome, Carthage, Babylon, of the Aztecs, Incas, Druids, etc. Back then, only the priests of the privileged castes could enter into initiation.

Our Lord THE CHRIST opened the path of Initiation publicly for all human beings. The entire drama of the Lord’s passion was represented within the temples of Mysteries. The greatness that there was in The Christ was that he represented this drama publicly upon the old streets of Jerusalem. In this manner, He opened the doors of the temple for all human beings.

“Ask, and it shall be given you.”

“Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto Light, and few there be that find it.”

“Out of a thousand who seek me, one finds me. Out of a thousand who find me, one follows me. Out of a thousand who follow me, one is mine.”

When the dark age arrived, the mystery schools in the physical world were closed. Now we have to seek those schools within, deep within our own consciousness.

Only those who have climbed the nine rungs of minor mysteries can join the major mysteries.

People remember the Son of God but do not remember the Son of Man. The Divine Master is God and man. The divine Master opened the path of initiation for all human beings.

He had to tread the way in order to open the way for all. He was a perfect man, He was God. The path of perfection is the terror of love and law.

-Paraphrase from Ch.8 of The Major Mysteries by Samael Aun Weor



In the internal worlds, chronological time does not exist. In the internal worlds, life is an eternal instant. When we say time, we mean to affirm “states of consciousness”.

In Kabbalah, numbers are added between themselves in order to obtain a kabbalistic number. If we want to know, for example, what the kabbalistic number is for the year 1956, we take apart this quantity in this manner: 1, 9, 5, 6 added together give 21, and 2 plus 1 is equal to 3; the number 3 is the kabbalistic number of this year.

If we say that a Master has 300 years of age, we break up this number in this manner: 3, 0, 0 adds up to 3. In other words, that the Master has the Third Initiation of Major Mysteries. If we say that a Master has 340 years of age, we mean to affirm that the Master has the Third Initiation of Major Mysteries, plus 40 years, or degrees in favor of the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries.

If we affirm that a disciple has 80 years of age, we break up that sum in the following manner: 8 plus 0 is equal to 8, that is, that the disciple has the Eighth Initiation of Minor Mysteries.

The ages of Minor Mysteries are from 10 to 90. The ages of Major Mysteries are from 100 to 900. The ages of the Gods are from 1,000 onwards.

In order to enter the ineffable bliss of the Absolute, one needs the age of 300,000 divine years.

If for example a Master has 500 years of age and wants to have 600, then he has to once again enter a woman’s womb in order to have the right to be born; this is how he is born with 600 years of age. This means that he should practice sexual magic in order to develop himself as a Master of 600 years of age.

The sexual force has the power to form organs, glands, viscera, nerves, etc. It has the power to open for us the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, etc. This force has the power to develop for us all the lotus flowers of the soul. It is only by entering the maternal womb that we have the right to be born.

We, the inhabitants of Eden, affirm that it is only with sexual magic that we have the right to be born. Everything that is not along this path, is a lamentable waste of time.

We came out of Eden through the doors of sex, and it is only through the doors of sex that we can enter Eden. Eden is sex itself. The ages of consciousness have their root in sex.

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of The Major Mysteries by Samael Aun Weor



1. The esoteric ages are the following:

2. First INITIATION of Minor Mysteries, ten years old.

3. Second INITIATION, 20 years old.

4. Third INITIATION, 30 years old.

5. Fourth INITIATION, 40 years old.

6. Fifth INITIATION, 50 years old.

7. Sixth INITIATION, 60 years old.

8. Seventh INITIATION, 70 years old.

9. Eight INITIATION, 80 years old.

10. Ninth INITIATION, 90 years old.


11. First INITIATION 100 years old.

12. Second INITIATION, 200 years old.

13. Third INITIATION, 300 years old.

14. Fourth INITIATION, 400 years old.

15. Filth INITIATION 500 years old.

16. Sixth INITIATION, 600 years old.

17. Seventh INITIATION, 700 years old.

18. Eighth INITIATION, 800 years old.

19. Ninth INITIATION, 900 years old.

20. Ages of more than nine hundred years are Logoic ages.

21. To reach Absolute Liberation, one needs to possess 300,000 (three hundred thousand) esoteric years of age. (Esoteric ages are not chronological time).

22. INITIATION is your life itself.

23. INITIATION is profoundly internal.

24. INITIATION is profoundly individual.


25. THE INTIMUS has two Souls that are twins: The Divine Soul and the Human Soul.

26. At one hundred years of esoteric age, the Divine Soul fuses with the INTIMUS, and so a new Master is born in the Internal Worlds.

27. At five hundred years of esoteric age, the Human Soul also fuses with the INTIMUS.

28. That is how a new MAHATMA is born in the Internal Worlds.


29. When a Master of Major Mysteries wants to reincarnate, he sends ahead his Human Soul, to reincarnate and prepare himself.

30. When that Human Soul is already prepared, the Master then reincarnates.

31. He enters into his Human Soul.

32. When the Bodhisattva lets themselves fall, the Master cannot reincarnate.

33. The Bodhisattva who lets themselves fall, must later reincarnate under more difficult conditions.

34. If the Bodhisattva repeats their errors, then the Lords of Karma send them to reincarnate in much more terrible and painful conditions each time.

35. Thus the moment will arrive in which the Master can reincarnate in his Bodhisattva.

36. The Master is formed by ATMAN-BUDDHI.

37. ATMAN is the INTIMUS.

38. BUDDHI is the DIVINE SOUL, that is to say, the Divine Consciousness of the INTIMUS.


39. When a LOGOS wants to redeem a World, it emanates from itself a Celestial Prototype, formed by ATMAN-BUDDHI.


41. The LOGOS is the Individual Ray, from whom the INTIMUS itself emanates.

42. That RAY is the Most Holy TRINITY in us.

43. That Ray is Triune.

44. Therefore, every LOGOS is Triune.

45. The FATHER is KETHER. The Ancient of Days.

46. The SON is the COSMIC CHRIST in us.

47. The HOLY SPIRIT emanates the Divine MOTHER in us.

48. The MOTHER carries a lamp in her hand.

49. That lamp is the INTIMUS, who burns within our heart.

50. The INTIMUS has two Souls, one Divine and the other Human.

51. When a LOGOS wants to come to the World, it emanates its INTIMUS from itself.

52. The INTIMUS then, together with the Divine Soul, is the DHYANI BODHISATVA of a LOGOS.

53. The DHYANI BODHISATTVAS of the LOGOS who follows the long and bitter Path of Duty, evolves like any man among men when they reincarnate in a world.

54. When the DHYANI is prepared, then its REAL LOGOIC BEING incarnates in them in order to save the World.

-Paraphrase from Ch.4 of Manual of Practical Magic by Samael Aun Weor,
available in
Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work


The Fourth Arcanum: ARCANUM 4

AUM. The Arcanum Four of the Tarot is the Holy and Mysterious Tetragrammaton. The Sacred Name of the Eternal One that has four letters: YOD, HEH, VAU, HEH [ יהוה ]. ‘Yod’ [ י ] is the Man, ‘Heh’ [ ה ] is the Woman, ‘Vau’ [ ו ] is the Phallus, ‘Heh’ [ ה ] is the Uterus.

Yet, we can also state: ‘Yod’ [ י ] is the Man, ‘Heh’ [ ה ] is the Woman, ‘Vau’ [ ו is] the Fire, ‘Heh’ [ ה is] the Water. The profound study of the four letters of the Eternal One takes us inevitably to the NINTH SPHERE (sex).

We must lift our Serpent through the medullar channel and carry it up to her Heart Sanctuary. The Cross of the Initiation is received in the Heart Temple. The Magnetic Center of the Father is found between the eyebrows. The Sanctuary of the Mother is found within the Heart Temple.

The Four Points of the Cross symbolize the Fire, the Air, the Water and the Earth. Spirit, Matter, Movement and Repose. Remember, beloved disciple, that the four elements of Alchemy are: The Salt, The Mercury, The Sulfur and The Azoe [or Azoth].

The Salt is the Matter or Material. The Mercury is the Ens Seminis . The Azoe is the Mysterious Ray of Kundalini. This is also the AZOTH. The Sulfur must fecundate the Mercury of Secret Philosophy in order for the Salt to become regenerated. Only in this way this can we write the book of AZOTH.

If you want Initiation, write it upon a Rod. The key of our Liberation is found in the Lingam-Yoni. The Cross has four points: The Cross of Initiation is Phallic: The insertion of the vertical phallus into the FORMAL CTEIS forms a cross.

This is the Cross of the Initiation that we must place upon our shoulders.

The four sacred animals of Alchemy are:

The Lion that hides the enigma of Fire;
The Human Being who represent the Mercury of Secret Philosophy;
The Eagle that corresponds to the Air;
The Bull that symbolizes the Earth.

The Sphinx of Egypt and that of Ezekiel has the sacred symbolism of the four creatures of Alchemy. The water contained in the lakes, rivers and oceans when heated by the fire of the Sun are transformed into clouds that ascend up to the sky, and after a period of digestion are converted into lightning and thunder. This same process is repeated in the Sexual Laboratory of the Alchemist. Our Motto is Thelema: which is Willpower.

The entrance into the old Archaic Temples was commonly a hidden hole in some mysterious spot in the dense jungle. We departed from Eden through the door of Sex. Only through that door can we return to Eden. Eden is sex itself. Sex is the narrow, straight and difficult door that leads us into the Light.

In the solitude of these Mysterious Sanctuaries, the neophytes were submitted to the four Initiatic ordeals. The ordeals of fire, air, water and earth always defined the diverse purifications of the neophytes. Commonly, these Sanctuaries of Mysteries were found located at the foot of some Volcano. There the disciples would fall to the ground and lose consciousness.

In those moments the Hierophant would take the students out of their physical bodies (thus, they would already be in the Astral plane) and into the profundities of the Sanctuary. Then he would teach them the grandiose mysteries of life and death. The volcanic emanations of the earth produced that apparent state of death. Some disciples fall in that apparent state of death within the Gnostic Lumisials.

The ceremony of carrying the Cross, as was practiced in the Gnostic Lumisials, serves in order to humbly confirm some Internal Esoteric Initiation. Each one of the seven bodies of man must be crucified and stigmatized. All students of Kabalah must be familiar with all of the Elementals of fire, air, water and earth.

The present ‘human being’ is still not a King or Queen of Nature. But all are called to be Kings or Queens and Priests or Priestesses according to the Order of Melchisedeck.

It is necessary for the student to become familiar with all the elemental creatures of the four elements. The Salamanders live in fire. The Undines and Nereids live in water. The Sylphs live in the air. The Gnomes live in the Earth.

The Gospel of Mark is symbolized by a Lion (fire). The Gospel of Matthew is represented by a Youth (water). The Gospel of John is represented by the Eagle (air). The gospel of Luke is represented by the Bull (earth). The Four Gospels symbolize the four elements of Nature and the realization of the Great Work (The Magnus Opus).

Every Hierophant of Nature is converted into a King of the Elementals. If you want to be Admitted into the Elemental Paradises of Nature, then respect all life, DO NOT KILL… Do not drink wine that contains alcohol; love vegetables. Never destroy a plant nor a flower. Respect all life.

You only need two things in life: WISDOM AND LOVE. This is how you will attain happiness, Peace and Abundance. “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect.” – Matthew 5: 48.

The Initiate must work with the Elementals in the Central Mountain Range. That Mountain Range is the Spinal Medulla. The Prima Matter of the Great Work of the Father is the Ens-Seminis. You know this.

The sacred receptacle is in your creative organs, the Furnace is the MULADHARA Chakra. The Chimney is the medullar channel. The distiller is the brain. When we work in the Laboratory of the Third Logos we must transmute the lead of our personality into the Gold of the Spirit.

The Magnificent Work cannot be performed without the cooperation of the elementals. The Gnomes and Pygmies are the great Alchemists that transmute the lead into gold. They reduce the metals into their semen in order to transmute them into the pure gold of the spirit. Their labor would be impossible if the Undines did not obey or if the Salamanders of fire would not make the voluptuous Undines fertile. Without the fire, the tempting Undines can only take us to a shipwreck.

Ulysses, the cunning warrior and destroyer of citadels, was himself bound to the mast of the ship so that he would not fall into the Seductive sexual beauty of the Undines. Ancient Gnostics stated: “All of you will become Gods if you leave Egypt and Pass through the Red Sea (the Ocean of Temptations).”

The vapors of the materia prima of the Great Work would not ascend through the chimney without the help of the anxious Sylphs. The Gnomes need to distill the Gold in the brain and this is only possible with the help of the aerial Sylphs. The Gnomes transmute the lead into Gold.

The Magnus Opus would be impossible without the elementals. We need to become familiar with the ELEMENTALS OF NATURE.

-Paraphrase from Ch.4 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


Practices with the Elementals of Nature


FIRE: Light a fire then vocalize the Mantra INRI. This mantra is vocalized in two separate syllables: IN – RI. Prolong the sound of each letter. Concentrate on the fire that you have lit. (On the Candle, on the Oil Lamp or on the Charcoal) Meditate profoundly upon the fire. Fall asleep meditating on the fire. Invoke Samael, your friend, who wrote this Lecture and I will assist you in this practice. Then vocalize the “S” as an affable and fine whistle. Like the buzzing of a rattlesnake.


AIR: Seated on a comfortable chair or laying down (face up) with the body relaxed, you will profoundly meditate on the following supplication:

Spiritus Dei Ferebatur super aquas, et inspiravit in faciem hominis spiraculum vitae.
Sit Michael Dux Meus, et Sabtabiel servus meus, in luce et per lucem.
Fiat verbum halitus meus, et imperabo Spiritibus aeris hujus, et refrenabo equos solis voluntate cordis mei, et cogitatione mentis mei et nutu oculi dextri.
Exorciso igitur te, creatura aeris, per Penta-grammatón et in nómine Tetra-grammaton, in quibus sunt voluntas firma et fides recta.
Amen. Sela Fíat.

Blow towards the four cardinal points of the earth. Pronounce the letter H many times as if imitating a very deep sigh. Then fall asleep while meditating on the Genii Michael and Sabtabiel. This way you will become in contact with the Sylphs.


WATER: Before a cup of water, get into the state of slumber while meditating on the following Exorcism:

Fiat Firmamentum In Medio Aquarum Et Separet Aquas Ab Aquis,
Quae Superius Sicut Quae Inferius,
Et Quae Inferius Sicut Quae Superius Ad Perpetranda Miracula Rei Unius.
Sol Ejus Pater Est, Luna Mater Et Ventus Hanc Gestavit In Utero Suo,
Ascendit A Terra Ad Coelum Et Rursus A Chelo In Terram Descendit.
Exorciso Te Creatura Aquae,
Ut Sis Mihi Peculum Die Vivi In Operibus Ejus,
Et Fons Vitae, Et Abllutio Pecatorum.

Thereafter, while still in a state of slumber, vocalize the letter M as follows: Mmmmmmmm, with your lips hermetically sealed. This sound is like the bellow of the bull, yet it is a prolonged sustained sound that does not decrease like the bull does. The letter “M” is the Mantram of the Waters. This is how you will be in contact with the creatures of the waters. Thereafter, invoke the genie of the waters; the genie’s name is NICKSA.


EARTH: Profoundly meditate on the Heart-Temple of the center of Earth. Meditate on the Genie of Earth whose name is CHAMGAM. Beseech him to put you in contact with the Gnomes that inhabit the entrails of Earth. Call the Genie of the Gnomes. The Genie’s name is GOB. Fall asleep while concentrating on that Genie. Vocalize the Mantra I.A.O. When profound meditation is intelligently combined with the state of slumber, it allows you to enter into the Elemental Paradises of Nature.

Every Alchemist needs to work with the Elementals of Nature.

-Paraphrase from Ch.4 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


Additional Information about Arcanum 4

The Hieroglyphic of the Fourth Arcanum of the Tarot is the Emperor, The Sovereign appears forming a Marvelous Triangle with his body. When the legs of the Emperor are crossed, they form a Cross. Really this is the image of the Athanor of the Alchemists.

The Linking of the Cross with a Triangle is only possible by means of the Potable Gold (Sacred Fire) of Alchemy.

With Arcanum Four of the Tarot, the Being puts the Cross of Initiation upon the shoulders of the Initiate.

We will end this lecture by stating that the Elementals of Fire are commanded with the Trident of Iron or with the wand of Iron. The Elementals of the Air are commanded with an Eagle feather or any other bird. Those of Water are commanded with a cup filled with water. Those of the Earth with a sword or with a brand new knife.

The special kingdom of the Gnomes resides in the region of the North. That of the Salamanders in the South. That of the Sylphs in the East and that of the Undines in the West.

These four elemental hierarchies form a Cross.

Behold the Holy and Mysterious TETRAGRAMMATON [ יהוה ].

-Paraphrase from Ch.4 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


Description of the Card of the 4th Arcanum: “THE EMPEROR”

From the forehead of the Emperor the Serpent emerges, symbol of Mastery; the crown is formed of an asp , the THERMUTHIS, belonging to Isis, our Particular Divine Mother Kundalini.

Upon his head is a hat with 4 points, 4 angles, representing the 4 Elements, the 4 Gospels, the 4 Vedas etc. We also have in the hat the Alembic , the Receptacle : the sexual organs; the Stove, the Muladhara Chakra: the spinal column, and the Distiller: the brain.

In his right hand he sustains the Staff of Power.

He is seated upon the perfectly worked CUBIC STONE, a product of the previous Arcanum. Within the Stone is the cat, the Fire.

In the Waters of Life the Staff of Power, the Vertebral Column, is found.

-Paraphrase from Ch.4 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of
the Tarot and Kabalah
by Samael Aun Weor



The Cross has 4 points. The Cross of Initiation is phallic, the insertion of the vertical Phallus into the feminine CTEIS forms the Cross. It is the Cross of Initiation which we must take upon our shoulders.

We must comprehend that with its 4 points it symbolizes the 4 Cardinal Points of the Earth: North, South, East and West. The 4 Ages: Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron. The 4 Seasons of the year. The 4 Phases of the Moon.

The 4 Paths: Science, Philosophy, Art and Religion; speaking of the 4 Paths, we should comprehend that they are all really only one; which is the Strait and Narrow Path of the Razor’s Edge, the Path of the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Cross is a very ancient symbol, which has always been used, in all religions, by all peoples and it would be incorrect to consider it to be the exclusive emblem of one or another religious sect; when the Spanish conquistadors reached the holy land of the Aztecs they found the cross upon their altars.

The sign of the Cross, the sublime monogram of Christ Our Lord, the Cross of Saint Andrew and the miraculous Key of Saint Peter, are marvelous replicas which are of equal Alchemistic and Kabalistic value. It is then the sign which can assure victory to those who labor in the “Great Work”.

The Sexual Cross, the living symbol of the crossing of the Lingam-Yoni, has the unmistakable and marvelous imprint of the 3 keys which are employed to immolate the Christ-Matter, the image of the 3 Purifications by Iron and by Fire, without which Our Lord would not have been able to accomplish the Resurrection.

The Cross is an ancient hieroglyphic which is Alchemical, from the word ‘Crucible’ (creuset), which in French was previously called cruzel, crucibile, croiset. In Latin, ‘crucibulum’ (crucible), had as its root: crux, cruxis, cross. It is evident that all this invites us to reflection.

It is in the crucible where the materia prima of the Great Work suffers the passion of the Lord with infinite patience.

In the Erotic Crucible of Sexual Alchemy the “Ego” Dies and the “Phoenix Bird” is reborn from amongst its own ashes: INRI, “IN NECIS RENASCOR INTEGER”. (In death reborn pure and intact). The insertion of the vertical PHALLUS into the horizontal UTERUS forms a cross and this is something which anyone can verify.

If we reflect very seriously on that intimate relationship which exists between the “S” and the “Tau”, “Cross” or “T”, we arrive at the logical conclusion that it is only through the crossing of the “Lingam-Yoni” (the Phallus-Uterus), with the radical exclusion of physiological orgasm, that we can awaken the “Kundalini”, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers.

In the Nahuatl and Maya conception of the world the Sacred Swastika of the Great Mysteries was always defined with the Cross in Movement; which is the Nahuatl “Nahui-Ollin”, the sacred symbol of Cosmic Movement.

The two possible orientations of the Swastika clearly represent the Masculine and Feminine principles, the Positive and Negative principles of Nature. Two Swastikas, one in each direction perfectly superimposed, undoubtedly form the Cross Potent, and in this sense it represents the erotic conjunction of the sexes.

According to the Aztec legend, it was a couple, a man and a woman, who invented Fire and this is only possible with the Cross in Movement: INRI, Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra ; “THE FIRE RENEWS NATURE INCESSANTLY”.

The Cross also reveals the “QUADRATURE OF THE CIRCLE”, the key of Perpetual Motion. This Perpetual Motion is only possible by means of the Sexual Force of the Third Logos. If the Energy of the Third Logos stopped flowing in the Universe, Perpetual Motion would cease and there would be a cosmic breakdown. The Third Logos organizes the fundamental vortex of all that is born in the Universe and the infinitesimal vertex of the very last atom of any creation.

With Arcanum Four of the Tarot the Being takes upon his shoulders the CROSS OF INITIATION. If we make the following Kabalistic addition of Arcanum 4: (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10) we discover that 10 = 1 + 0 = 1, the Monad. THE TETRAGRAMMATON IS EQUAL TO THE MONAD.

-Paraphrase from Ch.4 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of
the Tarot and Kabalah
by Samael Aun Weor



Arcanum № 4 is very interesting, it refers to the Cross with Four Points, the Cubic Stone which is the basis of the Great Work, that which must be carved.

Speaking about the School of the Fourth Way, we find that Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Nicoll, have expounded that which they know, but the exposition contains many defects; for example: Gurdjieff commits the error of confusing the KUNDALINI with the abominable KUNDARTIGUADOR Organ and Ouspensky commits the same error; we must not forget that there is that Blind Fohatic Force which has people hypnotised, but that it has nothing to do with the Kundalini; the Kundartiguador is the Lunar Fire.

The Bible speaks of the 44 Fires, but one can only speak of Two Great Fires: Kundalini and Kundartiguador. The first is the Pentecostal Fire, the Ray of Vulcan ascending the Spinal Column; the Positive Fire which crystallizes in Worlds and Suns. Its antithesis is the Kundartiguador, the Negative Fire which crystallizes in those Psychological Aggregates, those screaming and troublesome “I’s” which we carry within, they are negative crystallizations which have people submerged in the unconscious.

Gurdjieff also commits the error of saying nothing about the Lunar Bodies which everyone has, and only says that we must transform the Being and create the Solar Bodies. Ouspensky speaks about the Second Birth, but his teachings are incomplete. First we create the Solar Bodies for ourselves in the Ninth Sphere, attaining the Second Birth; but neither Gurdjieff nor Ouspensky give the key.

The School of the Fourth Way is very ancient, it comes from archaic lands; it is the basis of the Great Mysteries, one finds it alive in Gnosticism, in the religions of the Egyptians, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Phoenicians etc. The Fourth Way is the Path that must be traversed, we must march with equilibrium in SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY, ART AND RELIGION.

Previously, in the art of the theatre, the Three Brains of the individual were informed, the Motor, Emotional and Intellectual, nowadays schools only give information to the Intellectual Brain; and unhealthy states of Mind and neurosis are due to this. By balancing the Three Brains, mental disequilibrium is avoided.

Science is contained within the whole Cosmos; it exists even when the Sciences do not exist.

Arcanum 4 of the Tarot is the Holy and Mysterious TETRAGRAMMATON. The Sacred name of the Eternal has 4 letters: YOD, HEH, VAU, HEH [ יהוה ].

[ י ] YOD MAN – MAN

They are the 4 words which lead us to the Ninth Sphere, to Sex, to the Forge of Cyclops, to the famous FIERY FORGE OF VULCAN, in order to raise the Sacred Serpent of our Magical Powers and carry it to the heart, thus receiving the Sacred Cross of Initiation in the Temple of the Divine Mother.

The number 4 also represents the 4 Physical Elements and the 4 Elements of the Alchemy.


The old Alchemists said that the Sulphur had to fecundate the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy in order for the Salt to regenerate; that is, that the Fire must fecundate the Water so that the human being may regenerate, and Self-Realize themselves.

We also find in this Arcanum the secret of the Sphinx, and we are reminded of the Four Sacred Animals of Sexual Alchemy:


These are the representative values of the Sphinx, the Four Elements of Solar Alchemy. WE NEED THE TENACITY OF THE BULL AND THE WINGS OF THE SPIRIT. The Sphinx speaks to us of the Great Work which is realized with the Four Elements.

On a certain occasion, I met with the Elemental of the Sphinx; it is a marvelous Elemental, its feet were heavy with mud; it blessed me, and I said to it: “I now understand why your feet are heavy with mud, because of this Age of Kali Yuga”. The entrance to the Archaic Temples of the past was normally a hole hidden in some mysterious spot in the dense forest.

We left Eden via the doorway of Sex, and only by that door can we return to Eden. Eden is Sex itself, it is the strait, narrow and difficult gate which leads to the Light. In the solitude of those Mysterious Sanctuaries the Neophytes were submitted to the 4 Initiatic Ordeals. The ordeals of Fire, of Air, of Water and of Earth always defined the different purifications of the neophytes. The Neophytes are submitted to the 4 Initiatic Ordeals which are verified in the Internal Worlds.

Man is still not king of Nature, but he is called to be so after the order of Melchizedek. The disciple must be tested in the 4 Elements, in order to examine him he is submitted to ordeals in the 49 Regions of Thought. These ordeals are for all men and women. It can assist one to have pure thoughts, but this is not all, Meditation is necessary.

All the students of Kabalah must familiarize themselves with all of the Elemental Creatures:


These Elementals are utilized in order to work in the transmutation of lead into Gold upon the CENTRAL MOUNTAIN RANGE (Spinal Column).

In the words YOD-HEH-VAU-HEH [ יהוה ], we find the mystery of the Tetragrammaton (the Holy 4), the Four Words, the Four Elements, deeper still, we find our Being, the MOST COMPLETE DIVINITY.

From Ain Soph, which is a SUPER DIVINE Atom within each one of us, emanates the Three Divine Forces, that of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, giving the final synthesis of: 3 + 1 = 4.

The Tetragrammaton – (YOD-HEH-VAU-HEH [ יהוה ]). Being the Sacred summary of number 4.

-Paraphrase from Ch.26 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of
the Tarot and Kabalah
by Samael Aun Weor


SYNTHESIS of Arcanum 4:

The Master is formed by Atman-Buddhi. Atman is the Intimus. Buddhi is the Divine Soul, that is to say, the Divine Consciousness of the Intimus.

When a Logos wants to redeem a world, it emanates from Itself a celestial prototype formed of Atman-Buddhi. The Logos is the Sephirothic crown, the individual ray from whence the Intimus itself emanates. That Ray is Triune, it is the Most Holy Trinity within us. So then, every Logos is triune.

The Father is Kether, the Ancient of Days. The Son is the Cosmic Christ in us. The Holy Spirit is the husband of the Divine Mother in us.

The Mother carries a lantern in her hand. That lantern is the Intimus, which burns within our heart.

-Paraphrase from Ch.26 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of
the Tarot and Kabalah
by Samael Aun Weor



NOTE: Additional information related to this Arcanum can be found in Ch. 15 (Elementals) of Secret Doctrine of Anahuac



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