Gnostic Alchemy

Alchemy is traditionally known as ‘the science of transmuting lead into gold’, but this is a metaphor to explain a number of different transformational processes that must occur within human beings in order for them to become different beings.

Topics we will cover include:

  • ‘The Seed of the Soul’ or Ens Semenis
  • The meaning of Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur
  • What is Transmutation and how is it Practiced?
  • Manifesting Love vs. Passion/Desire
  • Working with the Triamatzicamno and the Heptaparaparshinock
  • Esoteric or Occult Chemistry and the transformation of the “Hydrogen SI-12”
  • The Etheric, Astral, Mental and Causal substances or the Different Types of Matter
  • The Incarnation of the Verb
  • The Venustic Initiation

Through the Alchemical Practice we are able to transform subtle energies into fine vital substances that can be used for our Authentic Spiritual DEVELOPMENT and thus complete the “Path of Regeneration” and the “Awakening of the Consciousness”.