Historical Context for the Series

“We know that we are composed of Cells; that they in their turn are composed of molecules, these are composed of atoms, and these atoms are a conjunction of Matter, Energy and Consciousness.

The result, therefore, is that these three conditions are in a constant struggle, then, Matter wants to be Energy and Energy would like to become Consciousness.

The objective of our life is to make all Matter Conscious and the Mystery of Redemption consists entirely of this objective. …In this resides the whole secret, by acting on the atoms in order to awaken the Body-Temple where God resides.”

– from ‘PISCES’ in Zodical Course (1931) by Huiracocha


Before we start this Course, we should understand the context in which these documents were written, so that we can understand how they express their information. As we have discussed in the Ancient Mysteries Series, Esoteric knowledge has been hidden from the public for quite some time, but is now becoming more and more accessible due to the Kali Yuga or “dark age” in which we find ourselves.

The Ancient Mystery Schools passed through various phases in accordance with the different stages of Religious Forms (Birth, Growth, Multiplication & Division, and Death). Each time that a Religion or Mystery School ‘died’, its Religious Principles or Eternal Values did not die, but dressed up again in a new Religious Form or Mystery School. The most well known examples of Mystery Schools in the Western World were the Templars, Rosicrucians, Alchemists, and Freemasons. The purpose of these modern Mystery Schools was to transmit the secret teachings or doctrine (the Esoteric Knowledge, Religious Principles or Eternal Values) to those who were prepared to receive them.

The plan of this series is to cover 3 books:
    • Zodical Course (1931) by Huiracocha
    • Zodical Course (1951) by Aun Weor
    • Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology (1967) by Samael Aun Weor

Our first author, Huiracocha, was born Heinrich Arnold Krumm-Heller on April 15th, 1876 in Salchendorf, Germany. From the age of 18 on, Huiracocha spent much of his life in Latin America. While in Mexico (between 1907-1909), he began to methodically study Occultism, Gnosis, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. He published short books gave lectures on Esoteric subjects. In 1910, he published “The Aztec Zodiac in comparison with that of the Incas” [“El Zodíaco Azteca en comparación con el de los Incas”] , showing his familiarity with the Esotericism of the New World.

In 1918, he published “The Rosicrucian from Mexico” [Der Rosencreuzer aus Mexico] in German, which he eventually translated into Spanish (with the addition of a few more chapters) as “The Rose Cross, a novel of Initiatic Occultism” [“Rosa Cruz, Novela de Ocultismo Iniciático”] in 1926. That same year, he also published “The Tattwa-meter or the Vibrations of the Ether” [“El Tattwametro o las Vibraciones del Éter”] .

The next year (1927), he published another book: “Treatise of Medical Quirology” [“Tratado de Quirologia Medica”] and begins publishing and distributing the ‘Rose Cross magazine’ [“Rosa Cruz revista”] which was available throughout Latin America. In 1927, Huiracocha also founded the “Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua” or F.R.A. in Mexico. Over the next few years FRA groups were established in Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

With the publication of his Spanish language books and now his magazine, Huiracocha began receiving inquiries from people wanting to know more. So, in 1929, he began the distribution of his esoteric Correspondence Courses:
    1. ‘Zodical Course’ [“Curso Zodiacal”] (1929-1931) – 13 parts
    2. ‘Course of Runic Magic’ [“Curso de Magia Rúnica”] (1931-1935) – 19 parts
    3. ‘Course of Kabalah’ [“Curso de Cábala”] (1936) – 11 parts
    4. ‘Course of Thaumaturgy’ [“Curso de Taumaturgia”] (1948) – 10 parts

A 5th Course was completed after Huiracocha’s death (on April 19th, 1949) by his son, Parsival, entitled “Course of Superior Magic” [“Curso de Magia Superior”] , but appears to be inconsistent with the rest of Huiracocha’s writings.

In addition to his correspondence courses, Huiracocha also published more books:
  • “Logos Mantram Magic” [“Logos Mantram Magia”] (1930)
  • “Biorhythm” [“Biorritmo”] (1930)
  • “Esoteric Rose” [“Rosa Esoterica”] (1930)
  • “The Gnostic Church” [“La Iglesia Gnostica”] (1931)
  • “Sacred Plants” [“Plantas Sagradas”] (1934)
  • “On the Incense for Osmotherapy” [“Del Incienso a la Osmoterapia”] (1934)

About 1 year after Huiracocha’s death (in May of 1950), a book was published in Columbia called “The Perfect Matrimony or the Door to enter into Initiation” [“El Matrimonio Perfecto o la Puerta de entrada a la Iniciación”] by Aun Weor (who would later be known as Samael Aun Weor)

This brings us to our second author: born March 6, 1917 as Victor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, in Bogota, Columbia. While still young, he studied with various esoteric groups including the Theosophical Society and Huiracocha’s FRA. As a student in the FRA, he methodically studied the entire Rosicrucian library where he learned the secret of the “Great Arcanum”, or White Tantra.

Sometime during the 1930s and/or 1940s he lived with a tribe of indigenous people in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia, learning their healing secrets. It was also during these years that he claimed to have had his first experience of the Illuminating Void, meeting his “Inner Being” or Atman whose name is “Aun Weor”, meaning “Light and Strength”.

In October of 1950, Aun Weor published another book, called “The Revolution of Belzebub” [“La Revolución de Bel”] describing (among other things) his experiences with a repentant demon. In this book we have the following passage:

“When our book ‘The Perfect Matrimony’ entered into circulation thousands of angry black magicians launched themselves against us with stones in their hands in spite of the fact that this book teaches good and teaches human beings to be chaste and pure.

Israel Rojas R., my traitorous disciple, could not resist the collapse of anger when he found that the secret teachings which Master Huiracocha brought to Colombia were published in our work in order to better ourselves and this gave good reason for Mr. Rojas to burn the book, because he wanted poor suffering humanity to never know the mysteries of sex: He only taught this secret science to his more addicted disciples, while in his many works he gave no specifically useful teaching to his readers.

Mr. Rojas was entrusted with a mission by the Masters of the Venerable White Lodge which he failed to fulfill, instead he filled himself up with pride and vanity, betraying his former teacher… The fact that some elements misuse these teachings can not justify depriving humanity of this knowledge because humanity is mature in order to receive it, Mr. Rojas.

Simply because of the fact that some of Mr. Rojas disciples have misused sexual magic, for this reason alone humanity will not be deprived of this knowledge because more harm is done to humanity through its fornicating and passionate life, since while humanity is fornicating it will not have the light. Neither entering into heaven nor allowing others to enter…”

After “The Perfect Matrimony” and “The Revolution of Belzebub” other books followed:
  • “Curso Zodiacal” or ‘Zodical Course’ (1951)
  • “Apuntes Secretos de un Gurú” or ‘Secret Notes of a Guru’ (1952)
  • “Tratado de Medicina Oculta y Magia Práctica” or ‘Treatise of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic’ (1952)
  • “El Libro de La Virgen del Carmen” or ‘The Book of the Virgin of Carmel’ (1952)
  • “Las Siete Palabras” or ‘The Seven Words’ (1953)
  • “Manual de Magia Práctica” or ‘Manual of Practical Magic’ (1953)
  • “Tratado de Alquimia Sexual” or ‘Treatise of Sexual Alchemy’ (June of 1954)
  • “Rosa Ígnea” or ‘Igneous Rose’ (1954)

Then, on October 27, 1954, Aun Weor received what is called the “Initiation of Tiphereth” or “Venustic Initiation”, which (according to Gnostic Kabbalah) is the beginning of the incarnation of the Logos or “Glorian” within the soul. He stated that in his case the name of his Glorian has always been called “Samael” and from then on, he would sign his name ‘Samael Aun Weor’.

Samael Aun Weor went on to publish many more books and gave hundreds of lectures (some of which were recorded and have been transcribed) as well as establish the ‘Universal Gnostic Christian Movement’, and a number of organizations for the diffusion of his system of Gnosis.

About a year after he disincarnated (on Dec. 24th, 1977), his organization divided into 3 different factions and today we have many different Gnostic groups throughout the world that claim to follow the tradition of Samael Aun Weor. So it seems that, once again, the teachings are entering into the ‘multiplication & division’ stage…

The purpose of this brief review of some historical data, related with the authors we are going to be reading, is to give context to their teachings and to understand the time frame when they were written. Now, let’s jump into the subject matter with extracts from an article from our first author, Huiracocha, from his The Rosecross Magazine published in January 1937:





“Do not rely on the letter which kills but upon the spirit that gives Life.

The word ‘Alchemy’ is derived etymologically from the Egyptian language and signifies ‘prepare the black’. The ‘black’ refers to the universal substance. The alchemists prepared a powder that some say was red. Cagliostro defined it thus, whereas others defined it as black.

…The universal substance is found everywhere and is the basis of everything. It grows plants and through its power we develop ourselves. The transmutation of the stone in the interior of the earth is due to the impulse of that substance which is diluted everywhere and that the alchemist unites, joins and preserves for their works.

“This substance is found everywhere,
but if the occultist does not find it in themselves
then they will not find it anywhere else”.

It is the raw material or ‘materia prima’, the origin of everything and is found everywhere, united with different substances. The substance in which it is most easily isolated is mercury, and it is for this reason that the ancients said that mercury was the source of everything.

The alchemists of the Middle Ages, had as their dogma: “Mercurius philophicum est nigredo perfecta” [Latin meaning: “The philosophical mercury is perfected blackness”].

Then, as the alchemists observed the phenomena of nature, they found a significant relationship between their work and the formation of the fetus in the womb. Forty days are required for the spermatozoa or spermatozoon to take human form. Afterwards, the formation of the human being is achieved in seven divisions of that time –in total 280 days–.

…As it is above, so it is below; just as the cell is formed, the human being is also formed, and just as the human being is formed, the universe is also formed. The alchemists deduced a scientific cosmogony from the whole human formation.

What is interesting, then, is the relationship of the human being to the planetary exterior; that is to say, the influence which the stars and planets exercise upon the growth, development and destiny of the human being.

For a long time astronomers were laughing when the alchemist-astrologer claimed to find forces in the zodiac, since the astronomer was saying that this circle was imaginary and never real, until finally the advancement of spectral analysis has shown that there are different rays in each one and that there are also different rays within the conjunction of the Zodical signs which they believed to only be imaginary.”


Extract from The Rosecross Magazine [Revista Rosa Cruz] Bogota, January 1937
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


INTRODUCTION to Huiracocha’s Zodiacal Course

“Dear Disciple:

We invite you to think about these five words: “LIGHT, LOVE, LIFE, KNOWLEDGE, TRIUMPH…” Do not, dear brethren, continue on until you have crystallized the value of these five words in your mind.

The soul of all matter is LIGHT. The photon is the ultimate expression of the atom. If you hit a flint with a piece of steel, a spark of light jumps from both. Rub two sticks together and a spark of light jumps forth; if you rub your hands together, then you feel heat and although light jumps forth, you don’t see it.

When those who are in LOVE kiss and are united to one another at the mouth. Although you may not see it, they vibrate in Light and LIFE, the modification of their Love attracts their opposing polarities for the generation of a new being…

KNOW that you can become Divine, knowing the science of Good and Evil, and it is then that you will achieve your greatest TRIUMPHS. But if these five words are the guardians of the arcanum of the values of KNOWLEDGE, then (before knowing this arcanum) let us begin with the principle.

You have come to us and this proves to us that you are not satisfied living with the religious teachings that are professed by so-called religious and esoteric groups, with the ‘isms’ that live in many people’s minds, and with your very own uncertain position within the environment in which you find yourself .

Here is the reason for this ZODIACAL Course to reach your hands, it is a course that teaches you the “PAIN OF THINKING”. For the majority of the people, to think is to suffer the pains of childbirth. Moreover, since childbirth establishes a relationship with conception and light is only given to that which has been conceived.

We beg you, therefore, to CONCEIVE in your mind of the hidden foundation which connects the five words that started the study of the present introductory lesson.

Knowing how to think is not repeating what others say. Thinking is putting the mind in an edifying, constructive, and productive posture. It is to connect the MIND with the reality of things in themselves, their values, their foundations , their laws and their relations in the Cosmos.

Thinking is knowing for ourselves what exists in the Universe. In order to think we need a set of tools which are the SENSES and the FACULTIES. The SENSES are located in our physical body and require respective organs for their functioning. As you know, there are five of them; and you know their corresponding organs.

The FACULTIES are many, but your RELIGION has taught you that they are limited to three: MEMORY, UNDERSTANDING and WILLPOWER. The faculties are different from the senses in that their expression does not require certain organs. They live in a world apart and we can enumerate some of them here: MEMORY, UNDERSTANDING, WILLPOWER, IMAGINATION, FANTASY, INSPIRATION, CONCENTRATION, MEDITATION, REASONING, DISCERNMENT, INTUITION, AESTHETIC SENSE OF BEAUTY, etc., etc. The Hindustani teach in their philosophy about more than 26 faculties including clairaudience, clairvoyance, astral unfolding , levitation and some others that we will gradually teach you.

Think for YOURSELF and comprehend that the body you have, is not the same as the body that you feed, dress and love. There is something within that body, even if you do not see it, or feel it. It is not your body that desires, that yearns, no, THE CORPSE CAN NEITHER DESIRE NOR YEARN.

When SOMETHING has escaped from your body, your body does not vibrate in Love, nor does it vibrate in hate, nor does it vibrate in any desire. We must name this thing that escapes from the physical body somehow.

Therefore, in order to understand this THING between YOU and ourselves, and because of its resemblance to the constitution and the appearance of the stars, we call it: the ASTRAL BODY. For the functions that is performs we call it: the BODY OF DESIRES.

The Body of Desires or Astral Body, is perfectly rendered in the Physical Body, which transmits the vibrations necessary for it to blindly obey the impulse of its desires, but between the Astral Body and the Physical Body there is an intermediary which we call: the VITAL BODY .

It is precisely the Vital Body that provides the corresponding energy for the physical and astral bodies, which is transformed into the Energy of the nervous system , as an intermediary for the respiratory functions and its secret correspondences, the Vital Body loads up the two bodies the Physical and Astral with forces (in their two polarities) for the realization of the phenomenon known as: LIFE.

The objective of the present Course is to acquaint you with a group of Natural laws and with their corresponding secrets for the development of these three Bodies.

We have not spoken about other bodies, but as you can imagine, there is one for thinking with abstract concepts, one for thinking with the boundaries of the absolute, and finally there are other bodies that are directly related to the Divine Planes.

Matter and Energy are two inseparable terms. Matter is condensed energy; Energy is subtle or refined matter. Modern Science has dismissed the absurd division between the two. Nuclear physics has shown that matter is a constant carrier of energy and it is a force that can not live without form.

So Matter-Energy; Life-Form; Intelligence-Willpower, are three points which we invite you to think about, as they are found manifest in Nature.

The Law of evolution executes the essential changes in nature and, in the human being, their thinking creates what their body of desires longs for. In four different worlds these three aspects unfold so as to manifest the Work of Creation from the rock or mineral, the plant, the animal, the human being and even God himself.

We also have two aspects, according to Creation, which are found in front of your senses, but you can not perceive them.

The first is the unmanifested world, and the second is the manifested world; these are the Visible World and the Invisible World. To penetrate into the Invisible World and its mysteries is to acquire the Knowledge that neither the Religions, nor the Universities are concerned with providing.

From your general knowledge of Science you are taught the division of our planet into two HEMISPHERES or perfectly equal halves. The Northern or “Boreal” Hemisphere and the Southern or “Austral” Hemisphere. The climatic conditions, geology and life in general are not the same and consequently develop differently in the two Hemispheres. Being that the earth constitutes a part of the immense organism called the Cosmos, it is logical to assume that there exists a relationship between our planet and the sun, the moon, and the other planets (its siblings).

Through a little observation one can deduce that there are four seasons in the Northern Hemisphere, but only two in the Southern Hemisphere, although only as long as we are within the corresponding geographical zones in the Southern Hemisphere, since, in this hemisphere there are the four seasons but precisely at the opposite time of their appearance in the Northern Hemisphere.

For example, while the 21st of September is the beginning of Spring in Argentina. When Summer begins in Argentina, it is on the 21st of December, while in Europe Winter begins. In Central America we have only two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Thus, there is one way to follow a Zodiacal Course that we must apply for South America and the Southern Hemisphere, and another for the Northern Hemisphere.

…The Native American Sages, like those from other Continents, knew how to orient themselves and caused their world to be divided by an immense and luminous imaginary cross, and engraved the four cardinal points, North, South, East and West…

We have already said that this course has as its objective to develop the faculties and senses and to establish a Real harmony between the physical Body, the Vital Body and the Astral Body.

It is, therefore, the hour to communicate these secrets to you one by one in the appropriate time on one’s cosmic journey, which will begin with the next lesson.”

INTRODUCTION to Huiracocha’s Zodiacal Course
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


Practices for Huiracocha’s Zodiacal Course


– Personal Hygiene.
– Sign of the Cross.
– Prayer: “Personal Consecration”.
– Prayer: “Consecration to the Master”.
– Prayer: “Solar Logos”.
– Relaxation Exercises.
– “Exercise of the Light”.
– “Zodiacal Exercise”.
– “Retrospective Exercise”.

Many of these practices are given below.

DAILY DISCIPLINES from Huiracocha’s Zodiacal Course
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology



“Supreme Power, Cosmic Seity, You who are all Substance, all Energy and all Spirit.

I, who am a part of that Substance, a part of that Energy, a part of that Spirit, consecrate myself to You, because I wish to integrate with You.

Unify me with You, so that I may be eternally in You…

I surrender my destiny, my actions, my present and my future life to your infinite and perpetual action, so that my realizations are always your realizations.

So Be It.”

Prayers from Huiracocha’s The Magic of Silence
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology



“Exalted Master, venerable guide and instructor of mine, infuse me with your protective emanations and receive, in this Act of Consecration, all my intense longing to be your sincere disciple.

Instruct me, forgive my faults and ensure that all my actions always conform to your sacred instructions and that I can merit your blessing and your love.

So Be It.”

Prayers from Huiracocha’s The Magic of Silence
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


UNIVERSAL AND COSMIC FORCE (Prayer to the Solar Logos)

“Universal and Cosmic Force, mysterious energy, fertile womb from which everything is born, Thou Solar Logos, Igneous Emanation, Christ in Substance and in Consciousness, Potent Life whereby everything advances, come unto me and permeate me, illuminate me, bath me, pierce me and awaken within MY BEING of all those ineffable substances which are as much a part of thee as they are a part of me.

Universal and Cosmic Force, mysterious energy, I conjure thee, come unto me, remedy my affliction, cure me of this evil and remove from me this suffering so that I may have harmony, peace, and health.

I ask thee in thy Sacred Name, that the Mysteries and the Gnostic Church have taught me, so that thou can make all of the mysteries of this plane and the superior planes vibrate with me, and that all of those forces unite to achieve the miracle of my healing.

So Be It.”

Prayers from Huiracocha’s The Magic of Silence
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


PRACTICE OF THE LIGHT (Exercise of the Light)

“The First Step for self-dominion is the cessation of ALL EXTERIOR ACTIVITY, both for the mind as well as the body. At night, fifteen to thirty minutes before sleep, and in the morning before our daily obligations, practicing the following exercise will provide wonderful results to whosoever makes the necessary effort.

The Second Step: Take care not to be disturbed. Then establish harmony and tranquility within yourself.

Next imagine and feel that the body is enveloped in a dazzling WHITE LIGHT.

In the first five minutes during which this picture should be maintained in the imagination, RECOGNIZE and FEEL INTENSELY that your EXTERIOR BEING, has been linked to your powerful INTERIOR GOD; then focus the attention on the center of the Heart, visualizing it as a SUN OF GOLD.



Perceive the GREAT BRILLIANCE OF THE LIGHT and intensify it in every cell of your body for ten minutes or more.

Then enter into meditation with the following commandment or mandate:





Don’t forget and always meditate:

We turn into THAT upon which we meditate and afterwards the things we meditated upon sprout from the LIGHT, the LIGHT is Supreme Perfection and dominion over all things.

CONTEMPLATE and ADORE THE LIGHT, make ILLUMINATION arise in the mind, make health, strength, and discipline arise in the body, and bring harmony and prosperity into the affairs of every individual who REALLY practices and seeks to live them.

In all ages, at all times, in any condition, they tell us that for all those who realize great events in Life, that the LIGHT is supreme, that the LIGHT is Omnipresent and that all things exist in the LIGHT. This truth is as true today as it was millions of years ago in the past.

Since ancient times, since the time when humanity had news, the sages and the great men of all ages are represented with a halo of LIGHT which emanates from their head and body. And the LIGHT is REAL, as REAL as the electric Light that illuminates your home.

The day is not far off in which an apparatus will be built to reveal the LIGHT that emanates from every individual for the physical view of whosoever wishes to see it. Such apparatuses will also show the contamination or discoloration which occurs in the form of a cloud around the LIGHT OF GOD, generated by the personal “I” and by virtue of disharmonious thoughts and feelings. This and only this is the means through which the great energy, the Current of Life (or Cosmic Current) is poorly used and wrongly impregnated within us.

If the recommended exercise is practiced faithfully, feeling it in each atom of the mind and the body, with profundity, with PROFOUND INTENSITY, you will receive abundant evidence of the Tremendous Activity, of the Power and of the Strength which resides and is permanently active in the LIGHT.

When you have experienced this, even when it is little thing, the privilege of a new experience will come to you. Giving you, therefore, your own experience.

The LIGHT is the Kingdom, penetrate into it and be at Peace.

After the first ten days of practicing this exercise, it would be convenient to do it three times per day –if possible–, morning, noon and night.

We often hear the complaint: “Oh, I do not have much time…”. To anyone who wants to think this way I would simply say this:




Prayers from Huiracocha’s The Magic of Silence
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


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