Vocalization and the Five Vowels: I-E-O-U-A

Sounds and the Instinctive Center

…In my book ESOTERIC CONFERENCES , which was published in the year 1913, I tried (with a long tuning fork that could destroy things) to make a certain tone vibrate an edifice and I could give the experimental proof that, with another tone, with a different sound, it could be reconstructed.

Children prove to us the influence or the relation that exists between the spoken tones and our organs, and they do so, when ‘it is time’, by saying “AA aa”.

It is not that they learn this from us; if we enclose them somewhere, and the test has been done, without ever seeing a human being nor hearing the pronunciation of any voice, when they are going to defecate, they also exclaim “Aa”.

It resides, then, in the subconsciousness of humanity.

More tedious observations have demonstrated than the rectum is contracted when the creature pronounces “Aa”.

The same could be said with the children’s term “pee-pee”. It is not something that only westerners use, no; the men of science, when they are uncovering new tribes, they have found that the little children also said “pee-pee”.

When children suffer from retention of urine, it is sufficient to give them the key of potable water, and the sound alone will have an influence upon the bladder of the creature and the urine. In 95% of cases, this gives positive results. I have done the test and invite those who are willing to do so: to do the same.

-Paraphrase from the article ‘The 72 Genii of the Kabbalah and their Occult Value’
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
in the Appendix of Course of Aryo-Egyptian Kabalah [Curso de Cábala Ario-egipcia] (1936)
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Kabalah


The Esoteric Value of Sounds

It is said that each letter used in a divine name or in a sacred mantram, holds an enlivening force and each of their vowels provokes or excites some part of the central nervous system of our organism.

Some say that the 72 sacred names of the Kabbalah are curative mantrams and that, in accordance with the vowel, this can exercise an action upon the body.

Vehuiah, Jeliel, Sitael, Elemiah, Mehasiah, Lehahel, Achaiah, Cahatel, Haziel, Aladiah, Lauviah, Habaiah, Jesalel, Leuviah, Pahaliah, Melchael, Jecaiel, Melehel, Hahimah, Nith-Heich, Haaiah, Jerathel, Seeiah, Reiiel, Omael, Lecabel, Amiel, Haamiah, Rehahel, Jeiazel, Hahahel, Mikahel, Vehualiah, Jelahiah Sealieh, Ariel, Azaliah, Michael, Vehuel, Mehaiah, Poiel, Nemamiah, Jeialel, Nazael, Mizrael, Umebel, Jahhel, Ananel, Mehiel, Damabiah, Manakel, Ejael, Mehahel, Hariel, Hakamiah, Lanoiah, Caliel, Vasaniah, Jomiah, Lehaiah, Chavakiah, Menadel, Daniel, Hahasiah, Imamiah, Nanael, Nitbael, Nabujah, Rochel, Jabamiah, Jaiael, Miumiah.

[More information about the 72 Names here]

The ancient rabbis treated only with the pronunciation of these names which today is confirmed in their values afterwards through which we have seen that the blood flows to a determined part of the body, according to what words we make vibrate with the vowels: I, E, O, U, A.

These 72 names are the designations of genii. For example: Achaiah ; has 3 “A’s” and one “I”.

The “A” corresponds to the lungs and the “I” to the head, this indicates that those who have lung diseases should rhythmically repeat this mantram, and will succeed in healing this terrible evil, and everyone can study the different words that have been noted above.

It is true that, according to the kabbalah, each of these names corresponds to a certain time of the year and of the day, but it would be too long in this article to treat this aspect, which is for esoteric students (to whom we gladly give the key).

Each one of the vowels holds its own rhythm given to it by nature and thus it is that the “A” (which is the principle of life, the Atma, the Allah or the Brahma) carries attention, surprise, and affirmation in its tonality, when it is that of the superior octave.

Remember that everything is dual and vibrates in two octaves, one higher and the other lower. In the lower octave, it is negation, which in Greek they represented as disgust, revulsion, or rage.

Look carefully: all the things hold two aspects, two octaves, two poles; there is black and white magic within the application of the same vowel.

The “E” is the expression of pain and of joy since the octave in which it vibrates, is one of doubt, in many peoples it vibrates as interrogation “eh?”

The “O” is the vowel of admiration, it is the circulation that includes everything, it is the eternal, the great all, it is the closed circle that resolves everything, it is art, love, it is the heart not only in its material form, but also in its ideal form.

The “U” represents fear, pain, fire. The different tonality can be experienced with children when they say: “Uh…! Get out of here!” in a low tone, and in the act of being frightened, but reversing it, by putting the ‘H’ in the front of the expression: “Huhu Huhu Huhu!”, in the act of laughing by the little ones who are playing.

-Paraphrase from the article ‘The 72 Genii of the Kabbalah and their Occult Value’
by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha)
in the Appendix of Course of Aryo-Egyptian Kabalah [Curso de Cábala Ario-egipcia] (1936)
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Kabalah


Samael Aun Weor on Huiracocha and Daily Vocalization

…Do your practice with intensity, do not tire! The important thing is to not get tired, my dear brethren; consistency, and tenacity are necessary.

There are many brethren who start doing these practices and then get tired.

If you truly want to develop your Powers, do not get tired. You have to be tough, very tough.

Without tenacity, my dear brethren, it is completely impossible to awaken the Superior Faculties of the Soul.

We are giving you the mantrams necessary in order to awaken the Powers; but if you are not tenacious, then you are really wasting time.

What is required is that you are tenacious, understand?

…Dr. Krumm Heller advised his disciples to do one hour of vocalization daily and he said that one should vocalize in the following order: I-E-O-U-A. He advised bring the sound of each vowel from the head to the feet.

Dr. Krumm Heller would also say that we should identify ourselves with the sound, carrying it (with the imagination) from the head to the feet, in this way awakening all the Powers of the human being.

The method of Dr. Krumm Heller is as follows, let us begin:


Dr. Krumm Heller said that the Disciple should vocalize one hour a day; and this is the system that the Great Master HUIRACOCHA (Krumm Heller) taught.

-Paraphrase from the lecture ‘In the Beginning was the Verb’ by Samael Aun Weor
in the Appendix of Huiracocha’s Zodical Course [Curso Zodiacal] (1931)
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Need to Vocalize Daily

We, with the brethren of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, there in our Summum Supremum Sanctuarium Gnosticum , we vocalize while doing “Chains”, or we vocalize individually, everyone.

We utilized many mantrams, and each vocalization of I-E-O-U-A, we combined them with (for example) the “CH” and the result was always wonderful: The brethren of the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium developed their Occult Powers.

These brethren are very advanced: They have Clairvoyance, they have Clairaudience, they have developed Telepathy, they are intuitive, they remember their past existences, they know how to get in and out of the physical body at will (that is to say, they know how to “unfold” or “get out in Astral”). Do you understand, brethren?

Well, let’s move on… With the mantrams: CHIS, CHES, CHOS, CHUS, CHAS, wonderful results are always obtained, in this matter of the awakening of Powers.

These mantras are vocalized like this:


The combination of the “CH” with the vowel, and putting the letter “S” at the end of the mantram, is something extraordinary, something wonderful: Potently rotating the chakras, awakening the Internal Senses of the human being.

But I repeat, brethren: Without tiring; do not get tired. These are exercises that one should practice throughout one’s whole life, one must accustom oneself to these exercises, just like with breakfast.

If in life one picks up many vices, if in life many are given to picking up the vice of liquor, the vice of smoking, etc., then what is better than those vices is the practice of mantrams; they are much better than being in bars, or taverns.

One will come to love the mantrams so much, that one does not feel well on the day that one has not practiced one’s exercises.

Be tenacious, beloved brethren, tenaciously thirsty! That is the advice I give to you…

-Paraphrase from the lecture ‘In the Beginning was the Verb’ by Samael Aun Weor
in the Appendix of Huiracocha’s Zodical Course [Curso Zodiacal] (1931)
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology



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