The Fohat, Maha-Kunalini and the Alchemy of the Gods

The universal fire of life is the Fohat, which is also called Maha-Kundalini. It has seven degrees of power.

“Oh Devi-Kundalini! You are the fire of the seven Laya centers of the universe.”

The seven Laya centers of the universe are the fire’s seven degrees of power.

Seven Churches exist in the Chaos where the Seven Planetary Logos officiate. These Seven Churches also exist within the spinal medulla of the human being (they are the Seven Churches from the Book of ‘Revelations’ in the New Testament).

The Seven Planetary Logos officiated in their seven temples at the dawn of life. The Seven Holy Ones practiced the rituals of Maha-Kundalini within the sacred precinct of their temples at the dawn of the Mahamanvantara (the Cosmic Day).

The material universe did not exist then. The universe solely existed within the mind of the Gods. Nonetheless, for the Gods, the universe was ideal and objective simultaneously. The universe was; yet, it did not exist.

In Gnostic Kabbalah, the Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur are collectively referred to as ‘the Absolute’. Within the bosom of the Absolute, the universe “is”; yet, it does not exist.

To BE is better than to Exist.

The Seven Holy Ones fecundated the chaotic matter so that the universe could emerge.

The Fire’s seven degrees of power divided the chaotic matter into seven different states upon which the perceptions of our seven senses are based. The Seven Igneous Serpents of each of the Planetary Logos fecundated the chaotic matter so that life could emerge.

The fire put the cosmic scale in motion.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 1 of The Mysteries of Fire


The Mulaprakriti is the Raw Material or Materia Prima

The Chaos is the raw matter or raw material of the Great Work. The Chaos is the Mulaprakriri, the primordial matter. Mulaprakriti is christonic substance (the Seminal Energy) from which the universe emerged.

We have Mulaprakriti in our sexual organs, and from it life springs forth.

We see seven sacred vessels filled with this christonic substance on the altars of the temples of the Seven Planetary Logos. That is the sacred symbol of Mulaprakriti. Those are the primordial waters of life.

The water is the dwelling of the fire.

The one who wastes the water also wastes the fire, and remains in darkness.

The Seven Holy Ones fecundated the christonic substance of the universe so that life could sprout.

The Yogi and the Yogini have to fecundate their own primordial waters, their own christonic substance, with the grandiose power of Devi Kundalini.

Kundalini is the spouse of Shiva, the Innermost, the Purusha. Kundalini is the spirit of electricity. Electricity is the sexual power of Maha-Kundalini.

Kundalini is coiled within the Muladhara chakra (the Church of Ephesus of ‘Revelations’). It is the serpent whose tail is coiled three and a half times.

When Kundalini awakens, it hisses as the serpents hiss.

The Prana, the Buddhi, the Indriyas, the Ahankara, the mind, the seven elements of nature, the nerves, are in their totality products of Kundalini. Kundalini is intimately related with the Prana that circulates throughout the 72,000 nadis or Astral conduits which nourish the chakras.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 1 of The Mysteries of Fire


Polarities, the Verb and the Fohat

In those sacred temples of the Seven Holy Ones (within the Chaos), there was an ineffable Lady next to a Logos. Indeed, the separated sexes did not exist; however, the Ineffable Gods knew how to polarize themselves in accordance with the necessities of the moment.

The Elohim or Praja-patis are hermaphrodites. One Praja-pati or Elohim can draw forth their masculine or feminine polarity; they know how to polarize themselves. This is how the Seven Planetary Logos could draw forth their masculine aspect. This is how their Isis could draw forth their feminine aspect.

Now our disciples will understand how (inside each one of the temples of the Chaos) the Gods worked in couples, chanting the rhythms of fire. Groups of children (Praja-patis or Elohim) formed choruses with these ineffable couples… The Sacred Trimatzikamno!

The sacred fire emerges from the brain of the Father and from the bosom of the Mother. This marriage of the sacred fire fecundated the Mulaprakriti so that life could emerge.

The raw matter of the Great Work is the christonic substance (the Seminal Energy). The raw matter of the Great Work is the mazar of the Gods, the sea of milk, the fountain of milk and of coagulations, the Waters of Amrita. It is the Sacred Cow from whom life emerges.

These are the Primordial Waters that we have deposited within our sexual glands. The Verb of the Gods fecundated the chaotic matter so that life could emerge. The throat is a uterus where the Word is gestated. The throat is the sexual organ of the Gods.

The sexual magic of the Verb fecundated the chaotic matter so that life could emerge. The creation of the universe was the outcome of the sexual magic of the Verb.

The entire universe is granulated Fohat. The entire material universe is elaborated with the granulations of Fohat.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 1 of The Mysteries of Fire




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