Beloved disciple:

Having already practiced the exercises of Taurus, we will now enter into the brilliant Constellation of Gemini.

This sign governs the lungs, arms, and legs, and is essentially of a Mercurian nature. Gemini is the house of Mercury. The metal of this sign is Azogue (or Mercury). Its stone is Golden Beryl, and its color is Yellow.

The Lords of Mercury are now teaching humanity how to travel in the Astral Body. Thus the disciple inevitably must be concerned with learning how to travel in the Astral Body.

The authentic Mystery Schools are found in the Astral Plane, for this it is necessary for the disciple to learn how to “Get out” in the Astral Body. It is necessary for the student to learn how to enter into those Sanctuaries of Internal Instruction in order to receive direct teachings from the Masters of the Great White Lodge.

The time has arrived for students to learn how to enter those “Sanctuaries” in the Astral at will in order to receive direct teachings from the Great Instructors. The hour has arrived to abandon theories and go directly to what is practical. The Lords of Mercury assist all those who ask for help.

In the future era, humans will no longer be trapped within their physical body as if in a dungeon. The human body will become a comfortable and luxurious Temple. Humans will learn how to leave and enter their physical body anytime they wish.

Mercury is presently coming out of a Cosmic Night, but as time passes, the cosmic effects of the twinkling of Mercury will be felt more intensely.

It is also indispensable for the disciple to learn how to “enter” through the doors of those “Sidereal” Temples in the Astral Body. The main objective of the exercises of Gemini is to learn how to use and maneuver the Astral Body.

In this sign we also teach our disciples the secret art of the “Jinn” states that will allow them to “carry” their Physical Bodies to the most secluded and remote places on earth, in a few instants.

We now give various clues in numerical form:

1st. Lie down on your bed in a horizontal position. Relax the body so that no muscle applies pressure on the Astral Body.

Fall asleep while pronouncing the mantram “Rusti“: like this: Ruuuuuuuusssssssstiiiiiiiii

This mantram is pronounced mentally.

In those moments the student must become a “spy of their own sleep”. When the student feels themselves absorbed within that state of slumber or somnolence that precedes sleep, they must then get out of bed and leave the room.

How? In what way? Almost all students suppose that the former exercise is an exercise of magnetism or self-suggestion, etc., but they are lamentably mistaken because here we are not dealing with self-suggestion or hypnotism; simply get out of bed, and Nature will do the rest.

Nature will know how to separate the Astral Body from the Physical Body. The disciple only needs to stand up and leave their room, and Nature will do the rest.

Already out of their room, the student will take a little hop with the intention of floating in space and if they float, then they will be able to transport themselves to the Gnostic Church in a few seconds.

But if they do not float, then the disciple must once again get into bed and repeat the experiment. Some succeed immediately; others take months and even years to learn. But the “tenacious” succeed in the end.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


Additional Practices to “Get Out” in Astral

2nd. In an almost imperceptible manner, a Keynote always resounds within the brain of every living being. This Keynote is that of the Ray to which each person belongs, and seems to come from the cells of the cerebellum.

Some hear the sound of small flutes from the Egyptian Ray; others will hear the “gong” from the Oriental Ray, others the roaring from the sea of the Lunar Ray, etc.

If the disciple silences all their thoughts in the calm of the night, then they will hear their keynote; then they can willingly cause that note to vibrate loudly, and when the note is already so loud that it invades and semi-paralyzes the entire Physical Body, then the disciple must get out of bed and take themselves to the Gnostic Church, for the Masters of the White Brotherhood will receive them there with an incomparable happiness.

3rd. If you find yourself dreaming that you are at a certain place and you then awaken, remain still, become sleepy once again and with your imagination place yourself back into the same dreaming place. When you feel yourself there again: cling to that place of the dream with your Willpower as if trying to continue the dream just as it was unfolding.

Imagination and Willpower united in vibrant harmony is the key to this clue.

4th. While falling asleep, concentrate your Imagination and your Willpower intensely, united in vibrant harmony, on a certain place or location.

Concentration must be perfect; then begin walking with “faith” in the “imagined” place.

You must not imagine that you are imagining, because the experiment will then fail. One must really feel oneself at the imagined place and totally forget the bedroom.

This experiment must be done during the state of transition between vigil and sleep.

Once at that place, kneel and ask your own Internal God to take you to the Holy Gnostic Church, which is the great Cathedral of the Soul and the Temple in which the Solar Logos, our Lord the Christ, officiates.

5th. Keep in mind that during ordinary sleep the Soul usually wanders in all those familiar physical places or locations, and this is why (while in a state of slumber) the soul is occupied with the same labors and toils of daily life. Therefore, you must become accustomed to asking yourself during your entire daily routine the following, “Where am I? Am I within the physical body or out of it?”

Then you will take a little hop with the intention of floating. It is logical that if you float, it is because you are out of the physical body; however, if you do not float, it is because you are still within the body of flesh and bones, thus continue with your everyday life. But, if you manage to float, ask your Intimus to take you to the Holy Gnostic Church.

One must ask this question in the presence of something which attracts our attention, such as a crowd of people, a funeral procession, a strange object, etc.

Many have awakened their consciousness with this formidable clue, because upon asking this question, they floated in the air and realized that they were out of the physical body and that their body had been left asleep in their bed.

“This is a formidable clue because the Soul wanders when the body sleeps.” But the Soul can come out of its unconscious slumber with this clue.

During your routine day, you must become accustomed to this exercise so that it is engraved within your Subconsciousness, and thus it will repeat this exercise during sleep.

6th. Before falling asleep in your bed, you will do the following exercise of self-suggestion:

“I am going to sleep. So, wherever I appear now: I will be in the Astral Plane because I am in the Astral Body.

I will recognize myself; I will recognize myself; I will recognize myself, and direct myself to the Gnostic Church.”

You can do this self-suggestion for half an hour and then peacefully fall asleep.

Once in the Astral, you will mathematically recognize yourself, and at the time of awakening, do not move. Do a retrospective exercise in order to remember where you have been.

7th. Put yourself to sleep pronouncing the mantram: Omnis Baum Igneos. Like this:


While syllabifying the mantram, prolong the sound of each vowel and pray to your Intimus to take you out of the body.

Then softly get out of your bed and while floating in space, go to the Gnostic Church.

These are the 7 clues in order to travel in the Astral Body.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


The Temples of Internal Mysteries

It is urgent for the Theurgist to learn to travel to the other Stars of Infinity and to learn how to enter through the doors of the Sidereal Temples in order to manipulate Rays and induce Cosmic Sparkles .

When the Theurgist “gets out” of the Physical Body, they travel to the Sidereal Temples in the following manner: The Astral Body begins to walk in concentric circles, with the intention of reaching the Heart-Temple of a determined star.

The panorama of things changes within a few moments; the Theurgist is in the presence of the Sidereal Temple and the Guardians of the Columns “J” and “B.”

The Theurgist will make the strictly required salutes as we have taught previously; they will walk the 7 steps towards the interior of the Heart Temple of the Star, and will then kneel at the feet of the Sidereal Genie, putting your knees on the floor of the Temple, the hands on the floor, and the head on back of hands.

After coming to your feet and facing the Sidereal Genie you will appeal for what you want.

If the Genie says: “granted”, then the disciple asks for the “Choir”; the Genie will make a sign and the Army of the Voice will begin to sing in the Sacred Language in order to carry out the “work for which we have asked.”

The Army of the Voice creates with the word. In these sublime moments we enter into ecstasy. The whole of Nature kneels before the Sidereal Gods and their ineffable song elevates us to the Pleroma of Light.

The Infinite Space is saturated with the most divine and moving melodies and the waters of the rivers murmur in silence: “this is how God is.”

It is impossible to describe those moments of happiness in which the Soul is detached …

Here, the past and the future harmonize within an eternal “now”, and we then feel the Voice of the Blessed One who, from the most profound depths of our Being, invites us to the “Eternal Wedding”.

When the disciple becomes skillful in Astro-Theurgy, then the Sidereal Gods accept he/she as a layman and they give him/her a gray-colored robe and a rod (or wand).

This is the robe of the Esoteric Astrologer and of the Theurgist. It is the robe of the Authentic Alchemist… and as one progresses in their wisdom, one receives different degrees.

Here, the disciple will learn how to combine the most diverse alchemical substances in order to produce different events in the distinct Cosmic planes.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


The Angels and their Attributes

One is overwhelmed when contemplating those Children-Genii of the Stars working in the Alchemical Laboratories of their Temples in order to provoke the most diverse events of the Physical plane.

SAMAEL, the worker of Iron, works in the forges of Mars.

ANAEL the Genie of Love and of Art, works within his Laboratory of Love, in the Star of Venus, appearing as a 12 year old boy, with blonde hair and rosy cheeks.

MICHAEL, indescribable and ineffable, governs creation from the Heart of the Sun. A frightful abyss leads to the Heart of the Sun. Who among you has the courage to descend into such an abyss in the bottom of which the life of this Solar System palpitates ?

RAPHAEL, the Genie of Mercury, looks like an old man with a long beard, with his face the color of fire. He has the trident of the transforming atoms in his hand, and here, within his Temple of Mercury, he resembles a terrific Monarch which causes the Cosmic Mind to tremble. Who would dare to disobey his sacred orders?

Who is this other Genie in a white robe and white cape, before whom the columns of Angels and Demons tremble? Behold him in the Temple of Jupiter, who gives the scepter to kings and directs the economy of men; he is ZACHARIEL the Genie of Jupiter, before whom tyrants tremble.

In the center of the pale Moon is the Temple of GABRIEL, the fisherman; he directs the life of the oceans and the tears of women. Do you want to learn how to make yourself invisible? Then, call him night after night so that he may “prepare” your body; make this call to GABRIEL a daily devotion. A well “prepared” Physical Body is the most extraordinary instrument for the exercise of Practical Magic. A well-prepared body can become invisible. Neither a bullet nor a dagger can enter a well-prepared body.

What shall we now say about the Ancient of Heaven, the Lord of the Law, the old ORIFIEL? Oh! Saturn! You are the Sword of Justice which reaches us from Heaven! In your hands is the life and estate of all humans.

Listen to me well, oh disciple, always choose the planet you are going to work with.

MARS is Warlike.
VENUS is Amorous.
MERCURY is Wise.
SATURN is Melancholic and “concrete”.
THE MOON is Maternal (or Motherly).
THE SUN Directs.
JUPITER is Lord of High Personages.

Never enter any of these Mansions without first knocking on the door. Black Magicians assault the Mansions of Heaven. The White Magicians first knock on the door.

The door of every Star is the Heart-Temple. Intruding visitors enter the stars like thieves in someone else’s house. The Children of the Light enter through the door of the Heart-Temple.

The Children of the Light first ask permission from the Lord of the House in order to visit their Mansion. The Heart-Temple of a Star is the door through which one enters and exits the Star.

Our Earth also has a Heart-Temple; that temple is the Mansion of the Genie of the Earth. Visitors from other Stars enter and leave through it.

Do you know who the genie of the Earth is? He is our Lord, the Christ. Our Earth is a small, bright star of blue color that belongs to the Milky Way.

“In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” [John 14:2]

Each Star of Heaven is a Mansion and the door of every Heavenly Mansion is the Heart-Temple.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


Astral Projection and the Jinn State

When, while “out” of the body, you invoke an inhabitant of another planet, you will see him come out from within the Earth; upon saying good-bye, you will see him sink into the depths of the Earth because he has entered and left through the door of the interior of the Earth.

You can also invoke your Physical Body from afar; kneel on the earth and pray to your Intimus like this: “Father of mine, bring me my physical body.” Then, your Intimus will bring you your physical body.

Then, the atoms of your physical body will tell you: “I am your Physical Body, don’t you know me?” You will be astonished when you see your own Physical Body in your bedclothes, face to face, the same as you left it in bed.

Then command your physical body as follows: “Jump over my head and penetrate through my Pineal Gland.” The Physical Body will obey you and you will be with your Physical Body in any remote place of the Earth. If someone were to enter your room in those moments, they would not find you. They would only find your empty bed.

It is indispensable to take your Physical Body to the Gnostic Church every Friday and Sunday at dawn in order to receive the Holy Gnostic Unction in flesh and bone.

You can also take the Physical Body from your very bed without the need of invoking it from afar. For this, fall asleep while vocalizing the following Mantrams: MIÑA PICA FRASCO.

Then slowly get out of your bed conserving your slumber. Execute a little hop and if you see yourself inflated and floating, then leave your house and go towards the Gnostic Church.

The Forces of the Subconscious become activated during slumber and these powerful energies are precisely the ones which permit us to “place our Physical Body within the Astral Plane.” This is what is called the “Jinn” state.

The sublime Guru Huiracocha (Master Arnoldo Krumm-Heller) talks to us about the “Jinn” states in his Rose-Cross Novel. The sage Krumm-Heller describes to us how the commander Montenero received a note from an “usher ” or servant.

Commander Montenero sighed and said “at last”. Then he left the castle of Chapultepec and while going around and around on the path of the mountain of Chapultepec, he whistled many times. A native then led commander Montenero to the Temple of Chapultepec.

The commander asked, “Is this a phenomenon of the Fourth Dimension?”

The native answered, “Yes, my commander, the uninitiated are not aware of these things.”

Thus, with his body in Jinn State, Montenero received his Initiation.

All the works of the renowned Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha) are like a wells of initiatic wisdom that very few have comprehended.

Now, remaining with us is his son Parsival Krumm-Heller, who sincerely rejoiced with us when he studied our books entitled “The Perfect Matrimony” and “The Revolution of Beelzebub”. Parsival faithfully follows the wise path of his father.

[Note: this has since changed.] Krumm Heller taught White Tantrism, but his son [Parsival] taught Black Tantrism; practices of Maithuna with the spillage and loss of the Seminal Liquor, he became fascinated with that doctrine and became a Demon, with a tail and horns on his forehead. Many were the students who were led astray by the son of Krumm Heller; he was someone who was sincerely mistaken, who went from here, saying that the Great Law took him.

The most profound Initiatic Wisdom of the centuries is enclosed in Huiracocha’s “Zodiacal Course”.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology
and from Ch. 28 of Tarot & Kabbalah


Esoteric Attributes of Gemini

Gemini is the sign of Air and is the house of Mercury.

The Lords of Mercury gave human beings the Buddhic Body or Soul-Spirit. The Hierarchies of Mercury are of a Yellow or Golden-Yellow color.

Gemini, or the sign of the Twins, reminds us of the Twin Souls. The first woman that man knew in Eden is his Twin Soul. The Twin Souls keep meeting each other, life after life.

Together they came out of Eden and together they must return to Eden. When Karma separates them, they suffer the unspeakable. When the marriage does not take place with the Twin Soul, it is a Karmic Marriage and one suffers the unspeakable.

The natives of Gemini are of a strong will, possess great courage, are versatile and like to travel. Their lives are a mixture of successes and failures.

At times they live in comfort and at other times must endure much misery. They are very intelligent and become irritated very easily.

The defect of the natives of Gemini is that they try to solve all things with their heads. They always want to silence the wise Voice of the Heart and then create problems and difficulties of all types.

The exercises of Gemini are the following:


The disciple lies down horizontally on their bed, relaxes their body and takes five breaths of air with the intention that the Light penetrates into their lungs and bronchi.

They will then open their arms and legs with each inhalation and will close them with each exhalation.

Then, seated on a comfortable chair, they will ask their Intimus to take them to the Constellation of Gemini, to the Sidereal Gods of those Temples, so that they will prepare their organism for Practical Magic.

Fraternally, the Teacher of your class

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


Samael Aun Weor’s Practices to Gather the Energy of Gemini

Practices to Gather the Energy of Gemini

      1. Lie down on your bed. Relax the physical body.

      2. Take five breaths of air (with the intention that the Light penetrate into the lungs and bronchi). With each inhalation: open the arms & legs, and with each exhalation: close them

      3. Then, sit in a comfortable chair, and ask the Intimus to take you to the Constellation of Gemini, to the Sidereal Gods of those Temples, in order to prepare the organism for Practical Magic as follows:

“My Father, you who are me myself, you who are my true Being, I beg you to transport yourself to the Principal Star of the Constellation of Gemini, to bring the Principal Genie of that Constellation to this humble home, so that he may heal my lungs & limbs and prepare my organism for practical magic”.

      4. Cross the hands over the heart and Salute the Guardians of the Heart Temple
            a. Bow to the right, inhale and then say ‘Jakin’
            b. Bow to the left, inhale and then say ‘Boaz’

      5. Again pray to the Intimus or Inner Being:

“My Father, take the 7 sacred steps within, towards the interior of the Temple, and kneel down at the feet of the Principal Genie of Gemini, begging him and his Angels to come and heal my lungs & limbs and prepare my organism for practical magic.”

      6. Then the disciple pronounces the mantram: AOM (4 times).


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