Understanding the Three Gunas

The Three Traitors and the Three Gunas

“And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.”

“For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” (Revelations 6:13-14)

It is written with coals of ardent fire in the marvelous book of all splendors, who the three traitors are that assassinate HIRAM or it would be better for us to say HIRAM-OSIRIS, the intimate God of every man that comes to this world.

We must search with infinite yearning within ourselves for these three assassins of the secret Master, so that finally, on a given day (neither the day nor the hour is important), we will exclaim with all of the strength of our soul: “The King is dead, hail to the King!”

It is ostensible that the first treacherous traitor is certainly the loathsome demon of desire. The second infidel is the horrifying demon of the mind, and clearly the third traitor is the vile demon of ill-will.

JUDAS is the first, who sells the Christ secretly for thirty pieces of silver.

PILATE is the second, who always washes his hands and declares himself innocent, never recognizing his own guilt.

CAIAPHAS is the third; who never does the will of the Father; he hated the Lord and still remains hating him.

The origin of these three evil ones is certainly extremely tenebrous… They come from the frightful perversion of the three GUNAS.

SATTVA is the GUNA of universal harmony.
RAYAS is the GUNA of emotion.
TAMAS is the GUNA of inertia.

Any illuminated Hierophant who studies the AKASHIC records of Nature can clearly verify for themselves, the transcendental fact of the absolute equilibrium of the three GUNAS of mystery during the profound night of the great Pralaya (or cosmic repose).

When these three GUNAS become imbalanced in the cosmic scales then this initiates the dawning of a new cosmic day.

KRISHNA that illustrious man who fulfilled a gigantic mission in the sacred land of the Vedas, emphatically refers himself to the three GUNAS of ancient wisdom, saying:

“If the incarnated being departs when SATTVA predominates, then, it will go to the sphere of the devotees that adore the most high .”

“If at the moment of death RAYAS predominates, a person is born who is the person that is addicted to action; and if TAMAS predominates, they will be born among the beings that do not reason.”

“Those with SATTVIC temperaments will go up (to the superior spheres of the Universe).

“Those with RAYASIC temperaments remain in the middle (reborn in the human body in an immediate or mediated form without having the luxury of a vacation in the ineffable regions).

“And those with TAMASIC temperaments will go down (submerged within the interior of the earth, they enter into the submerged mineral kingdom in order to involuntarily return, in time, descending through the animal, vegetable and mineral steps.”

Afterwards they take other paths in order to reach the light of the sun and then re-initiate a new ascension of an evolutionary type that recommences in the hard rock or mineral kingdom).”

And the illustrious Lord once again took up the word in order to say the following:

“When knowledge shines through all the paths, then one can consider that SATTVA predominates.”

“When covetousness, activity, the concept of new undertakings, restlessness, and desire prevail, then Oh Bharata!, RAYAS predominates.

“And when TAMAS predominates, Oh Kounteya!, mental obscurity, inertia, inadvertency and hallucinations prevail.”

“Transcending the three GUNAS, which cause this body, the incarnated being is liberated from birth, from death, from old age and from suffering, and becomes immortal.”

KUNDALINI YOGA teaches, in a brilliant way, that the BHUJANJINI or serpentine power is found coiled three and a half times within the Coccigeal Chakra.

The three turns or coils of the serpentine power represent the three GUNAS of the PRAKRITI: SATTVA, RAYAS and TAMAS.

It is an axiom of occult wisdom that the remaining half turn represents VIKRITIS, the modification of the PRAKRITI, the eternal feminine.

The gospel of Lord BUDDHA says:

“The three daughter of MARA (the three perverse GUNAS), tempted the BODHISATTVA, but he paid no attention to them, and when MARA saw that he could kindle no desire in the victorious heart of SRAMANA, he ordered all the malignant spirits (obedient to their commands) to attack and overcome the great MUNI.”

“But the Blessed One contemplated them as one would watch the harmless games of children and the burning hatred of the evil spirits was without success.

The flames of the inferno became wholesome breezes of perfume and the furious rays of the evil spirits were changed into lotus blossoms.”

“After this MARA (THE DRAGON OF DARKNESS) saw this, and his army fled.

Meanwhile, a rain of heavenly flowers fell, and the voices of good spirits were heard.”

“Behold the great MUNI! His spirit is unmoved by hatred .

The legions of evil (Those red devils who constitute the famous psychological “I”) did not intimidate him.

He is pure and wise; he is full of love and compassion.”

“As the rays of the sun drown the darkness of the world, so he who perseveres in his search will find the truth and the truth will illuminate him.”

The former verses were some from among the sacred gospel of our Lord BUDDHA.

Many centuries afterwards, the Divine Rabbi of Galilee exclaims with all the strength of his soul:

“And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.” (John: 8:32)

“God is Spirit” -states the Christian Gospel- “and those that worship him, must worship him in Spirit and in Truth.” (John: 4:24)

“When, however, the Spirit of Truth, has come, He will guide you through all the truths; for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that he shall speak: and he will show you things to come.” (John: 16:13)

It is written with characters of ardent fire that only by dying in ourselves, can we incarnate the Spirit of Truth.

Those who know the word of power never pronounce it, in fact no one has ever pronounced it, except he who has INCARNATED it.

SIDDHARTHA, the BUDDHA, is the one who accomplishes what he promises to himself, as does PARSIFAL of the WAGNERIAN Drama, who courageously grasps the lance of EROS, in order to annihilate first the Demons of SET (THE EGO) and then the three Furies who dwell in the terrible abysses of Acheron.

Gautama was certainly a Magician of Tantric Initiation; he practiced the SAHAJA MAITHUNA intensely and skillfully handled the lance with singular mastery.

-Paraphrase from Ch. 39 ‘THE THREE TRAITORS’ of Parsifal Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor
available in the Appendix of The Gnostic and Esoteric Mysteries
of Freemasonry, Lucifer and the Great Work


The Three Gunas in the Cosmic Matter

Well friends, we are going to speak a little on the THREE GUNAS: Sattva, Rayas and Tamas.

SATTVA is, unquestionably, Harmony, Beauty, and authentic Happiness.

As far as RAYAS: it is animal Passion, Action.

TAMAS is Inertia.

Therefore, Sattva, Rayas and Tamas, are the Three fundamental Qualities of the PRAKRITI.

And what is the “Prakriti”?, you could ask me. The Prakriti, then, is the Great Alaya of the Universe, the COSMIC MOTHER, Maha-Kundalini, etc. In any case, it is the Eternal Feminine Principle.

Before the Dawning of the Maha-Manvantara began, it is clear that Sattva, Rayas and Tamas (the Three Gunas) were in perfect equilibrium, there was no decompensation; then the Maha-Pralaya, the Cosmic Night reigned.

In the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, during the Maha-Pralaya, the Elohim are merely Divine Atoms, submerged within That which does not have a name.

THE ALTERATION OF THE THREE GUNAS (Sattva, Rayas and Tamas), occurs because those Primordial, Divine Atoms, or simply Virginal Sparks, yearn to be something, or someone.

Then (as a result) the Three Gunas become imbalanced in the great plate of the Cosmic Scales, and then (as a result) Karma enters activity:

The First Logos initiates Electrical Movement, the ELECTRICAL WHIRLWIND, and the atoms of the past Universe (which slept within their SPECIES’ CENTERS before), wake up for a new activity. Thus this is how the Dawning of the Maha-Manvantara always begins.

But, obviously, the Causal Logos would not enter into activity (initiating the Electrical Whirlwind, the Electrical Hurricane within the Chaotic Waters of Life), if the imbalance of the Three Gunas had not previously taken place.

The very fact that the Three Gunas are imbalanced in the Cosmic Scales indicates, then, the IMPERFECTION OF the PRIMORDIAL, Divine ATOMS or Virginal Monads, which are at rest within the bossom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father.

If these Primordial Monads did not yearn to be something, or someone, then the imbalance of Three Gunas would not be feasible .

In order for the Three Gunas to become imbalanced, there must exist an inherent cause, an unknown, profound motivating principle.

I find such causa-causorum within the same Virginal Atoms or Sparks that rest within the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father.

They must have had some form of imperfection (incomprehensible from a merely intellectual analysis), that naturally became that innate cause, which in its turn, caused the Monads, that were submerged within the bossom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, to yearn to be something, or someone.

If those Monads enjoyed absolute Perfection, they would not want to be something or someone, and then the imbalance of the Three Gunas would not be feasible either.

Obviously, within the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, Happiness reigns.

When a Virginal Spark (anyone that it may be) submerges itself within this joy, if it does not want life, we could say, of an egoistical type, if it does not want to be something different from the Father, then, within itself it will find different levels, or better we could say, Super-Levels of Happiness…

Much has been said about the Being, and everybody yearns to know their own Being.

When one has already known their own Being, one is happy, but then one wants to know their own Being more, and one can only find that “more” within oneself.

Whosoever has managed to pass through the 13th Door of the Hebraic Kabbalah submerges themselves within the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father.

There when doing so, one finds one’s Being; but when one has managed to discover one’s Being, and to integrate oneself with him, it is that one’s Being is more within, and when by means of some efforts one has managed, then, to surpass oneself more, one finds that one’s Being is even more profound.


How could we put a limit on the Being? It is not possible! But well, let us be a little more specific, so that this question can be better understood…

-Paraphrase from Lecture #104 (‘The Three Gunas of Cosmic Matter’)
in El Quinto Evagelio by Samael Aun Weor
available in the Appendix of The Gnostic and Esoteric Mysteries
of Freemasonry, Lucifer and the Great Work


The Three Gunas and the Kabbalah

Let us look at the human constitution: In the Hebraic Kabbalah, we already know that there are Ten Sephira.

If we begin with MALKUTH, which is the Sephiroth that corresponds to the physical body.

If we continue with YESOD, we find the Vital Seat, where the Creative Energy is.

The Third Sephiroth is, naturally, the Astral Body, which is HOD, and as far as the fourth Sephiroth, which is the Mental Body, we find NETZACH.

Much furthur on, we have the Fifth Sephiroth, which is the Human Soul: TIPHERETH, the Causal Body; and still furthur on, is the Sixth Sephiroth which is GEBURAH: The Rigor, the Law, the Buddhi, the Beautiful Helen, etc.; the Seventh Sephiroth is Gedulah (or simply CHESED), the Intimus; but far beyond the Intimus is the Logos.

BINAH is the Eighth Sephiroth, the Holy Spirit; Ninth is the Intimate Christ, the Ninth Sephiroth: CHOKMAH; and as far as the Ancient of the Days, KETHER, it is the Tenth Sephiroth.

When one has received the INITIATION OF KETHER, obviously one has obtained complete integration with the Ancient of Days…

…But further on is the terrible ELEVENTH DOOR, where very rare is he who dares to knock, and the one that knocks without being prepared, will die (this is the Eleventh Sephiroth: The AIN SOPH AUR).

When one achieves success, one is united with that which is beyond the Ancient of Days (I already said: the Ain Soph Aur).

The Twelveth Sephiroth is different: the AIN SOPH; and the THIRTEEN DOOR is that of the AIN.

The one who has managed to integrate themselves with the AIN, is then ready to submerge themselves within the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father.

But when submerging oneself within the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, one finds that within oneself, in spite of having integrated with the Ain, that there is something more: The BEING, and one works (naturally) in order to arrive at Him, and when one obtains Him, one changes the Happiness within the same bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father.

Then, when submerging oneself, when not wanting to be anything nor anyone, diving between one’s own depths, one finds that one’s Being is even deeper inside, and upon discovering it, then new changes of inextinguishable Harmony and Beauty are verified through the process that does not have a name (and this is what I am saying: it does not have limits, nor borders).

In this way the Glory within the bosom of the Unknowable and pure Seity, really never has any limits, never ever…

Who could put limits upon the Being?

If THE BEING IS GOD HIMSELF, who could limit God?

But when one wants to be something different from the Being, when one desires to exist, even as a Cosmocreator, obviously then one falls, in fact, into the world of 3 Laws.

It is interesting when reflecting on the desire of those Monads to be something or somebody. The result of this, the first things which are imbalanced, naturally, are the Gunas.

If the Gunas were not imbalanced, then the Causa-Causorum, the Causal Logos of the First Instant, the Law of Karma itself, would not enter into activity.

But when there is an imbalance of the Gunas, and at the moment that such an imbalance begins, THE LAW OF KARMA ENTERS INTO ACTIVITY AND THE MANIFESTATION OF THE UNIVERSE HAPPENS.

Therefore, the Gunas come to be the Causa-Causorum of all Logoic activity, because the Causal Logos would not enter into activity, if the Gunas were not imbalanced.

The fact of the Gunas being imbalanced, exposes an imperfection: The imperfection of the Monads (that rest within the bosom of That which does not have a name), those Monads that desire to be something, or someone.

When they feel and they think thus, obviously an imbalance is produced.

That imbalance originates the very manifestation of those Monads, and for that reason the manifested Universe becomes, beginning the Maha-Manvantara.

Distinguish between the Maha-Manvantara, which means “COSMIC DAY” and the Maha-Pralaya, which means “COSMIC NIGHT”.

If we understanding this, then we can continue…

-Paraphrase from Lecture #104 (‘The Three Gunas of Cosmic Matter’)
in El Quinto Evagelio by Samael Aun Weor
available in the Appendix of The Gnostic and Esoteric Mysteries
of Freemasonry, Lucifer and the Great Work


The Three Gunas, their Forms of Worship and of Nourishment

The Three Gunas, per se , are quite interesting.

Regarding the Three Gunas, they are clearly spoken of in the book of Lord Krishna, the famous “Bhagavad Gita”.

It is worthwhile, then, for us to comment just a little bit on these Three Gunas…

The “Bhagavad Gita” says the following:

“Oh, Krishna!, are the Sattvic, Rayasic or Tamasic Gunas, the source from which the religions and forms of worship are made, without obeying the Mandates?

The Blessed Lord said:

“…according to their nature, incarnated beings are triple: Sattvic, Rayasic and Tamasic.

One hears what I will say to you on this: Each person worships according to their constitution; man is the product of his Saya, he reflects his Shada.

SATTVIC MEN (that is to say, those in whom the Guna Sattva predominates), adore the Devas, that is to say, they render cult to the Devas (Celestial Beings, because the Devas are the same as the Angels or Divine Beings).

The RAYASIC PEOPLE render cult (to whom?) to the Yakshas or Rakshasas (Beings with Supernatural Powers), and the TAMASIC PEOPLE, render cult to the Spirits and the Elements”…”

Therefore one should not forget that there are people who are completely Sattvic, they render cult to the Devas (to the Divine Angels, to the Indescribable Beings, to the Elohim).

Whosoever of those in whom the Guna Rayas predominates (those who are full of Passion or Action), render cult, it says, to the Beings with Supernatural Powers; and the Tamasic People (those in whom the Guna of Inertia naturally predominates), render cult to the Spirits and the Elements of Nature.

“The men who practice severe austerities” –says the “Bhagavad Gita”– “which are not recommended in the Scriptures, only for ostentation and egoism, those men become attached and concupiscent, lacking sanity, torturing all the organs of the body and myself as well, who dwells within the body.

Know them: They are of demonic intentions !”…

It is well worth the pain to comment on this, is it not?

“The men who practice severe austerities, not recommended by Scriptures” (to pass terrible fasts, whereby one is martyred, in the end; those men who do violent things), “only by contemplation, and egoism; they become attached and concupiscent, lacking sanity, torturing all the organs of the body and myself as well, who dwells within the body.

Know them: They are of demonic intentions …”

They are demons who torture themselves, they are demons who take the Ascetic life, they are demons who practice HATHA-YOGA, and in the Infernal Worlds there are multitudes of them, and they always think that they are doing very well…

“Also the Foods, forms of Worship, Charities and Austerities are triple.

Hear from me what their distinctions are: For the SATTVIC (that is to say, for the individuals in whom the Guna Sattva predominates), they like the foods that increase their vitality, energy, strength, health, happiness and appetite, and that are flavorful, foods that are oily, substantial, pleasant” (vegetables, fruits of all types, etc.).

“The foods preferred by the RAYASIC (that is to say, by the people in whom the Guna Rayas predominates, which is that of Passion), are the bitter, acidic, salty, very hot, spicy, dry and burning ones, and they are those that produce weight gain, suffering and disease…”

It is worth the pain to reflect on this, is it not?

It is worth the pain for us to think for ourselves about how in the Rayasic foods, there are “the very bitter –put a lot of attention in this–, the acidic, salty, very hot, spicy (those with a base of chili and such), dry and burning ones, those that produce weight gain, suffering and disease…”

On the contrary you see (in order for us to reflect well), how different the Sattvic foods are: “All that are oily, substantial and pleasant”: The vegetables, the fruits, all that…

“As far as foods preferred by the TAMASIC –that is to say, by those people in whom the Guna Tamas predominates– are the tasteless ones, almost decomposed, bad smelling, leftovers from the previous day, cold food and impure foods…”

It is in this way that the people in whom the Guna Tamas predominates, or the Tamasic People, they like “tasteless foods –you see what they are saying!–, the decomposed, bad-smelling foods, leftovers from the previous day –excess or reheated–, cold food and the impure foods…”

Those are foods, properly, of Tamasic People.

Let us not forget this here, this commentary, it is worth the pain that we reflect and choose our foods accordingly.

As far as myself, frankly I say to you, that I do not like Tamasic type foods: I do not like the “tasteless foods, nor the decomposed foods, nor bad-smelling foods, neither the foods of the previous day, nor cold food”.

Impure foods (like the pig, etc., etc.), seem to me disagreeable.

In this way, yes it is worth the pain to observe what people eat, is it not?

Let us choose one, which is much better, the Sattvic Foods: The fruits, the vegetables, all that…

“The SATTVIC JNANA, develops according to the Commandments : Concentrating themselves on Worship, only living for Worship, for men who do not want results” (they are people that love Worship, who adore it, but who do not want egoistical results).

“Oh you, the best of the Bharatas!: The RAYASIC JNANA (that is passionate), develops through temptation and through desiring the fruits, through desiring merit” (people that practice Rites, but with some interest, not disinterestedly).

As far as the TAMASIC JNANA, “they develop against the Commandments: Without Faith, without mantrams, without distributing food to the poor, and without offering their tithe to the Priests”.

In such a way that the Rites of the Tamasic people are peculiar: “They do not give the tithe to the Priests, they do not pronounce the sacred mantrams, they violate the Commandments, they do not have Faith” (their Rites are practically BLACK, are they not?).

-Paraphrase from Lecture #104 (‘The Three Gunas of Cosmic Matter’)
in El Quinto Evagelio by Samael Aun Weor
available in the Appendix of The Gnostic and Esoteric Mysteries
of Freemasonry, Lucifer and the Great Work


The Three Gunas, their Austerity and Charity

CORPOREAL AUSTERITY consists of the adoration of the Devas, of the Brahamins, and of the spiritual precepts of the Wise; in purity, uprightness, continence and not damaging, not harming anyone.

VERBAL AUSTERITY consists in the form of speaking clearly, which does not produce any preoccupation; in reliability, in an agreeable and beneficial way of speaking, and in the daily reading of sacred texts…

This is very important, my estimable brethren.

It seems to me that it is worth the pain to have Verbal Austerity.

I have seen, then, how people cast their words into the wind, how they hurt each other (it is as if they were throwing daggers, as if they were enjoying that).

Somebody says something, and one is amazed to see how the other person reacts who hears it and answers in a worse way, right?

This is painful!

One must be austere with the word: to speak clearly, not producing preoccupations in people when one speaks; to be truthful, not lying, to have a pleasant form of speech, a beneficial form, and to read the Sacred Scriptures daily…

MENTAL AUSTERITY consists of serenity, piety, silence, self-control and purity of heart…

It is very interesting to have Mental Austerity.

How? Being serene: So that if they insult, one remains serene; so that if they praise, one remains serene; indifferent before praise and condemnation, before triumph and defeat (“I am not greater because they praise nor less because they condemn me, because I always am what I am…”)

To thus reflect (in this way), to be pious, silent, to never play with the word, since if one plays with the word, one is no longer austere with the word, and one needs to be austere, to always be controlling oneself (one must put oneself under self-control and always have a pure heart).

Mental Austerity is, then, very interesting.

This triple Austerity, practiced with Faith by the man who does not desire merit, is considered as “Sattvic”, that is to say, where Verbal Austerity exists, where Mental Austerity exists, and where Corporeal Austerity exists, coexisting naturally, one naturally has the Sattvic quality.

Do not forget that Corporeal Austerity consists of the “adoration of the Devas, of the Brahamins, of the Spiritual Teachers, and of the Wise; in purity, uprightness, continence, and not harming anyone…”

In such a way that the Three Austerities: The Physical, the Mental and the Verbal, are necessary when one wants to carry (in one’s own nature) the Sattvic type of quality.

RAYASIC AUSTERITY is different: It is fleeting, less durable, since it is passionate; it is the one that people “practice by ostentation, in order to gain respect, honors and reverence”; so that others say: “What a devoted person, how magnificent!”, right?

As far as TAMASIC AUSTERITY, it is the one that “is made foolishly, causing suffering, or with the desire to damage the neighbor”…

SATTVIC CHARITY is done like a duty, without the idea of repayment, in due place and time, to the person who deserves it.

RAYASIC CHARITY is done waiting for reward, merit, or with reluctantly; and TAMASIC CHARITY is done in an inopportune moment, in an improper place, with a person who does not deserve it and is done with disdain…


“OM” (“That which exists”), has been declared like the “Triple Denomination of Brahma” (The Supreme).

In this form the Brahmans, the Vedas and the Jnanas in the remote past arose .

For that reason, those who follow the Vedic Commandments, pronounce: “OOMMM”, before beginning their Jnanas or Rites, Charities and Austerities.

Those that look for the “MOKSA” (Spiritual Emancipation), pronounce the “TAT” (“That”), before making their Jnanas or Rites, Charities and Austerities (they do not desire any merit through these actions).

The word “SAT”, or “PARDAT”, is used in the sense of “The Reality”, “The Goodness/Kindness ”, and also for auspicious acts.

It is in this way that you can see: “OM-TAT-SAT”, is of great power, it is also like saying, “AUM-TAT-SAT…”

Also the word “Sat” is pronounced in order to obtain certainty in the Jnana (that is to say, in the Rite), in the Austerity, in the Charity and in all the acts done indirectly through the Lord.

Any act or “Pardat”, whether this is a Jnana or Ritual, Charity or Austerity, if it is done without Faith then it is considered as “ASAT” (Nonexistent), it has not been done properly, and it does not bear fruit here nor in the Much Higher Worlds…

It is in this way that we are seeing then what the Three Gunas are.

They are most important, because with them and through them this Universe exists (they are the Three Basic Qualities)…

-Paraphrase from Lecture #104 (‘The Three Gunas of Cosmic Matter’)
in El Quinto Evagelio by Samael Aun Weor
available in the Appendix of The Gnostic and Esoteric Mysteries
of Freemasonry, Lucifer and the Great Work


Questions and Answers regarding the Three Gunas

Disciple. With all the explanation that you have given to us about the Gunas.

Could one say that this gives an answer to the basic, fundamental, question upon which Philosophy (we could say) is based?

Which is (we could say) “where do we come from”, right?

Then, of course, this is also intimately related with “who are we and towards where are we going”

But I see that the explanation that you have given us about the Gunas, then, definitively gives an answer to the fact of “where we come from”, right?

Because this is also how our origin began …

Master. Well, it is clear!

D. Now, what I wanted to ask, Master, is: When the Cosmic Day or Maha-Manvantara enters into Manifestation (we could say) when it begins, then, within that beginning of the Cosmic Day entering into Manifestation, are our Essences there?

M. Well, the Essence enters activity much much later.

Now, in order for the Essence of each creature to enter into activity, then, the descent of the Great Life is necessary.

But obviously, if it was not for the Cosmic Day, the Essence would not enter, well, into activity.


D. But, in reality, is the Essence already manifested, in all its magnitude, when Creation enters into its Physical Manifestation?


Every Essence enters into activity when the Dawn of the Maha-Manvantara begins.

D. There it begins in a body which is totally Mental, right?

M. Well, if the Essences do not have a Mental Body, in what Body are they going to enter?

Simply, THEY ACT LIKE INNOCENT ELEMENTALS in the process of descent, right?, towards the Physical World.

And since the Universe begins its process of development in the World of the Mind, in the Concrete Mental Substance proper, then the Essences begin acting within the Mental Matter, but this does not mean that the Essences (of all those created) already can, by such reason, possess a body.

Much much later that Mental Universe crystallizes into the Astral form, it is certain and completely true!, right? But this does not mean that the Essences have an Astral Body yet.

That this Astral Universe crystallizes into the Etheric form, is also certain!

But this does not mean that the Essences have an Etheric Body.

And finally, the manifestation comes from the Universe into its physical form; then the Essences have descended until finally reaching the Mineral Kingdom, proper.

From there they begin the evolutionary processes of Elemental Life, continuing towards the Vegetable, they continue into the Animal and, finally, they arrive at the “Humanoid” State.

Life, in its processes, brings us here (we could say, in its processes of involutionary and evolutionary type); finally, life leaves us there, in the “Humanoid” State…

The “humanoid” is something incomplete: It is an “Elemental” with a (we could say) three-brained body, and that is all.

If the “humanoid” wants to advance a little more, to complete itself, then it must create the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, in order to CONVERT ITSELF INTO A MAN, right?

Obviously, the “humanoid” always falls, converting itself, we could say, into a very animalistic creature, right?

In itself, it is animal, but (we could say) it is soiled with the animal passions, thus it develops the Ego in its nature.

Nevertheless, it must eliminate the Ego, create the Solar Bodies, and then convert itself into an authentic Man, right?

In any case, life comes to Involution, from the Absolute to the Mineral Kingdom; and from the Mineral Kingdom it evolves into the “human”.

In the “human”, or (better said) the “humanoid”, if it wants to GET OFF OF THE WHEEL of Involutions and Evolutions (because obviously, it must do something different): Then it must work upon itself, it must finish CREATING ITSELF BY ITSELF, creating the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being within itself; converting itself into a true Man and into a God (within itself, working upon itself).

That is the crude reality of facts!

D. Could we say that the Rayasic Man (of the Rayas Guna), is he the one that is in the “Wheel of the Samsara”?

M. He is the passionate man, the man who is given to animal passions…

D. Exactly!…

M. because Rayas is Passion, Sattva is Harmony, Happiness, the Beauty of the Spirit…

D. The Sattvic Man is the one who has arrived at the Tetragrammaton, the Man number Five, right?

M. Yes, when one obtains the perfect balance of the Three Gunas, within oneself, one converts oneself into what could be called a “SATTVIC MAN” (a Perfect Man).

D. Master, and the process of the Essence, is this intimately related with the RAY OF CREATION?

M. Well yes, the Essence (naturally, as I said to you) first comes into manifestation by descending from region to region, right?

So as soon as the Milky Way exists, the Essence begins its processes of descent, right?, until arriving at the Mineral; from the Mineral it initiates its processes of ascent, into the “Humanoid” State.

D. Could we say that one must arrive (we could say) at the lowest level of the descent?

M. Clearly!

D. Since this is all happening in order to return again to the Absolute, it must begin the inverse process, right?

M. Inverse, yes!

TO RETURN AGAIN: To leave the World of the 48 Laws and to pass on to the one of 24, and soon to the one of 12, soon to the one of 6, and there to the one of 3, until finally approaching the Absolute.

D. For that reason it is said that “to be able to ascend, first one must descend”, or one could say that it is necessary to descend first to the Mineral Worlds, in order to be able to return and to ascend?

M. Clearly!

D. Clearly!…

D. “In order to be able to ascend, first it is necessary to descend” and to work in the Ninth Sphere?

M. Well, THIS IS VERY DEEP, very profound, right?

I am speaking of a First Descent, when the Universe is created, in which the Great Life comes from the Absolute into the Physical World.

At that time the Essence has had to come, then, from above down to the Physical World, in order to raise itself step by step to the Vegetable and the Animal and finally to the “Humanoid” State.

But, before arriving there; that is the First Descent of Life, into the Physical World.

Later, already being in the Physical World, the Essence is submitted to the Wheel of Samsara, which is another thing!

In this Wheel that turns incessantly: 3,000 Cycles of 108 Existences each time.

It is already different: It is actually Elemental in the Mineral Kingdom, which is happening to it for the first time through the Elemental Mineral Kingdom; and it is an Elemental of the Elemental Mineral Kingdom which has already passed through the Mineral state long ago; and then it returns to pass through the same states again and this will continue happening…

D. Right now, I have caught sight of a detail!: That only with the decompensation of those Three Gunas (at the time when the Dawn of this Creation begins) is when the Three Forces appear so that there is this Creation (that Holy Affirming, Holy Denying and Holy Reconciling), right?

Being the Positive, Negative and Neutral Forces, precisely so that this Creation exists.

D2. Clearly, they (those Three Forces) are what create as one.

D. And for these Three Forces to exist at the beginning, at that Dawning, then this is when that Ray of Creation begins (so well-known, right?) Which is, precisely, started by that Third Logos.

M. It is the Third Logos,

D. Clearly! It is the creative one; everything in harmony…

D. First is the Absolute, right?

M. Exactly!

D. It fits, we could say, all the Worlds within itself… Next everything comes into existence…

M. Well, that Third Logos is all the Suns.

D. But, after the Absolute comes all the Worlds, right?

M. First the Absolute, then comes all the Infinity (what is known as Infinity); then what is known, then, as all the Galaxies; then what is known as all the Suns; then what is known as the World; and so on…

Well, here I’ll leave you, my estimable brethren, because I am going to enter into Meditation…

-Paraphrase from Lecture #104 (‘The Three Gunas of Cosmic Matter’)
in El Quinto Evagelio by Samael Aun Weor
available in the Appendix of The Gnostic and Esoteric Mysteries
of Freemasonry, Lucifer and the Great Work