Part 1 – The Minor Arcana according to Eliphas Levi, Arnoldo Krumm-Heller and Samael Aun Weor


The Verbs, the Motto, and the Conditions for the Magician

« SAVOIR, OSER, VOULOIR, SE TAIRE, voilà les quatre verbes du mage… »

TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL, TO KEEP QUIET, here are the four verbs of the magus, inscribed upon the four symbolic forms of the sphinx. These four verbs can be combined together in four ways and explain each other four times (see the Tarot).

-paraphrase from Ch. 1 of Dogma of High Magic (1854) by Eliphas Levi


“Querer – Poder – Osar y Callar es la divisa del Mago.”

To Want (or Will) – To Be Able (or Capable) – To Dare and To Keep Quiet is the motto of the Magician.

-paraphrase from Lesson 7 in Course of Kabalah (1936) by Huiracocha,
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Kabalah


“Las cuatro condiciones que se necesitan para ser mago son las siguientes: Saber SUFRIR, Saber CALLAR, Saber ABSTENERSE y Saber MORIR”

The four conditions needed in order to be a magician are the following: To Know How TO SUFFER, To Know How TO BE QUIET, To Know How TO ABSTAIN and To Know How TO DIE.

-Paraphrase from Ch.1 of Manual of Practical Magic (1954) by Samael Aun Weor,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work


The Symbolic Forms and the Minor Arcana According to Eliphas Levi

From the kabbalistic point of view, the Tarot is a hieroglyphic book composed of a kabbalistic alphabet [22] and a wheel (or circle) of 4 decades [4 x 10], specified by 4 symbolic and typical figures, each having (for its ray) a ladder of 4 progressive figures [4 x 4, this refers to the “Court Cards”] representing Humanity:

[1] man, [2] woman, [3] youth and [4] child;
or [1] master, [2] mistress, [3] soldier and [4] page/valet…

The figures of the 4 suits (the Clubs, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles) are the hieroglyphs of the tetragram  יהוה :

the Club is the Egyptian phallus or Hebrew Yod  י  ;
the Cup is the cteis or primitive Heh  ה  ;
the Sword is the conjunction of both (or the lingam) represented in Hebrew before the captivity by Vau  ו  ;
and the Pentacle, image of the world, is the final Heh  ה  .

The 22 letters and 10 numbers give the 32 paths of the Sepher Yetzirah: 4 gives the Merkabah ( כבהמר or chariot of Ezekiel). The 4 elementary and astronomical signs are the 4 forms of the sphinx and the 4 animals of Ezekiel and of saint John… As for the numbers from 1-10, you will find their explanation repeated 4 times with the symbols of the Club (or scepter of the father), the Cup (or delights of the mother), the Sword (or battle of love), and the Pentacles (or fecundity).

Element & Animal
Figures of Humanity
Man or Master
Woman or Mistress
Youth or Soldier
Child or Page/Valet
Phallus or Yod  י 
Cteis or Heh  ה 
Lingam or Vau  ו 
the World or final Heh  ה 
Father’s Scepter
Mother’s Delights
Battle of Love
Each number, multiplied by a key, gives another number, which (explained in turn by the keys) completes the philosophical and religious revelation contained in each sign. Thus, Arcanum 1 (the key of unities) explains the 4 Aces with their quadruple progressive signification in the three worlds and in the first principle.


the Ace of Clubs is “creative intelligence”;
the Ace of Cups is “magnetizing intelligence”;
the Ace of Swords is “militant intelligence”;
the Ace of Pentacles is “the soul of the world”;
they are further the principles of movement, progress, fecundity and power.

-paraphrase from many of the writings of Eliphas Levi, including:
Dogma of High Magic, Ritual of High Magic,
The Kabalistic and Occult Philosophy of Eliphas Levi – Volume 1,
and The Kabalistic and Occult Tarot of Eliphas Levi


The Motto and the Minor Arcana According to Huiracocha

The Clubs, green sticks, or Spears/Lances, represent the vegetative life or the first years of life, wherein resides the volitional agent.

In the Cup resides the power (the capacity or ability to do) and with it we receive the soul, through spiritual nourishment (this is the second time that we educate ourselves). Our body is a Cup or Grail that must always be ready and open to receive what the higher worlds want to put into it. Therefore, we need to take care of our body in order to be clean & pure and in order to receive superior influences, streams or teachings.

In this way, we are able to continue on with the daring of the Sword. The disciple of Magic must have daring, but not be reckless; always facing the danger, but not going into battle unarmed. The Sword is for defense. We should never be alone in the fight, but rather always evoking the help of the superior planes.

Now that we are secure in life and armed with instruction, we can conquer with the Sword in hand: in order to finally attain victory, acquiring the prize, the Spiritual Gold represented by the Pentacles. These Golden Pentacles are related with the Sun and with the Eucharistic Host (which demands respect, silence: KEEPING QUIET). The Pentacles teach us that the intellect must convert itself into Wisdom.


1) Clubs – Volition: the Initiative or Beginning of life;
2) Cups – Power/Capacity: Reception from the higher worlds;
3) Swords – Daring: to Fight by evoking the help of the superior planes;
4) Pentacles – Keeping Quiet (Respect): Spiritual Gold, converting the intellect into Wisdom.

-paraphrase from various Lessons in Course of Kabalah (1936) by Huiracocha,
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Kabalah


The 4 Elements and the Minor Arcana According to Samael Aun Weor

“We have arrived at the conclusion that: all Kabbalah is reduced to the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot and 4 Aces, which represent the 4 Elements of Nature. The Tarot is a book as ancient as the ages, and is intimately related with the Wisdom of the Planetary Gods.

The 4 Aces signify the Elements of Nature:


The cards of the Tarot are the language of the Superior Worlds of Light. The cards of the Tarot are the Occult Wisdom of the Sidereal Gods. Many times the Sidereal Gods answer us by showing us a Tarot card; then we should intuitively comprehend the answer we have been given.

There are two kinds of Kabbalists: Intellectual and Intuitive. The Intellectual Kabbalists are Black Magicians; the Intuitive Kabbalists are White Magicians. The Intuitive Kabbalists understand everything with the Heart. The Intellectual Kabbalists want to resolve everything with the Animal Mind. The Intuitive Kabbalists are only guided by the Voice of Silence, the Intimus (the Being). By merely looking at a card of the Tarot, the Intuitive Kabbalists comprehend what destiny reserves for them. The White Magician prays to the Gods, throws their cards on the table with eyes closed, and (beseeching their God) picks up a card, observes it, and makes the forecast with their intuition.

The 78 plates of the Tarot are like 78 ineffable Hieroglyphs shining in this pyramid of five angles called man 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10; the entire progress of the student is based on these numbers.

The book of the Tarot is divided into 22 Major Arcana, and 56 Minor Arcana. All the 56 plates of the Minor Arcana are based on the 4 Aces and on the 10 numbers of our decimal system.

In the 22 Major Arcana, for example, a 4 of Clubs is none other than Arcanum “4” (the Emperor) and the symbol of the Ace of Clubs repeated 4 times; the same thing happens with the rest of the 56 plates of the Minor Arcana. Intuitively interpret these cards combining the Natural Element with the Major Arcana and the problem is resolved.

For example: a 6 of Pentacles would be interpreted by combining Arcanum 6 (Indecision or the Lovers) with the Element Air (or “Soul”), symbolized by the Pentacles; this would say: “A Love Affair”, and so on successively.”

-From ‘SAGITTARIUS’ in Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor


Part 2 – The Minor Arcana, the Tetragrammaton and the 72 Names of God

The Minor Arcana According to Eliphas Levi (Continued)

Now let us take a Tarot and reunite all its pages in order to form William Postel’s Wheel or ROTA; let us group the four Aces, the four 2s, etc., and we will then have 10 packs of cards giving the hieroglyphic explanation of the triangle of divine names on the scale of 10. One can then read them thus, by relating each number to a corresponding Sephira:

The four Aces   KETHER.   “The crown of God carrying four florets.”
The four 2s  CHOKMAH.   “His wisdom pours out and forms four rivers.”
The four 3s  BINAH.   “From his intelligence (or intelligent understanding) he gives four proofs.”
The four 4s  CHESED.   “From mercy he is four benefactions.”
The four 5s  GEBURAH.   “His rigor punishes four crimes four times.”
The four 6s  TIPHERETH.    “Through four pure rays his beauty is revealed.”
The four 7s  NETZAH.   “Let’s celebrate four times his eternal victory.”
The four 8s  HOD.   “He triumphs four times in his eternity.”
The four 9s  JESOD.   “His throne is supported upon four foundations.”
The four 10s  MALKUTH.   “His unique kingdom is four times the same and conforms to the florets of the divine crown.”


Letters of the Tetragrammaton and the Suits of the Minor Arcana

As was mentioned in the previous class, Levi tells us that:

“The hieroglyphic figure of the divine Tetragram [or Shema: יהוה ] is the cross    and its four letters are represented by the four suits in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot.”

Letters of the
from Dogma & Ritual of High Magic
from The Elements of the Kabbalah
from Letters to the Baron Spédalieri
   Yod    י 
the Club is the Egyptian phallus;
the club (staff/wand)
or scepter of the father
Father; Atziluth:
Light of glory
or Scepter, Phallus,
Man, Father;
Atziluth, etc.
   Heh    ה 
the Cup is the cteïs;
the cup
or delights of the mother
Son; Briah:
Light of universal, astral and magnetic life. The world of causes.
Cteïs, Woman, Mother; Son,
Briah, etc.
   Vau    ו 
the Sword is the conjunction of both or the lingam;
the sword
or battle of love
Holy Spirit; Yetzirah:
Visible, celestial, terrestrial and igneous light. The world of thoughts or ideas.
Battle, Love;
Holy Spirit,
Yetzirah, etc.
   Heh    ה 
the Circle or Pentacle,
image of the world
and the coins
or fecundity
Creation; [Assiah]:
The world of forms.
Circle/Coin or Pentacle,
the World, Fertility; Creation,
Assiah, etc.

One can see through this simple arrangement the kabalistic sense of each plate. Thus, for example:
      • the 5 of clubs rigorously signifies the Geburah of Yod י , that is to say, the justice of the Creator or the wrath of man;
      • the 7 of cups signifies the victory of mercy or the triumph of woman;
      • the 8 of swords signifies eternal conflict or eternal equilibrium;
      • and so forth for the others.

-paraphrase from many of the writings of Eliphas Levi, including:
Dogma of High Magic, Ritual of High Magic,
The Kabalistic and Occult Philosophy of Eliphas Levi – Volume 1,
and The Kabalistic and Occult Tarot of Eliphas Levi


Court Cards

   Heh    ה 
   Vau    ו 
   Heh    ה 
   Yod    י 
Circle/Coin or Pentacle
Clubs (Staffs/Wands)
Kings  י 
(65) The Creating Father
(51) The Prince of Love
(37) Husband of the Mother
(23) The Father
Queens  ה 
(66) Master or Mistress of the Children
(52) Princess of Love
(38) Master or Mistress of Herself
(24) Wife of the Father
Knights  ו 
(67) Conqueror of Works
(53) Conqueror of Love
(39) Conqueror of Happiness
(25) Conqueror of Power
Page/Slave  ה 
(68) [Slave of Children or Works]
(54) Slave of Love
(40) Slave of Woman
(26) Slave of Man


Numbered Cards

   Heh    ה 
   Vau    ו 
   Heh    ה 
   Yod    י 
Circle/Coin or Pentacle
Clubs (Staffs/Wands)
10s   –   Malkuth
(69) Air
(55) Fire
(41) Water
(27) Earth
9s   –   Yesod
(70) [Leveraging
(56) [Stability or
(42) Hierarchy
of Love
(28) Comforter
8s   –   Hod
(71) [Design and
(57) Eternal conflict
or equilibrium
(43) Love of
what is Just
(29) Providence
7s   –   Netzach
(72) [Establishment
of the Divine Plan]
(58) Victory
(44) Science of Love
(30) Foundation
of all Greatness
6s   –   Tiphereth
(73) [Beautiful Ideal]
(59) Harmony
(45) Patience
(31) Divine Comfort
5s   –   Geburah
(74) [Compensation
or Conflict]
(60) New Jerusalem
(46) The Arcanum
of Love
(32) Reason for
4s   –   Chesed
(75) [Proper Yielding
or Adjustments]
(61) Empire
of the Verb
(47) The Strength/
Force of Good
(33) Four times Father
3s   –   Binah
(76) The Three
Luminous Rings
(62) Universal Peace
(48) Kindness
(34) Divine hope
2s   –   Chokmah
(77) The Two Rings
or Alliance
(63) Political
(49) Salvation
(35) Help of the Lord
1s   –   Kether
(78) The Soul
of the World
(64) Strength/Force
which Fertilizes
(50) Love
(36) The First Principle

-From The Kabalistic and Occult Tarot of Eliphas Levi


The Minor Arcana and the 72 Names of God According to Eliphas Levi

Eliphas Levi explained to his student the Baron Spedalieri that the Numbered cards of the Minor Arcana corresponded to the 72 Names of God:

“The name Jehovah יהוה resolves into 72 explicatory names, called Shemahamphorash שם המפורש. The art of employing these 72 names and of finding in them the keys of the universal science is what the kabalists have called the clavicles or ‘little keys’ of Solomon.

In fact, at the end of the collections of evocations and prayers that carry this title, one may find 72 magical circles or engravings analogous to the hieroglyphic figures of the Tarot, each carrying 2 of the 72 names along with the emblematic sign of their number: making 36 talismans. This is 4 x 9, that is to say the absolute number (9) multiplied by the quaternary (4). Note that the 10s which are found in the tarot are not featured on the talismans; because the 10, being the synthesis of the unity (1), is virtually contained within the unity of each number.

With the aid of these signs and through their infinite combinations (like those of the numbers & letters), one can arrive at the natural & mathematical revelation of all the secrets of nature…”

So, except for the 10’s (which he says repeat the 1’s), the Numbered cards 1-9 each have an associated Talisman and Divine Name. Below, we have the names both in their 3-lettered Hebrew form as well as a transliteration with the traditional endings. Adding either an “EL/AL אל ” or a “JaH/YaH/IaH יה ” to the end of these names is found in many writings on the subject. In some cases, Levi spells the name differently than other authors or even incorrectly.

-From The Kabalistic and Occult Tarot of Eliphas Levi



 Card #  
 Card Name   Levi’s Association(s)   Levi’s Divine Names 
 King of Clubs  י   י   The father  
 Queen of Clubs  ה   י   The mother  
 Knight of Clubs  ו   י   Conqueror of power  
 Page of Clubs  ה   י   Slave of man  
 10 of Clubs  י         Malkuth (Earth)  
 9 of Clubs  י         Yesod  #15   הרי   Hariel     &     #18   כלי   Caliel
 8 of Clubs  י         Hod  #14   מבה   Mebahel     &     #17   לאו   Loviah
 7 of Clubs  י         Netzach  #13   יזל   Iezalel     &     #16   הקמ   Hackamiah
 6 of Clubs  י         Tiphereth  #9   הזי   Haziel     &     #12   ההע   Hahaiah
 5 of Clubs  י         Geburah  #8   כהת   Cahetel     &     #11   לאו   Laaviah
 4 of Clubs  י         Chesed  #7   אכא   Achaiah     &     #10   אלד   Aladiah
 3 of Clubs  י         Binah  #3   סיט   Sitaël     &     #6   ללה   Lelahel
 2 of Clubs  י         Chokmah  #2   ילי   Jeliel     &     #5   מהש   Mahasiah
 Ace of Clubs  י         Kether  #1   והו   Vehuiah     &     #4   עלמ   Elemaiah



 Card #  
 Card Name   Levi’s Association(s)   Levi’s Divine Names 
 King of Cups  י   ה   The husband of the mother  
 Queen of Cups            ה   ה   Master or Mistress of Herself  
 Knight of Cups            ו   ה   Conqueror of Happiness  
 Page of Cups  ה   ה   Slave of Woman  
 10 of Cups  ה         Malkuth (Water)  
 9 of Cups  ה         Yesod  #33   יוה   Jejuiah     &     #36   מנד   Manadel
 8 of Cups  ה         Hod  #32   ושר   Vasariah     &     #35   כוק   Chavakiah
 7 of Cups  ה         Netzach  #31   לכב   Lecabel     &     #34   להה   Lehachiah
 6 of Cups  ה         Tiphereth  #27   ירת   Jerathel     &     #30   אומ   Omael
 5 of Cups  ה         Geburah  #26   האא   Haajah     &     #29   ריי   Rejajel
 4 of Cups  ה         Chesed  #25   נתה   Nithaiah     &     #28   שאה   Seehiah
 3 of Cups  ה         Binah  #21   נלכ   Nelchael     &     #24   החו   Chahiuiah
 2 of Cups  ה         Chokmah  #20   פהל   Pahaliah     &     #23   מלה   Melahel
 Ace of Cups  ה         Kether  #19   לוו   Leviviah     &     #22   ייי   Jejahiel



 Card #  
 Card Name   Levi’s Association(s)   Levi’s Divine Names 
 King of Swords  י   ו   Prince of love  
 Queen of Swords  ה   ו   Princess of love  
 Knight of Swords  ו   ו   Conqueror of love  
 Page of Swords  ה   ו   Slave of love  
 10 of Swords  ו         Malkuth (Fire)  
 9 of Swords  ו         Yesod  #51   חהס   Hachasiah     &     #54   נית   Nithael
 8 of Swords  ו         Hod  #50   דני   Daniel     &     #53   ננא   Nanael
 7 of Swords  ו         Netzach  #49   והו   Vehuel     &     #52   עממ   Nghimamiah
 6 of Swords  ו         Tiphereth  #45   סאל   Sealiah     &     #48   מיה   Mehiel
 5 of Swords  ו         Geburah  #44   ילה   Jelaiah     &     #47   עשל   Asaliah
 4 of Swords  ו         Chesed  #43   וול   Vaualiah     &     #46   ערי   Ariel
 3 of Swords  ו         Binah  #39   רהע   Réhael     &     #42   מכא   Michael
 2 of Swords  ו         Chokmah  #38   העמ   Chaamiah     &     #41   ההה   Haahel
 Ace of Swords  ו         Kether  #37   אני   Aniel     &     #40   ייז   Jejazel



 Card #  
 Card Name   Levi’s Association(s)   Levi’s Divine Names 
 King of Pentacles  י   ה   The creating father  
 Queen of Pentacles        ה   ה   Master or Mistress of the children  
 Knight of Pentacles        ו   ה   Conqueror of works  
 Page of Pentacles  ה   ה   [Slave of children or of works]  
 10 of Pentacles  ה         Malkuth (Air)  
 9 of Pentacles  ה         Yesod  #69   ראה   Rochel     &     #66   מנק   Mankel
 8 of Pentacles  ה         Hod  #68   חבו   Chabauiah     &     #65   דמב   Damabiah
 7 of Pentacles  ה         Netzach  #67   איע   Eiael     &     #64   מהי   Mechiel
 6 of Pentacles  ה         Tiphereth  #63   ענו   Nganavel [or Anauel]     &     #72   מום   Mumiah
 5 of Pentacles  ה         Geburah  #62   יהה   Jahahel     &     #71   היי   Haïael
 4 of Pentacles  ה         Chesed  #61   ומב   Umabael     &     #70   יבם   Jabamiah
 3 of Pentacles  ה         Binah  #57   נמם   Nemamiah     &     #60   מצר   Mizrael
 2 of Pentacles  ה         Chokmah  #56   פוי   Poviel     &     #59   הרה   Harachel
 Ace of Pentacles  ה         Kether  #55   מבה   Mebahiah     &     #58   ייל   Jejalel



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