Rosicrucian and Gnostic Supplement

Part 1 – The “Gibor”, “Ar”, and “Kaun” Runes According to Glorian Publishing

In a class on the Glorian Publishing website, the following information is given by one of Samael Aun Weor’s Students:

[18] Gibor: Gift (the Gift of God),
the Cross in Movement, Chi or Qi,
to Gather (Accumulate the Energy),
to Give (the Tithe).
[10] Ar: Ra (the Solar Light),
the Altar, the Altar Stone
(the Rock, Stone or Cornerstone
of the Temple = Transmutation).
[6] Kaun: Heaven (the Head),
the Priestess-Wife (Spouse),
the Sword.


Donum Dei is Latin for “a gift from God” and that gift is the fire of God, the Gibor (the “gift-born”) or the Gibur (the “gift-burn”). That Donum Dei is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

“It is necessary to receive the Donum Dei in order to comprehend all the science of the Great Work.
True repentance has its foundation in the sexual mysteries.” –The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

When we investigate the Gibor Rune we find that it has different shapes in different religions and philosophies, but especially in the Futharkh (the Nordic alphabet).

The Gibor Rune is usually formed with the    Sig Rune cut by a vertical line (the    Is Rune). These symbols enclose the meaning and the deep significance of the    Gibor Rune.

In the Greek alphabet we find the letter Chi , which is an X, with which the Greeks write the first letter of the name CHRIST (ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ). If you examine the symbols of the Greek Orthodox religion, you find that the main symbol for Christ is an X cut in the middle by the letter R, but in the Greek alphabet looks like a Latin P. With that symbol they form the first letters of the name Christ, Chi and Rho , a very common symbol.

Likewise, it is very significant and profound that the letter Chi (or the X of the Greeks) is also symbolized by another cross which has the X on top of it, which is really another Gibor . The X, which is on top of the other common cross, forms an octagon, which as you can see has eight points forming the    eight pointed star. The octagon is usually used in the Greek Orthodox Church for the baptismal font that is formed by two crosses.

This two cross symbol is also found in the flag of the United Kingdom, and as a single cross in the flag of Greece. Both countries are honoring the “G” of Saint George, a patron saint of England and of Greece.

According to the Runic alphabet, Gibor is the letter “G”. This is the letter “G” of Gnosis, and the letter “G” of Glorian (which uses a cross as a symbol). If we examine the octagon we find two crosses, or in other words two G’s, which we also find in the word George — yes, the two G’s are the two crosses found in the word George.

The word George comes from Greek Geórgios , from Geo or Ge, Gea, Gaia (“earth”) and ergon (“work” or worker). Geórgios in Greek means ‘a worker of the field’, ‘a farmer’, which is profoundly significant since this is precisely what the Gibor Rune encloses.

The cross (the horizontal line and the vertical line) is a symbol of the Sephirah Malkuth, which is at the very bottom of the Tree of Life. This symbol is feminine, since Malkuth is feminine. Above Malkuth is Yesod, which is masculine; these are the two polarities of the cross [masculine & feminine]. So if we place the X in Yesod and the    Ansata (or Ankh ) cross in Malkuth, then we have Yesod-Malkuth together, which means the man and the woman: two crosses.

These two crosses bring into our memory two saints or two apostles of the Lord. The first is Peter (related to the first cross   ), who was crucified on top of it; and Andrew (related to the second cross   ), who is crucified on top of the X-cross. These are beautiful symbols hiding different meanings that only those who meditate and enter into esotericism of the word of God can discover.

So you see how the Chi of the Greeks ( X ), the cross, and different Runes that we are studying, are hiding the gift of God (the Donum Dei ), because this is what Gibor means: “gift”.

Gibor is also related with different meanings, such as Giborn , “gift born”, meaning that the cross (Gibor ) hides the secret, the gift of being born again (a gift of the Holy Spirit). When speaking about the Gibor Rune, Samael Aun Weor stated:

The electric force is the cross in movement or the swastika. It is the continuous movement, the transcendent electricity which spins around like a vortex. It has served me in order to form the Gnostic Movement.

The cross in the profane and the profaners is not a swastika because the movement ends once they conclude their chemical copulation. On the contrary, in the Gnostic cross, the movement does not end because the electricity itself is transmuted continuously.

The normal duration of sexual work must be a minimum of one hour. In India, the degree of culture is measured according to the time-span that the chemical copulation is endured. Whosoever endures three hours is respected and is a “lord”.

The swastika in movement generates the transcendental sexual electricity.” – The Revolution of the Dialectic

This is why it is called the Gnostic movement, because we use the swastika (the cross in movement), which is the Gibor . When we investigate Christian esotericism, we discover that Jesus talking to Peter says:

“I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of Heaven:
and whatsoever thou shalt bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven;
and whatsoever thou shalt loosen on Earth shall be loosened in heaven.” – Matthew 16:19

Thus, Peter’s keys are related with heaven (your head) and hell (or Yesod, the Ninth Sphere inside the Earth). When we study Peter, we discover that Peter is related with Faith and the pineal gland. Studying endocrinology, you find that the pineal gland is related with the sexual glands. So the hormones of the sexual glands contribute to the development of the pineal gland, and vice-versa. Peter is in the pineal gland and Peter is crucified upside down. This is telling us that the science of breath should go down to Yesod.

So the keys of Peter are of course the keys of the two polarities that are called the gold & silver, or those two ganglionic cords that are entwined in the spinal column called Ida & Pingala (the two witnesses of revelation). Remember that in occult anatomy the nostrils are connected to the testicles and the ovaries by these two cords (which relate to the cross of Peter and his two keys).

Thus, the key in order to transmute the sexual energy (Yesod-Malkuth, the Earth) is in the science of breathing (Heaven, the head). When you learn how to breathe you can then transmute the sexual energy, especially when you are in the sexual act. It is very clear that when a couple is in the sexual act, if they are not controlling their breathing, then their breath is agitated. Thus, when their agitated breathing is increasing and increasing, then they reach the orgasm and they “fall”.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Rune Gibor on Gnostic Teachings’ website


Peter, Transmutation and the Ar & Kaun Runes

So the Gibor Rune (which is the science of Peter) is telling us that the key to transmute the sexual force rests precisely in the science of breathing.

Thus the mystery-key resides in the science of breathing, because without the breath of God: nothing can turn around. And likewise with our own sexual energy; Peter is telling us (when crucified upside down) that we have to utilize the science of breathing or the science of the breath in order to transmute the fire.

Listen carefully, because we are teaching about the Futharkh or Nordic alphabet.

There are two other Runes that form the Gibor Rune:    Ar &    Kaun .

The    Ar Rune is related with the Man (or with the Woman) who works with the solar light, because Ar backwards is Ra. When we talk about the Man, we are not talking about the ordinary common human being, since they don’t do this. When ordinary people do the sexual cross, they just fornicate. They don’t put the cross in movement.

The other Rune, called    Kaun (a vertical line with one arm pointing up) shows or points to heaven, or one arm that points at heaven for you, because it is at the level of the head (which is called heaven). Thus, the    Kaun Rune means ‘heaven’.

It also lines up like the Nazi salute to Hitler when the arm is raised up. With that salute, they were performing the    Kaun Rune.

The    Kaun Rune is a feminine Rune related with the Priestess-Wife, many say it signifies ‘a woman’, no. It is the Priestess-Wife (who is Mary Magdalene), it signifies a woman who knows about sexual transmutation.

Master Samael, and others, explain that Gibraltar is Gibur or Gibor -altar. The altar is the    Ar and the    Kaun Runes.     Ar is the man, the solar man who is practicing transmutation, the son of Ra (the sun). And    Kaun is the Priestess-Wife. United together they form the Ar-Kaun , the “Ar-Kanum”, the secret Arcanum: Sexual Magic. That is the altar of God.

There is another altar which is related with the work of the rituals and masses of all religions, that altar is also related with Peter: the force of the heart. This refers to the altar of your heart which you have to place in the sexual act in order to turn the    swastika (Gibor ) clockwise, for your own benefit in order for the resurrection in the fire and in the light, the way in which the divine Mother destroys the ego.

So if you unite the    Kaun and    Ar Runes, then you make the    Gibor Rune (the Priestess united with the Man who knows how to work with the solar light). The    Ar Rune can be formed with an open leg, and the    Kaun Rune can be formed with the right arm up (like the Nazi’s salute).

Hitler’s secret organization of Nazis knew about the Runes, not all of them though. If you observe the last speech of Hitler, you will see how Hitler is using different Runes in that speech for his own benefit. The people only mechanically performed the    Kaun when they saluted him; thus Hitler was receiving the energy, the force… In any case, in that speech Hitler uses the word with a lot of strength, he is taking such a force from his people, every time they say “Heil ” and raise their arm they are bringing the energy from heaven to the Earth. And this is precisely the mystery of the    Gibor , one arm is up to heaven and the leg is down to the Earth.

The    Kaun Rune opens heaven (the pineal gland) and is a feminine Rune, related to “Ida”, to the Priestess-Wife and also to the sword of the magician. The science of Peter is related to two feminine aspects: the science of breathing (which also relates to the science of speaking the word), and to the sexual force (Ida, which is also feminine).

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Rune Gibor on Gnostic Teachings’ website


Mary and the Symbolism of the Feminine or Receptive Aspect

Let us remember the mystery of the Three Marys. The Pistis Sophia states that every time the apostles want to give a solution to our repentance, Mary intervenes.

This is because Mary is related to the    IS and    SIG Runes, the sexual force or the serpent that Moses put on top of the cross (by commandment of Jehovah), which healed the Israelites in the wilderness.

In certain apocryphal gospels, one finds that Peter always talks against women and against Mary Magdalene specifically. Who is Mary Magdalene? She represents our physicality or our sinful Mother Nature that has to learn how to be holy, whether you are a woman or a man. And how do we do this? Through the keys of Peter.

Remember that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. What is a prostitute? A prostitute is a physical body that fornicates, that adulterates, a person who squanders the sexual energy, a person who doesn’t know how to utilize the Cross, the    Gibor Rune.

And this is why Peter states:

“My Lord, we will not endure this woman,
for she taketh the opportunity from us
and hath let none of us speak,
but she discourseth many times.” – Pistis Sophia Ch. 36

Now we understand why Peter blames women: he is not actually addressing the physical aspect of any woman, he is addressing the sexual organs and/or the throat (which relates to Daath ), the tree of good and evil.

In other words, in order to acquire Chastity we have to know how to use the throat and how to use the sexual force. And this is why when you know how to use the throat (which is feminine), uttering the right mantras in the sexual act.

If you transmute with the science of Peter (the two keys: Ida & Pingala) and learn how to elevate the sexual force with the vocalization of the mantras, then the Two Marys (in other words, two feminine forces: the throat and the genitalia) are working together with Peter.

This is why Peter and Mary are related in any repentance, as the Master Samael states in The Pistis Sophia Unveiled :

“The true Repentance has its foundation in the sexual mysteries…
Peter, Patar , with his radical letters, knows very well that the key of repentance is in sex…
100% of the psychic aggregates can never be disintegrated outside of the Ninth Sphere.”

Thus, if you want to repent, then you have to know how to utilize your sexual force, and in order to know how to use the sexual force, you need the science of Peter. This is why Peter was crucified upside down.

Through his cross, Peter is telling us: “use your head, use your will, your faith, your breathing power in order to transmute the sexual force” which is Mary, the feminine force of the Holy Spirit; since we have the atom of the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Rune Gibor on Gnostic Teachings’ website


Andrew and the Crossing of Forces (“Chi” or “Qi”) in the Kabbalah

Now, listen carefully, there is another apostle who was also crucified, he was the brother of Peter whose name was Andrew. He was crucified on the X-cross, on the Gibor Rune. Andrew symbolizes fortitude & strength, but not physical strength, instead sexual strength. Andrew is related with the kidneys and above the kidneys we have the suprarenal glands [the adrenal glands].

Anyone who studies Taoism knows that the strength of the kidneys is related to the testicles & ovaries and with the sexual strength in both sexes, yet Andrew is a masculine power. Why? Andrew comes from the Greek Andros , which means man, male power. Thus, female and male have the ‘manpower’ in their kidneys.

The kidneys are connected to the testicles and ovaries, each kidney’s force crosses into the testicles and ovaries, thereby showing us the crossing of two forces: sulfur and mercury. Sulfur is fire, Mercury is water (the semen, the seed) that we have in our sexual glands. So the cross in “X”, the Gibor , is making the crossing between the testicles or ovaries and kidneys or suprarenal glands [the adrenal glands].

If you want to have strength in your sexual act, you need the power of the kidneys, of Andrew. This is why Andrew is crucified on the X cross and Peter is crucified in the upside down cross.

So, how do you call this crossing of forces that manifest in the shape of an X? In Chinese you call it ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ (or ‘Ki’ in Japanese). It is a fundamental concept of traditional Asian culture.

Qi is believed to be part of everything that exists, as in “life force” or “spiritual energy”. It is most often translated as “energy flow”, or literally as “air” or “breath”. The Chinese character for ‘Qi’ is a representation of steam rising from rice. Qi was apparently seen as the release of energy from the rice when this concept was first developed.

The symbol of the semen (whether the sperm of the man or the ovum of a woman) is symbolized with rice in Asia, with wheat in the Middle East, and with corn here in the Americas. Corn, rice, or wheat is a symbol of the Qi energy. This means that the energy which is rising from the rice, wheat or corn is the energy from the sexual seed. That is the real Qi or Tai-Qi.

When you see for instance any exercise of Tai Qi, if you carefully observe the movements of the person doing Tai Qi, then you see how they take hold of the Qi energy with feet, body, and hands. When the Master was alive in Mexico I asked him: “Master, what do you think about Karate and Kung Fu?” and he looked at me and said; “That is vulgarity”; better to learn Tai Qi, the way in which we manipulate and control the energy.

When you perform the Runes, you have to feel the energy like when you do Tai Qi. You have to feel the energy, remember this, carefully, because the Runic Exercises relate to what is called Martian Arts, or Martial Arts, the Judo of the Spirit, related with the force of Mars.

The Qi in Kabbalah is something very important and is mentioned in Genesis 1:24 as an energy that is a “creeping thing… that creepeth upon the earth [our whole body] after his kind (Minah -sex),” this Qi is related to the locusts. When you observe such a little animal or insect – the locust or the cricket – you see how this animal is associated with the Qi energy, and with the Consciousness.

Because when you are performing the Runes or Tai Qi, you have to remember your Self in order to consciously manipulate the energy of the Gibor .

In Mexico there is a hill that is called Chapultepec, or the hill of the chapulin, which means the hill of the cricket. There also comes to my mind Walt Disney’s tale of Pinocchio, in which the Consciousness of Pinocchio is a cricket. This is not just an accident, the cricket, the locust, is related to the life force of Mars or Geburah.

The positive ray of Mars or Geburah is called Elohim Gibor . Do you remember in the conjuration of the Seven: “By Samael Sabbaoth and in the name of Elohim Gibor get thee hence Andrameleck .” Who is Andrameleck? Andra means ‘below’ and Meleck means ‘king’; thus, Andrameleck means ‘King of the underworld’. This is why Andrameleck is placed in Malkuth, because Malkuth is the physical body.

In this physical world, either you work for Andrameleck (the king of the underworld) or for Elohim Gibor (the positive ray of Mars).

Elohim Gibor is the one that spins the    swastika clockwise, but all of those black magicians from the underworld spin the    swastika counter-clockwise. Thus, it all depends on how you spin the swastika.

Remember that the wheel, the Gibor Rune in motion which is related to the counter-clockwise rotation, is related to the wheel of Samsara: in the left, descends Typhon [or Hyle], devolving and in the right ascends the evolving Anubis [or Azoth]. However, these relate to the wheel of Samsara that turns mechanically.

Hitler was using this    counter-clockwise, in the opposite way unfortunately. But here in Gnosticism we have to learn how to rotate the    Gibor clockwise. Because if we do it    clockwise (the positive form of the Gibor ), then we receive the seal of God in our forehead, and in our hands.

For instance, when you want to defend yourself against the negative forces from the underworld, Master Samael teaches that we must point towards the Earth with our left hand forming an angle with our bent left arm; and with our bent right arm, we must point with our hand to Heaven. Then we form Gibor by placing our left knee on the ground, and our right foot on the ground, thus forming two angles with our left and right legs, this is how we make the sign of the swastika.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Rune Gibor on Gnostic Teachings’ website


Chi or Qi, the “Creeping Thing”, Locusts and Gibor

We can learn the movements of the Gibor Rune, but if we don’t transmute the sexual force, then we will have no Chi or Qi energy. The Qi energy relates precisely to the igneous principles of Geburah, which spins with the G or Gibor Rune.

This is why the Master Samael gives the secret of the Gibor Rune (or the cross in movement) which is the way in which you put into motion that “creeping thing” (which is the energy that creeps in the flesh and in the sexual organs).

Remember that Genesis states that, on the sixth day, God said:

“Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing,
and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.
And God made the beast of the earth after his kind,
and cattle after their kind,
and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind:
and God saw that it was good.”

Remember that the Earth is our physicality. On the sixth day God created Behemoth (the Qi energy in the solar plexus) and “Chaiah ” which is translated as ‘beast of the earth’, but which also means ‘life’. And God also created that creeping thing… that creeps upon the earth. That creeping thing is precisely the particles of Geburah, which are called locusts or crickets.

These are part of the Consciousness (Geburah) that comes into our body. When you practice Tai Qi you have to learn how to feel that creeping thing (or Qi energy) which is in your flesh, your hands, your head, your feet, in your legs. In Tai Qi when you move you feel the Qi energy, thus you combine the rhythmic movements with breathing, with the science of the breath.

This is precisely why the fifth angel (in Revelation 9) is related with locusts. When people read about locusts, they don’t realize the mystery of them; they only think about insects. They don’t realize that in Kabbalah locust symbolize the life energy of Geburah. For instance, what is the life energy of Chesed? It is fish, because Chesed is water, but Geburah is the fire that goes to the Earth.

When you feel the fire in your physicality, in the sexual act, you feel it in all your body, especially in the sexual organs. This fire (related with the sense of touch) is the force of Samael (Mars, Geburah), it is that creeping thing that the Bible calls locusts, and that the fornicator does not know how to control.

Thus, the fornicators create Kamaduro and Karmasaya ; both karmas endure five months. They want to die psychologically and they cannot because Kamaduro and Karmasaya are non-negotiable karmas. But when you are transmuting your Qi energy, then you are controlling the locusts. This is why it is stated that the locusts hurt only those people who did not have the seal of God on their forehead, meaning those people who are not transmuting the Sexual Qi Energy.

The fornicators do not sublimate the Sexual Qi Energy to their foreheads, they are not utilizing the keys of Peter in order to be born again.

Remember that Gibor means gift-born, the gift of being born with the cross, and also means Gibur or gift-burn, the gift of burning your psychological defects with the cross. Every time you want to annihilate an ego, you have to utilize the cross: the cross of Peter    and the cross of Andrew   ; the two crosses which form the orthodox baptismal font.

A new born baby is baptized in order to receive the strength of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is masculine in the pineal gland and feminine in the sexual organs.

In the pineal gland is faith, masculine faith. Yet in the sexual glands we have the femenina , feminine, the feminine faith. In other words: Fe or Faith derives from “fides ” (‘faith’ in Latin). “Fides minimum ” is small faith (or ‘little faith’), represented in Mary Magdalene.

Thus you have to teach your sexual organ “fidelity” to the pineal gland, that is: how to transmute the Qi in order to develop “faithfulness”. Because the sexual energy, the Qi energy, when it rises to the pineal gland develops “faithfulness”, which opens the doors of heaven. This is how you find the relationship of the apostles of Jesus with Mary, with the transmutatory science that relates to the Gibor Rune.

-Paraphrase from Runes: The Rune Gibor on Gnostic Teachings’ website



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