Historical and Rosicrucian Supplement


Huiracocha and the “Magical Self” According to A. Frank Glahn (1920)

In Glahn’s German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche] , in the section entitled “Magic”, he gives an interesting explanation. Let’s take a look:

The word ‘Magic’ refers to the Existence and the Effect of Forces [Wirkung von Kräften ] which cannot be perceived by the five senses.

Since everything happens in Space and Time, Forces must be bound spatially and temporally, they are then in Things or are tied to them. Therefore, they are also subject to Natural-Laws [Naturgesetzen ].

The Magician knows these Forces and knows how to use them consciously [bewußt ].

Every Human-Being is unconsciously a Magician. However, the word ‘Magician’ is only applied to such Persons who direct Forces with Knowledge and Consciousness.

Strong Willpower is Magic, it radiates [strahlt ] inadvertently and subdues Weakness-of-Will. A Woman’s Charm is also a magical Power, as is a Man’s Sexual-Force.

All Radiations [Strahlungen ] are magical Forces [magische Kräfte ], even the Smell of a Flower. Every Human-Being has a magical Force within themselves which is often unknown to them; it is called the magical Self [das magische Ich ], and it can be made effective [wirksam gemacht werden ] by the Knower.

There is Magic in every Sound, in every consciously transmitted Word. The persuasive Speaker magically captivates the Listeners. A Prayer transmitted with full Soul-Force [voller Seelenkraft ] is a magical Force that has been put into Effect [in Wirkung gesetzt worden ist ]. Likewise, a Curse “hurled” with Will and Consciousness is a Force set into Motion [Bewegung ], which quite often flies back upon the Issuer like a Boomerang and they end up striking themselves.

All Soul-Forces are Components [Bestandteile ] of the magical Self.

Now Natural-Forces outside of the Human-Being differ from those inside, and thus there is a need to differentiate the Magician of the Natural-Force from the Magician of their own Soul-Force.

The real Magician is the one who works with Soul-Forces, they use their own Person as a Deposit/Pledge [Pfande ]. All magically applied [wendeten ] Soul-Forces have an effect [wirken ] which Returns-to-the-Mover [Bewegerzurück ]!

Every Human-Being is able to objectify the Soul-Forces, to split or branch them off [abzuspalten ], these Split-Beings [Spaltwesen ] are either Demons in black Magic, or Genii in white Magic. Their Existence can be demonstrated with the Pendulum.

In the German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche] such magical Forces are mentioned and their Training is taught in certain highly-spiritual Areas.

-Paraphrase from German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche ] (1920)
by A. Frank Glahn

We know that in Huiracocha’s course on Tarot & Kabbalah, he references Glahn’s German Tarot. The concept of the ‘Magical BEING [el SER Mágico ]’ employed by Huiracocha (in his Lesson on the Is Rune) seems to have been influenced by Glahn.

The above excerpt may shed some light on the following quotes from that Lesson in Huiracocha’s Runic Course:

This Rune is the Human Magician, the Magical BEING [el SER Mágico ], the willpower BEING [el SER voluntad ], the thelema BEING, the capable BEING [el SER poder ].

…The Human Being is, then, the Magician [el Mago ], the one who knows how to manage their inner powers [sus poderes internos ].

…The Human Being is a living rune, perched vertically on the Earth like a King/Queen and Lord. In this rune position, one is an accumulator and an antenna of the cosmic forces (as we have learned in the Zodiacal Course). The point is to do this Rune and to consciously personify it. This is how the Human Being becomes a True Magician. Do not forget that this antenna can attract good and bad waves in the same position, and you have to remain with complete Attention in order to always reject the bad ones and to learn how to only receive the good ones for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

In Vocalization (long course) we have learned that the vowels correspond to certain parts of the body and that “I” (which is the tone of this Rune) has to resound and has its resonance from the feet to the head. The Human Being, in this Rune, is the connection between the Earth and the Cosmos, between the terrestrial forces and God.

…Schopenhauer placed the Will in the center of all and, thus, this Rune also represents Willpower, but Willpower as a Movement, that is to say, of Moving without being Moved and in this lies the great secret.

-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Magical Self” According to Samael Aun Weor

In Samael Aun Weor’s Treatise of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic [Tratado de Medicina Oculta y Magia Practica ] , in the section entitled “Occult Works with our Neighbors”, we have another interesting explanation:

Occult works with our neighbor are performed:
      [1] with the genii from the stars,
      [2] with the elementals of nature
      [3] and with the “magical SELF”.

The magician’s “magical SELF” is the INTIMUS [el ÍNTIMO ].

For example: if we want to join an enamored couple in wedlock, then we must beg our INTIMUS so that He, in his turn, will beg URIEL. If URIEL allows this petition, then we will work with Uriel and with the elementals from Nature. Yet, if the petition to this Genie from Venus is not accepted, then we have no other choice but to prostrate ourselves before the verdict of the Law, because the Law must not be violated.

No white magician violates the Law. Whosoever performs magical works without permission of their INTIMUS and against the will of the Divine Hierarchies is a black magician who will pay their karma within the abyss.

While in meditation we can visit the Heart Temples of the Stars, because through meditation we can achieve being completely within the INTIMUS, that is to say, we can completely become the “magical SELF”. We can also visit the sidereal temples in our astral bodies.

-Paraphrase from Treatise of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic
(also called Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic )
by Samael Aun Weor


A. Frank Glahn and the Purpose of Magic

Below we will continue to paraphrase from Glahn’s German Tarot-Book , in order to share his perspective on Occultism:

Let’s divide the existing unintentional Natural-Force into physical and psychic ones. The Westerners have aspired for the Mastery [Beherr ] of the physical-ones, the Easterners (especially the highly-educated Peoples of South-Asia) have researched the psychic-ones and brought them into their Power [Macht ].

However, Europe also has a Guild of Psychologists, but these Researchers-of-the-Soul [Seelenforscher ] have, so far, only pronounced the word ‘Fraud’ with conviction when Soul-Forces (which they do not know) are actuated. European Scholars have always distinguished themselves in their Condemnation of everything Unknown to them…

The unintentional physical-forces or blind Natural-Forces are: Magnetism, Galvanism, Electricity and all Types-of-Radiation [Strahlungsarten ]. Even physically provable Radiations are still explained by individual “Scholars” as Fraud.

Unintentional Soul-Forces, which the Magician can control, are (among others): Fear/Anxiety [Furcht ], Shock/Fright [Schreck ], Hate, Faith/Belief [Glauben ], Love [Liebe ], Despair/Frustration [Verzweiflung ], Enthusiasm/Delight [Begeisterung ].

We have mentioned only the States and Qualities [Zustände und Eigenschaften ] known to everyone, whose Force is proverbial, but to repeat: every Quality is essential and has an Agent or acting Force [wirkende Kraft ].

Scientific Occultism is engaged in the Investigation these Qualities and their Agents, but the purposeful or consciously-aimed Training in order to Self-Master them is still far away.

No one will be able to understand mystical Forces who’s Conceptions are not permeated with these super-scientific Realizations and Forces [überwissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen und Kräften ].

No one can train in higher Forces [höheren Kräften ] who doubts their Existence, because no one can control Forces that are ‘not there’ for them.

The Mysteriousness of these Forces consists only in their Unfamiliarity; they are, nonetheless, accessible to everyone. The only one who cannot control them, is the one who is controlled by them!

Either you are controlled by them or you control them, there is no Intermediate-State!

It is not the Domination [Herrschaft ] that is difficult, but the Liberation from Controlled-Existence, from Being-Ruled [Befreiung vom Beherrschtsein ].

Whosoever has made themselves free is already a Monarch [Herrscher ].

The work must begin with the Demons, of which I name the most powerful: Lust; Hatred; Revenge; and all Passions! It is not Renunciation that counts, but establishing one’s own Governance instead of Being-Ruled.

A sudden powerful Event can lift the heaviest Intoxication, can turn black hair gray, or can unleash supernatural Forces [übernormale Kräfte ]: the Lord of Forces [Herr der Kräfte ] can bring this about consciously at any time.

And isn’t it true that what can control you must be intrinsic and possess Force [Kräfte besitzen ]?

The Purpose of Magic is to transform [wandeln ] the Imperfect into Perfection.

“You shall be perfect as Your Father in Heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

-Paraphrase from German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche ] (1920)
by A. Frank Glahn


A. Frank Glahn and the Magical Qualities of God

In the Qualities of a Thing one is able to see the Characteristics of its Present-Being or Existence [Vorhandensein ]. A Body, a Force without Qualities is unthinkable, impossible. The same applies to Consciousness.

Movement [Bewegung ] without a Moving-Thing [Zubewegendes ] is also impossible. For this, a Drive/Activation [Antrieb ] must inevitably take place, out of an Impulse [Impuls ]. This is determined in the ancient Trinity: Substance, Force and Impulse.

The Foundation in every Thing is another Trinity: Body, Soul and Spirit:
      • With the term Body is to be understood every Form.
      • With the term Soul one should understand the Contents, that is to say: the conscious and unconscious Instinctive-Life [Triebleben ], the World of Feelings, Desires and Passions, the Perceiving, Building-Up and Breaking-Down of the Form, the Imagining, Animating, etc.
      • With the term Spirit is to be understood the Realization, the Ability-to-See-Things-Abstractly [Abstraktionsfähigkeit ], to Judge, and the Consistency both as Ability [Fähigkeit ], and as the real self [eigentliche ich ].

Therefore, wherever we find this Trinity, it is already acting [wirkt ].

In which Things is the Trinity to be recognized? We must concede that it is in Being, in Existence, and in a magical Force & its Effect [magische Kraft und Wirkung ].

From this the conclusion is to be drawn, furthermore, that a God-as-Creator [Gott-Schöpfer ] would not be provable, not recognizable, in short: it would be missing for us Humans who do not act and move [wirkte und bewegte ].

The Omnipotence of God (at least as we understand it) manifests itself in Being and in Existence [im Sein, im Dasein ], but not in Non-Existence.

These realizations are absolutely necessary, because they enable us to see the Qualities of God as effective magical and creative Entities [wirksame magische und schöpferische Wesenheiten ].

By way of comparison, we could say that there are Entities that have been Sliced or Split-Off from God [Spaltungswesen Gottes ]. As such, these Slices or Spin-Offs [Abspaltungen ] can also affect [auswirken ] Humans, but with the qualitative Difference that exists between God-as-Creator and Human-Creature.

Such Divine-Entities [Gottwesenheiten ] are seen in:
      • the Sephiroth of the Kabbalah,
      • in the “Names of God”
      • and in the “Numbers”.

If I call upon the ‘Grace of God’, I am addressing an intrinsic divine Quality, and this aspect exists in the same way that no one will doubt the essential Existence of Motherly-Love.

The Opposite of Nothing is Something, and something can exist and act [wirken ] only in Space and Time. As above — so below! Whether there is a World besides ours which allows another Being and Acting [Sein und Wirken ], even a Being without Acting, we don’t know.

So we are convinced that Force, Soul, and Spirit are not insubstantial, but intrinsic and inherent.

It is unimportant, whether we say that: Force, Soul, Spirit are Substances, or that they are Qualities bound to Substances, because in the end: it comes out for us in One = 1.

And since every Quality of ours can be traced back to one, then 1 is qualitatively the Sum of everything that Exists. From ‘1 = one’ everything arises [entspringt ].

1 = God-as-Creator.

The Soul = 2 can be good or bad like the Spirit = 3, thus both have qualitatively two Poles.

The ‘good’ pole is called Theology which is directed towards God, whereas the ‘bad’ Pole is called Demonology and is directed to the perverted Shadows. The Teaching of the Church calls the Entities of the good pole Angel, Archangel, etc., and those of the bad pole Satan, the Devil, etc.

-Paraphrase from German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche ] (1920)
by A. Frank Glahn


A. Frank Glahn’s Basis of Magical Training and the Word

Continuous Exercise with available Forces [vorhandener Kräfte ] leads to Mastery [Beherrschung ], leading us from our own Experiences to Experiential-Knowledge.

The Training of one’s own soul and spiritual Forces [seelischer und geistiger Kräfte ] leads to Magic. Conscious Practice requires comprehensive Knowledge [genaue Kenntnisse ].

Influence, Sex appeal, Prophecy, Psychometry: everything is Magic. The conscious Magician is a Knower, an Artist [Könner ], a Master [Beherrscher ] of their Forces; they are not a Medium.

“In the Beginning was the Word”, i.e. the consciously emitted Will. This is also the Beginning of our Training: strict Thinking and Development [Denken und Bildung ] as well as Emitting sharply grasped Concepts.

This Activity [Tätigkeit ] leads to the Development of Rays-of-Force or Force-Radiation [Kraftstrahlen ], and these can be directed to a certain Aim or held in Forms.

These Processes are demonstrable. The simplest Apparatus for this purpose is the Sidereal Pendulum and every Student should include it in their Exercises and Research. The Importance of its use arises from the Possibility of objectively examining one’s own Performance as accurately as that of others.

No one reaches the desired Aim who does not set [einstellt ] themselves up properly for it. Before starting, “the Slate must be wiped-clean”, i.e. there is a determined Rejection of everything that has been Accepted, Learned and Believed so far.

If we are not touched by the Confession-of-Faith of foreign Churches (which obliges us to nothing), then we position ourselves in the same way against our own Church, to which we have been unwillingly delivered [willenlos zugeführt ].

Every Scholasticism is renounced, no matter from which side it approaches us, whether Church, Science or Political Party. This is because it is almost always in a Struggle against higher-spiritual Realization, always Fighting the battle with material means of Power & Coercion instead of with spiritual Weapons. Moreover, the Thought-Processes of material Science are applicable only to their Subject-Areas, whereas our Training begins in the “Border-Areas” of so-called Parapsychology.

Instead of the Churches (in their colorful Multiplicity) we place the only Religion, and we begin with the Superstructure of all Churches: God as Ur-Force [Urkraft], God-as-Creator. Therefore we are interested in Service-of-God instead of Service-of-the-Church.

God’s Temple is in us [Gottes Tempel: in uns ]; the Kingdom of God is in our Bosom.

In the Beginning was Action [Tat ]: this Wiping-Out, Putting-Away, this Oath to God is the first Action. Attainment of spiritual Liberation in God-Connectedness. Independence in Thinking, based on the Causal-Law [Kausalgesetz ]: no Effect without Cause, no Cause without Effect.

Cold and sharp is the eastern Wind-of-Dawn, it clears the Air, it dispels the Clouds, and turns the transparent Heavens blue. Walk/Change [wandle ] with this Wind, not against it!

-Paraphrase from German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche ] (1920)
by A. Frank Glahn


A. Frank Glahn’s Vocalization and Vowel-Exercises

Experiential-Knowledge comes from Experience: Every Word is formed Experiential-Knowledge and has Meaning. Every meaningful Thing (the Word is also a Thing) has Body, Soul and Spirit exactly like the Human-Being, its Originator. Consequently, it has Past, Present and a Future, and is spatially and temporally conditioned.

It lives in the Moment of its Spoken-Development and then passes-away. Passing-Away and Dying is not Cessation, nothing stops. Everything is subject to Dying and Becoming, to the Trinity of: Becoming – Ruling – Changing/Transforming [Werden – Walten – Wandeln ].

Going up – Working – Going-Down: a constant Working. Like the Sun, which also does not stop when it sets or goes down.

This Day- and Night-Existence is valid for everything Existing; unchangeably every Thing disappears in the Nights, in order to rise out of the Darkness becoming radiant again to Rule anew in the Days.

No Word exists without Vowels, they need the Vowel-Sounds [Selbstlauten ]. However, Word-Stems/Trunks are formed from the Consonants. Each Culture fills these with Vowels. Each Vowel has a certain Pitch, it Vibrates and effects [wirkt ] the Area-of-the-Body it controls when it is Pronounced. Therefore, Vowel-Exercises can be used for Healing-Purposes [Heilzwecken ].

Each Vowel is Connected with the Body in the following way:

“i” with the Brain, the Brow
“e” with the Throat and Larynx
“a” with the Apex-of-the-Lungs
“oa” with the Bosom/Chest
“o” with the Heart
“ö” with the Diaphragm, Liver, Stomach, Solar-Plexus
“ü” with the Kidneys
“u” with the Intestines
“ui” with the Sexual-Organs.

Vocalize the Vowels and observe the Excitation of the indicated Bodily-Organs!

Raise the Index-Finger while Standing and let the Vowel “i” sound. At the same time, direct the Eyes to the Index-Finger so it will catch cosmic Radiations [kosmische Strahlungen ] like an Antenna. The Finger becomes hot, and clearly noticeable are the Currents [Ströme] of cosmic Radiations that trickle through the Body to the Feet, and beneath the Soles-of-the-Feet begins to tingle.

Now form Λ = “a” with Thumb and Index-Finger, so the Current is conducted to the Lungs. Next, with both Fingers closed form the “o”, so the Heart will come into Excitation. “A” and “O” are to be vocalized at the same time.

Consider the follow correspondences:
      • the Vowel-Sound “i” to the Index-Finger and the Cerebrum as well as the Feet
      • the Vowel-Sound “e” to the Little-Finger and the Larynx
      • the Vowel-Sound “a” to the Middle-Finger and the Lungs
      • the Vowel-Sound “o” to the Ring-Finger and the Heart
      • the Vowel-Sound “u” to the Thumb and the Intestines as well as the Abdomen.

The Pitch of the individual Vowels-Sounds according to Notes:

Pronounced at-the-right length, each Note sounds almost like it is Sung [gesungen ], like chanting or psalmoding. Everyone has their own Natural-Pitch which is correct independent of the Key.

-Paraphrase from German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche ] (1920)
by A. Frank Glahn


A. Frank Glahn and the Esotericism of Letters

The Vowels are Life-Currents [Lebensströme ] of a spiritual Type. They are to be regarded as divine Elemental-Forces or Ur-Forces [Urkräfte ].

Consonants are earthly [irdisch ], they are Stoppages, which indicate personal Experience. Consonants cannot sound without Vowels since the Consonants give them form: Vowels fill-in the Forms with divine Force [göttlicher Kraft ].

Words formed by Vowels and Consonants reach the Astral- or Intermediate-Realm, but not God per se. But do not forget: God-as-Creator works by Pronouncing the Word, this Word penetrates as Life-Current [Lebensstrom ] into the Creature!

The Letters, therefore, are not Forms to be animated [belebenden Formen ], but are Life itself, working in us!

With certain Words there is the possibility of falling-victim [anheimzufallen ] to Astral-Beings or Demons, and ancient Magical-Incantations [Zauberbeschwörungen ] provide Examples and Evidence for this. Therefore, the Vowel-Exercises are recommended because they Prevent this Possibility and because of their Ease.

The following Practices are to be taken with the Idea that the Currents of Life enter through the corresponding stretched out Fingers, according to the respective Vowels. They are led into the Feet and then rise over Toes, Ankle, Knee; then Abdomen, Viscera; then Heart, Lungs, Larynx; and, finally, into the Brain.

Very quickly the Vibration of these Organs in particular, and of the whole Body, is felt, then a wonderful harmonious Stimulation follows and lasts for a long time. Even when Walking, they will sound by themselves.


Do this Practice slowly, until each Note vibrates [bebt ] from the Feet to the Head. Note the following:
      • “I A O” is the three-letter name of God.
      • “I E O U A” = Jehovah the five-letter one, which contains all 5 Vowels.
      • When Moses asks God his Name, the response is “Eheieh Asher Eheieh”, which means: “Who I was, who I am, who I will be”.

Regarding the Consonants:
      • “H” stands on the border as an Aspiration or Breath-Sound [Hauchlaut ].
      • Another Semi-vowel is the rolling “R”, the hissing “S” and “Seh”, the babbling “L”.
      • The murmuring “M” and walking “G” are still applicable in higher Purpose,
      • All other Consonants have separating Character and are essentially material in Nature.

Consequently, we have 5 Vowels and 7 Consonants = 12 Letters which come to the Forefront for Meditations. Additionally, the Vowel-Compounds “ei” “ai” “ui” “oa”, “ao” “au” “oe” “ue” are sharpening Combinations.

Returning to the Hand, I refer to the association of the Planets with the Fingers:

In the Clenched-Fist the following touch: with .   with and ,   with . Of these, conjunction and are considered bad.

However, these astrological Associations agree with my Experience:
      • Little-Finger with Mercury, “E” and Larynx,
      • Ring-Finger with Sun, “O” and Heart,
      • Middle-Finger with Saturn, “A” and Lungs,
      • Index-Finger with Jupiter, “I” and Brain,
      • Thumb with / [Mars/Venus] “U”, Belly and Abdomen.

Concentrate in order to bring the Letters up over the Arch-of-the-Foot, Climbing-Up over the Toes, Ankles, Knees and then up to the indicated Organs.

-Paraphrase from German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche ] (1920)
by A. Frank Glahn


A. Frank Glahn and J.B. Kerning’s Vocalization Techniques

Kerning differs in some respects with regards to the correspondences. He distinguishes the following:

The Letters-Exercises [Buchstaben-Übungen ] underlie the three Degrees-of-Freemasonry.

But it is to be noted that this Teaching is quite unknown in the Masonic-Lodges.

Kerning now teaches further:

1) One stretches the Index-Finger Upwards and inhales the “I” sound until one sees and feels the Letter “I”. (One feels it as a hot Current from the Head to under the Soles-of-the-Feet).

2) Form with Thumb and Index-Finger the Angle-Measure or Square [Winkelmaß ] until the Letter “A” is seen and felt.

3) If “I” and “A” can now be clearly perceived and inwardly felt, then place them on the Neck to communicate them to the whole Body. (In the case of the Freemasons, the Hand is quickly withdrawn in the process, but this Exercise is very disadvantageous in the case of strong Concentration, as everyone will feel!)

4) Once this is secured and practiced, one forms an Arc/Bow [Bogen ] with Thumb and Index-Finger. In this Sign the “O” is clearly felt. The modification of the Fingers can also include them being bent, but they must not be closed into a Fist. The “O”–Arc/Bow [O-Bogen ] is resolved in the “A”–Angle-Measure or Square [A-Winkelmaß ], like “I” in “A” before. This is then called “OA”.

5) This “OA” is placed on the Belly [Leib ] with the Hand slightly bent to make the O palpable, in order to spread it over and through the whole Body. (The Free-Masons instead position the Thumb on the Belly, which agrees with my Experience that the Thumb relates to the Letter “U”, which has its Organs in the Belly).

With this Exercise the Key to the Temple is acquired [gewonnen ], which is with the Basic-Word IAO, in all Mysteries the Root of the Word of God, powerful, and can (if one is Serious) come to Wisdom, safely walking Step-by-Step to their Sanctuary [Heiligtum ].

6) The “E” becomes noticeable [deutlich ], if the Joint of the Thumb is put over the foremost Joint of the Index-Finger, forming a Cross. Others feel it as two Strokes [Striche ] side-by-side, as well as a pointed Obelisk, or as the Staff-of-Mercury [Merkurstab ] among the Greeks.

7) The “AE”, approaching the “A”, is felt in a pointed [triangle] . It can be formed with the Thumb and Index-Finger. The modification of the Fingers gives this Form by themselves when they are separated from each other.

8) “U” expresses itself through the Hand clenched into a Fist. (I don’t find this to be true, because the Fist means Switching-Off of the Life-Currents, it is the Sign for Closure, Stubbornness, Attack, Fight!)

9) “UI” is seen and felt as a thick Stroke. The Thumb is the natural “UI”.

All these Forms can be put into effect not only by Fingers and Gestures, but also through external Means, Stick/Staff [Stäbe ], cut/carved Forms [geschnittene Formen ], through Strokes/Lines, Effective Drawings [Zeichnung in Wirksamkeit ].

The usual Inhalation of the Breath [Einziehen des Atems ] is through the Nose or Mouth, but this is the opposite through Organs that we cover (the Private-Parts).

Through Practice, one gains other Poles [Gegensätze ]: through the Nose and Navel, Nose and Cheeks or ‘Heart-Dimples [Herzgrübchen ]’, or through the Clavicular Indentations or ‘Dimples on the Neck’ [Grübchen am Halse ].

Later, one gains the Skill to breathe against the Nose through the Toes, heels, ankles, knees, thighs, hips, back, kidneys, lungs, liver, from the back of the neck, and finally through the brain with discrimination of all its Organs. (This does not mean the physical Breath, but the mystical one, like the Life-Currents).

Not only all Vowels, but also all Consonants can be breathed-in [einatmen ]. It works safer if Consonants are placed next to the Vowels to be practiced, because their Strike/Swing or Pulling-Force [Schlag oder Ziehkraft ] makes the Feeling clearer.

That’s all for Kerning’s Plan.

-Paraphrase from German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche ] (1920)
by A. Frank Glahn


A. Frank Glahn, Language and the Different Types of Humans

It is now necessary to grasp and understand each individual Word completely, according to the three Elements. This gives a most captivating and instructive continued Exercise.

Take a Word every Day, examine it according to the Elements and the Types-of-Application, all Relations and Variations. Begin with the Simpler-Types of Language, so much-used Words like: being, is, self, you, above, below, etc.

Soon we will come to the Exercises-of-Animation [Belebungsübungen ], where a Number of Words will be given, which are intended for these Thinking-Exercises [Denkübungen ].

The Purpose is to understand the Meaning of each Word, the magically charged Speech will arise from it by itself.

The spiritual Benefits [Nutzen ] of this Exercise are tremendous! The Manner-of-Speaking becomes accurate, effective, concise and yet exhaustive.

The Simple-Minded person speaks simple-mindedly, they are wordy, they embarrassingly search for a suitable Expression and often do not find it.

The Versatile person becomes a Language-Shaper [Sprachbildner ]. With him every Word works like a Diamond in the atoning Color-Sparkle [büßenden Farbfunkeln ], he recognizes the inner Relations to the Basic-Plan of Creation.

Every Human-Being belongs to one of the following Groups according to their Disposition:
      • Human-of-Action [Tatmensch ]
      • Human-of-Feeling/Emotion [Gefühlsmensch ]
      • Human-of-Intellect/Mind [Verstandesmensch ].

According to their Group, they primarily feel their Essence-Side [Wesensseite ] resounding in every Word:
      • The Human-of-Action [Tatmensch ] speaks with Force and Energy [Kraft und Energie ] in their Speech;
      • the Human-of-Feeling/Emotion [Gefühlsmensch ] feels the Soul in the Word and creates by painting Expressions of living Instinctive-Values [lebender Triebwerte ];
      • the Human-of-Intellect/Mind [Verstandesmensch ] fathoms, arranges, explains, and makes comprehensible.

Therefore, each Group uses the same Word differently. Their Disposition is to be recognized from the Language.

However, the Expression in pure Form is somewhat rare, mostly we meet Mixed-Forms, which are composed of:
      • 2/3 Human-of-Action, and 1/3 Man-of-Intellect/Mind or Man-of-Feeling/Emotion.
      • 2/3 of a Human-of-Intellect/Mind and 1/3 of a Man-of-Action or Man-of-Feeling/Emotion.
      • 2/3 Human-of-Feeling/Emotion and 1/3 Man-of-Action or Man-of-Intellect/Mind.
      • Finally, the Mishmash, 1/3 of each Kind.

Now further examine each Writer or Speaker on the Basis of their Language and determine their Type. Of course, first of all one’s own Disposition must be recognized, then it can be easily judged with which Type modification is necessary for inner Harmony to be possessed.

Humans-of-Feeling/Emotion are never suitable for leadership or high-ranking Posts [leitenden Posten ], they can never operate Magic [Magie betreiben ], because Magic is directed toward Action-Work [auf Tatwirken gerichtet ist ].

Each Type has its own Fate/Destiny [Schicksal ] and corresponding Post that can only be filled by them.

Knowledge-of-Type is Knowledge-of-Humans, without which it is impossible to Work actively in human Society.

-Paraphrase from German Tarot-Book [Deutschen Tarotbuche ] (1920)
by A. Frank Glahn



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