The E-Rune According to Friedrich Fischbach (1900)

After the M-Rune, Fischbach says “Out of the younger Runes [jüngeren Runen ], the following are probably the most important” and he gives 11 more Runes which he associates with letters (but does not give any additional descriptions). Included among them is ‘E ’, which he seems to reference with the Tyr-Rune as follows:

The Oak tree [Eiche ] has the Name Eoh . The anglo-saxon Rune-Song states: “Eoh is outwardly an uneven Tree, hard, firm in the ground, a Keeper of the Fire [Hüter des Feuers ], interwoven with Roots, a Delight in Odel .” (Odin’s Garden)

-Paraphrase from Origin of Gutenberg’s Letters [Ursprung der Buchstaben Gutenbergs] (1900)
by Friedrich Fischbach


The “Eh, Ehe” Rune According to Guido von List (1907)

eh (é) Ehe = Marriage [Ehe ], Law [Gesetz ], Horse [Pferd ], Court (of Law) [Gericht ], etc.

A Seventeenth helps me with a beloved Maiden,
That she may never easily forsake me.

The seventeenth, or “Eh-Rune”, is again the Counterpart or Antithesis of the sixteenth or Yr-Rune.

While the Yr-Rune warns against the frivolous, momentary Love-Affair [leichtfertigen, vorübergehenden Liebeständelei ], the “Marriage-Rune [Ehe-Rune ]” fixes the Concept of lasting Love [dauernder Liebe ] in the Rationale of Marriage as the lawful Conjunction/Connection [gesetzmässige Verbindung ] of Man and Woman.

This is indicated by a later Eh-Rune figure in which the “Laf-Rune” appears doubled    , suggestively saying: “two who are united by the Ur-Law-of-Life [Lebens-Urgesetz verbunden ]!”

Marriage [Ehe ] is the Foundation of the People, and therefore “eh ”, is again the Concept for Law [der Begriff für Gesetz ], because according to an ancient Legal-Formula: marriage is the “Raw-Root [Rauwurzel ]” (that is to say, the “Legal-Root [Rechtswurzel ]”) of the Continuation and Assets/Portfolio [Bestandes ] of the People.

Therefore: “Marriage [Ehe ] is the Raw-Root [Rauwurzel ] of the Aryans [or Solar Human Beings]!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes
[Das Geheimnis der Runen]
(1907) by Guido Von List

* NOTE: We present List’s information here for historical purposes. However, let us remember that every person on this planet from our present Root Race is considered Aryan, according to the Theosophical, Anthroposophic and Gnostic understanding (not just one group or color, etc). See our section about the historical use of the term ‘Aryan’ on the Historical Context page.


The “Eh” Rune According to Ernst Tristan Kurtzahn (1924)

Exoterically: Unification [Vereinigung ], Hope [Hoffnung ]
Esoterically: Duration [Dauer ] and Marriage [Ehe ] as Law
Generally: Marriage [Ehe ]

We now come to the last of three Runes which give symbolic Expression to Humans themselves [Menschen selber ] and their most intimate Relationship to one another through the Sexes [durch die Geschlechter ], namely the Runes of    Man,    Woman, and    Marriage [Ehe ].

With our Ancestors, Marriage was sacred [die Ehe heilig ], and Adultery/Fornication [Ehebruch ] (literally ‘Marriage-Breach/Break’) occurred just as little as a Divorce. But what has happened today with us Descendants?

We have come so far that it is easily said: “There should be happy Marriages, but one has hardly seen one!” or even cynically: “In any Marriage there are only two happy Days for the Marriage-Partners [Ehepartner ]: the Wedding-Day [Hochzeitstag ] for both of them and the Spouse’s Day-of-Death [Todestag des Gatten ] for the surviving Member!” This is where we are…

Nowadays, Adultery/Fornication [Ehebruch ] seems to almost be a part of good Manners [guten Ton ] and the number of Divorces is in the Tens-of-Thousands. Who or what is at fault? Our modern Lifestyle, and with it the Contamination of: our Customs, our Literature, our performing Arts, etc.; that is to say, our entire public Life [öffentlichen Lebens ] has been Contaminated by certain determined Opponents of the Light!

It is very significant that when the    Man- and    Yr-Runes are placed on top of each other, the    Hagall-Rune is formed. The    Eh- or Ehe-Rune (the Marriage-Rune) has one Arm of the Man-Rune and one of the    Yr-Rune, which together form the Inclined-Beam [Schrägbalken ], that goes from the lower left (Woman, Matter/Material) to the upper right, where in the    Man-Rune the Kingdom of Light, of the Spirit, of the Soul (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is represented.

All this indicates that the Redemption of the Human-Being is possible only in recognizing/realizing Marriage [erkennender Ehe ]. (Compare my writing: “The Gnostics or the invisible Church”.)

If it is possible, as is presented by the Gnostics, for Human-Beings to transfigure and pneumatize their Body [‘pneuma’ is an ancient Greek word for ‘breath’ and therefore connects with the concept of ‘breath of life’, as well as with ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ in a religious context], then this transfiguration with one’s Spouse is accomplished through the Consummation-of-Marriage [Ehevollzug ].

If, for the Man, the well-known sentence from Faust applies: “The eternal feminine (the Soul) pulls us upwards!” (or back to the pleromatic Home-of-the-Light), then for the Woman the following sentence equally applies: “The eternal-male (the Spirit) will redeem me” (i.e. by the Spirit turning the feminine Soul away from Matter/Material and repolarizing it).

The Shape of the    Eh-Rune is of great Importance, which can also be understood as two Triangles touching at the Tip. There is a deep Mystery/Secret which lies hidden therein.

It was not without a compelling Reason that the catholic Church created and carefully maintained the Sacrament of Marriage [Sakrament der Ehe ]. This is because it is the Union in Marriage [Vereinigung in der Ehe ] alone which gives Hope for earthly Perfection [irdische Vollendung ].

The Purpose of Marriage is precisely in this personal Perfection [persönlichen Vollendung ], not in the Procreation-of-Children [Kindererzeugung ], at least certainly not for Those-who-Know [Erkennende ]. In this Respect, we recommend the Booklet of J. W. Lloyd entitled “The Karezza Method: Or Magnetation, the Art of connubial Love [ehelichen Liebe ]”.

-Paraphrase from The Runes as Salvation-Signs and for Unbinding-Fate
[Die Runen als Heilszeichen und Schicksalslose]
(1924) by E. Tristan Kurtzahn


The “Eh, Ehe, Ehu, Equus” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben (1930)

Letter E and Number 17.

The Eh, Ehe, Ehu Rune: Equus, the “saddled horse”, Unity, connectedness, a union beyond marriage that has the meaning of a lawful union between the Human and the Divine.

It seals the new ascent after the changes of the worlds and, in one of its shapes    , is a reversal of the    Nod , Not or Need-Rune.

Dr. Friedrich Teltscher’s Ur-word is Vereinigung meaning “Unification/Union” as well as Association, Combining, Fusion, etc.

“A seventeenth I know, with wise law
to join two lives in love
And each one is willing,
and no virgin will lightly leave me after that.”

Ewig (Eternal) in Old German means ‘lawful’, therefore Ehe = law, the natural law. The eternal law of nature, the eternal female, the Maria, the ma-te-ria , the mother, the mater (Latin for ‘mother’). Furthermore it contains the concept of permanence (of the ehe-men or “here since ever”) in relation to Eternity [Ewigkeit ].

Thus, the Rune means Marriage [Ehe ] in relation to the law and to eternity.

The Marriage-Rune (Ehe-Rune) shows us the    IS Rune crossed with the ascending Bar-line    or life-line, which makes it the true or “right” Rune. It refers to that which is right, genuine, because Marriage [Ehe ] means that which is Genuine [das Echte ], old Nordic aett = dynasty, that which is here since time immemorial, the ‘nature-Ur-law’ of procreation through the right Is = Self in Marriage [Ehe ].

Eternity [Ewigkeit ] is the Ehe-Ich-heit (Marriage-Self-ness), which means the (spiritual) self in Marriage-ness [Ehe-heit ] or in lawfulness, that is: Eternity is Self-Lawfulness, being Lawful to (spiritual) Self [the Being] – as above so below.

The    Ehe-Rune is the “Marriage-Cross” [Ehe-Kreuz ], which we take upon ourselves. This is because in Marriage the “crossing” between man & woman is performed, which necessarily leads to a crucifixion in spirit and body, from which we are also able to redeem ourselves again. That is, if we have recognized the meaning of the rune…

In its other, second, shape    it is the Ehu, the “Horse”, of its coat of arms, so to speak. Two    LAF Runes, two Life-Worlds, two Self-Waves, two Self-Wills, two souls, two columns, two “pillars of humankind”, the Souls [Seelen ], joining hands in order to unite in the voyage of life with the struggle for the knowledge of the Marriage-Eternity-Law [Ehe-Ewigkeits-Gesetz ].

Under the image of the horse, the Ehe-Rune implies Law. Marriage and the horse are both concepts of Law & Right. The Horse [Roß ] is the symbol of the Rod, the Wheel [Rades ], the Council [Rates ], the Right/Law [Rechts ] (all related with the    Rita Rune) and in the figurative sense we are reminded of the Rider (on horseback) [Reiters ], of the Knight [Ritter ], and of the Judge [Richter ].

Therefore we have Horse & Rider concealed in the Rune as a symbol of the connection in life of two creatures who join together in action.

Consider: Leader and those who are led, person who carries and the carried, man & woman: two    Laf Runes joined to a unity   .

The Roman historian Tacitus writes in Chapter 18 of his Germania the following:

“They keep strict morals in their marriage and no other one of their morals is as important. They are the only ones of all the barbarians who are satisfied with a single woman, with a few exceptions, where not desire, but duties of status made the entering of several marriages desirable.

The wife does not bring a dowry to the husband, but he brings it to her (his chosen one). The relatives are there and they approve of the gifts, not glitter and jewelry, but cattle, a harnessed horse, a strong spear with sword and shield.

…According to their belief, this forms a tight connection, the most sacred of secrets (the horse, the ash spear, the sword, the shield), and the protective gods of the domestic hearth are caretakers of these gifts.

By custom, during the wedding ceremony, the woman is admonished to also participate in the heroic attitude and in the changing circumstances of war. The housewife comes as a comrade in danger and efforts, and she will risk and suffer the same things in war as well as in peace, and this is what is meant by the symbol of the yoke of the oxen and the harnessed horse. Should she live or die, what she received she has to leave in honor to her sons, so that they can transfer it again to the grandchildren by way of the daughters in law…”

And in Chapter 19, he says:

“Adultery is very rare in such a large population, because the punishment is immediately followed with cut off hair, and the insulted husband chases her naked (in the presence of relatives) out of the house and drives her through the village, beating her with a stick. There is no pity for that shame (now known), and no beauty, youth nor wealth could get a new husband to a woman that has fallen in this way. Because no one is laughing about the vice of adultery and to seduce and being seduced there is not considered fashionable.

There is respect for such peoples where virgins only marry and where all hope ends with the vows of the spouse. This way they accept the husband, like one body and one life, because in truth they love marriage and not the man. To limit the number of children or to kill one of the later born ones is considered a crime, and good morals can produce there more than good laws elsewhere…”

In the    Ehe-Rune: God & human, man & woman, have become one in their union, according to the universal-law [weltgesetzlichem ]. Marriage is the basis of the Clan’s Stalk/Trunk [Volkschaft ], therefore the concept of marriage became the concept for the law in general.

According to an ancient formula: marriage is the root of the law, the root of the maintenance of the world. Thus, marriage was sacred to our ancestors, because it was an Ur-lawful institution.

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Eh” Rune According to S.A. Kummer (1932-1933)

(E) The E-Rune, Eh , Marriage [Ehe ] = eternal [ewig ], the Real [Echte ], Continued-Procreation [Fortzeugung ], the Law-of-Nature [Naturgesetz ], that takes place between Man and Woman. – Numerical value 17.

The two Selves [Iche ], two Lives, two Souls [Seelen ] that through pure Love [reine Liebe ] Connect together in Marriage, and through spiritual & physical mutual Reverse-Polarization or Re-Polarization [gegenseitige Umpolung ] reach a higher Life.

Neither of these two People will want to separate this holy Union [heilige Verschmelzung ], because a third Marriage has already occurred between them and that is the Marriage-Connection of the Souls [Ehe-Verbindung der Seelen ] with the World-Soul, the Cosmos, with All-Father.

This Rune contains the great, pure, sacred Union of the Two in the One [große, reine, heilige Verschmelzung den Zwei in der Eins ]. The Unity/Togetherness or One-ness–Self-ness or United-Selfness [Ein-heitl-ich-keit ]. The Covenant of God, Humanity, Man and Woman in the One.

Marriage is for the spiritual and physical perfection of both the Selves [Iche ] in order to Create the Body for the third, higher Self [Ich ] through conscious, pure Procreation [bewusste, reine Zeugung ]. This was the high Notion of the Sanctity of the Marriage [Heiligkeit der Ehe ] of our Ancestors, who considered the greatest Value of Marriage to be in High-Cultivation [Hochzucht ]. That is why all pure Young Men and Women went into Marriage. Our Ancestor’s Moral-Strictness gave rich, healthy blessings to their Children.

The Marriage-Rune [Ehe-Rune ] is the great Love-Rune [die große Liebesrune ], which will also bring us (in future Times) the Zenith or ‘Peak-Time’ of Humanity [Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit ].

“Marriage is the Sanctuary [dir Heiligtum ],
Because Love is pure Divine-Force (or God-Power) [reine Gotteskraft ].
Avoid despicable Acts [lasterhaftes Tun ],
When Love is Mastered [Beherrschte Liebe ] it creates Nobility [Edles ].” (Kummer)

The Demonic of the    Marriage-Rune [Ehe-Rune ] is the    Not-Rune.

  My Fate/Destiny [Schicksal ] is self-created Need/Hardship [selbstgeschaffene Not ], that is to say: it is Compulsion-of-Fate/Destiny [Schicksalszwang ].

  Marriage is the great Legal-Root [Rechtswurzel ] of the Aryan [or Solar Human Being].


Kummer’s Full Body Rune Exercise(s):

The Student takes up the Ich-Rune-Position, does the Breathing-Exercise and then takes the same Position as in the Not-Rune, except that they stretch their left Arm diagonally upwards and the right Arm diagonally downwards and, in addition, they hum the “e-e-e-e-e-” in this Exercise.

Here, the Process is similar to that of the Not-Rune, except that he absorbs more Waves-of-Universal-Love [All-Liebeswellen ] and thus in his Marriage or Love-Life [Liebesleben ] he learns to love more consciously, purely, nobly, and spiritually.

Also, in this Rune-Position the Student receives the magical Force [magische Kraft ] to protect oneself and one’s Love-Partner from Infidelity and Betrayal.

The consciously performed Eh-Rune frees the Practitioner from all low-sensual Drives/Urges and Passions [niedrigsinnlichen Trieben und Leidenschaften ], driving the Practitioner from the Two to the spiritual One.

Pure, free or unrestrained in their Love-Life, the Student will receive high Universal-Waves [hohe Allwellen ] in this Rune-Position which will awaken in them a pure Thought- and Wish-Life. This, in turn, becomes a part of their Waves which resonate with a noble, ideal, pure, beautiful Sister or handsome Brother, and awakens in them a Longing, so that they (even unconsciously) come to the Practitioner.

The Student will thus enter into a true Marriage, which will bring them infinite Blessings [unendlichen Segen ].

Dear Brother, dear Sister: practice this Rune consciously and purely, then you will also find your Twin-Soul [Zwillingsseele ]. Then thank your All-Father and yourself. Hail unto thee [Heil dir ]!

Whosoever practices this Position with low sensual, egotistical Drives/Urges, will attract demonic Beings who will make their Life a Hell. This is a warning.

The divine Mystery/Secret of this high Rune cannot be pronounced, not even imagined. Dear Brother, dear Sister: seek, dig and wish; “knock, then it shall be opened unto you”, said a great Master of the Mysteries.


Kummer’s Hand Rune Exercise (‘Mudras’ or “Rune-Grips”):

The Rune Practitioner should take up the Ich-Rune-Position (Military “At-Attention”); this is followed by a deep Breathing-Exercise three times, with thoughts directed toward physical and spiritual purification; which must be observed with all the Rune-Grips. Figure 16 shows the Eh-Rune-Grip.

This Grip is performed with the left hand, similar to the Ka-Rune-Grip, except that the Thumb is spread somewhat further outward. Its Sound-Formulas are: “e-e-e”, and “E-h-e”.

Remember that each Rune-Grip must be repeated three times (for 3 Minutes each, followed by a short Pause in the Ich-Rune-Position between sets), since otherwise no satisfactory Collection of Subtle-Force [Feinkräfte ] can be reached in the Hand-Centers.

The inner Thoughts are focused on pure Love [reine Liebe ]; spiritual, soul Union [geistige, seelische Verschmelzung ]; on Liberation from low-sensual Drives/Urges and Passions [niedrigsinnlichen Trieben und Leidenschaften ].

Afterwards, a conscious-willed [willensbewußt ] Circulation through the whole Body should not be forgotten.

This Grip creates a pure, noble Thought- and Wish-Life [reines, edles Gedanken- und Wunschleben ]. With this Grip a subtle Swirl-of-Light [feiner Lichtwirbel ] can be observed around the entire Hand.

The astral Color is yellow by Day, yellow-green by Night.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.


Additional Note: Kummer’s Advice for Further Progress

In the same chapter on the Eh- or Ehe-Rune, Kummer also says the following:

To become more receptive, more sensitive, the student rubs Herbal-Ointments after Bathing. Eucalyptus-Oil is also highly recommended. The Oil or Salve must be rubbed into the pores.

Particular Value should be placed on the Pit-of-the-Stomach [Magengrubengegend ], the Soft-Tissues between the Thighs, the Vertebral-Column, the Chest and the Temples. The Rubbing is done in circular Movements.

The Student must override any Discomfort immediately; one must not send out negative Thoughts, because these would bring them only further Worries and Discomforts. One must learn to be above everything Physical and Material.

One has to attribute, for the most Part, their still-disordered Thought- and Wish-Life to Unfavorable Effects and Bad Influences such as Anger, Sorrow, Worry, Suffering, etc.

When one’s Higher-Development has sufficiently progressed, then there is only a pure feeling of Harmony and Happiness, culminating in Universal-Knowledge and Universal-Love [Allwissenheit und Allliebe ].

One will then know one’s Garma and consciously remove it gradually with Joy. One then knows what Life is, what Love is and feels the holy Three [heilige Drei ] within themselves.

To comprehend a lot means to forgive a lot, to endure a lot. There is a great Force in Enduring, which the Student should constantly develop.

The Student always says to themselves before Going-to-Sleep: “In the Morning I will remember all the Dreams of this Night.” They write down every Dream with the Date into a Book. They try to interpret Symbolic-Dreams and write the Interpretation afterwards.

Furthermore, the Student should practice influencing their Dream-Life by consciously Willing [bewusstem Willen ], before Going-to-Sleep, to dream about a certain high Ideal.

If the Successes do not come immediately, then one keeps in mind that only Patience and Perseverance [Geduld und Ausdauer ] can lead to the Goal; one also intensifies their Thoughts and Wishes in this regard.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
by Siegfried Adolf Kummer



Rosicrucian and Gnostic

The “Eh” Rune and the “Not” Rune According to Huiracocha

Huiracocha says that the    Eh Rune’s value is: “Truth, faith, hope, uniting” and that its astrological correspondence is with Gemini.

In his letter on the    Not Rune (which he says is related with Law of Karma), he also gives information about the    Eh or Ehe Rune, saying that they are almost the same:

Karma constantly threatens us and the same intuition will be able to tell us when a suffering comes to us, which we must submit ourselves to because we have earned it. But the Magician who knows how to handle the Runes does not expect that kind of punishment to come, unless they avoid doing the    NOT Rune practices.

The present Rune is also the Rune of Marriage (the    EHE Rune), since the man (who is absolutely alone) has only partial forces, as is unilaterally the same for the unmarried woman. United in marriage is how the positive and negative powers are coupled in order to form a stream of tremendous and effective power.

Celibacy is, then, the renunciation of this force as complete sexual abstinence, but both sexes united (as when the protagonists unite themselves in a true embrace of love with the male covering all the astral centers of women), engenders a powerful force capable of making inconceivable miracles. We will be very careful to not allow them to be known prematurely by those who can still jeopardize a certain drawing back of the mysterious veil.

All religious sacraments are (to a certain extent) operations of Magic and marriage is the perpetuation of a Magic that can be white or black depending on the character or purity of love that both spouses bring.

That is why, although we respect many couples who have united without appealing to the Church, we know that they can not mobilize runic forces, such as those that can be mobilized by legitimately married couples. Hence we constantly recommend to the Gnostic Priests to celebrate the ritual of Marriage with married or unmarried couples, thereby connecting them to the great chain of immense strength/force.

There is, however, a small difference between the    EHE Rune and the    NOT Rune of the ancients.

Sometimes the line crosses the pole horizontally [Gorsleben’s “Sie Rune”   ], other times from left to right [Gorsleben’s “Bar-line”    ] and still others from right to left [Gorsleben’s “Balk-line”    ].

That horizontal pole or line is the Rune of the SELF (the    Is Rune), and this SELF (this symbol of individuality) can be crossed by another line forming a Greek Cross    .

It is not difficult to deduce what is behind these    NOT and    EHE Runes (which are so similar), since they always make the person aware of the danger that threatens them, or when something is on their path in order to disturb or disrupt them.

In the word AXIS (Spanish: “EJE”) is the value of the    EHE Rune. The Axis around which everything turns.

PRACTICE: The practice associated with this Rune is to do solar and lunar breathing (Pranayama), filling the chest first with air that must enter through the right nostril and that we must then expel through the left nostril, while counting to 12.

-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Ehe” or Marriage Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

The only thing that Samael says related to this Rune is in his Chapter on the    Laf Rune:

“…If we join two    LAFs by their arms, then we have the letter M of MATRIMONY. It is clear and certain by all means that only by treading upon the PATH of the PERFECT MATRIMONY can the Wedding Garment of the soul be attained. This Garment is the perfect synthesis of the SOLAR BODIES…”

-Paraphrase from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor

So he does not mention the Rune specifically, however, related with this subject of the Gnostic Marriage and Sexual Alchemy, in Chapter 8 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah, we read:

“…When the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system make contact in the Triveni (next to the coccyx), then the Kundalini awakens. Sexual union among initiates has only one objective: to establish a contact between opposite poles in order to awaken the Kundalini.

With sexual contact, the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy multiplies (the seminal liquor increases). When the Ens Seminis is not ejaculated, then it is transmuted into seminal vapors. These vapors, at the same time, convert themselves into energies and are bipolarized into positive and negative. The positive energies are solar forces and the negative are lunar forces.

These solar and lunar energies rise through the pair of sympathetic cords that are known as the two witnesses (Ida and Pingala ). The medullar channel has an internal orifice that normally is found closed in common people. However the seminal vapors open up this orifice so that the Sacred Serpent can enter there within that medullar channel.

It is necessary to warn the Gnostic-Rosicrucian Brethren that they must learn how to polarize the sacred fire of the Kundalini. Some devotees eat meat and drink alcohol everyday, with the pretext of working in the Great Work, and then they bestially enjoy carnal passion (even when they do not waste the Ens Seminis, they pleasurably enjoy lust).

Therefore, the result of this is that these devotees totally polarize the fire within the chakras of their lower abdomen and then lose the happiness of enjoying the bliss of the Lotus of a Thousand Petals. Such a Lotus flower is found situated in the pineal gland, which is the crown of saints that shines over the head of the great initiates. The Lotus of a Thousand Petals converts us into Masters of Samadhi (ecstasy).

The Work in the Laboratorium-Oratorium is a true mystical ceremony that must not be profaned by animal desire or by sinful thoughts. Sex is the Sanctum Santorum of the Temple. Before entering the Sanctum of the Sanctum, purify your mind from any kind of impure thought.

…Initiatic ordeals or tests are enclosed within Arcanum Eight. Each initiation, each degree, has its ordeals. These Initiatic ordeals become more and more demanding each time, in accordance with the Initiatic degree…

In Arcanum Eight of the Tarot, a woman appears with a sword in her hand, and she is facing the Scales of Cosmic Justice. Really, only she can deliver the sword to the male Magician (and vice-versa).

Thus, a male Initiate without a woman cannot receive the sword. This reminds us that there exists the Eve-Venus (the instinctive woman), as well as the Venus-Eve (the noble woman of the home). There also exist Venus-Urania (the woman initiated into the great mysteries) and, finally, we affirm the existence of the Urania-Venus (the female Adept, the woman who is self-realized in depth).”

-From Ch.8 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah
by Samael Aun Weor


The concept of Love, in relation to Marriage, is mentioned in Chapter 19 of Esoteric Course of Kabbalah :

“…We need to Transmute and thereafter Sublimate the Sexual energy to the Heart. It is impossible to progress in the Great Work without the force of Love.

The PSYCHOLOGICAL “I” does not know how to love. The “I” is desire. It is easy to confuse desire with that which is called Love. Desire is a substance that decomposes into thoughts, volitions, feelings, romances, poetries, tenderness, sweetness, anger, hatred, violence, etc., people are always tricked by the poison of desire.

Lovers always swear that they are in love, when in reality they are only desiring. The human being does not know that which is called Love; however, we have in the very depths of our Being a principle that loves. Unfortunately, we do not have this principle Incarnated. This principle is the Soul (THE INNER MAGNES OF PARACELSUS).

If people had INCARNATED that Soul-principle, then they could love; only from heart to heart, from Soul to Soul is it possible to Love. Unfortunately, people only have Satan Incarnated. Satan does not know what Love is. Satan only knows about desire. That is all.

Everyday we see many lovers that swear eternal love to each other. Yet, after they satisfy their desire (THAT DESIRE THAT THEY BELIEVED TO BE LOVE) then disillusion comes along, disenchantment and then total disappointment arrives. Desire is the great trickster.

Whosoever wants to work in the GREAT WORK has to annihilate Desire. It is necessary to know how to Love. Love has its peculiar happiness and its infinite beauty. People do not know That which is called Love.

Love is similar to the feelings shown by a new born baby. Love forgives everything, gives everything, it does not demand anything, it does not ask for anything, it only wants the best for the one that loves. That is All. The true feeling of LOVE IS PERFECT, Satan knows nothing about Perfection, because SATAN IS DESIRE.

If you want to love, be prudent ; do not confuse Love with Desire. Do not let yourself be cheated by the Great Trickster. Within yourself is an Embryo of Soul that is able to love. Really your Love is Embryonary because it is an Embryo, but if you annihilate desire you will feel that spark of Love.

When you learn how to feel that Spark, then that Spark will become a Flame and you will experience That which is called Love. Strengthen your Embryo of Soul with the blessed flame of Love, and then you will achieve the miracle of your Incarnation. It is necessary for you to be integral and that is only possible by LOVING.

In Arcanum 19, a Great Alliance is established between two Souls. Man and woman must kill desire in order to achieve the Great Alliance. If you want to Incarnate your Soul, you must then celebrate the Great Alliance of Arcanum 19…


When the mind does not search anymore, when it does not seek refuge, when it does not seek for security, when it does not covet more books or knowledge, when it ignores the memories of desire, then only Love will remain within us. That is what is called Love. How great it is to Love! ONLY THE GREAT SOULS CAN KNOW HOW TO LOVE…”

-From Ch.19 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah
by Samael Aun Weor



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