Gnostic Explanation of Fire Worship

Ancient Fire Worship in Persia

Fire worship was grandiose in ancient Persia. Fire worship is very ancient. It is said that this form of worship preceded the dynasty of Achaemenid and the epoch of Zoroaster.

The Persian priests possessed a very rich esoteric liturgy related with fire worship. The ancient Persian sages were never careless with the fire. They had the mission to always keep it lit.

The Secret Doctrine of Avesta says that there are different fires:
      • the fire from lightning that flashes in the terrible night,
      • that which works inside the human organism producing calories and directing the processes of digestion,
      • that which is concentrated in the innocent plants of nature,
      • that which smolders within the interior of the mountains, and which is vomited out by the volcanoes of the Earth,
      • the Fire that is before Ahura Mazda forming his divine halo,
      • and the everyday fire that the profane use to cook their food.

The Persians used to say that when boiling water is spilled, or when a living being is burnt, in those cases God stops all the benefits he has granted to his privileged people.

Really, the fire has many modifications, but of all the fires, the most powerful is the one that blazes before Ahura Mazda (The Solar Logos), forming his divine halo.

This fire is the result of the transmutation of the sexual secretions. This is the Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers, the Fire of the Holy Spirit.

Whosoever wants to find the fire of Ahura Mazda, must search for it within the interior of their philosophical earth. This Earth is the human organism itself.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 28 of The Perfect Matrimony


The Fire Altar and its Maintenance

The Persian priests cultivated this fire in places of complete darkness, subterranean temples and secret places.

The altar was always an enormous metal chalice with its base upon the philosophical stone: the Sacred ALTAR Stone [el ARA sagrada ].

The fire was always fed with fragrant and dry wood, especially the delicious branches of sandalwood.

The old priests always blew upon the fire with bellows, so as not to profane it with the sinful breath from the human mouth.

Fill your chalice with the sacred wine of light.

Remember, dear reader, that the secret and philosophical living fire blazes within your own philosophical earth.

Now you will comprehend the occult mystery of the ritual of fire.

Two priests always tended the fire. Here we have the binary.

They each used tongs to place the pieces of wood, and a spoon to scatter the perfumes in it. There were then, two tongs and two spoons.

In all this we can see the binary.

By this, one is given to understand that only the number two can tend the fire.

It is necessary that man and woman, in a perfect binary, light and tend the divine fire of Ahura Mazda.

In the Bundehesch  (which is a kind of ritual gospel), it says that in a special chamber there was a well of sacred water where the priest performed ablutions before presenting himself before the altar of fire.

Only the one who drinks the pure water of life, can light the fire.

Only the one who washes their feet in the waters of renunciation can light the fire.

Only the one who conserves the water, can ritualize with the fire.

That water symbolises the Ens Seminis .

In all of Persia there exists the remains of complex temples and antechambers where cult was rendered to the fire.

These remains can be found today in Persepolis, in Isfahan, in Yazd, in Palmyra, in Susa etc., etc.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 28 of The Perfect Matrimony
and from Ch. 10 of The Magic of the Runes


Gnosis and Fire Worship

The fire is terribly divine. In the homes of those who follow the Path of the Perfect Matrimony, the fire must never be absent.

A flame (or candle), lit with profound devotion is always equal to a prayer and therefore it attracts a tremendous flow of divine energy from above.

Every prayer to the Logos should be accompanied by fire. Thus the prayer is powerful.

The time has come to return to fire worship.

Gnostics should journey to the mountains and there, within the profound bosom of Mother Nature, build bonfires, light the fire and pray and meditate.

In this way, we can attract from on high powerful streams of divine energy that will help us in the Great Work of the Father.

The human being must light their forty nine fires by means of Sexual Magic.

When our thoughts are ardent then we can create like the ineffable Gods of the cosmos.

The holy Gods are true ministers of fire.

The holy Gods are tongues of flaming fire…

-Paraphrase from Ch. 28 of The Perfect Matrimony



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