Beloved disciple:

Today we fully enter into the Constellation of Virgo, house of Mercury and exile of Venus.

The Ancient Sages divided the Zodiacal Belt into only 10 Signs, since Virgo and Scorpio were “esoterically” considered one single sign.

Virgo, the sign of the Celestial Virgin and Scorpio, the sign of the Sexual Forces, together, are really that marvelous Eden that the Bible talks to us about.

This is the Paradise of Virginal Human Beings; this is the Paradise of the Perfect Androgyny. This is the Eden that the Bible talks to us about. Eden is sex itself.


“Come to us all those who thirst and we shall give thee the Eternal Water of life to drink”

“Come to us all ye weary pilgrims of life and we shall heal thy wounds”.

Children of the earth! Listen to thy instructors, the Children of the Fire!

In this delightful garden of Virgo and Scorpio, the Seven Serpents of Fire are awaiting in order to initiate thee into their Great Mysteries.

“Ask and it shall be given unto thee, knock and it shall be opened”.

Look! My Child! Here is the Seal of the Heart.

To those who visit our “White Island” we shall give thee three glasses to drink, three delicious Arcana.

One is as green as the emerald. It is the Sexual Force of the Virgin-Mother, “Isis”, Nature.

The other is as blue as the sky. It is the Sexual Force of the Kingdom of the Spirit.

And the other is like the dew of the leaves in the night. It is the Sexual Force of the Absolute, the Ineffable…

Only to those who have thirst, shall we give these three Arcana of Eden, so that they may awaken their Seven Sacred Serpents.

Those who drink from our three glasses will never thirst again; and rivers of pure water will flow from their bellies.

Why do the natives of Virgo suffer? Why do they cry? Why are they not happy in love?

All sins shall be forgiven, except the sins against the Holy Spirit.

The natives of Virgo suffer because they committed adultery and fornication in past lives. Thus, they also suffer great amorous deceptions.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


Virgo, Mercury, and Understanding the Mind

In Virgo, Mercury becomes reasoning. Subjective reason is of the Animal Soul.

The Animal Soul is the Mind. The Mind is the Cave of Desire.

One cannot kill Desire without taking it out of its cave, out of its den.

The majority of the human beings who currently populate the face of the Earth, only possess Subjective Rationalism, they still have not developed Objective Reason in themselves.

It is good for you to understand that SUBJECTIVE REASON HAS SENSORIAL DATA AS ITS FOUNDATION. It processes the concepts of its content with the data provided by the senses.


Subjective Reason is much too poor, it is completely trapped by the five senses.

…Mr. Emmanuel Kant, the philosopher of Königsberg, has already demonstrated that Subjective Reason can know nothing about God and about the Truth. If one’s rationalism is based on data provided by the senses, then (clearly) one has to move within the orbit of the senses, and one could never get out of that orbit.

If someone wants to know something more, if someone tries to know what the Truth is, if anyone wants to know the Mysteries of Life and Death (and what is beyond the Three-dimensional Region of Euclid), then clearly they will have to develop Objective Reason in their inner psychic constitution.

Imagine a tranquil lake. If you were to throw a stone in that lake, then you would see a series of waves coming from the center to the periphery. Compare this same concept with what happens to the Mind: all of a sudden you see a pornographic image; that image passes from the senses to the lake of your Mind, and the latter then reacts with its waves before the external impact; its waves then knock strongly on our sexual organs, producing sexual excitement that is consumed in copulation.

Subdue the Senses and dominate the Mind so that you may not react before external impacts.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor available in Practical Astrology
and from ‘The Objective Reason of the Solar Man’ (also called ‘The Man and Reason’ in English)
which is Lecture #63 by Samael Aun Weor,
available in the Appendix of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah


The Mind, Reasoning and the Need for Intuition

The den of the Beast of Desire is in the Mind. The great intellectuals are terribly passionate, vicious and fornicating beings. They have developed the Mind, and that Mind is the Animal Soul.

The great intellectuals have the Animal Soul (the Material Mind) very developed and robust.

THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE OBJECTIVE REASON ARE EXCLUSIVELY MACHINES, automatic machines, who are responsible for assimilating, transforming and retransmitting planetary energies into the interior layers of the Earth. Yet, WHOSOEVER ALREADY POSSESSES OBJECTIVE REASON escapes from this Law, and in fact converts themselves into SACRED INDIVIDUALS.

Objective Reason bases its functions on the data provided by the Essence…

When we move under the direction of the Material Mind or Animal Soul in the Physical World, then we create problems for ourselves… we stay imprisoned, suffering the inexpressible.

The person who acts only under hunches is happy, they will never lack bread, shelter and refuge; they will never have problems.

Evil is so fine in the world of the Mind… Evil is so delicate and subtle in the plane of cosmic understanding, that a lot of Intuition is needed in order not to be cheated by the Demons of the Mental world.

In the Mental World, there are Adepts of darkness (black magicians) who disguise themselves as Adepts of the White Fraternity, as Mahatmas, etc. They present themselves before us (in the internal worlds) in order to tell us that we have fallen and that we have failed in our longing for the LIGHT, and that we have lost the degrees that we had acquired, etc.

These black magicians have a sublime appearance and an exquisite Spiritual culture. When they speak, they speak only of love, light, truth, and justice… They appear as ineffable beings and we only discover that they are black magicians when they advise us (in a very fine and delicate tone) to have an orgasm, a spasm, to ejaculate, etc.

All these brothers of darkness, who advise seminal ejaculation and orgasm, hate the Christic force. Therefore, if the disciple slips on this ‘banana peel’, then he or she inevitably falls into the abyss.

The Mind is, then, the most dangerous animal for the Alchemist.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor available in Practical Astrology
and from ‘The Objective Reason of the Solar Man’ (also called ‘The Man and Reason’ in English)
which is Lecture #63 by Samael Aun Weor,
available in the Appendix of The Initiatic Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabalah
as well as from Ch. 17 of Treatise of Sexual Alchemy by Samael Aun Weor,
available in Magic, Alchemy, and the Great Work


Virgo and the Influence of the Cosmic Currents

Virgo rules over the belly. The forces that rise from the earth, when arriving at the belly, are charged with adrenal hormones which prepare and purify them for their ascent to the Heart.

Virgo also works on the Islets of Langerhans which secrete insulin, so necessary for the treatment of diabetes.

In the “Zodiacal Course” of Master “Huiracocha”, we are taught that during this sign, “we should give small “jumps” to the belly so that the energies that rise from the earth will be charged in the belly, with adrenal hormones. One should be lying in a horizontal position.”

The fundamental zodiacal exercises that we give here, come from the Ancient Temples of Mysteries and, therefore, are not the exclusive patrimony of anyone.

However, we must be grateful to the great Guru Arnoldo Krumm Heller (Huiracocha) who had collected and investigated them, to make them known to us in his marvelous “Zodiacal Course”.

During the Zodiacal Course of Virgo, you should vocalize the vowel “U” daily in order to develop the Telepathic Center of the Solar Plexus, like this: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (During one hour daily.)


Sit in a comfortable chair, focus your mind on your Intimus, and ask him to travel to the Heart Temples of the Stars of Virgo, so that he may bring the Gods of Virgo to your house, so that they may awaken your Virginal Powers and heal thy belly.

Be assured, beloved reader, that the Sidereal Gods will attend thy call.

Your Intimus can enter and leave the body anytime He wants, and due to this, He is not enslaved in the body.

He will really enter the Sidereal Temples, do the necessary salutes (as I have taught you in the first lessons), and He will bring the Sidereal Gods to your side, to prepare your body.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


Within the Consciousness…

The planets move, evolve and progress within the Consciousness. The Sidereal Temples are within the Consciousness.

The Human Being is a Zodiac and the Zodiacal Belt is within the Consciousness. The Doors of the Zodiacal Temples are within the Consciousness.

The 10 Sephiroths of the Kabbalah are the Solar System.

The 7 Inferior Sephira are the Seven Planets and the Crown of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, are the Triune Spiritual Sun.

Those 10 Sephira are within us and we should learn to manipulate them.

We should learn how to transfer ourselves to the different Stars in order to know people’s horoscope.

Conversing with the Sidereal Gods, we will know our horoscope, without the need for the much touted Arithmetic Astrology.

Arithmetic Astrology was for the “Black Age”. The Age of “ASTRO-THEURGY” has now arrived!

We need to learn to handle the Sparkle of the Stars in order to heal the sick. One has to learn to work upon the Earth, from the Sidereal Temples.

We have to learn how to work upon the Earth from the 12 Zodiacal Signs. The Age of Aquarius has arrived, and a new lineage reigns; the Age of the “Super-Man” and the “Super-Woman” has arrived.


The Earth is a small blue star.

The inhabitants of other planets of the Solar System, when born under the influence of our planet Earth, are Mystics by nature and love Sacrifice and Altruism.

They suffer much in their lives and feel much Love for all that is alive; but the Black Magicians of other planets, who accept the negative vibrations of the blue star, called Earth, are extremely perverse and criminal.

Fraternally, the Teacher of your class

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


Samael Aun Weor’s Practices to Gather the Energy of Virgo

First Practice

      1. Sit in a comfortable chair

      2. Close your eyes, remove all thoughts from your Mind, make yourself a little drowsy

      3. Then focus your mind inwards, towards the Internal Master (the Inner Being, the Intimus), praying like this:

“My Father, you who are me myself, you who are my true Being, I beg you to transport yourself to the Heart Temples of the Stars of Virgo, in order to bring the Principal Hierarchies of that Constellation (the Gods of Virgo) to this humble home, so that they may awaken my Virginal Powers and give a special treatment to my Belly”

      4. Cross the hands over the heart and Salute the Guardians of the Heart Temple
            a. Bow to the right, inhale and then say ‘Jakin’
            b. Bow to the left, inhale and then say ‘Boaz’

      5. Again pray to the Intimus or Inner Being:

“My Father, take the 7 sacred steps within, towards the interior of the temple, and kneel down at the feet of the Principal Genie of Virgo, begging him to send the Principal Hierarchies of Virgo to awaken my Virginal Powers and to heal my Belly”.

      6. Then the disciple pronounces the mantram: AOM (4 times).


Note: The disciple should vocalize the vowel “U”, for one hour daily, like this: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


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