The “Fa” Rune According to Guido Von List

  fa, feh, feo = Fire [Feuer], Fire-Procreation [Feuerzeugung], Fire-Borer [Feuerbohrer], Livestock [Vieh], Property [Besitz], to grow [wachsen], to hike/migrate [wandern], (to destroy [vernichten], to shred [fetsen, fetzen]).

The One (First) promises to help You helpfully
in Struggle and in Misery and in every Difficulty.

For List, the root word “fa” (which is symbolized as the “primordial word” in this Rune) is the triple conceptual foundation of [1] arising, of [2] being, and of [3] passing away to new arising. Being is also said to be made of three aspects: Doing, Working, and Ruling.

Thus, this is also the Rune of the transitory nature of all existence and of the stability of the self in constant transformation.

This Rune conceals, then, the Scandinavian poet’s solace that true wisdom only lives for the progress of the future, while only the fool mourns over decay: “Generate your Luck and you will have it!”

-Paraphrase from The Mystery/Secret of the Runes [Das Geheimnis der Runen] (1908)
by Guido Von List


The “Fa” Rune According to R.J. Gorsleben

Letter F and Number 1.

Fa or Fe Rune, Cattle/Livestock, back line of the cattle, as that which is fertile based on youthful energy and which procreates itself.

Its Ur-word is Lenkung meaning “Direction” as well as Steering, Guidance, etc.

“This I know as a fourth, if an enemy
Throws the ties on my hands and feet:
From the leg fall the ties, if I sing the song,
And the cuffs from the hands.”

It is the father-Fa-tor-Rune, procreation in the material and spiritual realms; it means (pro)creation of fire, drilling of fire, domestic animals, property, growth, wandering; its demonic energies mean also destruction, shattering, running away.

The stem FA, Fik = testify/beget/procreate, Father [Vater], Priest [Pfaffe], Pope [Papst], Abba; fire [Feuer], Spark [Funke], Leader [Furor], to make fire [fachen], Fever [Fieber]; Fat [Fett]; zeal/enthusiasm [Eifer], create [schaffen], Fiber [Faser], Thread [Faden], Yeast [Hefe], to stick [haften]; to fall [fallen]; Puppet [Puppe], Bumper [Puffer], Pipe [Pfeife], take care of a sick person [päppeln], babble [pappeln], from this comes the Poplar Tree, to grasp [fassen], to catch [fangen], solid [fest], to pack [packen], to patch [patschen], Whip [Peitsche], Feud [Fehde].

According to the Indian book Dzyan, which is possibly the oldest document of humanity (according to Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine), which contains the Ur-creation myth: “Fo-hat” is the Ur-procreating energy in nature, “bio-electricity”, Der, Die, Das! That which embosses the Ur-ideas of the world spirit into matter, the element of Ur-procreation “Fo-hat”.

The root word fa = beginning, it is at the beginning of the Futhark Runes, it is the basic concept, the preface of the trinity of becoming (arising, being and passing away), the preface of the ring of that which is happening, of the eternal return of the “fator” (maker, father).

Fa is the Rune of procreation, the Rune of the man or of the father, pater (in Latin), faire (‘to make’ or ‘to do’ in French), fare (‘to make’ in Italian), fasing, fashing = to procreate, Farren, Fasel (babbling), fa-st-en (to fast), end of procreation. Latin: fa-cere = to make, fa-mily; Fa-Ma (Father and Mother principles).

-Paraphrase from The Peak-Time of Humanity [Die Hoch-Zeit der Menschheit] (1930)
by Rudolf John Gorsleben


The “Fa” Rune According to Kummer & Other German Authors

(F) The F- or Fa-Rune, Fa-tor = Father [Vator]; Procreation in Spirit and in Matter [Zeugung im Geistigen, im Stofflichen]; Fire-procreation [Feuerzeugung], the fire-begotten [die feuergezeugte], magical Might [magische Kraft]; the all creating [die alles schafft]; the eternal Return of the Fa-tor [die ewige Wiederkehr des Fa-tors]; the purest Love [die reine Liebe]; that which constantly works creatively [die beständig schöpferisch wirkt].

– Numerical value 1.


• “Generate your Luck and you will have it!” (or “I bear conscious witness in Fa for my Luck”).
• “The Primordial-Fire, the most secretive, highest All-Power creates Inner Refinement and a higher Self-Consciousness”.
• “All-Father … always be in your child, I came out of you, I come back to you… You are the Love. Irradiate your Love to me, and Enlighten me.”

Sound Formulas: “F” and “fa, fe, fi, fo, fu”; as well as “Far”, “Fiu”, “Feo”, “Fehu”, “Feu”.

Full Body Rune Exercise:
Take the passive Is-Rune position (basic military position of “at Attention”); both arms are raised diagonally upwards, with the left arm slightly higher than the right. The palms face forward (with absorbing-power) towards the sun.

One may begin with a few deep breaths while concentrating on physical & spiritual cleansing (a practice that can be observed when doing all the Runes). Vocalization is either “F”, “Fa” (from the lowest tone, to mid tone, to the highest tone) or “FA FE FI FO FU”. The exercise should be done for three minutes. Then a short break and start over.

This exercise may also be done with the North Star and with other stars & heavenly bodies. With mastery of this Rune, one is able to project the acquired powers.

Hand Rune Exercise:
Take up the passive Is-Rune position; then the left arm raised vertically, with the index, middle and little fingers likewise raised vertically, while the thumb and ring finger are obliquely outstretched and parallel to each other, like in Figure 1.

With good deep breathing, sing “FA” (rising from the deepest to the highest tone), let the voice sink to the middle tone and rise again to the highest; and repeat the singing in this position for three minutes. Immediately following, take a short pause in the passive Is-Rune position, then the whole exercise is repeated twice more.

During the practice, one should focus on the unfolding of the primordial fire, on the “generating fire”, and on fire-generated magical power & strength; on pure Love for the Fa-tor (Father) of all Worlds. By the third repetition the one will detect a strong prickling sensation in the middle of the left hand (this is the emerging of the primordial fire).

With daily repetition the entire glandular system and bodily centers are stimulated to such an extent that the collection of energies continuously increases in the left hand and produces a real burning sensation. Your hand will begin to appear to turn red, and often it will vibrate with glowing red rays, during which time it may happen that astral perceptions appear (images may be seen, and voices may be heard, etc). These appearances will be different for each individual depending entirely upon the composition of their blood and their spiritual development.

By a conscious act of the will, one should now (while singing from the highest to the deepest tones) circulate those energies gathered in their hand throughout their entire body. Kummer gives no instructions concerning the magical employment of this sign against other persons, but advises everyone to use these signs only for their own development. For this Rune hand-sign he gives the following sound formulas: “FA FE FI FO FU”.

-Paraphrase from Holy Runic-Power [Heilige Runenmacht] (1932)
& Rune Magic [Runen-Magie] (1933) by Siegfried Adolf Kummer.
Possibly also from Karl Spiesberger’s Rune-Magic [Runenmagie] (1954) and/or
Friedrich Bernhard Marby’s Rune-Library [Runen-Bücherei] (1931-1935)


Rosicrucian and Gnostic

The “Fa” Rune According to Huiracocha

Beloved Disciple: In our Zodiacal Course, we have tried to make known and explain the Cosmic Current that flows both from on high as well as from below, from the earth itself in order to converge in us, assimilating itself into our Glands or Magnetic Centers so as to finally realize the miracle of converting us into Gods again through them. Because we are Gods… only now we are enclosed in the prison of our ‘physical envelope’, as Plato said, where one can not simply and spontaneously, nor without any preparation, actualize the Sacred Fire that encourages us.

The alphabet, for the majority of the Languages , begins with the A and ours (the Spanish) concludes or ends with the ZEE or ZED. Z, which is the last letter of our Alphabet, is a Gibor Rune or “Gea”, that of Genesis, that of birth, which is realized, after having been engendered in the Fire Rune FA…

With this F of the    FA Rune we are going to begin our study.

In order to take the first step, it is very necessary for us to verify as an amalgamation in ourselves, of all the value of this Rune ( ), Father, Vater , Fecundate, Facer , Fire, Face, Factor, Faculty, Facundia , Faena , Phallus, Front. In all these words the    FA Rune has been preserved.

According to the book of the Dzian “Fo-hat”, it is the Generating Force, the Central Fire of Nature… The word Pyre (fire) comes from Fyr, Fir and then became the english word “First” (and the first thing that was done was the Light). From Fyr came the English Fir or “Free” that forms the word “Freemason” in order to signify that masons should be the first ones who (with the realization of their symbols) should awaken the Sacred Fire in themselves.

Throughout time, all words suffer their changes and alterations and thus the same things happened with Foutan , it became Wotan, the God of Fire for the Germans and the God or Great Spirit of the Mayas, the First of all or the God of the Gods. Pyre has the same etymology as Pir , where the Fire burned, and Pyramid. As well as Varon (Spanish meaning “Male”), Farones , Pharaohs.

The “F” Rune is what is enclosed in the words Veruna, Verina or Verín (Spain) and in Verona (Italy).

Thus varon (or “male”) is the Universal God. We have already spoken a few times in our magazine about this same theme and we have referred our readers to Fuste, Faute, Faust, Fausto, Fuero (the Law).

We encounter this initial rune in a multitude of Spanish Shields and our brothers can study Spanish heraldry and they will be truly delighted with the many Runes that there are in those coats of arms.

FACER (Galician meaning “to Do” or “to Make”), FECUNDATE, that is to say ‘awakening’ is, therefore, the object of the exercise of this Rune.

In the early morning, when rising from the bed, we must raise both arms towards the sun, making sure that the left is raised higher than the right, and that the palms of the hands are in front of the light in the attitude of receiving its rays. In this position our body depicts the FA Rune.

Once like this, one begins to breathe rhythmically, breathing through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, but sinking the stomach so that there is no air inside, always thinking that the current of the Solar Light (Spiritual Light) penetrates into us through the arms and floods our whole body.

Let us also think that this current of Light received does not leave our body and let us also think that this current of Light received does not leave us but remains in our organism, because if we have prepared ourselves properly with the previous practices from the Zodiacal Course, then it will indeed occur, and in our aura one will notice a New kind of brightness that one did not have before.

It should be noted that the FA Rune is the Rune of the Light, it is the one that encloses (within itself) the Christonic substance and we will speak of it in dealing with an even more important one and the etymology of the word CRYST-AL (All), that is to say, CHRIST ALL.

Additionally the FA Rune is that of activity and, therefore, invites the disciple to Magic, to perpetual and constant activity, because it is not possible for one who practices the Runes to be a lazy person and to stop seeking for a continuous activity and a perennial work.

While we raise our arms towards the Sun, as we have said, the focus of all our activity must be extremely consistent with this act of seeking continuous activity and perennial work in order to take advantage of all the activity that produces this ‘attaining power’.

The Nordic Rose-Cross Adepts and the Runes themselves, teach us that work is not a punishment from God, a curse, to which man is subject according to the Bible.

But that work is a joy, a pleasure, therefore, working to transmute the solar forces within ourselves is how we can cultivate Art through the Royal Art itself and be true human beings through love of the truth itself, equally one must love the work through the same work, that is to say, for what it is.

Only one who assimilates this new principle in their mentality will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that comes from the    FA Rune.

Those who have suffered the misery of being a member of the Army of the unemployed, have not realized that they mentally attracted their unemployment because they have spent too much time in the desire to rest .

Whosoever thinks only of work will never fail, and (like a Cosmic Law) there is no work without reward, thus they will have it and will never feel needy.

Therefore, if the disciple meditates well, then they will recognize that this Rune encloses the key to well-being through honest work.

We do not know if this Rune can exist everywhere, it has had this same symbolic value, but it is true that wherever it was embedded, there always lived a hard-working and industrious people, whether in Mexico, Central America, Brazil – where we will find it on the banks of the Aiary-Yakare-Cachoeira river, in Peru, Argentina, all over the East and even in the wooden calendars of the Northern peoples.

Every time we see this Rune, WE ARE FIRMLY CALLED TO HONORABLE WORK, that is to say, to a tenacious labor like the one executed by the Aztec People and even the Inca, when demanding and raising their great Temples and monuments.

Once the Disciple has verified the exercises that are recommended to do in the morning when rising in order to charge oneself and inundate oneself with the Solar Force, then it is advisable to also go any night, but with as much frequency as possible, to a secluded place and face the starry sky, raising the arms, taking the same position and bursting forth into this evocation:


this evocation should be said with all fervor and volitional courage, one must then pronounce the following syllables elongated feeling united with the Great All, with the Infinite Cosmos and as if being in the middle of it: “FA… FE… FI… FO… FU…”

FA… in itself encloses all the force/strength, all the energy of Fecundation in the absolute sense of the word.

Seek , Oh Disciple!, To Fecundate all your success and all your happiness with this energy and then they will come towards you in the nocturnal silence of your spiritual night like precious gifts…

FA… has 1 as its numerical value, it is like a determined, firm and indisputable “I WILL [YO QUIERO ]”.

Assimilate it, Oh Disciple! And the energetic potentiality of your sleeping Willpower will take on new vigor so that the God within your interior (who encourages you) will awaken to a new and glorious rebirth.

We are given a beautiful description of the Unity by the Kabbalah, she tells us that people who live the ‘one’, will always be good Engineers, Technicians, Inventors, Diplomats and excellent Speakers and only those who do not know how to assert themselves in the volitional part of this ‘one’ energy, will be mere talkers without results with a passive verbiage who will arrive at nothing.

MERCURY, as a mobile Planet, is the one that influences those who live under the direct action of the    Fa Rune… its preferred color will be specified as VIOLET, because with this color the Cosmic Forces are given their beginning.

In the coming instructions, we will unite several Runes together and penetrate more deeply into the Kabbalistic studies of the North until they come to, frankly and plainly, dominate the Science of Sciences which is Magic.



-Paraphrase from Runic Course [Curso Rúnico] (1931-1935)
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
available in Gnostic-Rosicrucian Runology


The “Fa” Rune According to Samael Aun Weor

Certainly, the SOLAR FIRE is what is necessary in order to make and develop (within each one of us) that possibility of becoming a true Human Being. We need to fecundate our own intimate nature if what we truly want is the SOLAR HUMAN BEING to be born within ourselves.

A ‘Judo of the Spirit’ exists; we are referring to the Runic Exercises. These exercises are formidable in order to attain the Awakening of the Consciousness.

Whosoever wants to work with this Judo must begin with the Rune of Mercury (the    FA Rune), which has a violet color that originates extraordinary cosmic forces and encloses all potency, as well as the impulse for fecundity.

We need the breath of the Fohat , the Pentacostal sparks, in order to fecundate our own Psyche, in order for us to become Self-Conscious.

If we analyze the practice of the    FA Rune, we can affirm that Pranayama, Prayer, Meditation and a specific sacred Posture exist within it.

Practice(s): When we get out of bed, with immense happiness we must salute each new day by raising our arms towards our Lord, the Sun-Christ. The left arm must be a little more elevated than the right one, and the palms of our hands must remain before the light in that ineffable and sublime attitude of one who really longs for receiving the solar rays.

This is the sacred posture of the    FA Rune. Thus, this is the method in order for us to work with Pranayama, by inhaling the air through the nose and exhaling it through the mouth in a rhythmical way, and with much faith.

In those instants, let us imagine that the light of the Sun-Christ penetrates within us through the fingers of our hands, then circulates through our arms, inundates the whole of our organism, and finally reaches the Consciousness in order to stimulate it, to awaken it, and to call it into activity.

One must also practice this Runic Judo in the mysterious and divine nights, before the starry sky, with the same posture, and praying like this:

revive my SACRED FIRES,
so that my CONSCIOUSNESS will awaken.
FA… FE… FI… FO… FU…”

This short yet great prayer can and must be prayed with all of our heart, as many times as we wish.

-Paraphrase from The Magic of the Runes [Magia de las Runas] (1969)
by Samael Aun Weor



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