Huiracocha’s Rose-Cross Mysteries

Dear Disciple:

The Septenary described in the occult anatomy of the medieval Rosicrucians and confirmed by the Theosophists, is what we represent as the seven different bodies, the first made from crude matter and the last from a divine substance, all together in a single individual, which are like an upright dividing line with another line crossing the material and the spiritual, and so we have with the three higher bodies and the four lower bodies, our sacred symbol of the Cross.

At the Center, where the lines converge, we place the Rose, because, it is the Sun that travels with its magnetic current passing through the Parathyroid Glands [related with the sign of Gemini] to the centers dominated by the Sign of Cancer [related with the upper chest and the Thymus gland].

The Sun reaches Cancer on the 21st of June; this is when the king star is in its highest ascension, and then we celebrate the Summer Solstice.

On the feast of the Rose of Saint John, we also celebrate the Sun at its peak of activity in our heart or corporal Sun.

[Note: This seems to be referring to the “Nativity of Saint John the Baptist” on June 24th. Regarding this same day, Huiracocha says in his Course on the Runes, in the Chapter on the    K Rune (called KAUN in the Nordic Mysteries):

“In the Mysteries, they say that it is the RUNE OF THE SUMMER SOLSTICE and that we must shelter under it, on June 24th, the day of the Roses.”

Which means Huiracocha is saying we should do the    Kaun Rune practice on June 24th.

In Europe, starting at sunset on June 23rd (Saint John’s Eve), this has also traditionally been a day to light fires (“Saint John’s fires”) in high places (on mountains and hilltops). This day is also considered, in ancient folklore, to be one of the great “charmed” festivals of the year…]


The Mysteries present us with two great luminaries; the Sun and the Moon.

The Moon is the Planet of Cancer, Cancer is the Sign of artists, and of thinkers; therefore, it encourages the Imagination, and we know from our occult studies that we need to first prepare the Imagination in order to achieve Inspiration.

Matter is nothing but Crystallized Spirit, and since all Matter radiates, then that radiation is the Cosmic Force.

Upon entering this current (or stream of Cosmic Forces) in the domain of Cancer, we are preparing the way for solar spiritual activity.

We have to differentiate between the two currents: one from below, from the Earth, from the three inferior bodies, and the other from the heights of the Cosmos. The currents emanating from the three superior bodies merge in the center, in the fourth body, in the mental body.

Mercury, as a symbol, teaches us this; below is the Cross of Matter, above is the Moon (the soul) and in the center is the Sun (the spirit) and thus we comprehend our Heart as the central Sun of our Organism.

-Paraphrase from Zodical Course (1931) by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Esoteric Associations of the Sign of Cancer

All the Glands of Internal Secretion grow and develop from birth, but are also headed, little by little, towards death. Except for one, which is to say, the one that dies on its own, separate from the rest of the body; which is the Thymus gland. It forms a notable exception, since, it only grows and acts on our growth during childhood.

We know that during the intra-uterine life we develop at the mercy of the planetary influence of the moon and during those nine months we receive the influence of the seven stars or planets, repeated two times, and those two are what forever characterize us.

At the moment of birth, the stars and planets imprint upon us, one might say, a mark, or an itinerary on the forehead and on the hands, which we have to live; this is our horoscope, and the art of Astrology is nothing more than copying this itinerary.

We see how enormous the growth of a child is in the first days of life, and if we followed in that same proportion we would become giants.

Full of happiness, parents weigh their children and are impressed to see increases gram by gram, and pound by pound. But soon the children will restrain themselves, and will stop this development, until finishing at about 21 years of age.

We will not grow any more, reaching a period of stagnation and then we go back down towards decline , and all of this is caused by the Thymus gland, which weighs 15 grams at birth and goes on to weigh 30 grams during puberty and then disappears.

It does not disappear entirely, but it remains, and these remains are of paramount importance for us, the occultists.

Growing up is not only a phenomenon of the material body, but also has its spiritual application, since, if the material part of the gland grows and develops the material body, then its spiritual exponents also grow and develop us spiritually.

The practice of the present lesson has as its objective to not let the rest of the gland disappear, but on the contrary, to retain it and force it to work once again towards our wishes.

-Paraphrase from Zodical Course (1931) by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Moon and its Esoteric Correspondences

We know the action of the Moon in making the water increase in the high tides and then to decrease them in the low tides; so too does the Moon make the Thymus gland grow, which now goes down in order to receive a repulsion of energy in its destructive action from the energy of the Sun.

The Moon operates upon all liquids and that includes the liquid that comes out of the Thymus and lymph glands. Lymph fluid is known as the basis of nutrition, and thus allows us occultists a glimpse into the wonderful phenomenon of metabolism.

Lymph is a fluid Liquid, transparent, opaline substance, with a salty flavor; it contains many Leukocytes and especially Lymphocytes [which are both white blood cells].

The lymphatic plasma has the same principles as blood plasma, but in other proportions, and here we catch a glimpse of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. Thus, the Moon prepares the path for the Sun, and the lymph is the great preparer for the formation of blood, therefore, the lymphatic liquid collects the nutritive elements from the blood and sends out the waste left behind by the action of metabolism.

Without the Thymus gland this action of the lymph would not be possible, thus, its arteries come from the Mammary glands and the Thyroid.

It is sufficient to have experienced a removal of the Thymus gland in order to observe a lesser development and a decrease in lymphocytes, making us fat and anemic. Now let us imagine all of these effects on our spiritual exponents.

In our spiritual life there are also periods of rapid growth, we have periods of infancy and periods of maturity; we have times when we feel encouraged, predisposed, more capable of producing, and in those periods we constantly grow intellectually and spiritually.

What one has not essentially learned, as a foundation by 21 years of age, one never learns. We could also say that those who do not form their home and their fortune before reaching 35 years of age, will never do so.

While this is the general rule, an exception is formed when the occultists do the Rosicrucian practices, because at all times they can cause a reactivation of their intellectual faculties and form a fortune even after 50 years of age, by applying our keys, but always by giving movement to the magnetic centers, or (that is) making the Chakras rotate.

-Paraphrase from Zodical Course (1931) by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Rose-Cross Mysteries and Huiracocha’s Practice for the Sign of Cancer

Mexican Initiation taught the significance of the OLIN symbol or the symbol of movement. Therein are shaped the Cosmic Forces that come from above and the Terrestrial Forces that come from below, and in the Center is the Sun.

The Growth and development of the Glands are a repetition of the growth and development of humanity in its different races, of the shock between them and of their mutual relations.

Our dreams are particular to ourselves… We generally continue in the dreams that we’ve been preoccupied with before falling asleep.

Let us, therefore, take advantage of this circumstance and, before remaining dormant to the descent of the Cosmic Forces from above, let us think of, or concentrate on the form of a Triangle with the point down, and the other Triangle of the Earth pointing up, forming the Seal of Solomon or the Mexican Sign of OLIN.


In the previous letter [the Lesson for Gemini] we spoke about the recommendation of the exercise for Imagination, but now let us pass on to the realm of Inspiration. Thus we will feel inspired for the approaching day, and utilizing the following practices with the Sun, we will open the center of Intuition, which corresponds to the Heart.

We do the same breathing exercises [as in the previous lessons], but we mentally send the air to these centers so as to awaken Inspiration.

We need to do something in order to activate the blood Circulation, and for this we moisten the chest with cold water upon waking or when getting up in the morning. The Hindus go to the Ganges in order to wash themselves when doing this exercise.

Our mental body reflects our Imagination, and so during this whole month we should think about this action, attracting to ourselves the Cosmic Forces from above and then the Terrestrial Forces from below, in order to amalgamate them into the centers that correspond to the Sign of Cancer.

-Paraphrase from Zodical Course (1931) by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


Huiracocha’s Practices for the Sign of Cancer

Splash some cold water in the center of our chest (at the level of the Thymus gland) upon waking or getting up in the morning.

Summary of the Practice:
      1. Concentrate on the Cosmic Forces that are descending from Above and the Terrestrial Force that are rising from Below (related with the Six-Pointed Star).
      2. Inhale through the nose while opening the arms & legs; then Expel the air through the mouth while closing the arms & legs (do this 5 times).
      3. Lay down to go to sleep and return to the concentration until you fall asleep.
      4. When you awaken try to remember your dreams [don’t forget about the mantram “Raom-Gaom”].

Note: We can also vocalize the vowel “A” which is related with the Thymus gland, governed by Cancer.


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