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The “Gebo” Rune or the symbolism of the ‘X’ according to Samael Aun Weor

The Gibor or Gebo Rune, as an X, can also be thought of as two    Kaun/Kaum Runes placed on top of each other, one flipped 180 degrees. Remember that the K-Rune is Sex, the Woman, as well as the Sword of the Magician.

The Kaun/Kaum Rune reminds us of the “sword” and the “woman” or spouse, that is: Sexual Magic, White Tantra. This is because it is only through Transmutation that we acquire the flaming sword (the awakening of the Kundalini). The Kaun/Kaum Rune is said to be related with the “eagle with a woman’s head” and the “feminine solar forces”…

What is important is to learn how to control the feminine principle of the solar forces. The feminine solar forces are symbolized by an eagle with a woman’s head. Sexual magic is the path…

We must self-realize the CHRIST within ourselves in order to speak the creative verb; however, this is possible only by learning how to control the feminine principle of the sun…

-Paraphrase from Ch. 31 of Igneous Rose [Rosa Ignea] (1954)
by Samael Aun Weor


The Gibor or Gebo Rune, as an X, can similarly be thought of as two    Ar Runes placed on top of each other, one rotated 180 degrees. Remember that the A-Rune is the “ARA”, the Altar Stone or Sacred Stone, as well as the Fire.

The Nordic Swastika contains within itself the secret clue of the Sexual Transmutation. This is why this Rune is the Electric Windmill of Physics.

The Swastika is an Alchemical, Cosmogonical and Anthropological sign, under seven different interpretative clues. The Swastika is the symbol of Transcendental Electricity, the Alpha and the Omega of the Universal Sexual Force from the Spirit down to the Matter. Therefore, whosoever achieves the comprehension of its mystic significance is free from the Great Maya or Illusion.

The three letters A. Z. F. are the three initials of the Great Arcanum; whosoever knows the Great Arcanum can transmute the Black Waters of Mercury of the Secret Philosophy in order to liberate energy within the Lunar Human Quaternary.

Only with Violence and Rebelliousness can the kingdom of Heaven be conquered.

In ancient times there existed five most celebrated Temples of Mysteries which remind us of the Temple of Hercules in Atlantis.

The first of these temples was indeed named after Hercules; the second was the Temple of the Gallic Mars; the third was the Temple of Minerva Meliense; the fourth was the Temple of Diana of Ephesus and the fifth was the Temple of Isis of the Nile.

Every Temple of Mysteries has Three Successive Altars. The first is the Altar of poverty, of the Beginner. The second is the Altar of the Supreme Art of Alchemy, of the Companion. The third is the Altar of Death upon which any Resurrected Master has triumphed.

The Sahaja Maithuna (Sexual Magic) is the science of Peter; this Holy Apostle from the Mysteries of Jesus has the Keys of the Kingdom. The original name of Peter is PATAR and the three consonants P, T, R, are carved with a chisel and hammer upon the Living Stone that serves as a door to the Kingdom.

The letter P reminds us of the Pitris or Parents of Humanity. The letter T reminds us of the man and the woman sexually united. The mystic letter R reminds us of the Egyptian RA, the Sacred Fire.

The Sexual Stone, the Philosophical Stone of Medieval Alchemists is the Magical Betilo of all countries, the Sculapian Ostrite; it is the stone with which Machaon healed Philoctetes. Let us remember the howling, oscillating, runic and speaking stones of the Teraphims, as well as the stones of Lightning, and of the Orphic Galactite, etc.

Only the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy, the Messenger of the Gods, can by means of the Sahaja Maithuna (Sexual Magic) summon the innocent souls out from Limbo.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 19 of The Solar Bodies [Los Cuerpos Solares]
or Gnostic Wisdom [Sabiduría Gnóstica] (1967)
by Samael Aun Weor


The Gebo Rune, the X, or the Cross of St. Andrew, is specifically mentioned as follows:

…the cross in X form, the cross of Saint Andrew. We know very well what this cross means: it indicates the complete work in the Great Work and is related not only to the creation of the superior existential bodies of the Being, but also to the elimination of the ego and the sacrifice for suffering humanity.

The Mayan Mysteries [Los Misterios Mayas] (1977)
by Samael Aun Weor


The Gnostic Mysteries of the “X” Cross of Saint Andrew

Andrew, the hermit and humble fisherman, served the Christus John, then became a disciple of the great KABIR, Jesus.

The Christic Gospel of the Solar Humanity tells us indeed that when the Great Being initiated his esoteric mission, he went to CAPERNAUM. About this city near the sea in Galilee, Isaiah, the Prophet, had said:

“The people which sat in darkness saw great light;
and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death,
light is sprung up” (Matthew 4: 16).

The Solar Logos, walking by the shores of the sea, took as his first disciples, two fishermen, Peter and Andrew, and told them that he would make them “fishers of men” (Matthew 4: 13).

Andrew assisted Jesus, the great Gnostic Priest, in the miraculous fishing of Lake GENNESARET or Jainesareth — the symbolic Jinn lake — where the sacred fire performed so many prodigies.

It is written in letters of gold in the Book of Life, about the various resurrections and miracles performed by Andrew after the death of the Great Kabir.

Legend centuries old tells us that in Nicaea, seven sinister, vicious, and tenebrous demons wandered about and murdered travelers.

Andrew, before the verdict of the public opinion, transformed them into dogs and drove them out of the region.

Andrew’s extraordinary torment, full of enigmas and prodigies, made the “X” Cross famous (upon which his dismembered limbs were cruelly attached).

Indubitably and without exaggeration, we can and we must affirm that this symbolic “X” (which is indeed a Greek “K”) was, is and will always be one of the most valuable symbols of Christic Esotericism.

Many mystical Fraternities adopted Andrew’s magical sign, the “X”, Khrestos , or the Fish, etc.

Ostensibly, Andrew was fully accepted by the esoteric Fraternities of Scotland.

It goes without saying (in this Christmas Message 1974-1975) that such Institutions have the “thistle” as their symbolic plant, and this is demonstrable .

Unquestionably, for many centuries, there existed various occult Fraternities of Saint Andrew of the Thistle in Scotland.

It has been said again and again that extraordinary men like Thomas a Kempis, Geber, Raymond Lullius, Nicolas Flamel, Sendivogius, Albert the Great, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Wigelius, Roger Bacon, Mathia Kornax, Paracelsus, Arnold of Villanova, and many others, were active members of similar Fraternities.

If the immaculate Lamb of God that forgives the sins of the world, carries the symbolic Cross on the ORIFLAMME —just as the hierophant Jesus does on his bleeding shoulders — if he courageously holds it with his hoof, such as some religious images show him, it is because he has the sacred symbol securely nailed in his hoof.

Whosoever receives the ineffable Spirit of the sacred Fohat, has it within, and is properly identified by its glorious sign, has certainly — in the name of truth — nothing to fear from the fire of the elements.

These are the authentic Sons of the Sun, the true disciples of Elias who have as a guide the Star of their ancestors.

The sign of the Cross, the sublime monogram of our Lord the Christ (from which the Cross of Saint Andrew and the miraculous Key of Saint Peter are marvelous replicas of equal alchemical and kabbalistic value) is, therefore, the sign, which provides the Victory to the Workers of the Great Work.

The Tree of Life of the Hebrew Kabbalah is placed in the central Crossing of the Palenque Cross [Temples at the Maya site of Palenque in the Mexican state of Chiapas]; this is a true wonder of ancient Mexico.

Undoubtedly, the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life share their roots.

Let us never forget those prophetic words which appeared around the shiny cross seen, in the astral world, by Constantine who joyfully painted on his labarum: “In hoc signo vinces”, With this sign you will conquer.

The sexual Cross, the living symbol of the crossing of the Lingam-Yoni, has the unmistakable and marvelous essence of the three nails used to immolate the Matter-Christ. These also symbolize the three purifications by iron and fire without which Lord Quetzalcoatl in Mexico could not have achieved resurrection.

The Cross is the ancient alchemical hieroglyphic of the crucible (creuset ), formerly called in French, cruzol, crucible, croiset .

In Latin, crucibuluin , crucible, has as its root crux, crucis, cross.

It is evident that all this invites us to reflection.

It is in the crucible where the prima materia of the Great Work suffers with an infinite patience, the Passion of the Lord.

In the erotic crucible of Sexual Alchemy, the Ego dies and the Phoenix Bird is reborn from among its own ashes.


In death, reborn pure and intact.

“Death is swallowed up in victory.
O death, where is thy sting?
O grave, where is thy victory?” – 1st Corinthians 15: 54-55

Roger Bacon, in his monumental Work entitled Azoth (a book very similar to the Azug from the powerful Oriental wisdom) shows, in a transcendental engraving, the first stage of the alchemist process, by means of a decomposed corpse lying down in the wonderful retort of Alchemy.

The shining Sun, the pale Moon and the various planets of our Ors Solar System, with all the corresponding alchemical signs which correspond to nature, totally dominate the scene.

It is rather strange to see that corpse lifting his head as if willing to resurrect from among the dead.

The black crow of SEXUAL ALCHEMY removes the flesh from the bones while the psychic Essence abandons the body.

This image of the profane dead one, who later resurrects in Initiation, in Reality, is truly an extraordinary Osirian symbol.

“The flesh leaves the bones,” is a liturgical phrase of the Fraternities of Saint Andrew of the Thistle and other similar Brotherhoods.

The annihilation of the beloved Ego in the laboratorium oratorium of the Third Logos is the deep significance of Andrew’s torments on the terrible “X” cross.

This is a terrifying and yet indispensable death that could never be accomplished with a vulgar fire.

Customarily, the extra help of an occult agent, a secret fire of a sexual type is required for this kind of work, and to give an idea of its shape we can say that it appears more like water than a flame.

This fire, or burning water, is the vital spark that the Logos imparts to inert matter. It is the divine Fohat contained in all of creation. It is the igneous Ray, Kundalini, Anahuac’s sacred Serpent of Wisdom, which ascends through the spinal column of the Adept.

The connection of the Lingam-Yoni without ejaculation of the ENS SEMINIS is certainly the specific key by means of which ADAM AND EVE can awaken Saturn’s Serpent in their occult anatomy.

The careful reading of Artephius, Pontanus and the work entitled Epistola de Igne Philosophorum would benefit the reader, because in those immortal pages we can find valuable guidelines on the nature and overall features of this “Watery fire” or “Igneous water.”

In the paved stone patios of the majestic and sacred Temples of Anahuac, men and women — all candidates to the human and solar Initiation — in a mutual exchange of caresses, realized the connection of the Lingam-Yoni; they then withdrew from the chemical coitus without the ejaculation of the Ens Seminis (the seminal entity).

This is how they achieved the awakening of the saturnian Serpent.

The sexual transmutation of the Ens Seminis into creative energy is certainly the fundamental axiom of Hermetic Science.

The bi-polarization of this extraordinary type of energy within the human organism has been, since ancient times, carefully studied in all Initiatic Colleges of Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Yucatan, Greece, India, Tibet, Phoenicia, Persia, Chaldea, Troy, Carthage, etc., etc., etc.

The miraculous ascent of the seminal energy to the brain is made possible thanks to a certain pair of nerve cords which, in the form of an eight, intertwine to the left and the right of the dorsal spine.

This pair of cords takes the classical names of Yin and Yang in chinese Philosophy; the Tao path is the path of the middle, the spinal canal, the secret way through which the snake ascends.

Evidently, the first of these two vessels is of a lunar nature; and the second one is of a solar type.

When the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the Triveni, near the coccyx, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers awakens.

The hebrew kabalists speak to us about the mysterious Daath, which appears in the Tree of Life. No divine name nor angelic hosts of any kind are assigned to it, and neither does it have a planet or element, or any mundane sign.

Daath, the secret Sephiroth of the hebrew mystery, is produced from the esoteric conjunction of ABBA, the Father who is in secret, and AMA, the supreme Mother.

The Father and the Mother, Osiris and Isis, are perpetually united in Yesod, the foundation, the ninth Sephiroth, sex; but this is hidden by the mystery of Daath, or Tantric knowledge, and it processes itself with the Sahaja Maithuna (sexual magic).

The Loom of Life weaves and unweaves between these two bi-polar aspects of Creation: our Father who is in Secret and our Divine Mother Kundalini.

Centuries old legend tells us that when Semele (the mother of Dyonisius) saw Zeus (her divine lover), she was destroyed by his divine lightning and she gave birth to her son prematurely.

Certainly, nobody can see God face to face without dying.

The death of the myself, of oneself, is essential before being able to contemplate the resplendent face of the Ancient of the Days.

In the same way as life represents a gradual and always more complete process of exteriorization and extraversion, equally, the death of the Ego is a process of gradual interiorization during which the pure Essence slowly divests itself of its useless clothing (the same as Ishtar in her symbolic descent) until it is completely naked and it awakens in itself to the Great Reality of Life free in its movement.

Undoubtedly, in order for the Light (which constitutes the psychic Essence, now bottled up within the animal Ego) to begin to shine, sparkle and radiate, it must free itself.

Truly, I tell you that this is only possible by passing through the terrible Buddhist annihilation: dissolving the “I”, dying in ourselves.

Sexual energy is certainly a tremendous, highly explosive, and marvelous power.

Whosoever learns to use the erotic weapon, the Lance of all magical pacts, will be able to reduce the Psychological “I” to cosmic dust.

It goes without saying, that the lance (as an occultist emblem of sexual, virile power) plays a great role in numerous oriental legends; being the instrument of salvation or liberation. When wisely handled by the gnostic ascetic, it enables us to reduce the multitude of undesirable elements to ashes which make up the Ego, the myself, the oneself.

In the passion of our Lord the Christ, Longinus plays the same role as Saint Michael and Saint George.

Among the pagans, Cadmus, Perseus and Jason have similar duties.

Piercing the Dragon or impaling Christ’s side with the spear is a meaningful act, just like the ones that the legendary knights or the Greek heroes performed.

Saint Andrew’s Cross and the Holy Spear, fully allegorize the work of Buddhist annihilation.

When, with profound veneration we cite Saint Andrew’s Cross and the Holy Pike, we must never forget the Holy Grail.

The sacred vessels of all religions represent the feminine sexual organs of generation and also regeneration; and they correspond to Plato’s cosmogonic Vase, Hermes’ and Solomon’s Cup, and the blessed Urn of the ancient mysteries.

The mother of our own flesh, or the woman serpent, is celebrated in the Mexican traditions, which represent her, fallen from her primeval state of joy and innocence.

According to Zoroastrian books, the first man and the first woman were created pure and obedient by Ormuzd, their Maker.

Ahriman saw them and felt jealous of their happiness.

Disguised as a snake, he offered them some fruit, and convinced them that he was the creator of the universe.

They believed him, and since then, their nature was totally corrupt.

Hindu traditions and monuments confirm the story of Adam and Eve, and their fall.

This tradition also exists among the Tibetan Buddhists, and was taught by the Chinese and the ancient Persians.

Thus, the original sin is the root of the Ego, the causa causorum of the myself, of the oneself.

The atonements performed in different cultures in order to purify the baby at its entrance into this life, is indeed a pact of sexual magic.

In Yucatan, Mexico, the newborn child was taken to the temple where the Priest sprinkled baptismal water upon their head and gave them a name.

In the Canary Islands, women performed this function instead of the priests.

Adam and Eve always appear separated by the trunk of the tree of paradise.

In many cases, the serpent coiled around it is represented with a human head.

Only by fulfilling the sexual-magic pact of the Sacrament of Baptism, can the original sin be annihilated so that we may return to Paradise.

JAKIN AND BOAZ, URIM AND THUMMIM, APOLLO AND DIANA, are certainly the two main columns of the Temple of Wisdom.

In the middle of the two columns of the Temple, the Arcanum A.Z.F. is found, the key of the Great Work.

Goethe, adoring his Divine Mother Kundalini, the sacred Serpent that ascends along the Tao path (the spinal cord), exclaimed in total ecstasy:

“Virgin pure in the most noble sense
Mother worthy of all veneration
Queen by us chosen
In equal condition to the Gods…”

Longing to die in himself, here and now, that great Initiate, after having totally understood a psychological error, and during the metaphysical copulation, cried with all the forces of his soul:

“Arrows, pierce me;
Spears, submit me;
Maces, wound me.

May everything disappear,
May everything vanish.

Shine, perennial star
Seedbed of eternal love.”

Comprehending and eliminating, here is the key to Cross of Saint Andrew.

This is how we go about dying from instant to instant.

It is not possible to radically eliminate a psychological defect without having fully comprehended it in all levels of the mind.

During the chemical coitus, Devi Kundalini, our particular and individual Cosmic Mother, can and must wield the Holy Pike (Minerva’s Spear, Achilles’ Lance, Longinus’ Weapon) in order to destroy the psychological defect that we have totally comprehended.

“Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened.”

The centuries old legend says that Lord Quetzalcoatl, in the eve of his fall, said:

“They say I will have to leave my rich feathered houses and my houses decorated with snails.”

“Full of joy, he then ordered the queen to come to the beautiful mat.

“Go and bring with you, queen Quetzalpetatl (the Eve of Hebrew Mythology), she who is the delight of my life, so that together we drink, and drink until intoxication.”

The valets went to Tlamachuayan’s palace and from there, they brought the queen.

“Our queen, our child, king Quetzalcoatl ordered us to take you to him. He wants to share joy with you.”

She answered them: “I will go.”

When Quetzalpetatl arrived, she sat beside the king; they filled her cup with liquor four times, and the fifth was in honor of her greatness.

And when she was intoxicated, the magicians began singing. The king Quetzalcoatl got up, and, staggering, said to the princess in the middle of the songs, “My wife, let us enjoy and drink this liquor.” (He was referring to the liquor of lust).

Since they were intoxicated, they spoke without reason (The lustful do not understand reasoning).

The king did no more penance, nor went he to the ritual bath, neither did he pray in the temple.

Finally, they fell asleep.

And the next day, upon awakening, both were sad, and their hearts were broken.

(In Hebrew mythology, it is said that Adam and Eve were also sad after eating the forbidden fruit. “And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons.”)

Quetzalcoatl then said: “I got drunk, I have transgressed. Nothing will remove the stain I have put on myself.”

Then, with his guards, he started singing a song.

The crowd waiting outside was made to wait longer.

Mortified, tearful, full of sorrow and grieving, seeing that everyone knew of his evil deeds, and having no one to consoling him, he started crying before his God.

(This is textual from the Nahuatl epic and invites us to meditate.)

-Paraphrase from Ch. 9 in The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac [Doctrina Secreta de Anáhuac] (1974)
by Samael Aun Weor


Gnosis and the “X” Cross of Saint Andrew

In the Preface to The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac, it says the following:

CHAPTER IX: Contains comprehensive information on the CROSS OF SAINT ANDREW, Andrew the Hermit, who served John as fisherman.

We rebelled against the mystery of the letter X as one of the signs of the cross in the form of the sublime X.

Monogram of Christ Our Lord, it is perfectly understandable why this miraculous cross of Andrew and St. Peter are both wonderful replicas of great Alchemical and Kabbalistic value.

Because the mark is capable of ensuring victory for the workers in the Great Order.

The cross symbolizes sexual union, rite of Yoni-Lingam (Phallus-uterus); the X is processed in the spine with the ascent of Kundalini (let us imagine the X sign with a perpendicular line that runs through the central point) which represents for us the rise of the Creative Energy in each vertebra of the spine, climbing canyon by canyon.

This symbol was used by the Christians and still used in the tablecloths of the Catholic Church, on the vestments of the Officiant at the chasuble (a garment worn by a catholic priest) and maniple (another garment worn on the arm of a catholic priest).

Among the multiple symbols of the Church, let us observe that the Spanish word HOSTIA [meaning the HOST] encloses four powerful mantras of Sexual Magic, which are are: I A O; and the consonant H which represents the Holy Spirit, the S sound of fire and the T is TAO, sexual Alchemy.

Also the three consonants united together as a monogram give the following figure: H – S – T, sign of Christianism.

The Spanish word SIGNOS (meaning SIGNS) is an anagram for GNOSIS.

In Medicine, the Caduceus of Mercury is reminiscent of the healing power of the Sacred Serpent.

The word DIAGNOSIS corresponds to DIA-GNOSTIC, that is to say: when the priests cured in the temples, hence why the priest was called a “curate”, because he had the power to cure and heal the sick in the temples.

The VM Samael is decisive when he tells us that the death of EGO is INDISPENSIBLE in order to gain the power, the sexual Spear wielded by the Samson of the Kabbalah, the Sacred Al-Kimista gives us the power to destroy our undesirables (those “I’s”) that bind us to matter.

The original sin is the root of EGO.

…The authentic Gnostic wants a PERMANENT CHANGE because they feel those secret impulses of Being intensely.

He who does not seek CHANGES can not be Gnostic.

Gnosis is a very material functioning of the consciousness, a perennial and Universal philosophy, is the enlightened knowledge of the Divine Mysteries reserved for an elite.

The word Gnosis contains within its structure the SIGNS of Wisdom, symbols and signs that are taught through the GNOSTIC knowledge.

Gnosticism is a very intimate, natural and deep religious knowledge.

-Paraphrase from the PREFACE (by Gargha Kuichines) to The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac [Doctrina Secreta de Anáhuac] (1974)
by Samael Aun Weor



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