When the human being passes beyond sexual maturity, then the thymus gland enters into decrepitude.

This has already been demonstrated.

The thymus gland is located at the very base of the neck.

The thymus gland has a very irregular form and structure.

This gland is intimately related to the mammary glands. Now we can explain to ourselves why the maternal milk is totally irreplaceable.

The thymus gland regulates the vitality of the child.

The Astrologists say that the Moon influences this gland.

The Gnostic sages want to conserve this gland and not let it fall into decrepitude. When this gland is active, the organism does not age.

The sage-doctors of antiquity said that when the vowel “A” is pronounced wisely, it has the power to make the Thymus gland vibrate.

The ancient sages utilize the wise mantram so vulgarized by people today: ABRACADABRA. This mantram is said to keep the Thymus gland active during life.

In the pagan temples, they pronounced this word forty-nine times in the following way:


The word was pronounced so that the sound of the vowel “A” was prolonged.

Even some doctors are beginning to cure by means of musical sound. It is interesting to acknowledge that in the voice of the doctor, in each of their words, there is a source of life or death for their patients.

The endocrinological science should study the intimate relationships between music and the endocrine glands. It is better to investigate, analyze, and comprehend than to laugh at what we do not know.

When a child is hungry, the mother must breast feed them. The books on maternity that recommend a child go hungry for so many hours are a crime against public health. This matter of the human being wanting to correct nature is manifestly absurd. When the infant cries in hunger, it is a crime against nature to deny them food.

Paraphrase from Ch. 5 ‘The Thymus Gland’ in
Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology by Samael Aun Weor




Huiracocha’s take on Theosophy, Yoga and Tantra

TANTRA [Part 1]

In the Yoga system, so popular in Spain as in America and yet very little understood, we have as a coronation, as a result, as its ultimate goal, TANTRA a word which is translated by Mrs. Besant as a kind of RULE OR RITUAL and indicates something that is exclusive to the powers of Sexual Magic, adding that in the Books of TANTRA the whole Occult Science is found and that they are very beneficial and instructive.

Yet readers can read, concerning this word, in the Theosophical Glossary translated into Spanish by Roviralta Borrel or in our Magazine for the month of May 1930 whose article ended saying “TO BE CONTINUED…”

However, we have been forced to wait two years in order to continue these works.

At that time, we had received various letters from Theosophists who, according to them, had addressed this matter, ensuring us that they intended to write about some interesting topic.

We had hoped to read what they wrote, but things never happened as we supposed and now is when we are going to make a new attempt for the sake of our disciples and Readers.

Of course, let’s not waste time with too many explanations. We need to touch on something practical and occult, from the many rules that we give you every day from the Tantrists, but not with a blind routine, because, as Westerners, we are not able to carry out many of the things that are unique to the Hindus.

Let’s see an example: Patanjali says… “the width of two fingers below the anus and two fingers below the Penis, one finds the Adhara Lotus or the Mula-Adhara, that is to say, the square Lotus because of its leaves and the Yoni radiates from there, which constitutes the ultimate Power of Tantra, where Kundalini, the Supreme deity, remains asleep in its own dream.”

And he goes on to say… “Kundalini, seems like a climbing Plant and at the same time like a ray (or thunderbolt), with three and a half curves, sleeping upon the path of Sushumna. Its form is Creative Power in a living world (jagat sata-rupa ).”

The Power is for those who pronounce the Mantrams.

The Goddess of language (vag-devi ) is then Word and Form (naman-rupa ), which are the two columns of this great Power.

One channel, however, we call IDA, makes its way from the left side of the body and reaches the right nostril, after having passed through the center channel of Sushumna.

The other channel, called PINGALA, goes from the right and up to the left nostril, also after having crossed the center Sushumna.

But at the very center of the two, that is to say, between Ida and Pingala, there are six points or stations where six different powers are located for the actor. There are five points which are above the Mula-adhara, many that will be addressed in relation to the use of Tantra…

We are confident that for all those who have not dealt with these esoteric subjects, these relationships say nothing of Patanjali.

What everyone knows or what they believe they know is that Kundalini, the beautiful sleeping Princess from the story, is the essence of the Semen which, animated by the brain centers, will start rising from the conjunction of the Sexual Organs until reaching the highest point of the brain, awakening on its way the seven centers or Nadis (See “Esoteric Rose” by the same author).

Well then, in order to be able to awaken these centers, it is absolutely necessary to prepare the instrument or physical body properly and for this there exist rigorous and special practices…

We know hundreds of these practices, through our study of White Sexual Magic, but we will cite only one of those which Patanjali says is indispensable and that without which it would be impossible to achieve some practical result.

Nonetheless, the reader will notice that this is outside of those practices used in the West, as we have said before, and that our physiological conditions do not lend themselves to it. It is, then, to clean the Stomach…

Who has not had occasion to witness when a Doctor introduces a probe into a patient in order to extract the gastric juices? Who does not realize how brutal that operation is?

Well, it’s nothing compared to what is required for the student of TANTRA who is asked to Clean their stomach…

To do this, there must be a strip of Linen four fingers wide and fifteen yards long (vastra) which must be soaked and entirely swallowed little by little, in order to then similarly extract the gastric juices since it grabs all the impurities from the stomach.

Failure to do this practice, says Patanjali, you can never awaken Kundalini, whereas doing something else and not this, will cause more harm than good.

We now ask: who among us in the West could swallow fifteen yards of Linen, retain it for a moment in the stomach and then repeat this removing it for forty consecutive days without interruption, without getting sick or destroying the throat?

Already in our time of study, we saw a Yogi doing this operation, but then, we wanted to repeat it, we found it was entirely impossible.

We had swallowed two strips of Linen, and we became very sick and then the Yogi told us: “Note that in the West people are disposed to other means that are as effective as ours…” And then he spoke in favor of certain alchemical preparations which destroy everything harmful in the stomach.

Nonetheless, the latter, is ignored by the Easterners and is further evidence that we should not blindly follow the Yoga system. We must, however, listen to our Gurus and prepare ourselves with less brutal means than those that should be exclusively for the Fakirs.

But this is another indispensable practice which consists of the use of certain short enemas in order to clean places near to the Mula-Adhara and it is also necessary for this to have preceded other practices so that no other acute pain occurs in the Prostate as we experience when practicing this exercise without a Master.

Today we comprehend how many things are done improperly and the extent to which a good Master is indispensable who can advise us without fear of causing damage to the Neophyte.

Nonetheless, the student should not desire this advice from the same Patanjali: “Only you will have to do the practices that are given by your Master which you will never change nor substitute, once you have begun with them, since the one who changes from one Master to another, never reaches the goal.”

The master should be your Father, Mother, your Confessor and your God at the same time and all your speech, your thought and action, should never be mixed with the one who guides you.

Be ye, therefore, respectful with him because without this requirement you will not reach Initiation.

Can a second Master have confidence in the disciple who abandoned the first one?

Be ye consistent. Observe that as slow as the first one is, they will always take you to the goal with their Sacred practices even better than the second one, however good and wise he or she may be.

“If ever the inner voice urged you to direct yourself to a Master, then you are connected with them for all of eternity, as you already were in other lives.”

To be continued…


-Paraphrase from the article “TANTRA” from The Rosecross Magazine,
published in Berlin (December 1932)
Available in the Appendix of Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


Huiracocha’s take on Tantra, Imagination and Esoteric Exercises

TANTRA [Part 2]


Ignatius of Loyola, the Founder of the ‘Company of Jesus’ (or Jesuits), without a doubt received Tantric teachings. Otherwise, I would not have copied his SPIRITUAL EXERCISES verbatim.

In Rome, regarding this, a Statue was unveiled to us, it was of Crestos or Harpocrates synthesized as a Rooster whose beak is converted into a Phallus or Virile member. At the foot of the Statue, there is a sign in Greek that says: “THIS IS THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD…”

All this is, for the initiates, something like a vulgarity because it will never be very proper to exhibit a carved sexual organ and even less so with the described sign.

What is even more surprising, regarding this subject, is that such a symbol appears in plain view of the public at the Vatican, but when we receive initiation, then we realize the importance of this symbol and that THE TRUTH par excellence is enclosed in it…

The path of the Initiate has three steps, namely: IMAGINATION, INSPIRATION AND INTUITION.

The first step that one should take is to ensure that the Mind is trained to imagine something specific; for example, a geometric figure. One must try to see this figure and to objectify it as little as possible and then at bedtime bring it back up in the brain in the same particular way.

This is very difficult, if you have not done preliminary exercises, such as those offered in our esoteric course, thus they are absolutely necessary for the imagination to be properly trained and to be able to form an image.

Subsequently, this image is directed to the brain and there it is retained until it is really expressively sensed…

Once something is fixed in the brain, it is then voluntarily translated to the neck and so on, it successively passes through all the Brains or Plexuses.

If this training is attained then the image stops in every suitable place, acting intrinsically in a formidable way and will imperceptibly awaken all our internal forces.

The Jesuits, who have their degrees (like the Masons) and receive some exercises directly from the general of the order, do not make use of geometrical figures, but instead use the Image of the Virgin Mary and when they arrive at the Sexual Organs (at the Glands of reproduction), then they offer a state of ecstasy that should not occur for them in the Vigil state, which is why they always hide behind the dream…

A Jesuit is observed by someone else and when he sees in his physionomy that the moment of exaltation is approaching, he awakens the brother and thus makes him dispel the illusion.

Ignatius of Loyola knew much more about the Tantras, but there is enough proof in what we have just explained…

The disciple of Yoga should practice these exercises, as we have said, with geometric figures and even better with the star of five points.

When you have done this exercise long enough, you can change the objects you are imagining and if you have attained powers in this sense, then you can use material desires and success in business as your visualization, but you must not, for example, if they are not perfectly lawful.

The result is certain, but it is also certain for those who are responsible for acting in an abominable way.

The Rose Cross Fraternity does these exercises only in order to awaken one’s DIVINE BEING.

When this figure reaches the heart, one should strongly concentrate on the “I AM”. This is the “Ehye Asher Ehye” (“I am that which is”) of the ancient Mysteries and it is repeated in Genesis by the Biblical Author.

Herein lies the difference between the Rose Cross and the Jesuits. These latter do not awaken their DIVINE BEING but have to focus on the power of the Community.

Buddhist Theosophy is the same, one must fight one’s DIVINE BEING in order to make it impersonal. Both procedures are Black Magic and are energetically rejected by White Tantrism.

The Divine BEING merged with the Cosmos is our goal, our objective, the ultimate end that we Rose cross adepts pursue and once awakened to the degree of Masters, then, this union gives us strength, and we become part of the White Lodge…

But that DIVINE BEING is in the Logos.

This is why the Tantrist must learn to Vocalize and unite, in this way, TONE and ACTION.

We have a friend who is a Film star named Asta Pilsen.

This artist poured REAL TEARS into her works and cries rivers whenever she is asked to do so.

When asked on one occasion how she had accomplished this, she answered simply, that every night before bed, she imagined that she could cry whenever she wanted to and little by little she was able to achieve this, to make it a real occurrence subject to her will and command.

We were struck by this case and then we remembered the performance of Fakirs who can, at will, act upon the heart and make it go into systole and diastole with greater or lesser speed or acceleration.

We talked to the artist to which we refer, and after much questioning, she confessed that she had done the same exercises, but that in those days she had suffered a tremendous heartbreak and that on multiple occasions she cried true tears .

We discovered that she was directing her desire, her expressive thought, to the sexual parts and unconsciously turned herself into a Tantrist.

A word to the wise is sufficient with little reason.

The Creative part within us is in the sexual organs, in the testicles and ovaries, and this is where you have to give creative form to the desires…

Reader: We are delivering you a Tantric secret of inconceivable importance and from the letters that we will send you by correspondence, we will see if it is possible to continue this series or if we need to return to this subject again in order to give help.

TO BE CONTINUED… but not ‘to be continued’ for too long.


-Paraphrase from the article “TANTRA [Part 2]” from The Rosecross Magazine,
published in Berlin (January 1933)
Available in the Appendix of Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


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