Summary and Conclusion 2



In the first lesson of Aries, we have taught how and in what way we fill our Chalice (the brain) with Christic Light in order to totally Christify ourselves from our head to our feet.

It is clear that this Light “is” the Christonic Semen or Christic Energy that results from the transmutation of the Semen into Energy, since mass is always transformed into energy, as the wise Einstein has already proven.

We began this lesson of Aries teaching that the disciple is totally prohibited from fornication.

And that prohibition has as its objective for the disciple to accumulate Christic Energy in order to realize themselves in depth.

The Christic Energy should pass through the Twelve Zodiacal Doors of our organism in order to obtain our “Christification”, and the first door that our Christonic Semen has to pass through (after the Sexual Forces have risen from the genitals) is the Door of Aries in the head.

There, in our brain, our Christic Semen is charged with the Light of Aries.

Then that Christic Force passes through the throat, the thymus gland, heart, etc., under the forces of the Zodiacal Belt.

The progression of the seminal currents are beautifully described by the Apostle Mark, who took care of our Holy Gnostic Unction.


In this lesson we have taught our disciples the power of the Creative Verb.

The larynx is a sexual uterus, where the word is gestated.

Not only does one fornicate with the virile organ, but also with words.

Evil talk (including slander) is fornication.

The perfect human being is whosoever knows how to keep silent when their “Intimus” or “Inner Being” does not speak.

In Taurus, we should burn the refuse of our larynx so that the Christic Forces can express themselves through it like it is in the larynx of the Angels.

The Angels create by means of the word.


At the beginning of the 12th century, a monk named Norbert founded an order of a religious character in Europe.

Before this idea occurred to that man, he was a worldly man dedicated exclusively to vices and pleasures, but on a certain day, he was struck by lightning, and although he was not killed, his entire being was totally transformed.

This event did not occur by coincidence nor by chance.

It was a cosmic event provoked by the Gods, since this man was predestined to mark the Karma of the worlds, performing a new task, and initiating a New Cultural Era for the Consciousness.

All the fluidic links between the Physical, Astral, and Mental Bodies of that man remained totally modified by the “shock” of the force contained in that lightening, and this external shock marked the New Consciousness which would reach its splendor in Aquarius.

Now then, until the year 1889, those external shocks were very common, because actually, to enter the internal worlds during the 18th and 19th centuries was almost impossible.

Nature had shut the doors to the Internal Worlds for humanity, since it was necessary for man to go through an era of darkness in order to enter the internal worlds, later, in a different and positive manner.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, those external shocks were the only things capable of giving some Evolved Souls access to the Internal Worlds.

In 1889, the first cycle of “Kali-yuga” ended, and after that date, those “external-psychic” shocks became internal.

In this lesson of Gemini, we taught our disciples to enter the Internal Worlds in a positive way .

Long ago, in Lemuria and Atlantis, all of humanity lived in the Internal Worlds, but in a negative form; the Astral Chakras turned from right to left, that is, to say, in a negative way (in reverse).

The Consciousness of the humans was like that which people have in what we call dreams; that same Consciousness of Dreams is that of the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms.

With the exercises of Gemini, we exchange the “pictorial” Consciousness of dream life, for a Conscious and totally Awake Consciousness.

These exercises confer upon us “Continuous Consciousness”, the “New Aquarian Consciousness”.

The disciple who is asleep in the internal worlds, will now awaken their Consciousness and will not dream anymore.

One will exchange their “Dreams” for Conscious experiences.

These exercises will produce those internal shocks which will awaken one’s Consciousness, and will thereby exchange dreams for real and effective experiences within the internal worlds.

So while their body is asleep in bed, in the Internal Worlds the disciple will become an invisible helper and a worker under the orders of the Universal White Fraternity.

Before, the Chakras turned from right to left and now with these exercises, they will turn positively like the hands of the clock [from left to right, clockwise].

These exercises will totally impede them from dreaming again and while their body sleeps, they will be conscious in the Internal Worlds.

This will be the result of these exercises.

The Consciousness of Dreams is a remnant of our Animal Consciousness that we once possessed.

Animals live a life of pictorial dreams.

There will be many who will have difficulty “leaving” in the astral body at will, but by all means the exercises in this lesson of Gemini, will “inevitably” Awaken the Consciousness and so, while their bodies sleep in their beds, they, too, will work consciously in the Internal Worlds; the important thing is that upon Awakening in the physical world, they remember their Astral Experience well, which “are no longer Dreams” but rather “Conscious Experiences”.

In order to obtain this, it is necessary that upon awakening in the physical world to not move and to do a retrospective exercise in order to remember well all that we did while we were out of the physical body (since while every individual’s body is asleep, they are out of the body); those with Sleeping Consciousness, “dream” and those with Awakened Consciousness, “work” consciously.


In this lesson of Cancer we taught our disciples to prepare the Physical Body for Practical Magic.

Iamblichus, the Great Theurgist, once made two genii appear before the astonished multitudes: Love and Anti-Love (Anael and Lillith).

Iamblichus made the Sidereal Gods visible and tangible and this, too, can be done by our disciples if they “prepare” their Physical Body.

The day humanity learns to manipulate the Lunar Forces, the Moon will fall upon the Earth because man will no longer need it.


In this lesson of Leo, we taught the disciple to converse with their own Internal Master, through Internal Meditation.

Dharana (Concentration), Ayana (Meditation) and Samadhi (Ecstasy) are the three steps that take us to the throne of the Internal Master of each person, who is the “Intimus”.

The disciple has to learn how to talk with their own “Intimus”, and should be demanding with their own Intimus.

The disciple should receive instructions from their own “Intimus”, and the Intimus’ duty is to instruct its Bodhisattva, that is to say, its Soul who is anxious for Light

The doctrine of “Shin-Sien” teaches that the human Mind is like a mirror, which attracts and reflects each atom of dust, and has to be dusted each day, until becoming a “Christ-Mind”.

Shin-Sien was the Sixth Patriarch of Northern China, who taught the esoteric doctrine of “Boddhi-dharma”.

In Sanskrit, the Internal Chamber of the Heart is called “Brahma-Pura” (The City of the Supreme God).

The disciple should become a Master of Samadhi.

Boddhi-dharma is the Religion of Wisdom in China.

The Doctrine of the Heart is called ‘the Seal of the Truth’, or the True “seal”.


In this lesson of Virgo we taught the disciple, that in the belly, the forces that rise from the earth are charged with adrenal hormones so that they may become prepared for their ascent to the heart; we also taught the disciple to vocalize the vowel U in order to develop the Chakra of the Solar Plexus or Emotional Brain.

The Solar Plexus is the antenna which receives distant thoughts, and with it we can pick up the moral conditions of all those who come into social or commercial contact with us.


In this lesson of Libra we taught our disciples the Law of Equilibrium.

Three qualities of nature keep the Soul enslaved to Nature: Harmony, Emotion and Inertia. These are the Three Qualities of Nature (the Three Gunas).

Before this Universe existed, only Akash and Prana existed.

These Three Qualities of Satva, Rayas and Tamas (Harmony, Emotion and Inertia) lived in full equilibrium, but when this equilibrium was lost, then came the movement of the Great Scales of Nature, the Flux and Reflux, Good and Evil, Hatred and Love, etc.

It was then that the human “Intimuses” became members of this Great University of Nature; and here we Involuted and Evolved, and if we want to liberate ourselves from Nature, then we must transcend the Three Qualities of Nature called Harmony, Emotion and Inertia.

We should be indifferent before Triumph and Failure, before Pleasure and Pain, before Compliments and Insults; and when all of Nature once again reaches its Primordial Equilibrium, the continents will sink into the seas, and there will be much fire, the seas will evaporate, and the vapors will decompose into their atomic formations, and everything will return to the Primordial Akash, to the Cosmic Night, to the Primordial Equilibrium of the Great Cosmic Scale, after the activity of a Mahanvantara which lasts 311,040,000,000,000 years [3 hundred 11 thousand million years or, as it is said in the US: 3 hundred 11 trillion years] all the great cateclisms of nature are realized with Fire.


In this course we taught the disciple how to awaken the Kundalini by means of Sexual Magic.

The Dragons of Wisdom are formed with the Science of the Serpent, and the “Tree-Dragon” is the same Wisdom of the Snake.

Pure Akash circulates through the canal of Sushumna and its two aspects flow through Ida and Pingala, this is the Brahmanic Cord.

The two Cords (Ida and Pingala) are the two columns, J and B of Masonry, called Jakin and Boaz.

The Solar and Lunar Forces rise through both nervous canals, which then make contact in the coccyx, awakening “Hiram”, the Divine Fire which constitutes the Temple of Solomon (the Intimus).

“Hiram” is also a mantram for the Kundalini.

The H is pronounced like a sigh.

The I is vocalized like this: iiiiiii; and the rest is pronounced like this: rrrrrrraaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm.

The Fire has Seven Degrees of Power, which are the Fire’s Seven Degrees of Power, the Seven Steps of Knowledge.

Sexual Magic converts us into Omnipotent Dragons of Fire.

NINTH LESSON [Sagittarius]

In this lesson of Sagittarius we spoke about the Sacred Kabbalah, because Sagittarius is the sign of Clairvoyance and of Comprehension.

We explained that there are two kinds of Kabbalists, the Kabbalists Of Subjective Reason and The Kabbalists Of Intuition.

Subjective Reason is an insubordination and crime against the Internal Master, and that is why the Kabbalists of Subjective Reason are Black Magicians.

The Great Intuitive Kabbalists do not reason, they comprehend by direct perception, and listen to the Voice of Silence when they see any plate of the sacred Tarot.

TENTH LESSON [Capricorn]

In the lesson of Capricorn we spoke of the Authentic Planetary Order and of the Legitimate Calendar, falsified and altered by the roman sect.

We consider that the astrology of that Black Age is based on a falsified calendar and we believe that Arithmetic Astrology is no longer good for the Age of Aquarius.


In this lesson we explained to our students that the hermaphrodite humans reproduced by “spores” and that these were detached from the calves of the legs.

Our affirmations may seem crazy to many, but the clairvoyant will be able to investigate on their own in the Akashic records and verify our affirmations.

The women of a future age will conceive without a man and the future hermaphrodites will create their own bodies with the word.

The Grand Sympathetic Nervous System will become a second Spinal Column and the Angel-Men of that time will be like Melchizedek, King of the Fire, fatherless and motherless, without any known lineage; he remains a Priest forever and ever.


In this lesson we spoke extensively about Nirvana.

I sustain that Nirvana is acquired by taking maximum advantage of the powers of our Spinal Medulla and of our Seminal Substance.

Whosoever practices Sexual Magic begins to construct the luminous suit of Dharmasaya.

The tunic of the Dharmasayas is woven with the Sexual Fires.

I sustain that Nirvana can be won by us in a single reincarnation, which is properly taken advantage of.

I, Aun Weor, have delivered unto thee this course precisely for thee to win Nirvana quickly, and in a few years.

I do not want henchmen, nor followers, only imitators of my example.

I have not come to form any sect or one more belief, neither am I interested in the schools of today, or the particular beliefs of anyone!

I am the initiator of the new era. I am the Avatar of Aquarius.

All the bosses of the “Lodges” or spiritualist schools are jealous of their “cages” of parrots and have declared war against me.

I tell those tyrants to remain calm because master Aun Weor is not interested in those “cages”, nor in those businesses, nor in that commerce of souls.

I have delivered this course so that all men may become Omnipotent Gods, Gods of fire, Ineffable Flames.

I do not want to see weaklings nor cowards; the hour of the great decisions has arrived, and heroic people, men & women of courage, men & women of valor are needed.

No more exploitation, no more infamy, no more cowardice.

We have Nirvana in the semen and it is only a matter of realizing it in each of us through courage.

Now, human beings of steel, heroic humans, free humans are needed.

We need to always have a strong and omnipotent self and a powerful and robust personality.

I know Nirvana and I can assure you that all the inhabitants of Nirvana are strong and omnipotent Gods of robust and powerful personality.

May peace be with thee.



-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology



Published in the original 1951 Spanish edition of Curso Zodiacal
This ‘Objective’ was like a ‘Foreword’ by Julio Medina V. (aka V.M. Gargha Kuichines)

Part 1

There are many readers of the books of the Master Aun Weor, who after reading the works “The Perfect Matrimony” and “The Revolution of Belezebub”, direct themselves to him in search of a practical and safe way to get out in the astral body, for the practice of sexual magic, to communicate with the planetary genii, and finally, with the many concerns that hundreds of readers have.

The Master, who is eager to give a more effective help to all those students who aspire to obtain practical knowledge of esotericism, has prepared this Zodiacal Course, in his desire to respond not only to the need of those students who pursue this practical teaching today, but also to be in compliance with a wish of the Venerable White Lodge, so that the light reaches those who want it, and to be able to form a suitable core, now that the darkness is flooding our planet and the age of Aquarius is approaching.

The astral realm was effectively off limits for the majority of humans and we are hardly now on the verge of the entry into this new world for human beings.

Previously the great secrets of initiation were found through a system of internal meditation; this knowledge of perfect meditation took many years so that, through this means, the great chosen ones were prepared to make contact with the astral realm .

Meditation is still the book of the Gnostic, and the great truths come through this means; students of esotericism may enter the astral realm by using their radiant body which they must fill with light through sexual magic and perfect chastity, and then learn to consciously go into the astral with their astral body and with first hand knowledge, bringing back the memories of everything that is verified and done in that realm.

The astral world is more effective in order to acquire wisdom and practical knowledge, because said body is liberated from time and distance.

In addition, the astral realm is where the battle between the columns of Angels and demons is verified; light and darkness.

This course is given to all students who aspire to knowledge and improvement of the internal personality (that is to say, the consciousness); this course is a thorough, detailed and esoteric discipline which will serve as practical and positive guidance in order to reach the very altar of initiation.

For the first time in the course of the ages, the great mystery of the “fire’s seven degrees of power” is unveiled, that is to say the seven igneous serpents of the seven bodies, that through the seven portals lead us up to the ineffable joy of Nirvana (these great initiations or portals, are nine, but the remaining two are already Macrocosmic).

This course teaches the development of all the powers that the human being has, through a very detailed and thorough esoteric discipline, and it prepares students for the new era that is coming: Aquarius, which will be a totally spiritual age.

In the black age that is dying, humanity has known the most repugnant forms of sex, but in the next one they will know the divinity of sex, because they will have to be purified.

Piscians are now horrified by sex because they degraded it and made improper use of it, but the Aquarians will bless it because they will learn to honor sex and they will know that divinity acts through it.

This course is brief, but truly transcendental, because it turns human beings into Gods. Through it the most terrible secrets of the cosmos are given to humanity…


Part 2

We know that the forces of evil will go against us, but to really serve humanity, we should become their redeemer, although we acknowledge that humanity does not like redeemers; that is why when someone practices good will we always hear that: “No good deed ever goes unpunished”, and the truth is that human beings dislike redeemers…

We do not fear attacks from the tenebrous ones, because we know that the legs of the thrones of the masters are made of monsters, and all sacred objects of the temples stand on animalistic pedestals…

Each degree which is won is the result of a terrible battle against the black lodge, because the battle is fought against evil, but the warrior is awarded after the battle.

We respect all life, because we know that the Real Being dwells within all living beings and is evolving within them and that the form or characteristic that he stands for comes to be a mental creation that he has formed.

If we take any animal and we strip them of their bodies: material, vital, mental, astral, etc., then there remains a little man, or divine spark, who would immediately complain and ask why he has been stripped of his bodies.

This is the man of fire or the divine Monad that progresses, evolves and develops throughout all of the experiences.

Therefore animal forms are simple mental creations of the children of fire; pictorial forms of their dream-like images made flesh, blood and life…

The true student is not the one who stops so that the Master teaches them or shows them what is taught here, because we speak of what we see, hear and feel in the supersensible worlds; thus, those who want some proofs should seek them for themselves in the lesson of Gemini.

A warning from us to the disciple: The one with whom one has to be honest is with oneself.

When human beings give evidence that they are just and upright, then they convert themselves into a potency .

Being a potency does not mean to be a potentate since these kinds of people are dominated by even a cigarette butt, they are slaves of their vices and desires.

The process of initiation is a series of terrible battles against oneself, against Nature and against the world…

Stifle your passions through willpower, and then choke them, even though it hurts you to the bone and the beast protests…

One must sink into the darkness of oneself in order to take the light from it…

The light is extracted from the darkness.

The light is produced from the darkness, and the cosmos comes out of the chaos…

* * *


Part 3

In the Chaldean-Egypian era, when talking about the Masters, everyone pointed to the stars, because everyone could see the stellar genii and could converse with them.

During the Greco-Roman epoch, it was not like that anymore, since humanity had already lost the clairvoyance and only retained the memory of the superior entities.

The age of reason began with Aristotle, which now ends, because the new Aquarius era will be the age of intuition.

Nonetheless, Aristotle still remembered the planetary genii.

A great part of the work of Aristotle is precisely devoted to remembering the spirits of the planets and going up through the stellar spirits to the universal God.

Kepler, the illustrious german astronomer and great mathematician, still retained memories of the sidereal genii, but then modernism ended with those memories, until finally in the year 1604 a constellation ended up erasing, totally erasing, all the memories of the sidereal genii. And then Copernicus, the famous Polish astronomer appeared, demonstrated the double movement of the planets around themselves and around the Sun, this theory was later condemned by the Church and deemed as contrary to the Holy Scriptures, since all they could see was only physical globes and celestial mechanics.

Thus, the age of reason that started with Aristotle now ends, because reason is only a historical transitional state between instinct and intuition.

First humanity had instinct, then reason, and now comes intuition as a divine function. Instinct is the negative pole of intuition and intuition is the positive pole of instinct.

Therefore, subjective reason was only a state of transition between instinct and intuition.

Through this course, the human being can once again regain their lost heritage and be able to see the sidereal genii.

Steiner prophesied in 1912 that a spiritual science, much greater than the one that was known back then would come: this new spiritual science is the message of the Master Aun Weor.

This teaching that the Master Aun Weor gives and directs today intertwines the east and west, the Buddha and the Christ, giving it a new aspect through amorous magic, and the woman is the new vestal of the divine temple where love officiates as the priest.

Nowadays one can see how the east has developed the powers of the Internal Master, but they lack the powers of personality.

Westerners have developed personality, but they lack the development of the Internal Master; in full development, and by uniting both, we have the triumph of the spirit, in this great cosmic evolution…

With these teachings one obtains the development of the powers of the personality and also the powers of the Internal Master; one intertwines the East and the West in order to form a strong culture and then women come to be the center of the union where the two great cultures converge, which will give men the certain path in order to victoriously arrive at the sublime altar of initiation, in order to begin living the life of the gods…

The personality that we highlight here, does not refer to the satanic powers of the inferior “I” or false personality, or to the animal soul; therefore it is not about the external characteristics of the physical body, of that personality that is today revered by the culture of the 20th century, that is to say the assets that a person has.

The personality to which the Master refers is the purified consciousness of the Intimus, the human soul or superior manas, the Bodhisattva of the Internal Master, along with the psychic extracts of the inferior vehicles, that is to say the pure and already redeemed soul… The beautiful Shulamite of the Song of Songs.


Part 4

Humanity continues on the path of evil, because it does not have a stumbling block; vices and pleasures smile at them with a charming appeal.

The world only likes those things that are of the world, of the mundane; the world does not want any deal with those who deviate from it.

Public opinion has come to form a defensive wall for evil. Public opinion is kneaded like dough with the errors of each of its members.

Tyrants love evil and defend it because they govern and command with evil; we love good and we also command but with humility.

Nowadays the good of others displeases people; whereas they are pleased to see other’s suffering and they even make it public with excitement.

Everyone believes in their own way; the criterion is flexible; reason belongs to the one who possesses it and who is the strongest; the personality depends on the assets of the person; truth is a synonym with evil and it is a common thing to say that they are going to “sing the truth” [meaning ‘tell it like it is’] to those they really want to offend and upset.

Truth has to be proven with witnesses, because nobody accepts it; on the contrary, fabrications spread easily and the wicked ones are pleased with slanderous persons.

In my opinion, whosoever repeats slanderous statements is more wicked than the one who originally made it because the latter may be influenced by hatred or envy, but the former does it out of pleasure just like a disciple of evil.

And considering that all those nuances of daily life happen in the centers where the Living God is revered.

What does your spirituality consist of, if you live intertwined with the shadows? or do lecture room spiritualists believe that being spiritualists is to have a “rubber spine” in order to bow so as to get a post within the clique or a title that their boss forks over because of their membership?

This is how an obstructive fanaticism is created and how breeding grounds for cowards are formed.

One has to wield the sword of fire against all this social framework!

True wisdom is not found in books, but within the heart.

Goethe’s Faust gets tired of reading the wisdom of books and when he comes to his senses, he finds himself to be elderly and ignorant, he loses heart over the life which Mephistopheles (the genius of evil) takes advantage of in order to give him his contrived wisdom which he accepts because it gives him pleasure and riches, but later on disappointments and sorrows; it is a fact that the wisdom of the human beings always ends up looking for pleasure.

The higher the level of intellectuality is for a person, the higher their level of moral degradation will be; this is proof that intellect is a function of the animal soul.

In this era that is now ending, all sects, beliefs, theories, schools, etc., fulfilled a very necessary mission as elements of inner education for humanity, but the Era of Aquarius will be something very different and will have nothing to do with the different lodges and lecture rooms that are currently in use, because it is understood that the Aquarian type of human beings already took these elementary courses and therefore they not only no longer need them, but in addition they are a hindrance or obstacle which will render them incapable of thinking freely and receiving esoteric instruction from their own Internal Master, who is their sacred Intimus or “Inner Being”.


Part 5

Students of gnosis are warned that upon entering the path it is forbidden to talk about their initiations and degrees attained; these great mysteries are profaned when publicly disclosing them; moreover, this is vanity, pride and ostentation.

“An argument started among Christ’s disciples as to which of them would be the greatest one”, that is to say, the one with the highest initiation or esoteric degree.

“But Jesus, knowing their thoughts, took a little child and had him stand beside him.

“Then he said to them, Whosoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whosoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.” (Luke Ch. 9 v. 47 & 48).

The initiate must be as simple and as pure as a child, without any vanity, pride or ostentation, nor should they talk about their initiations because this is something very sacred and we are forbidden to speak about it.

This course will only work for those who are thirsty for light, for those of humble heart, it is not for the ‘wise scholars’ because they are already satisfied with their knowledge and their science, and we are not looking for ‘wise scholars’, but those who are not.

The student must practice the teachings given in this course and keep in mind that we are not interested in the wisdom of the eye, but in the doctrine of the heart, consequently they have to be scrutinizing and launch themselves into battle against evil and then take heaven by force.

“How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people” (Luke 21:23).

Dear reader: it has already been said that animal reproduction belongs to animal life and consequently to the past, and those who stay in this animal reproduction are left behind or get disintegrated.

Therefore we are facing the dilemma of ‘to be or not to be’.

Slaves sing to Nature! And the supermen & superwomen of humanity sing to the Gods…!

We are already tired of being donkeys of reproduction (losers) and now we transmute sexual energy in order to free ourselves from Nature and convert ourselves into Gods…

Homer, the singer of old Troy and Achilles’ anger (whom the greeks represented blindfolded so as to indicate his divine clairvoyance), tells us about Ulysses, the illustrious warrior and destroyer of fortresses, who reached as far as the island of Callisto, where the cruel Goddess Circe turned men into pigs, after the former drank mandrake liquor that the cunning Goddess offered them in her bewitching cup.

Here is Homer showing us this Goddess as the representation of Nature, which with its delicious and bewitching cup of carnal passion converts human beings into pigs, until a Ulysses finally arises, who draws the sword of willpower, and puts it upon the breast of the bewitching goddess, breaking the delicious cup and converting himself a lord and a master of it…

Gnostics should be like that; we must grasp the sword of willpower in order to break the cups of seductive temptation and become the master of the tempting Goddess…

We must draw the sword of willpower in order to fight against Nature and to dominate her; we have to sit on the throne of the Gods and grasp the scepter of power of sexual energy, the staff of the patriarchs, Aaron’s rod/wand, Brahma’s staff in order to govern the whole of Nature and to put it at our service.

Ordinary people love natural things; we love the supernatural, that is to say that which is above nature, which is our sacred Intimus.

When we fight the battle for Nirvana (in order to gain the ineffable joy of Nirvana), we must always follow the Intimus, the Internal Master, thereby starting a terrible struggle for the dominion over the disciple; the external personality wants it for itself, it also desires it for the external personality of friends and relatives, that of one’s spouse, children and society in general; this is the struggle against the world and the flesh of which the Bible speaks when it refers to the ‘enemies of the soul’, and thus in order to save the soul one must get rid of all that which attracts the animal self : greed, anger, and lust.

One must take up the sword against ones’ friends and against ones’ enemies, against the good and against the bad, against parents, against the spouse and against the children, against the world and against Nature.

One must fight a terrible battle against everything so as to break these chains that bind us to Nature and enter the ineffable bliss of Nirvana.

This does not mean aggression against anybody, or hate against anyone; it only means to defeat Nature and to fight against temptation, no matter where it comes from…

In speaking about this, Christ said:

“Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division.”

“For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.”

“The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law” (Luke 12 v. 51-53).

These verses of Saint Luke do not refer to urban life as many neophytes believe, but to the terrible battle for Nirvana.


Part 6

Ordinary people aspire to conquer urban life by dividing themselves against one other, but we aspire to conquer Nirvana for ourselves, and in this terrible battle against Nature, if we do not overcome Nature, then Nature will defeat and devour us: this is the terrible battle for philosophy’s ‘to be or not to be’.

The human condition can not be indefinitely extended (as many semi-spiritualists and profane people mistakenly believe) in order to reach the end of the current Mahamvantara because we are the fetuses of the great Goddess Isis (Mother Nature) and just as it is impossible to stay longer than nine months as a fetus within the womb of the mother, it is also not possible to gestate within the womb of great mother Nature for an indefinite time, and now mother Nature has to give birth to human beings as either Angels or as demons.

We are precisely at that moment in which mother Nature gives birth to us as either Angels or as devils, but she will inevitably do so.

Angels are neither formed nor do they gestate with papers nor theories nor old books, nor with titles of nobility, but instead with the same sexual forces with which plants, animals, human beings and Gods are gestated, and with which everything that exists in creation is formed.

Everything that has been created has its womb!

Gods are born within the womb of the goddess Isis, where an intense life of Sexual Magic is lived…

Gnostics, do not make any more offerings to death!

Each child that is born is one more offering to the altar of death.

There are two kinds of sexual acts: the common and ordinary animalistic one which is defended tooth and nail by human beings; and that creates for death…

The other divine, which is also firmly defended by us those who are followers of the light; the one that creates Gods.

The human beings follows Javhe. The Divine ones follow Jehovah.

“You are free to eat from any tree in the garden. But you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

This is the divine plan.

The other one says: “If you eat of it you will be like gods”.

This is the disobedience of the law that humanity enthusiastically follows.

We are censored with curtness because we speak in a clear way about the sexual forces and those who get horrified are precisely the fornicators.

They do not know that they were locked inside a uterus in order to gestate as human beings; they get horrified of their origin because they feel ashamed of their own corruption and they try to cover that shame with hints of mysticism and of philosophy.

Brother or Sister reader! Out of that which is seemingly filthy, emerge: plants, beasts, human beings and Gods.

The scent of the roses comes from the mud of the earth.

The human species comes out of the woman’s uterus.

And Gods are gestated within sexual magic.

Whosoever knows the genesis of the Angels becomes an angel as well, and the genesis of the Angels is sexual magic.

The gnostic is an embryo of God, developing themselves within the uterus of sexual magic.

When the embryos of God have reached their full development, then, mother Nature gives birth to them as masters of the Mahamvantara. As an omnipotent child of the fire.




-Paraphrased from the original Spanish language edition of Zodiacal Course (1951)




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