Gnostic Psychology is the study of principles, laws and facts which are intimately related to the individual’s radical and definitive transformation.

The purpose of Psychology is the transformation of the individual.

Topics that we cover in our Gnostic Psychological Studies include:

  • Knowledge of Self
  • The 2 Lines of Life
  • The Different States of Consciousness
  • Self-Observation and the Awakening of the Consciousness
  • The Human Machine and its Functioning (the 3 Brains and the 5/7 Centers)
  • The Ego (the “I” or Myself) and the Intimus (the Atman or Inner Being)
  • Seriousness in the Esoteric Work
  • The 7 Categories of Human Beings (the Seven Types of Men)
  • The 3 Influences for the Human Beings (Influences A, B and C)
  • Observation-Analysis-Meditation-Comprehension-Elimination
  • Impressions and how to deal with them (Selecting Impressions and Transforming Impressions)
  • Mental Representations or Mental Effigies and the obstacle they pose for us (Mental Formations/Fabrications)

Through Psychology we can access the ROOT-CAUSES of all our intimate wants and needs, desires and aspirations, fears and longings, etc. These intimate aspects of ourselves must be explored in order to resolve all our inner inconsistencies. These inconsistencies reside in our unconsciousness which is why they are generally hidden from us. And it is only in this way (by discovering our hidden defects) that we can convert our unconsciousness into Consciousness. This will allow us to internally unite ourselves into a whole, accomplish our True Spiritual Potential and march firmly along the “Path of Regeneration”.