Cancer 3

The Bhagavad Gita and Gnostic Esotericism

“Upon leaving the body, taking the path of fire, of the light of the day, of the fortnight of the Moon and of the northern solstice, those who know BRAHMA go to BRAHMA.

The YOGI who upon dying goes on the path of smoke, of the dark fortnight of the Moon and of the southern solstice, reaches the Lunar sphere and is then reborn.

These two paths, the luminous and the dark, are considered permanent. One becomes emancipated on the first one, and is reborn on the second one.” (Chapter 8, Verse 24-26 in The Bhagavad Gita).

“The BEING is not born, nor does He ever die; He does not reincarnate; He has no origin; He is eternal, immutable, He is before everyone and does not die when the body is killed.” (chapter 2, Verse 20 in The Bhagavad Gita).

The EGO is born, the EGO dies.

Distinguish between the EGO and the BEING.

The BEING is not BORN, neither does it die, nor REINCARNATE.

“Three are the types of fruits of actions: unpleasant, pleasant and the mixture of both. Those fruits become adhered, after death, to those who have not renounced, but not to the man of renunciation.

Learn from ME, oh, mighty armed one, about these five causes, related to the fulfillment of actions, according to the highest wisdom, which is the goal of every action.

The body, the EGO, the organs, the functions and the Deities (PLANETS) which preside over the organs, are the five causes.

Any proper or improper act, whether it be physical, verbal or mental, has those five causes.

Now, such being the case, the one who due to defective comprehension considers ATMAN, (THE BEING), the ABSOLUTE, as an actor, is stubborn, does not see REALITY.” (chapter 2, Verse 12-16 in The Bhagavad Gita).

The BHAGAVAD GITA, therefore, makes a differentiation between the EGO (“I”) and the BEING (ATMAN).

The INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL erroneously called a Human Being, is a compound of BODY, EGO (“I”), ORGANS and functions.

It is a machine moved by the DEITIES or, it would be better if we said, by the PLANETS.

Many times, any cosmic catastrophe is enough in order for the waves that reach the earth to launch those sleeping human machines to the battlefields.

Millions of sleeping machines… against millions of sleeping machines.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 4 ‘CANCER’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology


Gnostic Esotericism and Planetary Influences

Much has been said, and much is has been discussed about the new Aquarian Era which began on the 4th of February in the year 1962…

This Era is governed by the explosive URANUS, Lord of the House of AQUARIUS.

As a result a total change inevitably comes in all sorts of things…

URANUS is EXPLOSIVE and TREMENDOUSLY REVOLUTIONARY and the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL, mistakenly called a human being, is not prepared to handle these kinds of forces which are so explosive and revolutionary.

Any bad square or planetary conjunction in the future, may be enough for man to totally identify himself with the negative ray of URANUS, and the result will surely be ATOMIC WAR which will provoke the GREAT PLANETARY CATACLYSM, after a certain time of terrible earthquakes and horrific events…

WAR is due to many different causes that man ignores; some of these causes are within man, others are outside of man.

Wars are due to PLANETARY INFLUENCES, and cosmic forces, any bad position of the stars, or cosmic catastrophe, is enough for millions of people to be willing to go to war.

The human being is not capable of resisting those forces because, frankly, the Human Being IS STILL NOT A HUMAN BEING. If the human being were TRULY A HUMAN BEING, then they would resist those tremendous cosmic forces and then there would not be wars, but unfortunately THE HUMAN BEING still can not DO anything, the so-called human being is simply a machine driven by cosmic forces.

Only the BEING can DO, and the so-called human being still does not have the BEING.

The so-called human being only has the “I” within, and this is not the BEING…

Only the BEING can overcome bad planetary influences.

Only the BEING can handle those cosmic forces which produce War.

Only those who possess the BEING can be called TRUE HUMAN BEINGS.

Unfortunately, THE INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL is a sleeping machine operating under the catastrophic influences of the Cosmos, every machine responds to the force that moves it.

Millions of INTELLECTUAL ANIMALS go to war motivated by secret forces which they are unaware of, under these conditions it is clear and logical to think that the explosive forces of Uranus have what inevitably brings Atomic Wars, concrete facts will prove our assertions…

The “UNIVERSAL GNOSTIC CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT” comprehends what it means to enter into the CONSTELLATION OF AQUARIUS and proposes to create a new order which is in tune with URANUS in a HARMONIOUS, CLEAR AND DEFINITIVE way.

The GNOSTIC MOVEMENT intends to create a new era of CONSCIOUS PEACE.

The GNOSTIC MOVEMENT is fighting for the INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION of the human being, because it comprehends that only through the INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION can we overcome the adverse cosmic influences which cause War.

The GNOSTIC MOVEMENT is forming a new group of real human being, capable of fighting against human barbarism, those who enter the Gnostic Movement will become true champions of Peace, after achieving their INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION.

SELF-REALIZATION is, then, the only thing that can give us TRUE PEACE. The entrance of the Sun into Aquarius demands INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 1 ‘THE AQUARIAN ERA’ in Grand Gnostic Manifesto of the 2nd year of Aquarius


The Moon, the Planets and the Gnostic Stages of Life

The MOON brings EGOS to the womb and the Moon takes them away.

Max Heindel says that CONCEPTION is always carried out while the MOON is in CANCER.

Without the Moon, conception is impossible.

The first seven years of life are governed by the MOON.

The second seven years of Life are one hundred percent MERCURIAL, the child then goes to School, is restless, is in incessant movement.

The third septenary of life, tender adolescence between fourteen and twenty one years of life, are governed by Venus, the Star of Love; that is the age of the sting , the age of love, the age in which we see life with rose-colored glasses.

From 21 (TWENTY ONE) up to 42 (FORTY TWO) years of life, we have to occupy our little place under the Sun and to define our life. That period is governed by the Sun.

The SEPTENARY comprised by the period between forty two and forty nine years of age, is one hundred percent MARTIAN and life then becomes an authentic battlefield, because MARS is war.

The period between forty nine and fifty six years of age is JUPITERIAN; it is clear that those who have JUPITER well situated in their horoscope, during that period of their life are respected by the whole world and if they do not possess the UNNECESSARY WORLDLY RICHES, then they at least have what is necessary in order to be able to live very well.

Another is the fate of those who have JUPITER badly situated in their horoscope; those persons then suffer the unutterable, they lack bread, clothes, shelter, they are ill treated by others, etc., etc., etc.

The period of life comprised between fifty six and sixty three years, is governed by the ancient of the heavens, old Saturn.

Really, old age begins at fifty six years of age.

Once the period of Saturn has passed, the MOON returns; it brings the EGO to BIRTH and it takes it away.

If we carefully observe the elders of very advanced age, we can verify that they certainly return to the age of children; some old men and women once again play with little cars and dolls.

Elders who are older than sixty three and children under seven years are governed by the MOON.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 4 ‘CANCER’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology


The Ego, Sub-Lunar Regions and the Esoteric Work

“Among thousands of men, perhaps one will strive for PERFECTION; among those strivers, one possibly achieves perfection, and among the perfect, perhaps one knows ME perfectly.” (chapter 7, Verse 3 in The Bhagavad Gita).

The EGO is LUNAR and upon leaving the physical body, it goes on the path of smoke, of the dark fortnight of the MOON and of the southern SOLSTICE and soon returns to a new womb.

The MOON takes it and the MOON brings it, this is the LAW.

The EGO is garbed with LUNAR BODIES. The internal vehicles studied by THEOSOPHY are of a LUNAR nature.

The sacred scriptures of the JAINS says:



The MOON carries away all EGOS, but does not bring them all back once again.

During these times, the majority enter the INFERNAL WORLDS, the SUBLUNAR regions, the SUBMERGED MINERAL KNIGDOM, the exterior darkness where only crying and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

[Few are the disembodied that can today afford the luxury of some vacations in the World of the Gods before returning to a new womb through the doors of the Moon.]

Many are those who return immediately, carried away and brought by the MOON, without having enjoyed the delights of the superior worlds.

The PERFECT ONES, the elected ones, those who DISSOLVE the EGO, CREATE their SOLAR BODIES and SACRIFICED themselves for HUMANITY, are BLESSED. Upon leaving the physical body with death, they take the path of fire, of the light, of the day, of the luminous fortnight of the MOON and of the northern solstice. They have INCARNATED the BEING, they know BRAHMA (THE FATHER WHO IS IN SECRET) and it is clear that they go to BRAHMA (THE FATHER).

JAINISM says that during this GREAT DAY of BRAHMA, twenty four GREATER PROPHETS who have attained TOTAL PERFECTION descend to this world.

GNOSTIC scriptures say that there are TWELVE SAVIORS, in other words, Twelve AVATARS; but if we think of a JOHN THE BAPTIST as precursor and of JESUS as an AVATAR for PISCES (the age that just passed), we can then comprehend that for each of the twelve zodiacal ages there is always a precursor and an AVATAR, for a total of twenty four GREAT PROPHETS.


-Paraphrase from Ch. 4 ‘CANCER’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology


Death, the Lunar Influence and the Return of the Ego

The SACRED RASKOARNO (DEATH) is full of interior beauty.

The TRUTH about DEATH is only known by the one who has EXPERIENCED its deep SIGNIFICANCE.

The MOON carries the deceased away and brings them back.

The extremes touch each other. Death and conception are intimately united.

The path of LIFE is formed by the tracks of the hooves of the HORSE OF DEATH.

The disintegration of all the elements that constitute the physical body, originate a very special vibration, which invisibly passes through time and space.

The vibratory waves of the deceased are similar to the TELEVISION waves which carry images.

The embryo is, to the WAVES of death, what a screen is to the waves of transmitting stations.

The VIBRATORY WAVES OF DEATH carry the IMAGE of the deceased.

This image remains deposited in the fecundated egg.

Under the LUNAR INFLUENCE, the SPERMATOZOA penetrates into the egg’s covering which instantly closes once again, imprisoning it.

There it generates a very interesting field of attraction, attracting and being attracted towards the feminine nucleus, which silently awaits in the egg’s center.

When these two CAPITAL NUCLEI fuse into a single UNITY, the CHROMOSOMES begin their famous dance, intertwining and re-intertwining themselves in an instant.

This is how the DESIGN of someone who agonized and died, comes to crystallize in the embryo.

Each ordinary CELL of the human organism contains forty chromosomes; this reminds us of the forty-eight laws of the world in which we live.

The reproductive cells of the organism only contain a single CHROMOSOME from each pair, but in their union they produce the new combination of forty-eight, which cause each embryo to be unique and different.

Every human form, every organism, is a precious machine.

Each CHROMOSOME carries in itself the seal of some function, quality or special characteristic; one pair determines the gender, since the duality of this pair is what makes Females.

The odd pair of CHROMOSOMES originates males.

Let us remember the Biblical legend of EVE who was made from ADAM’s rib and having, therefore, one rib more than him.

The CHROMOSOMES THEMSELVES are made up of GENES and each of the latter, by a few molecules.

Really, the GENES constitute the frontier between this world and the other, between the third and the fourth dimension.

The waves of the dying, the waves of death, act upon the GENES, putting them in order inside the FECUNDATED EGG.

This is how the lost physical body is reconstructed; this is how the design of the deceased becomes visible in the embryo.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 4 ‘CANCER’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology


The Retrospective Exercise and the Esotericism of the Sign of Cancer

During the period of CANCER, our GNOSTIC Disciples should PRACTICE, before falling asleep in their bed, a RETROSPECTIVE EXERCISE of their own life, like someone who is watching a movie from the end to the beginning, or like someone who reads a book from the end to the beginning, from the last to the first page.

The objective of this RETROSPECTIVE EXERCISE of our own life, is to SELF-KNOW OURSELVES, SELF-DISCOVER OURSELVES. TO RECOGNIZE our good and evil actions, to study our own LUNAR EGO, to make the SUB-CONSCIOUSNESS CONSCIOUS.

It is necessary to arrive in a RETROSPECTIVE manner at our BIRTH and to remember it, then a superior effort will permit the student to connect their BIRTH with the DEATH of their previous physical body.

DROWSINESS combined with MEDITATION, with the RETROSPECTIVE EXERCISE will permit us to remember our present life and the previous one and all the past existences.

The RETROSPECTIVE EXERCISE permits us to become conscious of our own LUNAR EGO, of our own errors.

Let us remember that the EGO is a BUNCH of MEMORIES, desires, passions, anger, covetousness, lust, pride, laziness, gluttony, self-esteem, resentments, vengeances, etc.

If we want to dissolve the EGO, we should first study it. The EGO is the root of ignorance and pain.

Only the BEING, ATMAN, is PERFECT, but HE is not BORN, nor does He die, nor REINCARNATE; this is how KRISHNA said it in the BHAGAVAD GITA.

If the student falls asleep during the RETROSPECTIVE EXERCISE, so much the better, because in the INTERNAL WORLDS, they will be able to know themselves, remember their entire life and all of their past lives.

In the same manner that the MEDICAL SURGEON needs to study a cancerous tumor before extirpating it, likewise the GNOSTIC needs to study their own EGO before EXTIRPATING IT.

During CANCER, the forces accumulated in the BRONCHII and LUNGS by Gemini, should now be passed on, in CANCER, to the THYMUS GLAND.

The COSMIC FORCES which ascend through our organism meet in the THYMUS GLAND with the forces which descend and the two interlaced triangles, the seal of SOLOMON, is formed.

The DISCIPLE should meditate daily on this SEAL OF SOLOMON being formed in the THYMUS GLAND.

We have been told that the THYMUS GLAND regulates the growth of children.

It is interesting that the MOTHER’s MAMMARY GLANDS are intimately related to the THYMUS GLAND. That is why the maternal MILK can never be substituted by any other food for children.

The natives of CANCER have a character that is as variable as the phases of the MOON. They are peaceful by nature, but they are terrible when they become angry.

The natives of CANCER have a disposition for the manual arts, practical arts. They have a vivid Imagination, but they should be careful of Fantasy.

CONSCIOUS IMAGINATION is advisable. The mechanical imagination called FANTASY is absurd.

CANCER PEOPLE have a soft, shy and timid nature, homely virtues.

In CANCER we sometimes find some individuals who are too passive, slack, and lazy.

THE NATIVES OF CANCER are very fond of novels, movies, etc.

The metal of CANCER is SILVER. The PEARL is its stone; its color is WHITE.

CANCER, the sign of the CRAB or of the SACRED SCARAB, is the house of the MOON.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 4 ‘CANCER’ of Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology


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