Psychology is a very ancient Science that has its origin in the Schools of the Ancient Mysteries. The instructors of the Ancient Mystery Schools were always suspicious of the tendency some people have to use Psychology for selfish purposes (political, economic, social, etc.), and so: Psychology was intelligently disguised as Philosophy.

At the shores of the Ganges river, we can find pure experimental Psychology in the Sacred Vedas of the Hindus. The seven yogas have always been described as “methods, philosophical systems or proceedings”.

In the Arab world, if we study the sacred teachings of the Sufis we will discover that they are part metaphysical and part religious, and in reality they are of a Psychological order.

In ancient Europe, in order to pass by unnoticed, Psychology again wore the robes of Philosophy.

If we do a comparative study of religions, we will see that Psychology has always been intimately associated with all the religious principles.

If we analyze Religious Literature throughout the world, we will discover wonderful treasures of the Psychological Science. In the ancient Mystery Schools of Greece, Egypt, Rome, India, Persia, México, Perú, Assyria, Chaldea, etc., Psychology was always tied to Art, Science, Philosophy, and Religion (or mysticism).

In ancient times, Psychology was intelligently hidden in the form of:

  • the sacred Dancers
  • or within the enigma of the remarkable Hieroglyphics
  • or in the beautiful Sculptures
  • or in the Poetry
  • or in the tragedies, dramas and comedies [of the Theater]
  • and even in the delightful Music of the temples

Before art, science, philosophy, and religion separated to live independently: Psychology reigned supreme in all the Ancient Mystery Schools.