Summary and Conclusion 1


“Do not rely on the letter which kills but upon the spirit that gives Life.

The word ‘Alchemy’ is derived etymologically from the Egyptian language and signifies ‘prepare the black’. The ‘black’ refers to the universal substance. The alchemists prepared a powder that some say was red. Cagliostro defined it thus, whereas others defined it as black.

…The universal substance is found everywhere and is the basis of everything. It grows plants and through its power we develop ourselves. The transmutation of the stone in the interior of the earth is due to the impulse of that substance which is diluted everywhere and that the alchemist unites, joins and preserves for their works.

“This substance is found everywhere,
but if the occultist does not find it in themselves
then they will not find it anywhere else”.

It is the raw material or ‘materia prima’, the origin of everything and is found everywhere, united with different substances. The substance in which it is most easily isolated is mercury, and it is for this reason that the ancients said that mercury was the source of everything.

The alchemists of the Middle Ages, had as their dogma: “Mercurius philophicum est nigredo perfecta” [Latin meaning: “The philosophical mercury is perfected blackness”].

Then, as the alchemists observed the phenomena of nature, they found a significant relationship between their work and the formation of the fetus in the womb. Forty days are required for the spermatozoa or spermatozoon to take human form. Afterwards, the formation of the human being is achieved in seven divisions of that time –in total 280 days–.

…As it is above, so it is below; just as the cell is formed, the human being is also formed, and just as the human being is formed, the universe is also formed. The alchemists deduced a scientific cosmogony from the whole human formation.

What is interesting, then, is the relationship of the human being to the planetary exterior; that is to say, the influence which the stars and planets exercise upon the growth, development and destiny of the human being.

For a long time astronomers were laughing when the alchemist-astrologer claimed to find forces in the zodiac, since the astronomer was saying that this circle was imaginary and never real, until finally the advancement of spectral analysis has shown that there are different rays in each one and that there are also different rays within the conjunction of the Zodical signs which they believed to only be imaginary.”


Extract from The Rosecross Magazine [Revista Rosa Cruz] Bogota, January 1937
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


Alchemy (part 2)

This word has given rise to different concepts according to the mental and developmental capacity of whosoever tries to analyze its real significance.

The Rosicrucians of all times have seen in Alchemy the most transcendental science, because for them said science holds the mystery of the generation and regeneration of all that exists.

Symbolically they see in alchemy the scientific system for the realization of the magna obra of nature, in other words “The Great Work”.

This great work consists of realizing the transmutation of lead into gold.

This beautiful symbolism tells us, in the spiritual sense, that the true Rose-cross adepts must transmute the lead of their personal vulgar passions, into the highest vibrations of the spirit of their inner nature.

But, scientifically, it also indicates something else.

In the whole of nature there is an alchemical process which is constantly verifying itself; through time the luminous radiation of the more evolved stars of a system, intensifies (through its radioactivity) the evolution of the substances modifying them in such a way that evidently (through the ages) turns lead into gold; this is the reason why, as the centuries pass by we proceed to find the majority of the gold in the bosom of our mother earth.

By analogy, through the ages of evolution in the interior of man, there emerges an irradiation of a subtle material which permits him to express with great vigor the spiritual power which is in the pulsation of all that exists.

What is necessary to differentiate is: that alchemy is a process wherein the work is done with the spiritual force of life, and with chemistry which many researchers mistakenly confuse with the first, working only with the action of a physical fire in order to liquefy the metals and combine them to produce new compounds, but not by evolving substances as was commonly believed.

But the symbolism is often misinterpreted when the aspirations of the study are of a purely material order.

Hence there have been false Rose-cross adepts who, after beginning] the mission to make (physical) gold, have spent the best of their life in manipulations of a chemical order, believing themselves to be acting directly in the sphere of True and Sacred Spiritual Alchemy.

And not only in past epochs, but also today, we have some corporations (in the U.S.A.) who call themselves Rose-cross associations and that offer their students scales in order to weigh atoms, and other things like that, so as to deceive unsuspecting people.

It is not with this pretending that we negate the value of the physical sciences, much less the transcendence of chemistry.

But it is our duty to indicate where truth and where error are to be found.

Alchemy is a spiritual process in which the vibrations of life are progressively elevated from the slow state of semi-animal evolution, to the superior state to which man should aspire by refining his internal culture, by means of the governing of his own nature, through the mental transmutation of his emotions into goodness and harmony, and also through the transubstantiation of his creative force so that the divine flame within the Undefiled garment illuminates his inner senses in order for him to be able to progressively become the radiant philosophical stone of the three divine colors which embody POWER, WISDOM and LOVE so that he can be a Master and guide his younger brethren in the school of life.


Extract from The Rosecross Magazine [Revista Rosa Cruz] Bogota, February 1937
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Gnostic Vision of Sexuality (Extract 1)

…What is missing here, in this talk, is to say how.

I will be glad to explain a very unique trick that the Medieval Alchemists taught their disciples. The trick that I will teach you was also taught by men of science, such as Brown-Sequard, in the United States.

Dr. Krumm Heller (Medical Colonel of our glorious Mexican army) taught it, Jung also taught it and it is taught in the Asiatic Schools of Oriental Tantrism.

This is not something particular to me, that I invented; I have learned from all these Sages and in your turn, they are communicating with you, not as an article of faith or as an unshakable dogma, no.

If you want to accept it, accept it; if you do not want to accept, do not accept it.

Many schools have accepted it, many schools have rejected it; everyone is free to think as they like, I only give you my modest opinion.

The trick is this: “CONNECTION OF THE LINGAM-YONI WITHOUT ORGASM OR THE EJACULATION OF THE ENTITY OF THE SEMEN…” (Lingam: You already know that the Lingam is the Phallus. Yoni: You already know that it is the Uterus, the Eternal Feminine, the sexual organ of the woman).

Dr. Krumm Heller said or gave the formula in Latin as: “Immissum Membrum Virile In Vaginam Feminae Sine Ejaculatione Seminis…”

Some modern scientists have accepted it; there, in the United States, the ONEIDA SOCIETY experimented with this formula.

In the Oneida Society, you can see what was done: They had about 25 couples, men and women who worked with sex.

During a certain time they were ordered to copulate, but without the ejaculation of the Entity of the Semen.

Then they were subjected to clinical trials .

In the United States, it was possible to observe the complete seminization of the brain, the increased hormones in the blood, the complete improvement of the organism, the fortification of the sexual potency, etc., and many illnesses disappeared.

When scientists researched the need to have children, they then also gave (in the Oneida Society) the freedom to copulate with seminal ejaculation; then reproduction was obtained. In this way many experiments were made in the Oneida Society.

In any case, the interesting thing about this nice trick which constitutes the Secret-Secretorum of the Medieval Alchemists, consists in the sexual glands never degenerating.

You know very well that when the sexual glands degenerate, the Hypophysis (or Pituitary gland) also degenerates and all the glands of internal secretion degenerate. The whole Nervous System goes through processes of degeneration; then decrepitude and death occur.

Why does old age exist? Simply because the sexual glands go into decrepitude.

When they go into decrepitude, all the endocrine glands enter into decrepitude as well, and then, this issue of old age and decrepitude manifests. But if there was a system that did not allow the sexual glands to degenerate (to not enter into decrepitude), then the whole Nervous System could be preserved, in perfect activity, and then, there would be no old age nor decrepitude; that is obvious.

Well, now, through this nice trick: “Connection of the Lingam-Yoni without the ejaculation of the Ens-Seminis ” (as the famous doctors Krumm Heller and Brown-Sequard said), it is then possible to maintain active sexual glands throughout one’s whole life.

This means that a man (who practices such a system) could reach the age of 90 to 100 years old, yet still with the ability to copulate and to freely enjoy the sexual pleasure (which is a legitimate pleasure of the human being, which is not a “sin”, which is not a taboo, which is not a cause of shame or pretense, etc., but, again, a legitimate right of the human being).

Extract from Lecture #132 ‘[THE] GNOSTIC VISION OF SEXUALITY’ in El Quinto Evangelio
also called ‘TRANSCENDENTAL SEXOLOGY’, available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Gnostic Vision of Sexuality (Extract 2)

Well, now, through the Transmutation of the Entity of the Semen into Energy, extraordinary psychological changes are possible, and the PINEAL GLAND develops.

This Gland was active in other times, in ancient times of History; then the human being possessed that “EYE” of which we speak.

Homer in his “Odyssey” calls this: ‘The Eye of the Lacertidaes’, the Eye he saw on that terrible giant that intended, then, to devour him. This ‘Eye of the Lacertidaes’ is not a mere legend without any foundation…

Through Sexual Transmutation, this gland develops, entering into new activity; here is that “eye” which allows one to PERCEIVE THE ULTRA of all things.

Our world is not only Three Dimensions, as the “illustrious ignoramuses” believe; our world exists in a Fourth Vertical as well. Furthermore, we can say with great emphasis, that there is a Fifth Vertical, a Sixth and a Seventh Vertical as well.

That is, we have never seen our world as it truly is; and we have not seen it because our five senses are degenerated, our Pineal Gland is atrophied.

There are other Senses in us which are completely degenerated and which are senses of perception, but that are also degenerated. And if we managed to regenerate them, we could see the world as it is, with its Seven Dimensions.

So the harsh reality of the facts is that through Sexual Transmutation, you can regenerate the Pineal gland (or third eye) and the other Senses that have atrophied.

Thus we would have access to a world of extraordinary knowledge, and would have access to the Superior Dimensions of Nature and the Cosmos, so we could see, hear, touch and feel the great realities of Life and Death; we could grasp, or capture all cosmic phenomena in themselves, as they are and not as they appear.

TRANSMUTATION IS THE KEY: To change the Seminal Substance, to modify it into Energy. Behold what is fundamental.

The time has come to comprehend this thoroughly, integrally…

If a man or a woman proposes to accomplish such a simple formula, with this trick that Brown-Sequard teaches us, that Krumm Heller teaches us and that the Medieval Alchemists teach us, I could say to you with great emphasis and absolute certainty, that this man or woman would, eventually, transform him or herself into a Superman or a Superwoman.

We all need to feel the necessity to change, to become something different; that is, if we are not reactionary, because conservative, retarded people, do not want to change.

But when one is truly revolutionary, one wants to be different, one wants to fundamentally change, to transform oneself into something different, becoming a Superman or a Superwoman, making the doctrine of Nietzsche a reality.

It is possible to change through Sexual Transmutation.

Extract from Lecture #132 ‘[THE] GNOSTIC VISION OF SEXUALITY’ in El Quinto Evangelio
also called ‘TRANSCENDENTAL SEXOLOGY’, available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Gnostic Vision of Sexuality (Extract 3)

The SEXUAL FORCE connects us with the fabric of existence and I can not deny you this understanding. We exist, we live, because we had a father, because we had mother.

In final synthesis, the root of our own life is found in the sexual union of a man and a woman.

Well, now if the Sexual Force, if the Energy of Sex, has the power to connect us with the fabric of existence, then it is obvious that it is the only thing that has the ability, in truth, to radically transform us.

In the world there are many ideologies, in the world there are many beliefs, and everyone is free to believe whatever they please, but the only Force that has the ability to transform us, is what created us, what connects us with the fabric of existence.

I refer myself, emphatically, to the Sexual Force.

Learning how to handle that wonderful Energy of sex, means becoming a master of Creation.

When the Sacred Sperm is transformed into Energy, extraordinary PSYCHOSOMATIC CHANGES occur.

We know well what those Hormonal Vessels of our gonads are: How they work, how they pass hormones from vessel to vessel, how, finally, along the Spermatic Cords, they reach the prostate and through the Fallopian Tubes they reach the ovaries.

We know well how valuable the prostate and ovaries are: Here the biggest transformations of the Entity of the Semen and of the hormones ultimately occur, entering into the bloodstream.

The word “HORMONE” comes from a Greek root meaning “LONGING TO BE”, and “FORCE OF BEING”.

Hormones have been studied by our men of science (they are marvelous). Sexual hormones, for example, enter the bloodstream, and accomplish wonders.

When touching the endocrine glands, such as the Thyroid, the Parathyroid, the kidneys or Adrenal, or the Thymus, etc., they stimulate them, making those little micro-laboratories produce more hormones, and these hormones (produced in all the glands in general) enrich the bloodstream in an extraordinary way; and then ailments disappear, diseases disappear.

Unfortunately, today, the SPERM that is prepared by the gonads and then rises or ascends to the prostate, is SQUANDERED, and the hormones in the famous zoosperms are even left to decompose, when they are kicked out of the organism, when they are rejected…

Extract from Lecture #132 ‘[THE] GNOSTIC VISION OF SEXUALITY’ in El Quinto Evangelio
also called ‘TRANSCENDENTAL SEXOLOGY’, available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology



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