“To completely comprehend the bases and modus operandi of the Law of KARMA is indispensable in order to orient the ship of our lives through the different levels of life in a positive and edifying manner.”

Remember that the Law of Karma is related to the Law of Recurrence…

Karma is the Law of Compensation, not of vengeance. There are those who confuse this Cosmic Law with determinism and even fatalism, to the point of believing that everything that happens to a person in life is determined beforehand.

It is true that the actions of people determine Heredity, Education and Environment.

However, it is also true that people have free-will and can:
      • change their actions;
      • refine their character,
      • create superior habits,
      • overcome weaknesses,
      • strengthen virtues, etc.”

Keeping this in mind, let us return to our study of the Ray of Creation and look at what happens as the Ray starts its ascent.


The Essence and the Mechanical Axis of Nature

As the Ray of Creation descends to the Abyss or Submerged Mineral Kingdom, we could say that it ends as an ‘atom’ in the “Chaos”. Let’s note here that the term ‘atom’ (from the Greek word átomos) originally meant “uncuttable” or “the smallest indivisible particle of matter” (as we said in Class 3). This is where each spark of Divinity (each Essence) from the Absolute begins its ascending path.

“Everything EVOLVES and INVOLUTES, ascends and descends, comes and goes, fluxes and refluxes; a systole and diastole exists in everything, in accordance with the Law of the Pendulum. EVOLUTION and its twin sister INVOLUTION are two laws which are developed and processed in a coordinated and harmonious manner in everything created. EVOLUTION and INVOLUTION constitute the mechanical axis of nature.

EVOLUTION and INVOLUTION are two mechanical laws of nature which have nothing to do with the INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION of the human being. The INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION of the human being can never be the product of any mechanical law, but is rather the result of a conscious work carried out upon and within ONESELF, on the basis of TREMENDOUS SUPER-EFFORTS, in-depth comprehension and intentional & voluntary sufferings.

Everything RETURNS to the point of departure and the LUNAR EGO returns (after death) to a new womb. It is written that every human being is assigned 108 lives in order to become SELF-REALIZED. Time is running out for many people. Whosoever does not attain SELF-REALIZATION within their allotted time ceases to be born, in order to enter the INFERNAL WORLDS.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 7 ‘LIBRA’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology

Let’s remember what Eliphas Levi says:

“We are the authors of our own destiny, and God does not save us without our help”

-From Ch. 20 of Dogma of High Magic

“All of this invites us to reflect on the 108 LIVES which are assigned to the human being. It is clear that whosoever does not take advantage of those 108 LIVES enters the INVOLUTION of the INFERNAL WORLDS.

INFERNAL INVOLUTION is a fall backwards, towards the past, passing through all the animal, vegetable and mineral states, through frightful suffering. The last stage of the INFERNAL INVOLUTION is the fossil state, after which follows the DISINTEGRATIONS of the lost ones.

The only thing that is SAVED from all of that tragedy, the only thing that is NOT disintegrated is the ESSENCE, the BUDDHATA, that FRACTION OF HUMAN SOUL that the poor INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL carries within their LUNAR BODIES.

INVOLUTION in the INFERNAL WORLDS precisely has as its objective the liberation of the BUDDHATA, the Essence, the Seed of the HUMAN SOUL, in order for it to reinitiate its EVOLUTIVE ascent from the original chaos through the mineral, vegetable and animal rungs, until it reaches the level of INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL mistakenly called MAN.

It is lamentable that so many SOULS relapse, and return again & again to the INFERNAL WORLDS. Time in the INFERNAL WORLDS of the SUBMERGED MINERAL KINGDOM is frighteningly slow and boring; for every frightfully long 100 YEARS in those ATOMIC INFERNOS of Nature, one pays a certain quantity of KARMA. The one who totally disintegrates in the INFERNAL WORLDS, is even with the LAW OF KARMA.”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 7 ‘LIBRA’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology


The Beginning of the Ascending Ray

As we said, as the Ray of Creation descends to the Abyss or Submerged Mineral Kingdom: it ends as an ‘atom’ in the “Chaos”. This is where each spark of divinity (each Essence) from the Absolute begins its ascending path.

As it ascends, it passes through the Mineral, Plant and Animal kingdoms before finally entering the Humanoid Kingdom. Then, we are given 108 lifetimes as a human to either continue the ascension or return to the Abyss.

If we do not choose to ascend, then we return to the Animal, Plant and Mineral kingdoms before, again, entering the Abyss for what is called the “Second Death”. The “Second Death” is when we are basically returned to an ‘atom’ (once again) in order to restart the journey through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms once more. This process reoccurs for a maximum of 3000 times, after which (if ascension has not occurred at the humanoid state) the essence returns to the Absolute, but without Mastery.

In Gnosis, the process of going from ‘atom’ to Human is called “Evolution” and the process of going from Human Being to Atom is called “Involution” or “Devolution”. The process by which one continues the ascent is called “Revolution”.

“Devolution in the Infernal Worlds is a descent into lower states, passing through animal and pseudo-vegetal states and ending in the mineral kingdom, with the fatal epilogue of the Second Death.

Thus, and only thus, can the failed souls become liberated, and return into the primeval chaos. Thereafter, they reenter into a new evolving ascension, passing anew through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms towards the human state.”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 8 of the Supreme Message of Christmas 1967-1968 by Samael Aun Weor
(originally published under the title: “The Solar Bodies”,
also published in English as “The Doomed Aryan Race” and “The Narrow Way”)

The “Revolution” has this name because it implies a complete change of our way of being. In order to continue ascending, we basically need to give up all the useless things that many people consider necessary in our present Human State.

[For more information about this, see the Gnostic Psychology series.]

We need a re-evaluation of our present condition and of our objectives, because the “Revolution” is against the interests of Nature and so we will no longer serve as a vehicle to transform energies simply for the benefit of the mechanical Axis of Nature (Evolution and Involution). And without this re-evaluation, we will not be able to continue the Ascent.

This re-evaluation allows us to change what we value and how we use our energy, so that we can begin establishing the foundation necessary to leave this planet. Gnosis disagrees with the modern concept that many religions have that if we just ‘believe’ and follow religious rules mechanically then we will be able to enter ‘heaven’. Instead, Gnosis says that specific things must occur in order for one to continue the Ascending path. One of the foundational things that we must do is Awaken our Consciousness in order to stop being mechanical.


To Do the Revolution, we must Understand our Position

“In order to understand the possibility of the Human Being’s development, it is necessary to grasp that (beyond a certain point) this development is not at all necessary, that is to say, it is not necessary for nature at a given moment in its own development.

To speak more precisely: the development of humanity corresponds to the development of the planets [FA], but the development of the planets proceeds, for us, in infinitely prolonged cycles of time.

Throughout the stretch of time (that human thought can embrace), no essential changes can take place in the life of the planets and, consequently, no essential changes can take place in the life of humanity.

Humanity neither progresses nor develops. What seems to us to be progress or development is a partial modification which can be immediately counterbalanced by a corresponding modification in an opposite direction.

Humanity, like the rest of organic life, exists on earth for the needs and purposes of the Earth [MI]. And it is exactly as it should be for the earth’s requirements at the present time.

In living and in dying, in Evolution and Involution, the Human Being equally serves the purposes of nature —or, rather, nature makes equal use (though perhaps for different purposes) of the products of both Evolution and Involution.

And, at the same time, humanity as a whole can never escape from nature, since, even in struggling against nature, the human being acts in conformity with her purposes.

The development or Revolution of large masses of humanity is opposed to nature’s purposes.

The development of a certain small percentage may be in accord with nature’s purposes.

The Human Being contains within themselves the possibility of Revolution.

But the Revolution of humanity as a whole (that is, the development of these possibilities in all people, or in most of them, or even in a large number of them) is not necessary for the purposes of the Earth [MI] or of the Planetary World [FA] in general, and it might, in fact, be injurious or fatal.

For instance, the evolution of humanity beyond a certain point, or, to speak more correctly, above a certain percentage, would be fatal for the Earth [MI] and its Interior [RE].

The Earth feeds on organic life, of which humanity forms a part.

If all people were to become too intelligent, then they would not want to be eaten by the Earth, they would not want to be swallowed by Nature…

At the same time, possibilities of the Revolution exist, and they may be developed in separate individuals with the help of appropriate knowledge and methods.”

-paraphrase from Ch 3.3 of In Search of the Miraculous


Development and the Lateral Octave of the Sun

“Development can take place only in the interests of a person themselves, against (so to speak) the interests and forces of the planetary world [FA] and (to a certain extent) those of Nature [related with the Earth and MI].

The Human Being must understand this: their Revolution is necessary only to themselves. No one else is interested in it and no one is obliged or intends to help them.

On the contrary, the forces which oppose the evolution of large masses of humanity also oppose the evolution of individual people. A person must outwit them.

There is no compulsory, mechanical Revolution. The Revolution is the result of conscious struggle. Nature does not need this Revolution; it does not want it and struggles against it.

The Revolution can be necessary to a person only when they realize their position, the possibility of changing this position, that they have powers & resources which they do not use or even see, and then that person can begin to leverage what possibilities they do have.”

What this means is that we must discover, understand and work on the “level of realization of the Ray of Creation within ourselves, and, in particular, of [the level of realization within ourselves of] the lateral octave of the sun.”

This refers to something specifically related to the MI-FA interval of the Cosmic Octave. (We talked a little about this in the Class #5)

“The lateral octave in the ray of creation begins in the sun…

The sun, SOL of the cosmic octave, begins at a certain moment to sound as DO, SOL-DO.

…Descending to the level of the planets [FA of the cosmic octave] this new octave passes into SI.

Descending still lower it produces three notes: LA, SOL, FA, which create and constitute organic life on earth in the form that we know it;
• MI of this octave blends with MI of the cosmic octave, that is, with the earth,
• and RE with the RE of the cosmic octave, that is, with the submerged mineral kingdom (the Abyss).

-paraphrase from Ch 7.9 of In Search of the Miraculous

What this means is that, in order to understand our situation (related to our position), we are going to look at the Interval filled by the Shock of ‘organic life on earth’ as 3 notes (LA, SOL, FA) and at the 7 types of Human Beings as this Lateral Octave:

1. DO – Human Being #1
2. RE – Human Being #2
3. MI – Human Being #3
4. FA – Human Being #4
5. SOL – Human Being #5
6. LA – Human Being #6
7. SI – Human Being #7

This means that the first Interval (Pause) is between Human Being #3 (MI) and #4 (FA) and that the second Interval (Pause) is between Human Being #7 (SI) and whatever comes next (the DO of the next Octave).


The Seven Types of Human Beings

“…we must try to understand more clearly how the development of the human being must begin, and in what way self-study can help this beginning. So let’s speak about the human being from the point of view of development.

But the term “human being” in ordinary language does not allow of any variation between

• the human being who is never conscious and never suspects it,
• the human being who is struggling to become conscious,
• and the human being who is fully conscious.

In order to avoid this difficulty and to help the student in classifying his new ideas, we divide the human being into seven categories. The first three categories of which are practically on the same level compared to the last four.”

-paraphrase from Lecture 2, Section 11 of The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution

When an Essence enters the Humanoid Kingdom, it then becomes one of 3 different types of human beings (based on various factors including the circumstances of life, genetics, etc.) These 3 types of Human Beings are related to the Three Brains:

1. Human Being №1 is the Motor-Instinctive type
2. Human Being №2 is the Emotional type
3. Human Being №3 is the Intellectual type

Human Being number one, number two, and number three, are people who constitute Mechanical Humanity on the same level on which they are born.

Human Being number one means the person in whom the Center of Gravity of their psychic life lies in the moving center.

This is the Human Being of the physical body, the person with whom the moving and the instinctive functions constantly outweigh the emotional and the thinking functions.

Human Being number two means the person on the same level of development, but in whom the Center of Gravity of their psychic life lies in the emotional center, that is, the person with whom the emotional functions outweigh all others; the feeling person, the emotional person.

Human Being number three means the person on the same level of development but the person in whom the Center of Gravity of their psychic life lies in the intellectual center, that is, the person with whom the thinking functions gain the upper hand over the moving, instinctive, and emotional functions; the reasoning person, who goes into everything from theories, from mental considerations.

Every Human Being is born number one, number two, or number three.”

-paraphrase from Ch 4.3 of In Search of the Miraculous

Having a “Center of Gravity” in one center or another means that we will always attract circumstances related to that center.

“HUMAN BEING NUMBER 1 is the merely instinctive and mechanical person; and the Instinctive, Mechanic or Motor Centers prevails in them.

HUMAN BEING NUMBER 2 is the emotional individual; an individual who lives in the world of the inferior emotions, of passions, and of animal desires, etc.

HUMAN BEING NUMBER 3, is the merely intellectual person; the Human Being who is reasoning all day long, all their life, who bases all their activities exclusively in the Intellectual Center.

Human Beings number 1, 2 and 3 form the circle of “Confusion of Tongues”; Human Beings 1, 2 and 3 are the “TOWER OF BABEL” because in this circle there is confusion of language:

• The intellectual human being does not understand the emotional one;
• the instinctive human being does not understand the emotional one;
• the emotional human being does not understand the intellectual one;
• the emotional human being does not understand the instinctive one, nor does the instinctive one understand the emotional one…

There exists confusion of language and communication because no one understands the other.”

-paraphrase from Paraphrase from ‘The Seven Human Categories’ Lecture #114
[“Las Siete Categorías Humanas”] in El Quinto Evagelio

Human Being number four is not born ready-made. They are born one, two, or three, and become four only as a result of efforts of a definite character. Human Being number four is always the product of the work upon oneself. They can neither be born, nor develop accidentally nor as the result of ordinary influences of up bringing, education, etc.

Human Being number four already stands on a different level to Human Being number one, two, and three; they have a permanent Center of Gravity which consists

• in their ideas,
• in their value of the work,
• and in their relation to the Gnostic Esoteric Teachings.

In addition their psychic centers have already begun to be balanced; one center in them cannot have such a preponderance over others as is the case with people of the first three categories. They already begin to know themselves and begin to know where they are going.

Human Being number four is an intermediate stage.

Human Being number five, six and seven are the result of the work upon themselves and the crystallization of their essence.

Human Being number seven means someone who has reached the full development possible and who possesses everything a person can possess, that is, true willpower, consciousness, authentic individuality, immortality, and many other properties which, in our blindness and ignorance, we ascribe to ourselves.

It is only when we understand Human Being number seven and his properties that we can understand the gradual stages through which we can approach them, that is, understand the process of development possible for us.”

-paraphrase from Ch 4.3 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Knowledge and Learning of the Types of Human Beings

“The division of human being into seven categories, or numbers, explains thousands of things which otherwise cannot be understood. This division gives the first conception of relativity as applied to the human being.

Things may be one thing or another thing according to the kind of person from whose point of view, or in relation to whom, they are taken. All the inner and all the outer manifestations of the human being, all that belongs to human beings, and all that is created by them, is also divided into seven categories.

…It can now be said that there exists a knowledge number one, based upon imitation or upon instincts, or learned by heart, crammed or drilled into a human being.

…The knowledge of human being number two is merely the knowledge of what they like: they always want something pleasant. Or, if they are a sick person number two, then they will know only what they dislike, what repels them and what evokes fear, horror, and loathing in them.

The knowledge of human being number three is knowledge based upon subjectively logical thinking, upon words, upon literal understanding. It is the knowledge of bookworms, of scholastics. Human beings number three, have counted how many times each letter of the Arabic alphabet is repeated in the Koran of Mohammed, and upon this have they based a whole system of interpretation of the Koran.

The knowledge of human being number four is a very different kind of knowledge. It is knowledge which comes from human being number five, who in turn receives it from human being number six, who has received it from human being number seven.

But, of course, human being number four assimilates of this knowledge only what is possible according to his powers and abilities. But, in comparison with human being number one, two, and three, human being number four has begun to get free from the subjective elements in their knowledge and to move along the path towards objective knowledge…

-paraphrase from Ch 4.3 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Problems of the First 3 Types of Human Beings

So Human Beings № 1, 2, and 3 are part of what is called “Mechanical Humanity”, whereas Human Being № 5, 6, and 7 are part of what is called “Conscious Humanity” and Human Being № 4 is between the two.

Those who form Mechanical Humanity do not relate to each other very well, they don’t know how to communicate effectively and as a result there is a lot of confusion, ignorance and conflict.

“In Mechanical Humanity nobody understands anyone else; it takes a lot of work for human beings number 1, 2 and 3 to try to understand each other. Human Beings number 1, 2 and 3 interpret everything in their own way, in the way they believe it is, so no one understands the other. Human Beings 1, 2 and 3 are the ones that have caused the great wars in the world, such as the First and Second World Wars.

In the Kingdom of Conscious Humanity everybody understands each other, the confusion of tongues does not exist.

Human Being number 4 is the person who has balanced their organic machine.

HUMAN BEING NUMBER 5 possesses an Astral Body and they know they possesses it, because they utilize it at will. HUMAN BEING NUMBER 6 possesses a Mental Body and they know they possesses it; HUMAN BEING NUMBER 7 possesses a Causal Body, and they know that they have it.

The confusion, the problem of Humanity is in men 1, 2 and 3, those of the “Tower of Babel”, those who have produced a lot of problems.”

-paraphrase from Paraphrase from ‘The Seven Human Categories’ Lecture #114
[“Las Siete Categorías Humanas”] in El Quinto Evagelio


Choosing more Beneficial Influences

“Humanity, or more specifically, organic life on earth, is acted upon simultaneously by influences proceeding from various sources and different worlds:

• influences from the planets,
• influences from the moon,
• influences from the sun,
• influences from the stars.

All these influences act simultaneously; one influence predominates at one moment and another influence at another moment. And for the Human Being there is a certain possibility of making a choice of influences; in other words, of passing from one influence to another.

…It is impossible to become free from one influence without becoming subject to another. The whole thing, all work on oneself, consists in choosing the influence to which you wish to subject yourself, and actually falling under this influence. And for this it is necessary to know beforehand which influence is the more profitable.”

-paraphrase from Ch 1 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Three Circles and the Influences A, B, and C

As we have said, there are 2 different types of Humanity: ‘Mechanical’ and ‘Conscious’.

The Human Being №1, №2, and №3 lives in what is called the Exoteric or Public Circle of Mechanical Humanity.

The Human Being №4 is working with what is called the Mesoteric Circle (they are between the Mechanical and Conscious Humanity).

The Human Being №5, №6, and №7 have entered what is called the Esoteric or Internal Circle of Conscious Humanity.

In order to do the “Revolution” we must convert ourselves into Human Being №4 and move into the Mesoteric Circle, with the goal of eventually arriving at the Esoteric Circle, and becoming Human Being №5, №6, and №7.

In order to become Human Being №4 one must start working on balancing the centers and on selecting influences that push us in that direction (what are called “type B” influences).

“In the world there are three types of influences: A, B and C.

“A” Influences are all of those prejudices of humanity, all the physical world laws, all of those businesses, all of that which is called “family”, “environment”, etc., in general all the HORIZONTAL LINE matters of existence, of the EXOTERIC or PUBLIC CIRCLE of sleeping Humanity.

The “B” influences are different: they are formed by currents of esoteric or occultist type, and by the Schools of Regeneration.

The “C” influences belong to something apart from Mechanical Humanity: “C” influences come directly from CONSCIOUS HUMANITY, from those who have already achieved the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being.

Type “C” influences would not be accessible to us if they do not become influences of type “B”, because the language of the Adepts is addressed to the Consciousness, it belongs to the Dialectic* of the Consciousness and, in order to be understood by people, they must be converted into “B” influences.”

[*Dialectic: 1) of, pertaining to, or of the nature of logical argumentation. 2) the art or practice
of logical discussion as employed in investigating the truth of a theory or opinion.]

“Then, when the student understands by themselves that there are not only “A” influences, but that there exist also “B” influences and that these can be found in books, allegories, the teachings of the Medieval Alchemists, or in pyramids, niches, millenary sepulchers, Sphinxes, monoliths, sculptures, paintings, the music of the great masters, etc., then they begin the search for the DIVINE HUMANITY, from where “C” influences originate.

“B” Influences awake in the aspirant a very special emotion, a very intimate emotion which leads the student to work upon themselves in order to achieve the AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS, and thus, some day they will get into the MESOTERIC CIRCLE and later on, to the ESOTERIC CIRCLE.

By studying and experimenting with Gnosis, that emotion rises in us and then the work becomes conscious; this is how to work consciously. Thus, it is necessary for the students to feel that special emotion in the work upon themselves.

We are not talking about the mere intellectual or mechanical work, because that is not good for anything. All the work on ourselves is done with this emotion, that is to say, it has to be emotional, it has to be a LONGING and an ASPIRATION, which is the same as the SUPERIOR EMOTION.

If we analyze the intellectual center we see that it has two aspects; positive and negative. The intellectual center has its positive pole which is “Yes” and its negative pole which is “No”, but the one who gives the true value to the esoteric work is the emotional center: it is the one who assesses the work and from this comes CONSCIOUS WILLPOWER, the WILL OF THE BEING, which is what really counts. Only with that kind of Willpower can one persevere and succeed in this work.

Thus, in order to experience “C” influences we must seek for the Superior Emotion and this is achieved with Meditation Techniques, Astral Projection, etc. True esoteric investigations are achieved through daily practice, that begins with Self-Observation.

[For more information about this, see the Gnostic Psychology series.]

To reach the “C” influences implies a methodical and ordered work, beginning with “B” influences, by studying and using the PRACTICAL IDEAS of these “influences”.

The Gnostic Schools or Gnostic Associations have their origins in the ESOTERIC CIRCLE, the INTERNAL CIRCLE or CONSCIOUS CIRCLE OF SOLAR HUMANITY, which operates upon the Superior Centers of the Being. These two centers are: Superior Intellectual and Superior Emotional.

The student has to purify his five inferior centers, with the purpose of receiving “C” influences which come from and through the two superior centers.

[For more information about this, see the Gnostic Psychology series.]

To ‘purify the centers’ means the elimination of the “psychic aggregates”, or “I’s” which are located in each of them and control them.”

-Paraphrase from ‘The 7 Types of Men’ [“Los 7 Tipos de Hombres”]
from Lesson 13 of Phase A from American Gnostic Association



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