The “Tyr, Tar, Tur” Rune According to Guido Von List

  Tyr, Tar, Tur, Animal/Beast [Thier ], and so on. (Týr, the Sun-and-Sword-God; Tiu, Zio, Ziu, Zeus; to generate, to turn, to conceal; thus Tarnkappe [Tarn-cap], the cap of concealment, and so on.)

A twelfth I have: if on a tree there hangs
a man throttled up on high,
then I write some runes
and the man climbs down and talks to me.

The reborn Wotan, that is, the renewed Wotan who has climbed down from the world tree after his self sacrifice, just like the renewed fanisk (phoenix) which flies up out of the ashes, and is personified in the young Sun God and Sword God, Týr.

According to the rule of mysticism, every magical belief moves parallel to mythology, in that the mythic pattern is adopted in analogies to human earthly processes, in order to reach results similar to those given in the myths.

While esotericism on the basis of the well-known dyad recognizes the mystic one in the mystic many (and therein it sees the fate of the All and hence of every individual), in eternal change from passing away to rebirth. As Wotan returned after his self sacrifice (which is to be understood not merely as his death, but rather as his whole life) in a renewed body, so also does every single person return after every life in human form with a renewed body through a rebirth (which is equally a self sacrifice).

For this reason, tar means to generate, to live, and to pass away, and therefore Týr is the reborn young sun. So too is the twelfth rune at the same time a victory rune, and hence it is carved into sword blades and spearheads as a sign to give victory.

It shall be said: “Fear not death — it cannot kill you!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes [Das Geheimnis der Runen] (1908)
by Guido Von List


The “Tyr, Tar, Tur, Tor, Tri, Tre, Ter-zer” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben

Letter T and Number 12.

Tyr Rune; Tyr, Tir, Their; Tie, Ties, Tiu, Ziu, Zio, Zion, Zizzo, Zeus, Teuf; Cross; Arbor tree, the wind-cold Wood upon which the Hanging-god [Hangatyr ] sacrifices himself to secure Resurrection.

The protective Roof of the Secret-Doctrine of Resurrection by means of Self-Sacrifice.

Its Ur-word is Erregung meaning “Excitation” as well as Excitement, Intense Emotion, Thrill, Arousal, Causing, etc.

“A twelfth one I sing, if I see in the branches
dangle the hanged one on the rope.
He descends from the tree and has to respond to me
When I carve the Runes correctly”

This is the Rune of the “God of the Sword” [Schwertgottes ]. Also the Rune of the people of the tiu, teuf, tot = of the whole, deut-deutsch (the German or Germanic peoples). Related are: tus = a thousand, dusion (Greek) = sacrifice. In essence the Rune means ‘to procreate’. Tyr = try, like one of Wodan’s other sons Thor who is also the third, the procreated one.

The word Tar or Tara is also related, meaning: to turn (around), to transmute, therefore to conceal, to hide, to cover up; thus in general destruction and reincarnation, eternal change: TIE and die! To die, because the contrary of the living whole, the total or tot, is Death (Tod)!

The Rune represents the tri-tre, the tree, which is also a tre-turning growth. Becoming or growth is often in the shape of the spiral, be it a spiral nebula (which evolves into a world), or the most inconspicuous plant. Here the Tyr-, the tri-, the turning-, the three-power is active. Therefore on all ends, we find notions of growth, of becoming, and of procreation with this Tyr-concept.

Tramontana or trimontana is the astrological and astronomical term for Polaris (the pole star). Tri = ‘rotation’ and ‘three’; it reminds us of the world tree, the axis of which goes through the pole star.

The world tree is the symbol of the maintaining and of the three (of root, stem and crown; as well as of arising, being and passing away). All growth is symbolized by a tree, namely the rotation of a spiral, which is striving upwards.

‘Montana’ = mundus or world, and ‘Trimontana’ = the tree of the world. Everywhere we still find traces of the ancient knowledge of the world-tree and we unveil the buried spiritual treasures with the linguistic key that is only explainable by means of the Ur-language.

In its inversion the whirling power of the becoming of the TYR, tri, tar, and ter becomes a “zer” in the German language, and as such it is a word of destruction, of annihilation, of tearing up.

Tyr is the son of Wodan, the re-born one, after the self-sacrifice of the father; the Hangatyr, the hanging-Tyr, which rejuvenates in order to be his son Tyr. Thus Wodan, who descended from the tree (from the world-wood), is renewed and re-incorporated into the young Sword-and-Sun God.

The corresponding stanza of the Rune Song assures us of the human who has nailed to the cross of the world, his reincarnation in a new human body. The Christ, who is nailed to the world cross on the “hill” named Golgotha (Golga-ta, the Galga-, Halga-, Hag-all, the “Son of God”), is in the colony of the Tyr (the Ziu, Zio, Zion, Zeus), the Tyr himself.

Tyr as the twelfth rune, corresponds to the twelfth sign of the zodiac: Pisces; thus, it reminds us of the Christ in the sign of Pisces, and corresponds entirely to the “God son” Tyr, who (in the Rune circle) is on its twelfth position.

The TYR-Rune tells: “Do not fear anything, even dying cannot kill you! Better to die than to be one who is a ‘living dead’.”

The shape of the arrow of the Rune indicates procreation, birth on the material plane and it is, therefore, necessarily connected with dying and death. Since these are the conditions for reincarnation, this rune is also a rune of victory over death.

The Rune TYR could be hidden easily in a coat of arms, because of its far reaching imagery. After a certain time it was no longer possible or advisable to show runes in the coat of arms, so it appeared on spears, lances and arrows. When it appears in a coat of arms, it gives dynasty, riches and abundance, that is to say: increase in every respect.

Although it is the 12th rune (and therefore related with Pisces), astrologically it belongs into the sign of Sagittarius and to the planet Mars (because of the similarity of their astrological symbols).

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Tyr” Rune According to Kummer & Other German Authors

  (T) The T– or Tyr-Rune is the Rune of good fortune, of spiritual victory, of rebirth, of procreation, but also of destruction and eternal change. Thor, Tyr, Tiu, Zir, Teut.

We find that the hammer of Thor , the thorn of death, as well as the spear and the arrow are all forms of the Tyr-rune.

The Tyr-rune is the rune of affirmation, genesis and fertility; but also of negation, destruction and death. Interestingly, it is said to banish the fear of death: “Do not fear death, it cannot kill you”. This rune also indicates concealment or disguise, as well as defending, and recalls the tarnkappe (the cloak of concealment or of invisibility).

Tyr, the threefold power. Within it operate the Three: Arising [1], Being/Becoming [2], and Passing Away [3] to new Arising – therefore turning, twisting, striving ever upward.

The spiral current, the cosmic rhythm; the arrow-head in the shape of the Tyr-Rune.

Tyr is also the door that leads to the higher realizations of the spirit. Wotan (through his willpower) is reborn [1], finds the runes [2] and descends from the World-Ash Tree [3].

The Tyr-rune is considered a talisman of happiness and should bring about an increase in property, abundance and wealth, spiritually as well as materially. It warns against impure generation because then it brings ruin, hardship and suffering.

The reverse, inverse or ‘demonic’ of the Tyr-rune (the overturned Tyr-rune or arrow aiming downwards) means: destruction, death, corruption, downfall, greed, brutality, selfishness.

Kummer says that the Tyr-rune is associated with the sign of Pisces and with the Son of God at the Winter Solstice, but also considered it to be the Rune of Autumn & Winter. – Numerical value 12.


• “The Rune Tyr, the Sword-God [Schwertgottes ].”
• “Tyr is the rune of power, of battle, of victory (similar to the Sig rune).”
• “The divine Creative-Power [Gestaltungskraft ] and the Creative-Will [Gestaltungswillen ] in Man.”
• “The Resurrecting/Enlivening/Arousing Rune [Erweckungs Rune ] ; Resurrection through Self-Sacrifice [Auferstehung durch Selbstaufopferung ].”
• “Absolute Fulfillment of duty and ultimate Sacrifice promotes the Tyr-Rune’s Power, while high Wisdom and Superior spirituality lead to its Success.”
• “I strive to Thee, All-Father, Over Life and Death, through Sorrow, Stress and Need, Joy and Contentment, I strive, with longing, back to Thee”.

Sound Formulas: “T-y-r” and “ta-te-ti-to-tu”; as well as “tat-tet-tit-tot-tut”, “Tar-Tur-Tor”, “Tri-Tre”, “Ter-zer”, “Tyr-Ti-Tiu”.

Full Body Rune Exercise:
Arms out sideways obliquely angled downwards, palms point towards the floor, but can also be practiced with palms facing upwards.

The student takes the Is -rune position, then both arms are put down sideways obliquely so that the student forms the Tyr-rune. One now pays attention to the All-waves and Earth-waves in the body, particularly related with the sympathetic nerves, solar plexus and gland centers. One quietly vocalizes “Tyr” or “Tir”, but loud enough that it can still be heard with the ears.

One may hold this posture and concentrate on one or more of the Meditations. For further experiences, one can also use the “Ta-Te-Ti-To-Tu” phonetic formula with this position.

The Tyr-rune is born in everyone. But for whosoever listens within themselves, in the Tyr-rune position, it whispers memories of former lives and gives them the certainty of a survival, to return again, and banishes in them every fear of death. That is why it is also the Spiritual Battle Rune and Victory Rune. With it, we are able to overcome the material substance within us, which enables us (through pure, conscious procreation) to attain the higher, earthly rebirth.

The Hand Rune Exercise:
Angle right arm at about 20 cm (or 8 inches) in front of the body, with a bent arm, so that fingertips are at the level of the navel. Ring and small fingers pointing downward, while the thumb, forefinger and middle finger are stretched laterally and spread (see Figure 12). Back of the hand points towards the body. Also practice with the back of the hand pointing outwards. Sound formulas are the same as for the Body posture.

After several repetitions of this sign, one is able to perceive a pleasant turning or boring feeling in the right hand. A subtle bond develops with the navel, though which the energies affect the solar plexus, in such a way that a whispering begins within the practitioner, inherited memories and often astral perceptions appear. The astral color is reddish grey by day, grey-blue by night.

Concentrate on Divine Creative-Power-and-Will manifesting in the human being, on Rejuvenation and on Resurrection by means of Self-Sacrifice.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.
Possibly also from Karl Spiesberger’s Rune-Magic [Runenmagie] (1954) and/or
Friedrich Bernhard Marby’s Rune-Library [Runen-Bücherei] (1931-1935)


Rosicrucian and Gnostic


The “Tir” or “Tyr” Rune According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple:

TYR or TIR, is the Rune that continues and of course , its designation determines that in Spain, in our Motherland , there was a nordic civilization and they left this name of the NORDIC GOD distributed in many places, since in ancient Spain, a city and a river we know with the name of TYRIS, according to Avicenna.

TIR-ESIAS, the famous prophet and son of Everes, remembers that there exists an instrument called a TIRIS which the Japanese possess for their ceremonial Magic.

TIREO was also one of Apollo’s names when he was a Guardian of the Threshold in Initiations.

Remember also, the King of Tyre as a masonic symbol and, above all, the Zodiac does not come from the Animals, but from the God TIR, in order to realize the importance of that Rune that gave its name to so many things, people and places……

The TYR Rune represents the TRINITY because it is formed by three arms, but it is, likewise, the TRIAD in movement, in circulation, it is the wheel of the SUN.

Nordic Mythology says that WOTAN, the German and Mayan (Mexican) God, when he came down from the tree of life, found the Runes, finding the TIR Rune first.

OL signifies SOUL and TIROL signifies soul of the God TIR. Recall TIROL, that region which formerly belonged to Austria, where there are many archaeological memories.

In ancient Manuscripts, this Rune is indicated as the Rune of Reincarnation and of Triumph over Life, and in our Alphabet it is represented as the T or Greek TAU and hence the Rune is essentially a ROSE CROSS symbol.

Nordic mythology tells us that one day the Evil Genie [Loki] had converted himself into a WOLF, playing with the same Gods without their realizing who he was. But, once recognized, it was necessary for one of them to sacrifice themselves and then TIR offered himself by putting his arm between the wolf’s jaws. This cut it from at the root and he lost his hand.

Here is a beautiful teaching for us Rose Cross Disciples ONE FOR ALL, that is, ONE who is always willing to sacrifice themselves for others….

When the Runes are used as vehicles in order to know the future, this Rune signifies LIFE, when it falls with the tip pointing up, and if contrarily it appears with the tip down, then is signifies DEATH.

That is to say, that when we present ourselves before the difficulties with strength of will and character while carrying the shield of fortitude, then we will undoubtedly be victorious. But if we debilitate and abandon ourselves, then we will be overcome. So, for elevated things you have to always face the SUN.

The Nordic peoples consider this Rune, engraved on wood or stone, as a talisman, that is, as an attractive potentiality of luck and that it signifies HARMONY.

It is a representation of the trio BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT and of the three states of matter: SOLID, LIQUID and GAS.

The Great All is also latent in it, since it signifies even the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE (the three enigmas of time, when the circle closes, they are separated and form a single cipher) and with it BIRTH, SUSTAINABILITY IN LIFE, AND DEATH.

PRACTICE: The corresponding practices are to place the arms high and then lower the hands in the likeness of shells, pronouncing the mantram “T i i i i i i r” extended. This is how the personality awakens through the impulse given to it by the “T” or TAU, the Blood awakens through the “I” and the circulation awakens through the “R”.

The Treaties say that with these practices rheumatism and Heart diseases and all those diseases related to blood circulation can be cured. However, these practices should not be done alone, but should be linked to those of the following Rune, named “BAR”.


-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Tyr” or “Tir” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

Divine night, behold, here I am, finally alone with myself, and listening through the voice of Isaiah to your insinuating clamour which is calling me. Oh enchanted night, Urania, life of mine, to be sick because of you is to be sane. All the tales which amuse mortals in their remote infancy are nothing close to you, because you smell better than the fragrance of enchanted gardens…

So, with fertile endurance and with simple pity, I passed through the streets of the capital of Mexico. Who is the one who calls me in the night with such a delectable accent? Ah, it is a gust of wind which wails in the summit tower, it is a sweet thought.

So, I climbed the old tower of the Metropolitan Cathedral while singing my poem with the voice of silence. “Behold, that which is awaiting for you!” said a generous voice unto me, a voice endowing music to the wind. This was a song which was played wherever I went, such musical notes in which I seem to sense my own voice. Then, when descending from that tower, someone was following me, he was a Disciple.

Great was my joy, since I was inebriated with an exquisite spiritual voluptuousness. My body did not have weight, I was moving myself with my Astral form, I had abandoned my physical vehicle a long time before. Already upon the atrium of this old Cathedral, I saw a picturesque conjunction of men, women, children and elders who were selling their merchandise everywhere. There, seated like an oriental Yogi, close to the wall and under the aged tower, on a corner of this old Cathedral, an Aztec Elder of an indescribable age was meditating.

Any sleeping person would have easily assumed him to be just another merchant. In front of him was a mysterious object, a secret Aztec relic. Then, confounded and humbled before this venerable Holy Indigenous Aztec, I had to prostrate myself with reverence. The elder blessed me.

My Disciple looked like a zombie, his Consciousness was profoundly sleeping… Suddenly, something happened, he bent down and, without the least bit of respect, grasped the untouchable relic. He observed it in his hands with infinite curiosity and I became horrified by his behavior.

This appeared so terrible to me that I exclaimed, “What do you think you are doing? You are committing a great sacrilege. For God’s sake, withdraw yourself and leave the relic in its place.” Nevertheless, filled with infinite compassion the Master replied, “It is not his fault in this matter, he is asleep.”

Afterwards, like a pilgrim on the path who wants to heal the afflicted heart with a precious balm, he grasped the head of this sleeping neophyte, and blew the living FOHAT upon his face with the purpose of awakening him, but everything was useless. This Disciple continued sleeping, dreaming.

So, filled with deep bitterness I said, “How much I have fought in the physical world in order for these people to awaken their Consciousness and still they continue to sleep.”

The Disciple had assumed a gigantic figure, an aspect that the Pluralized “I” (engulfed within the Lunar Bodies) was giving him. It was bizarre to see this enormous grayish colored giant slowly walking like a zombie along the old atrium of this ancient Cathedral while heading towards his home (where his physical body was sleeping). In those moments I could only exclaim, “What ugly Lunar Bodies they are!”

Nonetheless, the venerated Elder, while inebriated with compassion replied unto me, “Inside the temple which you are now going to enter (a Jinn Temple, an Aztec Sanctuary), there are many like this one, so look at them with sympathy.” I replied, “It is clear that I will look upon them with sympathy.”

Let us now talk about Reincarnation. Are perchance these Lunar creatures Reincarnating? Could Reincarnation exist where there is no Individuality? The Doctrine of Krishna teaches that only the Gods, Demi-Gods, Heros, Devas, and Titans REINCARNATE. In other words, we will say that only the SELF-REALIZED, those who have the BEING INCARNATED can REINCARNATE. The Ego, the Pluralized “I”, does not Reincarnate. It is submitted to the Law of the Eternal Return of all things. It returns into a new womb, it comes back into this valley of Samsara, it REINCORPORATES.

PRACTICE: The practices corresponding to the TYR or TIR Rune consist of placing the arms high above the head, then descending them to the sides while the hands are cupped like seashells.

When lowering the straight arms pronounce the Mantram “TIIIIIIIRRRRRRRR”. The sound of the letters “I….R….” should be prolonged in order to AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS.

The ‘T’ or TAU strikes the CONSCIOUSNESS in order to awaken it. The letter ‘I’ works intensely within the blood which is the vehicle of the ESSENCE. The ‘R’, while intensifying the circulation of the blood in the veins and in the sanguineous vessels, is operating marvels with the igneous flames by intensifying and stimulating the awakening.

-Paraphrase from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor



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