The “Os” Rune According to Guido Von List

  os, as, ask, ast = Gods* [Ase], Mouth [Mund], Formation or Emergence [Entstehung], Ash tree [Esche], Ashes [Asche].

A fourth still I know, when someone throws
my Arms and Legs into Fetters:
as soon as I sing it, I can go forth,
from my Feet fall the fetters,
the hasp falls from my hands.

The mouth, the power of speech! Spiritual power working through speech (power of suggestion) bursts physical fetters and gives freedom, it conquers all conquerors (those who only gain advantages through physical force), and it destroys all tyranny. (In the struggle for existence, the folk who always remain lasting winners are those who develop themselves with the preservation of their ethical force. With the disappearance of ethics, higher spiritual and intellectual rank is also lost, as history – the final judgment – will prove.) Therefore: “Your spiritual force makes you free!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes [Das Geheimnis der Runen] (1908)
by Guido Von List

*Note: Literally ‘Ase’ means “one of the Aesir/Æsir (Deities)”. In Old Norse an Ase, Ass or As (plural is Aesir) is a member of the principal pantheon in Norse religion. This pantheon includes Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Tyr. The second pantheon is known as the Vanir. In Norse mythology, the two pantheons wage war against each another, which results in a unified pantheon.


The “Os” & “Odil/Othil” Runes According to R.J. Gorsleben

Letter O and Number 4.
Odil, Os, the Symbol/Sign of Nobility and Leadership.

Odin’s Head in the Golden Helmet, revealing the pure Idea, but also the Mouth (Latin: Os) of God, in which the Word is at rest, not yet born [noch ungeboren]. Because OS is the unborn Suitor [Freier], as is mentioned in the Alphabet of St Gallen (a 9th century manuscript containing a Runic alphabet).

Its Ur-word is Gebotenes meaning “That which is offered” as well as Advisable, Desirable, Worthwhile.

“This I know as a fourth, if an enemy
Throws the ties on my hands and feet:
From the leg fall the ties, if I sing the song,
And the cuffs from the hands.”

OS Rune, as, ask; and OTHIL Rune, Odal or Adel (Nobility). Os: Mouth, Origin, ace, birth, branch, ash tree, but in the demonic meaning also carrion & ashes. The Latin word Os refers not only to the mouth, but also to the genitals and to the female womb. Based on this, one can recognize the importance of the knowledge of the Ur-language from which we can derive all daughter languages in order to understand and explain every word of every language.

Os = mouth, womb; tar = procreate, “turn”; also “Os-tar” = procreation of the earth in Spring, at “Ostern” (Easter) time, during which the goddess of spring (Eostar or Ostara) had her festivities. Ust, Ost, Ist mean becoming, emerging, appearing; to be, Sun, son. The Sun rises in the Est or East (Ost-en). The inverted form of Ostara strangely leads to a derivative that gives us the son of the Sun, who resurrects again at Easter time: Ostara = Arasto, Aristo, Haristo, Charisto, Ch(a)rist, Christ, Chri-uste, Ari-uste!

The Os Rune is specifically the Rune of speech and with its round form “O” shows the open mouth. The spiritual power of speech, or of the art of convincing, means to be stronger in words and with this, in spiritual procreation. The stanza of the Rune Song refers to this Rune as breaking the physical ties (or binds) and overwhelming the opponent who tries to force with threats of violence (the power of war). It destroys all material coercion. Therefore it says: “Your power of spirit, your greater ethics, free you.” But the speech alone is not enough. The deed has to follow the word…

The OS Rune is the counterpart to the FA Rune. Its image is its reversal. If the FA Rune is “Va-Runa” (the sender, the giver), then the OS-Rune is “Osrun” as a female name (the receiving one).

FA = Phallus (penis) and OS = Schoss (womb)!

From the motherly Ur-ground of love grows all there is and into the motherly womb the unfolded world retires once again after the Aeons. It will rise again to a new sequence of creation, in the eternal change between being and non-being, fertilized by the masculine spirit, the breath of God. His breath became this world. If He inhales, then it does not exist any more, it returns to the One, into itself, into God, into “nothing”.

Therefore the OS-Rune is also the OD Rune or the OTHIL Rune, the Rune of the spirit, of the breath, or the power of breath of Wotan, Odin, Odem, Alman. Great powers are ascribed to it, and knowledge of acquiring this power reveals to us the breaking of ties (as referred to in the stanza of the Rune song). In the form of the OTHIL Rune, the OS Rune has another meaning, that of Ot-hil: spiritual-salvation or the Rune of Odin-Wodan, of the nobleman, of Odal or Adel (Nobility).

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Os” & “Othil” Runes According to Kummer & Other German Authors

(O) The O-Rune, Os; East [Osten], Easter [Ostern], Ostara (goddess of Spring).

Os is the Rune of spiritual Speech, of Might, of Language; through Spiritual-procreation [Geistzeugung], every Force can be conquered.

This Rune brings great magical, power-giving, bone-busting powers.

Os = Womb, Osrun that which Receives, that which is Conceived by Spirit and Love becomes Action.

– Numerical value 4.

Meditation: Your spiritual force makes you free. Your Self (your real Being) sets you free, breaking all opposing Forces. From the maternal Ur-Cause of Love, all Being grows, and in the maternal Womb the unfolded World retreats back into the Aeons.

Sound Formulas: “O”; as well as “Os”, “Ol”, “Othil”, “Odal”.

Full Body Rune Exercise:
Os – Facing East, start with the passive Is-Rune position, then slightly raise the left leg, angling it downwards with extended toes; left arm parallel to the prone leg. Or, face North, also starting with the passive Is-Rune position, then slightly raise the right leg, angled downwards with extended toes; right arm parallel to the prone leg. For both Os postures, there may be light ground contact with the toes of the stretched leg.

Othil – Legs spread wide; hands over the head, palms together, with the base of the hands slightly touching the head; fingertips point upwards.

Hand Rune Exercise:
Os – Bend the thumb & index finger of the extended hand so that these fingertips touch (making a circle with the fingers).

Othil – The thumb & index fingers form the Othil Rune. The other fingers are folded on the back of the hand, hands on the solar plexus, fingers tips point outward.

Sing the mantram while focusing on the reception of Solar powers. Soon you will feel a circulating vibration of energies in your hand. At the deepest tone they are felt in the feet. This is the sign of Odem, Ode and breath. This has a particularly rich effect of spiritual blessing for the conscious practitioner.

Often after this exercise the smell of ozone can be detected from the hand. The astral color vibration is bright violet.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.
Possibly also from Karl Spiesberger’s Rune-Magic [Runenmagie] (1954) and/or
Friedrich Bernhard Marby’s Rune-Library [Runen-Bücherei] (1931-1935)


Rosicrucian and Gnostic

The “Os” and “Othil” or “Odil” Runes According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple: Let’s go to the next Rune, the OS Rune, which is under the influence of Scorpio. Similar to the FA Rune (which had its arms upwards), the OS Rune has them downwards in the same way; and the other Rune, which is the Odil, is similar to Olin in Mexico which is related with movement.

So, after having the arm placed at the waist [in the previous Rune’s position], put both arms downwards and then both at the waist to complete the Mantram saying “THORN” like so: “T…….O……..R……..Nnnnn”.

When we remove the ‘N’, “TORN” becomes ‘TOR’, ‘DOR’ or “DOOR” and, as we know, this signifies DOOR in English and this Rune is the door that opens for the attainment [logro] of Internal Powers.

Let it be well understood, that the door is opened if we have charged ourselves with WILLPOWER and with what we call Insistence [Insistencia ].

OLIN in Aztec is the sign of Quetzacoatl God of the Wind, God of Life and thus OLIN is the Rune of respiration.

So you have to charge yourself, inundate yourself, with air, life, with Prana, inspiring through the nose and then exhaling the breath saying the “T…….O……..R……..Nnnnn.”

Armed, then, with Willpower and with the thought fixed or concentrated on creating magical forces, upon inhaling: the air is retained in the lungs each time while thinking:

I am all power, all Will, and all Movement. In me the Thorn and Movement Runes are realized.”

From this moment on, the disciple must impose their willpower, feeling capable, making whatever they want prevail, but without hurting others, without ceasing to be kind, and affectionate to all. Nonetheless, from the whole of our being, there must be something imperative, so that others say: “This person is strong, and knows how to command.”

We should never say: “I can not do this or that”, instead one must said: “I CAN [YO PUEDO]“.

If the magical-runic value of the Thorn Rune is 3 or the Trinity, then the OS Rune is represented by 4 and the two Runes together form the septenary.

Together they represent, as we have said, Willpower, Action, the All, but also Death and Reincarnation, the Lap/Bosom, the Mouth, the Christ as Logos, Oratory and Respiration.

Above all, you have to do a previous concentration when doing the exercises.

The disciple must meditate that these practices are composed of a Septenary or seven bodies, one encased within the other, and that their breath and their respiration, must permeate them all at the same time, producing in the interior something like an amalgam. This should be done in such a way that the air goes to each of the bodies that corresponds in form also, that is to say, more material or more subtle, so that it acts and drives in all our vehicles. Thereby bringing the Cosmic Christ to us, so that we are led to the Divine Origin from which we have departed and to which we must return.

But before the latter concept becomes possible, we must try to act on our physical organism, on our body, which is our instrument, using the practices and exercises that have been carefully guarded for centuries and centuries by the Secret and Initiatic Societies among whom the Rose Cross Fraternity has always excelled as a guardian of Runic Magic.


-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Os” and “Othil” or “Odil” (“Olin”) Runes According to Samael Aun Weor

We must profoundly study the problem of Sexual Transmutation for single people. Samael Aun Weor said that the medicine against the subjective states that produce nocturnal pollutions is Sexual Magic. Yet, there is a need for clarification…

While we remain very alive (in other words, while we remain with the EGO existing in 49 regions of the Subconsciousness), then erotic dreams will inevitably continue. What occurs is that through the practice of the Sahaja Maithuna (Sex-Yoga), the Chela (Disciple) becomes accustomed to refraining the sexual impulse and, thus, when an erotic dream occurs, then the mind refrains the sexual impulse instinctively. Clearly such a formula helps when one has continuity of purpose. Thus, daily practice is needed, year after year, with intensity.

Unfortunately, this formula only works when one has a spouse, but, what about those who are single, who do not have a spouse? Then what? Those who are single can and must utilize the creative energy for the Awakening of the Consciousness. What we need to know is the technique, so let us now enter, in full, into the fields of the OS Rune.

This Rune vibrates intensely with the Constellation of Scorpio, which is very important because this court of stars is found intimately related with the sexual organs. This is the same OLIN Rune of Aztec Mexico and it is esoterically related with the famous THORN Rune.

Among the Aztecs, OLIN is the mystical symbol of the God of the Wind, the lord of Movement. The name of the corresponding angel is EHECATL. He was the one who intervened in the resurrection of Jesus by transmitting Prana (life) into the body of the Great Kabir, saying: “Jesus rise with your body from within your tomb.”

The angel EHECATL (the God of the Wind) is certainly an extraordinary Guru-Deva who lives in the World of Conscious Willpower and has power over the Sylphs of the Air. So now we can see the intimate esoteric relationship between the OS and THORN Runes (Movement and Willpower).

In the sacred land of the Pharaohs, the Sphinx corresponds to the Elemental Sphinx of Nature, who is the mysterious instructor of the Holy Devic College. All the Gnostic brethren would like to talk face to face with the Elemental Sphinx of Nature, to have a dialogue with the Devas, or to walk with EHECATL. But in order to do so, it is necessary to Awaken the Consciousness, to open the door, to call with persistence, to set our Willpower in motion (movement).

Observe very carefully the two diagrams of the OS & OTHIL Runes (collectively referred to as OLIN). In the same way that the FA Rune has its two arms upwards, the OLIN (or OS) Rune has them downwards, and this is profoundly significant.

PRACTICE: During these Esoteric practices, there is the need to successively alternate movements by placing the arms in the first position (downwards), then, in the second position (placing the arms on our waist as in the Dorn or Thorn Rune). You must combine the movement with harmonious and rhythmic breathing. Inhale the Prana through the nose, and exhale it through the mouth along with the mystical sound “TORN” (prolonging the pronunciation of each letter).

When inhaling, imagine the sexual forces rising, ascending from the sexual glands throughout the pair of sympathetic nervous cords (Ida and Pingala) reaching the brain, then afterwards continuing towards the heart. When exhaling, imagine the sexual energies entering the heart, and even penetrating more deeply, reaching the Consciousness in order to awaken it, striking it with force, with Thelema (Willpower), thus combining the Thorn and Movement Runes.

Afterwards, pray and meditate. Beseech the Father who is in secret, asking Him to awaken your Consciousness. Beseech your Divine Mother Kundalini, beg Her with infinite love to raise the sexual energies, to make them reach the heart and even further, to the very depth of your Consciousness. You must love & pray, meditate & supplicate. Build FAITH like the grain of mustard and move mountains. Remember that DOUBT is the beginning of ignorance. “Ask and it shall be given you, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

-Paraphrase from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor


Supplement: The “Odil” or “Olin” Rune Explained by Samael Aun Weor

1. In the standing position, the disciple will inhale and exhale rhythmically several times.

2. In keeping with the inhalation of air, the imagination and will must be united in vibrant harmony so as to make the Sexual Energy rise through the two ganglionic cords of the Spine until it reaches the Brain, Eyebrow Center, Neck and Heart, in successive order.

3. Then the breath will be exhaled, the disciple firmly imagining that the Sexual Energy is secured in the Heart.

4. Upon exhaling the breath the disciple will vocalize the Mantram “THORN” in this way: THOOOORRRRNNNN.

5. With the practice of the OLIN Rune, various movements of the arms should be carried out.

6. The disciple should place the right hand upon the waist.

7. He will extend both hands towards the left, the left hand being higher than the right, stretching the arms and forming a sharp angle with the trunk.

8. Place both hands upon the waist.

In this manner our single disciples of both sexes can transmute their Sexual Energy. The Sexual Energies are also transmuted via the Aesthetic Sense, with the Love of Music, Sculpture, and with long walks, etc. The single person who does not want to have sexual problems must be absolutely pure in thought, word and deed.

-From Ch.43 of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor



The THORN and MOVEMENT Runes enclose the secret of our liberation.

It is necessary to have the force of the willpower in order to place the Kundalini into motion (movement).

The Hierarchies related with the elemental department of the cedar tree have the power to open the door of OLIN. This door is situated in the inferior orifice of the spinal medulla, and through it we enter the great mysteries of the fire.

The Mantram in order to open this door is THORN which is pronounced by prolonging the sound of each vowel as follows: Tooooorrrrrrrnnnn.

The Mantram THORN has the power to place the Pure Akasa into motion in order to awaken the Kundalini and to make it rise through each one of the thirty-three vertebrae of our spinal column. This Mantram has the power to reinforce the Pure Akasa within our Brahmanic cord.

OLIN, the sacred sign of the aztecs indians, is the door to enter into the great mysteries of the fire.

The exercises of OLIN must be performed by placing the right arm upon the waist; then both arms must be extended towards the left side of the body and, at the end, both arms must be placed upon the waist, while vocalizing the Mantram TORN.

The vocalization must be combined with inhalations and exhalations of pure air with the intention of carrying the vital Christ to each one of the seven bodies.

The OLIN sign is governed by the zodiacal sign of Scorpio which controls the sexual organs. We know that the whole power of the Kundalini is found in the Phallus and in the Uterus; and the secret for awakening the Kundalini is contained within the union of the two.

Nature has its origin in the fire and the entire power of the fire is found enclosed within our sexual organs.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 31 of Igneous Rose [Rosa Ignea] (1954)
by Samael Aun Weor


The Transmutation of water into wine within the womb of our organic laboratory is only possible when dominating the animal impulse by means of Music-Willpower.

We already know that Willpower is music itself, and this is why we affirm that Music-Willpower allows us to transmute our semen into Christic energy.

Therefore, Sexual Magic is ineffable music, it is an exquisite melody, transmuting the semen into the wine of light of the Alchemist.

If we consider the fact that only through the force of Willpower can we control the sexual act in order to transmute the water into wine, then we arrive at the logical conclusion that for us, music is the only thing that can open the secret chambers of the Spinal Column.

Thus, we must not establish any distance between music and Willpower, because music and Willpower are one same thing.

Sexual Alchemy is only possible by learning how to play the lyre of our Willpower.

This is ARCANUM TWENTY ONE of the Tarot. This is the Third degree of the Fifth Serpent.

Music transforms men into Gods.

Those whose will is still weak must chant the Rune THORN daily.

Disciples will perform this exercise by putting their right hand on their waist or hip, and subsequently they will vocalize the syllables: TI-TE-TO-TU-TA, prolonging the sound of each vowel; then immediately after they will vocalize the mantra Thorn as follows: Toooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnn.

With this explanation what we want to affirm is that the sound of each letter must be prolonged.

We know that for those whose will is weak, Sexual Magic is very arduous and difficult, and this is why we recommend our disciples first of all to practice the exercises of the THORN Rune in order to acquire the force of Willpower, which will allow them to use Sexual Magic heroically.

Music-Willpower acts upon our waters (semen), transmuting it into Christic energy, that is to say, into the wine of light of the Alchemist.

The THORN Rune is SOLAR and is governed by the Zodiacal Sign LIBRA. We already know that the Zodiacal sign LIBRA governs the Kidneys. Upon our Kidneys are two Chakras that register our degree of Chastity or our degree of animal fornication.

This is why the BIBLE states:

“Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit Fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

And I gave her space to repent of her Fornication; and she repented not.

Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit Adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.

And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he who searcheth the kidneys and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.” – Revelation 2: 20-23

Clairvoyants can observe in the Chakras of the Kidneys a dirty red color in the fornicator, and an immaculate white color in the Chaste.

The Colors of the THORN Rune are orange, green, and yellow. The precious stone of this RUNE is the CARNEOL, and its metal is Gold.

Music-Willpower is the Sacred Arcanum of TRANSMUTATION. Music permits us to transmute water into wine.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 7 of Christic Willpower [Voluntad Cristo] (1959)
by Samael Aun Weor




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