The parathyroid glands should never be removed, because it has been proven that terrible convulsions and inevitable death can occur.

In a very amazing, knowledgeable way the two pairs of parathyroid glands normally regulate all the calcium values that are abundant in the cells and blood. The secretions of the four wonderful parathyroid glands have to carry out the whole labor of calcium control in the cells and the blood.

This difficult job is possible thanks to the secretions of the four parathyroid glands. These glands are very small and are situated on each side of the thyroid.

Observing attentively, the biologists would be able to see a pair of small bodies the size of a pea.

Astrology sustains that Mars regulates these glands. Conventional science only sees the glands from a very materialistic point of view.

The science of the Gnostic sages goes far beyond this. In all atoms there is a triad of matter, energy, and consciousness. Every cell is a triad composed of matter, energy, and Consciousness.

Each gland of internal secretion is a truly microcosmic laboratory. The interrelation between the glands of secretion, the wise interchange of biochemical products, and the infinite perfection in which the glands work is showing us to satiation the existence of certain intelligent coordinates whose root we must search for in the cosmic Consciousness.

Wherever there is life, there is Consciousness. Consciousness is as inherent to life as humidity is to water.

In Soviet Russia today there were fifteen million Muslims. It is evident that the materialism of Marx has failed totally.

Every machine is organized according to laws. Every machine has its rudder, its lever from which it is governed, and a pilot who controls it and conducts it. Why then should our human organism be an exception?

The human body is a perfect machine built in the workshop of Nature by the cosmic Consciousness. This machine has its rudder and lever from which it is governed and conducted. That rudder is the autonomic nervous system.

The pilot that controls this machine is the Innermost, the Intimus (the Holy Spirit).

Therefore, by means of this lever of the autonomic nervous system, the Intimus (enveloped in its astral body) controls the whole organism and all the hormonal secretions..

Paraphrase from Ch. 4 ‘The Parathyroid Gland’ in
Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology by Samael Aun Weor



The Spiritual Light and the Material Light


It was in the vehemence of our youth, when we were rebelling against the teachings of the Bible. Those Chapters of Genesis, moved us to indignation, thinking that an almighty God first made Light and then the Sun when this was unscientific.

Even the youngest pupils of Elementary School knew that all Light comes from the Sun, and that the first could not exist without the presence of the second. So we attributed ignorance to the same God of Genesis, and in another case we attribute great benevolence , we accepted this whole legend as a translation error.

But then, we also saw that, in the stories of other Religions, the same thing was mentioned, as if all Religions had agreed on this point in order to sustain such a tremendous absurdity , and our protest reached its limit because we did not want to dwell among the ignorant sheep.

However, over the course of the years, we were able to read the most beautiful tradition which has been written about the Creation of the World. It is that of the Aztecs.

For them, there existed a Fire, but a very weak and tenuous Fire, almost without any action. Then Tezcatlipoca took pity on the humans and took possession of that Fire making it react and converted it into the Sun.

From what we have observed (according to the Mexicans), there was also firstly Light or Fire and when the Sun is created, it is only then that a God, or the Gods, took possession of it.

The Fire! But what was the Fire for the first men, when they saw it burning in the shadows of the night?

A compound of Light, and of Smoke, because that is just what is seen when we look at the phenomenon of Fire. Then, if we get closer, we feel heat. In this way we can affirm that there is a trio of LIGHT, HEAT AND SMOKE.

This Smoke is the material part. The Heat has the character of Soul or mediating energy, and the Light is the spiritual part, that is to say, Fire, calm, phosphoric, but which illuminates and shines and is silent in all that is…

Fire has always been a kind of link or bridge between the material world and the spiritual world. It is the finger pointing up signaling creation, to take something up from the material world like a fertile sprout of Smoke and Light.

Now this seems to us to be a glimpse of the secret enclosed within the INRI of the Rose Cross.

INRI: the fire renews all, or, we could say, light (the constant) creates…

If someone asks: “Do you see the Light?” We then respond in an affirmative tone, but it is certain, most certain, THAT WE DO NOT SEE THE LIGHT.

No one has seen the Light, except the Initiates, and for this reason seeing the Light plays an important role within Masonry.

What the whole world sees, is not the Light, it is the fire that produces it. It happens, however, that we see objects in the physical world through the Light, but the Light itself, in itself, no one sees.

If we look at a vacuum, a vacuum would be space that covers our eyes and no one could distinguish anything if some object was not interposed upon it. The light lets us see solid, liquid and gaseous things; but the Light itself is physically invisible. That which belongs to the superphysical world is what leads us to Initiation.

But if we look at the Sun and we persist in saying that we are seeing the Light, what we are saying is wrong. What we see is a flaming body, a burning and luminous substance from which Light is exiting. And so the question remains: “What is the Light? Where did it come from?”

The first idea would be to assume that a Central Sun is charging towards us, charging towards our system, with that Living Fire which is peculiar to it, and if this were sustained then there would be many adepts through this theory, since it is very rational and soundly logical and has so often been sustained by Theosophists. But… this is an error, a complete error.

The Light does not come from any Sun… just as our thoughts do not come from the material brain. The brain is an instrument of the mind, just as the Sun is an instrument of the Light.

We repeat: The Light does not come from any Sun.

The truth is quite different, and it is far from any hypothesis or theory and enclosed within it is one of the Great Initiatic Secrets, rarely published, because it is very difficult to comprehend and accept, if it is not for someone who has received true Initiation.

Initiation consists precisely of this secret, in receiving the Light, and only upon receiving it, is it comprehended. The Light, therefore, does not come from any Planet, nor does it spring from any Celestial body.

It is, simply, the emanation of the Zodiacal signs. But let’s take care to understand, I am not saying that it is the light of the constellations (which is not the same thing, even if it is related), instead it is the environment where certain specific and determined BEINGS live.

These Beings are called ELEMENTARIES, and they populate the whole of space. They are the Superior Angels, luminous and resplendent, they are vehicles, and they are the ones that must be communicated with and the ones that communicate with us, in order to verify our Initiation.

We know perfectly well, that this theory is one of the biggest obstacles that we present in our teachings, since we can not provide scientifically clear evidence of our assertion, nor offer material experiments, since the Light is not material.

These Beings, to which we refer ourselves, populate the vast interplanetary space and the Light flows from them, of which humans only see their effects.

Given these assumptions, we could also say that the earth is not the earth, because it would be the effect of the Gnomes, or that the water is not water, because it would be the result of the water spirits (or Undines). But it is not thus, these Elemental spirits are inferior beings who dwell in these inferior forms of matter, while the Angels and Archangels are already Superior Entities that have become the elements themselves.

They ARE the elements themselves, since what is already in their BEING is REALITY…

If we enter a room in the dark, where the light only penetrates through a slit, then we see this light and millions of dust particles dancing in it. But if the room encountered is completely clean, that is to say, free of any of that tiny dust, then we would not see the Light, because it is (in the material sense) invisible.

Nonetheless, we see the Light in its effects within Nature, and this is because Nature is also found to be saturated with dust.

The higher the point is that we examine in the air, the less dust we will find. In the City, for example, there is a 1/4 of a million particles per cubic centimeter squared. At the Eiffel Tower, only 150,000, and in Riga, only a little more than 200 particles per cubic centimeter squared.

Going much higher, one encounters greater quantities of these particles, since it is dust that comes from other celestial bodies. The tail of the comet is nothing other than burning dust. The same is true of rain and granite, we have them in our earth, thanks to dust.

Assuming that the air is completely pure, without any dust particles, where would water coagulate? We would have the Atmosphere full of humidity and this would force us to cover ourselves with rubber suits.

The blue color of the sky is also blue because of the Light reflected in the water particles attached to the floating dust. The same dust formed by the combustion of matter due to its weathering, gives birth (in the same way) to the other Planets and even to the Sun.

One could say that these Planets attract these particles of dust, as does the Sun, through the force of its Light. This is, then, the material Light but the spiritual Light is quite different.

We have lifted the corner of the veil of a Great Initiatic Secret, but we do not put it out for discussion. There are indisputable things of which the mind can not form an accurate judgment about their existence.

We are only sketching, so that our readers, can meditate upon it and then can go closer to the GREAT LIGHT…

Also the problem of the superior invisible worlds lies in the Key of Astrology, and it is for this fact that the Astrologer must be a true Initiate, so that one knows what the zodiacal signs are, in themselves, since, while working with them, many pseudo-astrologers, do not know what they are.

Initiated astrologers are few. The others, who only dedicate themselves to Horoscopy (making horoscopes) in a cold and material manner, are no more than mere imitations of what can be so great, so real, so holy and superior among humans.

The true astrologer must know through experience, what the Astral Light is, which we direct in our operations of Magic, and not just talk about these things through having read them.

And why should Man aspire to see the Light?, because the Human Being is a potential Angel, because the Human Being -despite having a temporarily carnal cover- is the beginning of the Hierarchy of Angels.

Below him are the Elementals, that is to say, the Gnomes of the Earth element, the Sylphs of the air, the Ondines of the water, and the Salamanders of Fire. But, here are these four spiritual legions -since they are lower than the Human Being, thus the Rose Cross dominates them– that have their corresponding doubles or legions in the superior planes, among the Angelic Hierarchies, just as the Salamanders, which act in the fire, have their correspondences in the Angels of the Light, who are the LIGHT ITSELF.

In Chapter 11 of the Gospel of Saint Luke, especially in Verse 36, those resplendent bodies and the light that dwells within us, are spoken of. Jesus says: “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD” [see John 8:12, 9:5], because he also belonged to those Luminous Entities who do not incarnate, although, as an exception, he did incarnate in order to save Humanity.

Modern Science, through its investigations, has already proven that matter itself is nothing but light waves. We await the day in which the Rose Cross Philosophy (which holds that everything is Light) will overcome that poor Buddhist and Theosophical definition that everything is Maya or Illusion. Hence the Buddhist idea is pessimistic, while the Christian idea is frankly optimistic.


-Paraphrase from the article “LIGHT” from The Rosecross Magazine, published in Berlin (January 1933)
Available in the Appendix of Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Interior Light and the Astral Light


We have received a Great number of letters which referred to our article “Light”, and so we are obligated to enter into some new explanations in regards to this subject.

Let’s talk first about the Material Light, since (in our previous article) we were referring mainly to the Spiritual Light which is the Origin of the first and genesis-cause of all that exists…

The first man of science in our era occupied himself with the Light, it was [Christiaan] Huygens [a prominent Dutch mathematician and a leading scientist of his time] and who then discovered his ‘wave Light theory’ which, much later, was denied and undone by [Isaac] Newton to also let us know his other ‘theory of emission’ which sustained that the Light is nothing but small particles rotating in space.

In his turn, [James Clerk] Maxwell [a Scottish mathematical physicist], sought to dismiss the theory of Newton so as to present his ‘electromagnetic theory’ which, at one point, was a rehabilitation sustained by men of Science until about twenty years ago, when they wanted to resurrect the theory of Newton once again.

Then, finally, [Albert] Einstein has come along stating that there were so many extreme contradictions in different theories about the light, which he declared incompetent; so he decided to either find which one of them was the most correct or to create a new one that was even closer to the truth.

This gave rise, in the last Congress of Physics, to the Scientists having reached an agreement in that “so far it is unknown what Light is. Its effects are known, but the Light itself offers many enigmas that force everyone to concede and to give in to their own ignorance…”

Our readers should remember that joke from a man who was required to give a definite answer on some topic when he said: “it might be yes, it might be no, but what is most likely is that Nobody Knows!

So we hope that the science of the future will learn, along with the Rose Cross, what the Light is. It can not be measured nor weighed, but it is lived in the interior of one’s Divine Being.

The Prophets, Kabbalists, Mystics, Sleepwalkers, and Seers from all time, have referred to this Magical Light and affirmed that it is something inexplicable through human language, but what they also say is that what they are dealing with is a sublime thing that penetrates their whole Being…

This Light radiates its powerful phosphorescence and this is the reason why we see some Initiate Saints and Fathers possessed and surrounded by a magnificent aura of white, powerful and divine Light.

It was said in ancient times, long before the beginning of the modern churches, that Moses, Socrates, Zoroaster, Pythagoras, etc., envisioned…

There was a German Saint (according to the story of the church) who extended his luminous aura, and the nuns of his convent were frightened when he came out of his room.

Although this is something material, we also have to remember a manifestation which we know as the Odic Rays or luminous emanations that the Physicist Baron Reichenback refers to as OD rays. Much later, at the University of Nancy, these were referred to as N rays and are studied today by the Spiritists. These are nothing more than manifestations of this Divine Light.

It has been a long time that I have had experiences with moving motors powered by direct solar rays and with having superb result.

Now we could say, as it is said by the German physicist Legar, that the other stars are all suns and that they are seeking to discover a device with which one can perfectly measure the moving force of the stars.

This is not measured with the galvanometer (which is old), but with a special device and it was seen among others that Jupiter gave off 30 millampares and the secondary stars gave off 10 millampares.

I did more, transforming the already demonstrated electrical waves, into sound and so on, and those that visit a German observatory can hear the star Light.

With this, Astrology has had her proof through the exact sciences and has glimpsed the Astral Light.

The fact is, that there exists the Astral Light of the Magi. This Light becomes Heat and is, therefore, in close and constant relation to the heat of our body.

Our organic heat is equal throughout the body, so if the Medic places the Thermometer in the mouth or the anus of the patient, we observe that the temperature is the same.

When someone has a Blood transfusion, the heat is also equal and whosoever receives the Blood of another observes no alteration of heat. There is only one difference in us, the sexual energy which, even if there is no increase in temperature when it is perceived externally, whereas women in return feel its heat.

In the carnal act, something like Fire escapes from Man and it is the sexual energy which is made from that Mysterious Light. Now know that the evil mind makes it so that this light can not manifest itself in all its power, for this manifestation a person who wants to operate in the Astral Light has to be Excited and Pure as Wagner has said in his opera Parsifal.

We must avail ourselves to the means at our disposal in order to study and manage the Light. For this study there has been and will always be Sexual Magic with profound meditative prayer, with the mind pure and with an elevated and holy disposition, mentally directing the currents of the Heart to the sexual energy and then this will give off interior Light.

But for those who are not capable of this purity and holiness required, it is better not to venture any further nor achieve any greater development. At this point our Readers may appreciate our recent articles upon Tantra and Light and to meditate…

There is a Path in order to learn the secrets of the light and that path is known and lived in the rituals of occult masonry, from the Rite of Memphis, which contains in itself every excursion around that sublime mystery of the Light.


-Paraphrase from the article “MORE LIGHT” from The Rosecross Magazine, published in Berlin (March 1933)
Available in the Appendix of Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


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