The “Sol, Sal, Sul, Sig, Sigi” Rune According to Guido Von List

  Sol, sal, sul, sig, sigi = Sun [Sonne ], Salvation/Health [Heil ], Victory [Sieg ], Column/Pillar [Säule ], School [Schule ], Aim/Goal [Ziel ], and so on.

An eleventh still I also know in the fight,
when I lead the dear one:
I sing it into the shield and he is victorious in battle,
he fares hale hither and hale home again, he remains hale everywhere.

Sal and Sig !” – Salvation and Victory [Heil und Sieg ]. This millenia old Aryan greeting and battle-cry is also again found in a variant form in the widespread call of inspiration: alaf sal fena ! (All solar salvation to whosoever is conscious of power, that is, the one who is able to reproduce!)

This has become symbolized by the 11th sign of the futharkh alphabet as the Sig rune (the Rune of Victory): “The creative spirit must conquer!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes [Das Geheimnis der Runen] (1908)
by Guido Von List

* NOTE: We present List’s information here for historical purposes. However, let us remember that every person on this planet from our present Root Race is considered Aryan, according to the Theosophical, Anthroposophic and Gnostic understanding (not just one group or color, etc). See our article on the historical use of the term ‘Aryan’ on the Historical Context page.


The “Sol, Sal, Sul, Sig” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben

Letter S and Number 11.

The Sal, Sol, Sig Rune is the Zig-zag, the Lightening and the Sunray that in an Instant [bil] suddenly descends.

The Rune means Victory [Sieg ], victorious, soul, blessed, column, school, seal, sigil, Sun, solum (from Latin meaning “the All-One”), goal/aim [Ziel ], Ziu, Zeus, Sal-ute, Salman, lightning, “Sal und Sieg ” – which is an ancient battle call and salute. If Sol is the Sun, then Scholle is Earth; above and below: Sol and sole.

Its Ur-word is Wille meaning “Will/Willpower”.

“This I know as eleventh, if into battle
I lead the friend, the beloved
I sing it into the shield so that he wins in battle
And well-being is all around him.”

Sal is the Rune of victory, the incendiary spark of victorious thoughts, the twitching lightening bolt out of black clouds, the flooding light of the Ether, which is in need of rich imagination or imagery, and one could recognize in this Rune a man with the victoriously elevated right hand. The Latin salus (meaning “Hail”) is a composite of the ancient call of victory “sal + sig ”. We see this Rune of victory and of well-being on weaponry. Salve = sal-fe or sal-fa = “create well-being” or “create salvation”!

Each victory over oneself and others is an increase, an occasion that makes us happy, it is sal (“salvation” and “well being”), proven superiority and tested strength. But in the use of the acquired might and the exploitation of the victory there is the distinction between human and sub-human. In victory, the sub-human will never have that warm glow for the defeated in their eyes, and with which the human is capable of reconciling when they stretch out their hand to the opponent.

The true human being, the child of God, is never more benevolent, never more Divine and never more irresistible than in victory. “Sal and Sieg !”, he calls out, “Salvation and Victory” achieved, thus says the salige , the blessed Sal -man (the man of salvation, Solomon).

He continues: “I wish you, who was defeated, that you too should be well and that you remain so, because of that I am happy about this victory, this is thanks to you, I can only experience this because of you, over whom I was given to be victorious.” There is no victory that would not make us brighter and more ‘well/healthy’ up to this point. This alone is why we want to be victorious, and therefore we are happy! “Alaf sal fena ! All hail to the healthy/well-born ones!”

This Rune has a rushing, hissing, foaming, sounding characteristic as well as that of lightening: a radiating out, sending out, going from one place to another.

Spiritual relations to the Sal -Rune are also contained in the German words Seele (Soul), Selbst (Self), sehen (to see), sühnen (to atone), ver-söhnen (to make up), Sal-man (Solomon), Sa-mane, Schamane (Shaman), Skalde (Poet).

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Sig, Sal, Sol” Rune According to Kummer & Other German Authors

  (S) The S– or Sig-Rune is the Sig, Sal, Sol, the Rune of the Sun’s power, of light, of lightening, of Salvation and of Victory.

Sig is said to bring ‘sunny Salvation’ [sonniges Heil ]. It is the rune of the Sun and of the Light, thus: the solar light or sunlight; and its practice is associated with the solar plexus.

The Sig -rune expresses the “Darting, Hissing, Frothing [Sausende, Zischende, Schäumende ]”, as well as the “Radiant and Shining, Luminous [Strahlende und Glänzende, Lichthafte ]”.

It is the rune of the celestial serpent of summer time, the heaven-fire, lightning, the heavenly serpent that comes down from the thunderstorms of summer time onto the earth and which brings the heavenly fire and rain.

Sal und Sieg ” (“Salvation and Victory”), the Light, the ‘holy light of the land’ (called “sulu sigi ”); lightning, the lightning bolt.

“Victory means strength for humanity and for God,
therefore, learn to bow to the All-father’s might.
Not giving heed to the abuses and ridicule of others,
so that you may rise to the light, from every day to every night.” (from Kummer)

Salvation is achieved through the overcoming of matter. Through victory over oneself, one gets closer to the All-father. One thereby becomes blessed, victorious and receives the might & power of the spiritual sun.

This rune gives victory over the lower Self [das niedere Ich ] (over the Ego); and is also understood as a colander/sieve [sieb], that is: a strainer or filter to separate liquids & solids (separating things which have been previously mixed together).

Esoterically, the Symbol-Significance [Sinnzeichen ] of this rune is that of the Soul [Seele ] and, since it also corresponds to Salvation and Light, we can understand that it can provide us with Illumination (Knowledge, Insight, and Enlightenment) and is related to: “Clarification, Resolution, Liberation, Life”.

Thus, Sig helps to overcome the Material [Materielle überwinden ] and to increase the Might/Power of the Spirit [Macht des Geistes ].

“The Life of the Soul with God,
the Falling Away into the material World [materielle Welt ]
and the Reunification [Wiedervereinigung ] with God
after Overcoming Matter [Überwindung der Materie ].” (from Kurtzahn)

The Sig -rune is the rune of the Fighter/Warrior and of the Victor. It provides Victory and Success in an honest Fight/Battle [im ehrlichen Kampf ]. It subdues the enemy; making them cowardly, weak and powerless. Our ancestors carved it into their weapons.

In the saga period it was customary that one who wanted to compel victory carried a ‘Victory Stone’ or Siegsteine (Old Norse sigrstein , Middle High German sigestein ). These stones usually contain the inscription “Tiu “, “Ti-ur ” or Sig-Tyr   twice carved or written (the god called upon twice). A triangular form of the Siegsteine is typical, which also symbolizes the “Thorn”: the Life- or Death-Thorn that leads to rebirth.

The reverse, inverse or ‘demonic’ of the Sig -rune is the Zil -rune: goal, gain more through physical strength, teat-phallus, Zizza = teat, female breast, egoism, passion.

Kummer says that this rune is associated with the sign of Aquarius. – Numerical value 11.


• “Health/Well-Being/Salvation and Victory [Sal und Sieg].”
• “The Salvation of the Soul through the Light.”
• “The Creator-Spirit [Schöpfergeist ] must be victorious [siegen ].”
• “The Divine-Spark [Götterfunke ] in you must be victorious.”
• “Salve , Sal-Fa : Create Health, Create Well-Being, Create Salvation. Hail this Creation!”
• “The triumphant Force/Power [Kraft ] is in me!
        I Succeed [Sieghaft ] in every Battle [Kampf ]!
        The Victory-Rune’s Might [Sieg-Rune Macht ]
        leads my Operation/Enterprise to Success [Unternehmen zum Erfolg ]!”
• “Sig , let me triumph over Earth and Matter [Erde und Stoff ],
        help me on the Thorny-Path to God [Dornenpfade zu Gott ].”

Sound formulas: “S” or “Z”, “Sig” or “Zig”, and “sa-se-si-so-su”; as well as “as-es-is-os-us”, “Sal”, “Ses”, “Sigsl”, “Si-Gi-Il”, “Sal and Sig” (or “Sal und Sig”), “Solum”, “Sal-Ve, Sal-Fe, Sal-Fa”, “Sulu-Sigi”, “Sal-man, Sol-man, Sol-om-on”, “Sieg-steine”.

Full Body Rune Exercise:
1) Kummer describes the practice as follows: The student takes up the passive Is -rune position and does the breathing exercise. One then lowers the torso down to the knees (keeping the knees together), with the arms and hands on the sides so that, when seen from the side, one forms the Sig-rune.

This exercise is somewhat difficult, so the student should not strain themselves, rather one should rest and repeat again. The student should vocalize the mantra “Siiig” first in a high and then in a low tone, while visualizing the All-Streams flowing through the spine. For further experience use “sa-se-si-so-su”.

In this position there is a particularly strong effect on one’s sympathetic nerves and the solar plexus. One may perceive a tingling, pulling and trickling along with a happy feeling during this practice. This is not self-suggestion. It is felt by those students who have already developed enough in the previous exercises.

The solar plexus is one of the main centers of the body. Every sensation, every feeling, every thought has an effect on it and influences the nervous system which in turn floods the entire body as a carrier of thoughts. If someone thinks good or bad thoughts, then these waves pulse through their whole body.

Since a person protrudes like an antenna into space, they also absorb their own thoughts and corresponding waves, streams from space, and so in turn they have a positive or negative effect on their solar plexus. Remember that correct training in concentration and breathing is required in order to be successful in all rune exercises. Therefore, if one wants to have good results, then one should energetically go against all negative thoughts and emotions which strongly influence one’s own solar plexus.

It is advisable for the student to practice this Sig -rune position often so that, later, they can easily endure 15-20 minutes. If the attempt at a straight torso during the practice is not successful, then one can practice the Sig -rune, take a break, and adopt a slightly different posture: follow each squat with closed heels. This is also a Sig -rune position, where the breathing exercise and meditation, vocalizing “s-s-s”, must not be forgotten.

So the student alternates several times with the Sig -rune and the squat. With time one will also achieve the positive Sig -rune. The torso must be completely upright, the small of the back drawn in; the head slightly inclined downwards, the eyes directed to the root of the nose; thighs, knees and feet are pressed together; with the hands and arms placed on the body; and the heels lifted slightly. After the magnetizing with the “S” mantra, the meditation is directed to a particular destination, for example to a friend in great need. Next, the passive state of mind is initiated (quieting of the mind).

In lighter meditations as well as in outdoor meetings with like-minded people, the easy squat can be done with closed heels and straight torso, which Kummer calls the ‘negative’ or ‘female’ Sig -rune position. However, the student tries with patience and perseverance to achieve the ‘positive’ or ‘male’ Sig -rune, this most difficult of all rune positions because it contains a great power and unspeakable blessing.

Kummer reminds us again that: “I can only give you hints about the deep mystery of the Sig -rune , but they will suffice if the immense wisdom and power, the great love from above, helps you. Know that the Sig -rune gives you divine powers to protect from injustice, sorrow, hate and from enemies; with it: you bring sun-salvation.

In your quest for an ever more noble, pure and conscious life, at the right moment, the immeasurable sun-power and the might of the Sig -rune will be revealed. The Divine-Spark in you must be victorious.

Heil und Sieg = Sal and Sig = Salvation and Victory!”

Kummer recommends that the practitioner repeat the following to themselves often:

“All rune signs hold a deep meaning, a magical power.
The runes are not arbitrarily chosen signs,
    but rather they are much more like living people in holy positions.
The runes are human, physical signs
    that I must sense, grasp, and use rightly in their depths.”

2) Speisberger gives the following practices:

        a) Begin with a few deep breaths in the passive Is-rune position, then take the first posture: squat down (either on the tiptoes or with the feet flat) with your thighs & calves firmly touching together, buttocks resting on the heels; the upper body is upright and the forearms & hands are on the sides of the thighs; the legs are closed.
        b) Same as the previous posture, except the legs are opened and the arms are on the sides of the body, with the hands touching the buttocks.
        c) The body reproduces the shape of the Sig -Rune while standing (although slightly crouching) with the knees & hips angled accordingly, and the arms are also slightly angled on the sides of the body.

Vocalize the rune’s name “SIG” (English pronunciation “zeeg”) prolonging the first two letters; this can be alternated with “SA, SE, SI, SO, SU” and the S or Z sounds.

Practice the posture for as long as you are able, then come back to the passive Is-rune position to rest before repeating. During the practice, one should concentrate on the solar plexus region, and contemplate the idea of health, holiness, salvation, success and victory.

The Hand Rune Exercise:
Left hand raised, thumb slightly sticking out (as with the K-rune hand-sign), then the index finger of the right hand lightly touches the left thumb, while the remaining fingers of both hands are straight. Figure 11 portrays the Sig -Rune hand-sign, which is performed with the left arm extended and the right arm slightly bent.

Its sound formulas are: “S-s-i-g” and “Sa-se-si-so-su”.

Through this hand-sign, a great accumulation of cosmic energies is acquired in the hands. The left hand becomes warm, and the practitioner will feel how the current also passes into the right hand.

During the circulation of accumulated energies after the practice, the current can be observed throughout the entire body. Here, too, one may detect an ozone odor coming from the hands.

This sign produces a strong awareness of power and victory in the practitioner. With sufficient development of the practitioner, higher magical laws will come into force. The astral color is golden-yellow by day, silver-grey by night.

Concentrate on victory over oneself, over one’s own mistakes & weaknesses (our egos & defects), on receiving sunny victorious healing powers and on the achieving the goal of salvation.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.
Possibly also from Karl Spiesberger’s Rune-Magic [Runenmagie] (1954) and/or
Friedrich Bernhard Marby’s Rune-Library [Runen-Bücherei] (1931-1935)


Rosicrucian and Gnostic


The “Sig” Rune According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple:

The    SIG Rune signifies Spiritual Power, numerically it corresponds to 11.

After the    AR Rune: two Beings follow, that is to say, the material Being and the divine Being.

  SIG is the Rune of the Sun itself and its symbol, as a letter, is the S or the Infinite.

At the same time that the ancients said “SOL”, they also said “SAL”. That’s where the word “SAL-UD” meaning “HEALTH” comes from. This Rune has the shape of Lightening that is, the shape of a Thunderbolt or Ray   .

The ancient Romans said “SALVE” (meaning “HELLO, GREETING, HAIL, WELL, and GOOD HEALTH”) and raised their hand in order to make it descend in that zig-zag form. There still exist today secret rites where the same movement is executed. This has the significance of triumph, of victory.

No modern mason suspects that his signs of recognition are nothing more than the descriptions of Runes and that the primitive masons took these signs from the Druids. In the Druid Lodges these explanations are given up to this day, since there is more ancient knowledge there than in masonry.

After man has comprehended the meaning of the previous Rune (   the AR Rune) and has become a Child of the Sun (that is to say, an ARIO ), then he corresponds to Victory, triumph……

Only in this way do you get SAL-UD, that is to say, HEALTH/WELL-BEING…

In Hitler’s Germany, the salute was “SIEG HEIL” (meaning “VICTORY” & “SALVATION”, or “VICTORIOUS SALVATION”) which is a mantram that the people uttered without realizing it, and which could have been an operation of White Magic, if understood properly.

The ancient Dukes (the Leaders of the Nobles) carried this Rune as a symbol that (as the disciple will observe) is a Z, or the Omega to which Jesus refers when saying “I am the Alpha and the Omega or the Beginning and the End”.

These two Runes (the    AR and the    SIG) contain the Power of all the others.

There is much to meditate on regarding these exercises of A and Z, or of    AR and    SIG…….

We leave as a final instruction, the explanation of how you can cure all diseases with the Runes and give a nomenclature of them. Also the Runes serve in order to give us good luck, as is done with the letters, but this is much safer and a very old science which we are going to revive. We only call attention to it today, regarding this    SIG Rune, because it is the one that returns one’s lost Health.

The Archaeologist or Paleogeographist, Herman WIRTH, says that    SIG is the CENTRAL SUN and calls it “SULU-SIGI-SIG” which is also the name of the Serpent, that is to say, of the Kundalini or sexual force in us.

It is remarkable that the five-pointed star, the Macrocosm, is nothing more than a constant repetition of the Rune.    SIG or SIZ is what the ancients also called the Phallus or sexual member and thus we return again through Runic Magic to Sexual Magic.

The Magi say that there is no possible incantation without employing this design along with those Kabbalistic names. May the brothers who have works of Magic, see them in those books. This is the only constant in Ceremonial Magic.

No one, neither Faust nor Eliphas Levi, could have evoked anything if they had not used that sign. It is the one who gives triumph. It is the universal seal, the Force that opens up like lightning or the thunderbolt……

Everyone who uses weapons in order to defend themselves, must put this Rune on them. In our times in the Military, we always carried it on our sword embedded like an amulet.

PRACTICE: The practice for this Rune is to pronounce the previous Mantrams tracing Lightning (or the Thunderbolt) with the hand and the index finger extended…. with the mind concentrated on this slogan: “YO QUIERO VENCER EN TODO. ASI SEA.” or “I WILL OVERCOME EVERYTHING. SO BE IT.”

With the present course, I can only lightly touch on the great secrets of Runic Magic, which are older and superior to the Kabbalah, and later the occult world (especially the Theosophists) will thank me for having been the first to address these great problems, of which they had no idea, and that Blavatsky herself did not even suspect.


-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Sig” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

It is indeed difficult to depict the enchantment, the inebriation of ecstasy, the communion of the Saints during nights of meditation. On one such night, the Patriarch JACOB (living Reincarnation of the resplendent Angel ISRAEL), while resting his head upon the Philosophical Stone, read within the stars the promise of an innumerable posterity… And he saw between heaven and earth the mysterious septenary ladder through which all the Elohim are ascending and descending.

To experience what is the Truth, the Real, or ‘THAT’ …is only possible when we are absent from the “I”.

On the day of the LORD, I was inspecting, searching, inquiring into the Mysteries of my own final hour. I saw and heard things which the profane and profaners are not allowed to comprehend. Then, I directly experienced the final stage, the setting of the “I”, the catastrophic ending of ‘Myself’. Thus, I could live the Crucifixion of the INTIMATE CHRIST and the descent into the Holy Sepulcher. The fight against Satan was terrible… Then, my Priestess-Wife sealed my sarcophagus with a large Stone while sweetly smiling, and from the Golgotha of the Father: lightning, thunder and terribly divine voices were heard…

All of this reminds us of the    SIG Rune, which is the terrible lightning from the Central Sun and “SULU-SIGI-SIG” which is the secret name of the frightfully sacred viper Kundalini.

In ancient times, human beings trembled before the Pentalpha, which is certainly a constant repetition of the    SIG Rune. This star resembles the trace of the zig-zag of lightning. In the Archaic Mysteries,    SIG was the Phallus, and through it we return to the Maithuna (Sex-Yoga).

  SIG is the Sun, and its letter is the ‘S’, whose sound (when wisely prolonged) is converted into the subtle voice, into that sweet and pleasant whistle that ELIAS heard in the wilderness.

The Final Initiation is sealed with Lightning, with    the SIG Rune, and amongst thunder & lightning these tremendous words are heard: “My FATHER, I Entrust my SPIRIT into YOUR HANDS.” The luminous flaming sword (which threateningly turns in every way in order to keep the way of the Tree of Life) has the dreadful figure of the    SIG Rune, and reminds us of the zig-zag of Lightning.

“Woe unto the Samson of the Kabbalah if he permits himself to be put asleep by Delilah! The Hercules of science, who exchanges his royal scepter for the distaff of Omphale…” Unhappy is he who permits himself to be seduced by the original She-Devil, the no-name woman, who is a rose of perdition from the infernal abyss. Disgraceful is the Initiate who falls inebriated into the arms of any others who lead us from the Path…

Woe! Woe! Woe to those Initiates who succumb to the fiery kisses, not of the many women, but of that symbolic woman who does not try to seduce with the suggestions of mere animal sensation, but with the most delectable arts of subtle sentimentalism and romantic emotionalism. Therefore, it would be better for these Initiates not to be born or for a millstone to be hung about their necks, and that they be drowned in the depths of the sea…

Disgraceful are the ones who instead of rising towards the Golgotha of the Father and descending into the Holy Sepulcher, will be fulminated by the terrible lighting of Cosmic Justice. They will lose their Flaming Sword and will descend into the Kingdom of PLUTO through the black path. The terrible Ray of Cosmic Justice also precipitates those fallen Bodhisattvas (who never want to rise again) into the abyss.

Every Great Work, any Judgment, is always sealed with the    SIG Rune, with the flaming sword.

PRACTICE: You must seal all of your magical works, invocations, supplications, healing chains, etc., with this Rune. The zig-zag of lightning    must be traced with your hand and your index finger extended, while also sounding the letter “Sssssss” as a prolonged sweet and affable whistle.

-Paraphrase from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor


The letter “S” is the    SIG Rune and has a terrific power. When we vocalize it, lightning is produced in the internal atmosphere, which has the power to awaken the Kundalini.

The esoteric name of Kundalini is SULU-SIGI-SIG. This is also the name of the central sun. Each one of these letters should be vocalized in the following order: Ssssss Uuuuuu Luuuuu – Ssssss Iiiiii Gggggg Iiiiii – Ssssss Iiiiii Gggggg.

Every letter must be vocalized, prolonging the sound of each letter, just as we have indicated. It is important to prolong the sound of each vowel. The letter “S” is like a sweet and affable hiss. The Bible speaks to us of this sweet and affable hiss in the following verses:

“And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before Jehovah.
And, behold, Jehovah passed by,
and a great and strong wind rent the mountains,
and broke the rocks into pieces before Jehovah;
but Jehovah was not in the wind;
and after the wind an earthquake;
but Jehovah was not in the earthquake:

“And after an earthquake a fire:
but Jehovah was not in the fire:
and after the fire a still small voice [hiss].

“And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle,
and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave.
And, behold, there came a voice [hiss] unto him,
and said, what doest thou here, Elijah?” (1 Kings: 19: 11-13)

The “S”, as a Mantram, permits us to leave our cave (the physical center) and to enter upon the mount (the astral plane). The disciple must become sleepy while vocalizing the sweet and affable sound of the “S”. When the disciple reaches that state of transition between vigil and sleep, then they must rise from their bed and leave the room, going towards the Gnostic Church. Once in the Gnostic Church, we will teach and instruct them in the Divine Wisdom.

However, we must clarify to our disciples that this explanation which we have given must be understood as an immediate action. The student must rise up from their bed, as naturally as would a child who knows nothing of occultism. It is not a mental practice. It is a practice which must be understood as a concrete action, just as when we rise up in the morning in order to eat breakfast.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 31 of Igneous Rose [Rosa Ignea] (1952)
by Samael Aun Weor



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