The Seven Bodies and the Seven Kundalinis

Beloved disciple:

Today we have reached the Constellation of Aquarius and we have to be frank. Christification is achieved in parts, body by body.

[1] The first thing which becomes Christified is the Soul-Consciousness, which we extract from the Physical Body (through the Kundalini of said body) in order to enrich the Soul-Spirit or Buddhic Body. A Christified and Stigmatized Buddhic Body inevitably fuses with the Intimus (or Inner Being).

[2] Then follows the Christification and Stigmatization of the Etheric Body. This is achieved through the process of the progression, evolution and ascension of the Kundalini of the “Etheric Body”.

Each body has its “Cerebro-Spinal” Nervous System, its Medulla and its Kundalini. Each body is a complete organism. There are then, Seven Bodies, Seven Medullae and Seven Kundalinis

After difficult efforts and terrible & painful ordeals, we have achieved the total ascension of the golden Kundalini of the Etheric Body, then the Sun of the Father shines through the Rain of the Night, and the Star of Five Points shines upon the head of the Sage indicating that one has been given a passing mark in all the painful ordeals.

The date of the Second Initiation of Major Mysteries of the Sage is then set, and one enters happy and victorious into the Temple in order to receive the Second Initiation of Major Mysteries. This Initiation confers upon them the power to travel in the Etheric Body throughout all the Cosmic Planes.

The Kundalini of the Etheric Body opens all the faculties of the Etheric Body. The psychic extract of the Etheric Body is absorbed by the Intimus, little by little.

[3] Then follows the Christification and Stigmatization of the Solar Astral Body. The Kundalini of the Solar Astral Body is the color of “lightening” and awakens under the guidance of a specialist. It opens the Chakras of the Solar Astral Body for us. Therefore, the full and total development of Chakras of the Solar Astral Body is only obtained with the Third Kundalini, which is the Kundalini of the Solar Astral Body.

The ascension of the Kundalini of the Solar Astral Body through the fine cord of the Sushumna canal (belonging to the Astral Medulla) is a very arduous and difficult task, because in order to conquer each “Canyon” of the Astral, one has to withstand and overcome the most terrible and indescribable temptations.

When we have already obtained the total ascension of the Kundalini of the Solar Astral Body, then follows the Third Initiation of Major Mysteries and all the Magnetic Wheels or Discs of the Sage’s Solar Astral Body remain totally open and resplendent.

[4] Later comes the Christification of the Mind, which converts us into an Arahat. This task is achieved through the Solar Mental Body’s Kundalini, which is the Fourth Kundalini.

[5] The Fifth Serpent belongs to the Solar Causal Body or Superior Manas, from where we extract the Human-Soul in order to fuse it with the Internal Master, and so we synthesize the Septenary into the triad of “Atman-Buddhi-Manas”.

[6 & 7] The Two Superior Serpents belong to the Buddhic Body and to the “Atmic” Body, and they confer upon us the supreme Happiness and Wisdom of Nirvana.

[8 & 9] The Eighth and Ninth initiations of Major Mysteries are practically Macrocosmic.

The important part, therefore, resides in the “Christification” of the Seven Bodies, and the entire secret lies in the virile member and in the “Vulva”.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


The Fire of the Kundalini

The Fire of the Holy-Spirit rises from the Seminal Substance, which converts us into Gods, but the fire of the Holy Spirit has seven degrees of power, which are the Fire’s Seven Degrees of Power.

All the symbolical narrations of spiritualist books, when they talk to us about “Initiation”, are totally allegorical, because never ever has anyone, before me, removed the veil of the Fire’s Seven Degrees of Power.

Until not too long ago, the majority of spiritualists believed that upon awakening the Kundalini, the latter instantly rose to the head and that the person was automatically united with their Intimus or Internal God, instantly, and converted into a Mahatma.

How comfortable! How comfortably did all these theosophists, rosicrucians and spiritualists, etc. imagine high initiation. It has been my responsibility to remove the Veil of Christification, and that is why I speak clearly, so that you may understand.

The ascension of each of the Seven Kundalinis is slow and difficult. Each Canyon or Vertebra represents determined Occult Powers and that is why the conquest of each Canyon costs terrible ordeals.

In ancient Egypt, the “Initiate” passed from one chamber into another chamber, according to the raising of their sacred fire of the Kundalini “canyon” by “canyon”, that is to say, vertebra by vertebra.

Indubitably, each one of the thirty-three canyons corresponds to each one of those chambers. Therefore, in each chamber the Initiate was greeted with a great festival.

The ascent of the Kundalini through each canyon is slow, meticulous, and difficult. Each “canyon” has its special ordeals and its special conditions of Sanctity.

Nevertheless, one can accelerate the ascent of the Kundalini, but this costs much suffering, more bitterness, and penances.

Those ancient mysteries of old Egypt and those thirty-three chambers must be searched for within ourselves, in the internal worlds.

Now, the ancient mysteries of Egypt are in the internal worlds, thus, according to how the sacred fire is ascending through our dorsal spine, we are greeted in each one of those thirty-three sacred chambers.

The three “canyons” of our head are the ones that cost way too many tears… there, it is necessary to pass through unspeakable bitterness that must be endured in the living flesh: Necessities, jails, enemies, misery, etc. This is terrible…

Each one of those “canyons”, “vertebrae”, or “pyramids” must be paid for by means of unspeakable “ordeals”.

But, at any cost “the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the brave one takes it by force.” (Matthew 11:12).

There are Seven Serpents and Seven terrible Portals. And only the terror of Love and Law reigns throughout those Seven Portals.

Not only is it necessary to kill Desire but also the very knowledge of Desire. The entire secret of Power resides in Sex.

The Sexual Force is only “one”, “unique” and of an absolutely Universal character, whose principal deposit resides in the “Absolute”.

At the beginning of the Manhanvantara, this Force expressed itself through the Fire’s Seven Degrees of Power, and those Seven Degrees reside in our Seven Bodies; and they are our Seven Kundalinis, which we have to successively raise one after the other, through the Seven Portals.

That is why the Buddha said: “Listen to me properly, for in each human Buddha there are Seven Buddhas!”

These are the Seven Psychic Extracts from the Seven Bodies and the Seven Snakes.

The sexual organs of all the living species, are only the instruments of that Unique and Universal Sexual Force. The key to all Empires and the key to all Powers is in Sexual Magic

We must raise our Metallic Snake or better said, our Seven Snakes upon the Staff, just as Moses did in the wilderness and thus we will convert ourselves into terrible Powers of the “Blissful Nirvana”.

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course available in Practical Astrology
and from Ch 12 ‘March 17, 1952’ in Secret Notes of a Guru


Esoteric Attributes of Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius governs the calves of the legs. The Brazilians call the calves “ventres das pernas” or “matriz dos pernas”. Translated it means: “belly of the legs” or “womb of the legs”.

Primitive hermaphrodite beings reproduced by “spores”, and those spores used to detach from the calves of the legs.

The calves are extremely erotic, and that is why every man feels sexually attracted to the woman who has beautiful calves.

The terrestrial and celestial forces meet there, combining themselves mutually together.

The following practice will be done during this sign:

While massaging one’s calves from below upwards, the disciple will pray like this:

“Energy, pass through! Energy, pass through! Penetrate into my organism; current that comes from below, ascend to unite with your sister, the current that comes from above, from Heaven, from Urania”.

The disciple will then submit themselves to Internal Meditation, praying to their “Intimus” that he may enter the Sidereal Temples of Aquarius, in order to bring thee the Genii of that Constellation so that you may achieve Illumination.

Aquarius is the house of Uranus, and this planet brings Chastity, the Originality of the “Genie”, and Wisdom.

The natives of Aquarius are independent and possess great willpower; they are intuitive and love to travel a lot; they love Science and Wisdom. They have a disposition for the Natural Sciences.

Fraternally, the Teacher of your class

-Paraphrased from Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor
available in Practical Astrology


Samael Aun Weor’s Practices to Gather the Energy of Aquarius

Practices to Gather the Energy of Aquarius

To begin, massage your calves from the bottom up, while praying the following:

“Energy, pass through! Energy, pass through! Penetrate into my organism;
current that comes from below, ascend to unite with your sister,
the current that comes from above, from Heaven, from Urania”.

Next work with the Genie of Aquarius:

      1. Sit in a comfortable chair

      2. Close your eyes, remove all thoughts from your Mind, make yourself a little drowsy

      3. Then focus your mind inwards, towards the Internal Master (the Inner Being), praying like this:

“My Father, transport yourself now to the Sidereal Temples of Aquarius, enter through the doors of the Heart-Temples making the salutes which you already know and beg the Sidereal Genii of those stars and their Angels to descend and come to me, so that I may achieve Illumination.”

      4. Cross the hands over the heart and Salute the Guardians of the Heart Temple
            a. Bow to the right, inhale and then say ‘Jakin’
            b. Bow to the left, inhale and then say ‘Boaz’

      5. Again pray to the Intimus or Inner Being:

“My Father, take the 7 sacred steps within, towards the interior of the Temples, and kneel down at the feet of the Principal Genii of Aquarius, begging them and their Angels to come and help me to achieve Illumination.”

      6. Then the disciple pronounces the mantram: AOM (4 times).

Continue with the Meditation.



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