Since we learned, in Huiracocha’s Zodiacal Course, that:

“The Sign of Virgo … covers the whole belly and, while the Kidneys correspond to the Sign of Libra, the Adrenal Glands or ‘Supplementary Kidneys’ are in Virgo.”

and, in the Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology by Samael Aun Weor, that:

“Virgo is very intimately related with the intestines and in a very special manner with the Pancreas and the Islets of Langerhans which secrete insulin that is so important for sugar digestion. When the forces that ascend from the earth arrive at the belly, they become charged with adrenal hormones that prepare them for their ascent to the heart.”

now, let’s study the Pancreas, the Liver, the Adrenal Glands and the Spleen.



The Pancreas happens to be a gland partially without a tube. All the digestive juices of the human organism empty into the duodenum through the famous ‘duct of Wirsung’.

The famous Dr. Arnold Krumm-Heller, professor of medicine at the University of Berlin, stated in his Zodiacal Course that the constellation of Virgo has influence over the belly and especially over the islets of Langerhans.

Insulin is important because it governs all the metabolism of the carbohydrates. The islets of the Pancreas secrete insulin. When the islets of the Pancreas do not function properly, diabetes develops.

The principal work of the islets is to secrete insulin correctly, and the principal work of the Pancreas is the transformation of sugars. When the sugars go directly to the blood steam, this is diabetes. With the treatments of insulin, medical science has achieved control of diabetes. However, it has not cured diabetes.

We have known many diabetic patients that have been cured with the famous antibiotic tea. The formula of this tea is the following:

• 30 grams of avocado leaves
• 30 grams of eucalyptus tree leaves
• 30 grams of walnut tree leaves

Boil the three ingredients in a liter of water.

Dose: 3 glasses daily, one before each meal.

Drink for six consecutive months.

This harmless tea has no adverse effect on the insulin treatment.

The secretion of the islets of Langerhans passes directly to the blood. The Hindustani state that above the navel is found the lotus of ten petals. This chakra, situated in the region of the navel, controls the liver, stomach, and the pancreas. The yogis state that the color of this chakra is like clouds charged with lightning sparks and living fire.

The Yogis of Hindustan who have developed this chakra of the navel can remain in the fire without burning.

The sages of Hindustan state that within the chakra of the navel sparkles the Tejas Tattva (igneous Ether). The western biologists state that this is impossible. The western sages should travel to Hindustan and investigate this. Many skeptical westerners that have traveled to India and were amazed to see these Yogis remain in the fire without burning.

The Hindustani Yogis develop this chakra of the navel with concentration and Meditation. They concentrate full hours on the navel.

When certain Western hypnotists traveled through those lands of Hindustan, Pakistan, the Great Tartary, Mongolia, China, and Tibet and witnessed these Asian sects and saw this Meditation on the navel, they believed it to be self-hypnosis. Actually, it is quite the opposite. The reality is that they put themselves through all these meditations and concentrations for hours in order to develop this chakra around the region of the navel.

Paraphrase from Ch. 7 ‘The Pancreatic Gland’ in
Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology by Samael Aun Weor



The Liver is the biggest Gland of the organism. It is situated on the right side, exactly below the Diaphragm, and has a dark red color.

The liver weighs four pounds (more or less) and is a little less than nine inches long, seven inches wide, and four inches across through its thickest part.

Doctors call the liver “the organ of the five” [because of its 5 lobes]. The Kabbalists know that the five is the number of GEBURAH, Rigor, the law.

Many mystics state that Christ is crucified in the liver. From that point of view, we can really state that we have Christ crucified in the liver. There is no doubt that the liver is the seat of appetites and desires.

The liver has five admirable lobes, five groups of wise harmonic tubes, five wonderful sangineous vessels, and five basic functions.

The number five of the liver reminds us of the law, the Nemesis that weighs on all those actions that are the offspring of desire and of all evil.

On the brass liver from in the ruins of PIACENZA the engravings of the twelve zodiacal signs were found. This invites us to think on the five of the liver.

It is said that the ancient astrologists prognosticated by consulting the liver. They looked at the liver and forecasted. The whole zodiac of the microcosmic human being has its own laws and its signs written in the liver.

The lobe of the liver unifies the whole structure of the liver and unifies the hepatic functions.

When biologists study the hepatic gland, they are able to prove that the wonderful lobe of the liver is something like a small liver in miniature. This is admirable!

Whosoever comes to totally know the whole lobe of the liver knows practically the whole liver. The lobe of the liver is a mass of admirable cells united by a wonderful adjoining tissue.

Each lobe contains five of six beautiful and perfect sides; each lobe possesses its own set of minute and beautiful vessels, its own secreting cells and its own tubes. A group of small hepatic lobes of the liver construct the liver itself.

This is the law of five.

The cells of the liver secrete the bile so indispensable for the digestion of fats. The liver also produces the glucose so important for the tissues.

This work of the transformation of sugar into glucose is an admirable work of Alchemy. There are certain internal secretions of the liver that regulate the alchemical transmutation of glucose and of glycogen into sugar.

The liver controls the calories of the organism.

In its alchemical laboratory, the liver produces the substance called coagulase. Coagulase is an indispensable substance for coagulation.

All five functions of the liver are fundamental for the life of the organism.

The liver is in charge of burning in its alchemical laboratory all the wasted and old cells, forming residues that are easily eliminated.

The hepatic artery gives the liver all the blood it needs. The adjoining tissue that enfolds the liver reaches to penetrate inside the organ itself and separate it into its five perfect divisions.

Each small lobe of the liver is like an island surrounded by a multitude of sanguineous vessels.

The portal vein carries venous blood to the liver. This vein inside the liver ramifies into a multitude of vessels.

Each small lobe of the liver has its own vein. Each cell of the small lobes of the liver is placed in a net of minute sanguineous vessels.

There are also small interlobular veins. Each cell of the small lobes of the liver receives the venous blood proceeding from the stomach, spleen, pancreas and intestines through the famous portal vein that, like a river of pure life, takes nourishment to the liver.

The barren islets of the cells of the liver receive their sanguineous nourishment from the small interlobular veins.

Nothing is left without life in the liver. Everything receives life. Each cell of the liver receives food and life.

Each cell of the liver is a true alchemical laboratory in charge of wisely transmuting the food into valuable substances for all the cells of the organism.

All the transformed blood leaves through the small interlobular veins to pass to the interior of a vessel named the central vein. The central vein drains off into that great abundant river known as the Vena CAVA.

The hepatic cells that live inside the liver like small conscious and intelligent workers have to transform many substances in the bile to help digestion. The bile remains in the bile duct until it is needed, then it is emptied into the duodenal section of the small intestine.

Those sages of Hindustan see clairvoyantly that a marvelous lotus flower emerges from the hepatic gland, the hepatic chakra.

Paraphrase from Ch. 8 ‘The Liver’ in
Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology by Samael Aun Weor



ADRENALINE (also known as Epinephrine) is a very important hormone in the human organism. It serves to maintain the tone of the sanguineous vessel walls.

The cortex of the suprarenal glands is intimately related with the development of the sexual glands.

There is no doubt about the influence so marked by the suprarenal cortex in relation to sex. The suprarenal cortex influences the development of the glands and above all the characteristics of sexuality.

The famous doctor of medicine Paracelsus stated in regards to the kidneys the following:

“The nature and the exaltation of Venus is found in the kidneys in the grade and predestination that correspond to the planet or the entrails.

Well then, since the operation that Venus performs is directed toward the fruits of the Earth that must be engendered, the potency of the kidneys concentrates itself on the human fruit.”

(Undoubtedly, Paracelsus was referring to the sexual organs) with which Venus will never be able to exhaust the body. He continues:

“It is natural that the kidneys perform this function, and indeed, no other organ could accomplish it better.

Thus, when Venus, for example, receives the great entity, the potency of the conception, the kidneys dry their power of sentiment (sensus) and of the will of man.”

The doctors of psychoanalysis can prove the former statement that Paracelsus affirmed. The Psychoanalysis of Freud has produced a true innovation in the field of medicine.

The Yogis see two chakras in the kidneys, one on each kidney. The sages of Hindustan state that the chastity or fornication of a human being is marked in these two chakras.

This brings to our attention that phrase in the Apocalypse of St. John that states:

“I am he who searcheth the kidneys (reins) and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.” [Revelation 2:23]

The great clairvoyants see two lotus flowers, one on each kidney. They state that when the human being is a fornicator these flowers are a bloody red color, and when he is chaste, they are a white color.

The adrenal glands are situated in the superior part of the kidneys. These small yellow glands resemble true pyramids. Each adrenal gland has its own cortex and medulla that differ from each other in their structure and function.

The hormone of the adrenal cortex controls the sodium and potassium of the blood and the cells.

Psychoanalysis has demonstrated that in those instances of fear, pain, anger, etc., the adrenal medulla secretes a larger quantity of adrenaline that prepares all the cells of the organism to face all kinds of emergencies.

The dog is an animal that has a very fine sense of smell. When someone is afraid of it, the dog perceives the smell of adrenaline from the adrenal glands of the frightened person, and the dog may try to bite the person. The dog, by his sense of smell, knows who is afraid of him.

Excess adrenaline interferes negatively in digestion. Very strong emotions can cause indigestion.

Paraphrase from Ch. 9 ‘The Suprarenal Glands’ in
Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology by Samael Aun Weor



The Spleen is a very important organ in the human organism. When the hour of sleep arrives, the soul wrapped in the Astral body abandons the physical body and travels in the world of the fifth dimension. Meanwhile, something remains inside the physical body. This something is the ethereal double.

The double is the lingam sarira of the sages of Hindustan. Dr. Paracelsus named that ethereal double the MUMIA, which is a double organism of ethereal matter.

This Mumia is the vital seat, the vital depth of the physical body, which is absolutely unknown to western medicine, but is completely known by eastern doctors. [Lingma Sarira and Mumia are other names for the Etheric or Vital Body.]

The Mumia of Paracelsus is a thermo-electromagnetic condensation.

The vital body has a fundamental chakra in the spleen. The lotus flower of the spleen specializes the vital currents of the Sun, and attracts and absorbs them. We see then in the spleen that the white blood cells transmute into red blood cells.

The vital energy collected by the spleenic chakra passes to the solar plexus and then spreads throughout all the nervous channels of the autonomic system, filling the whole human organism with life.

The THYROID gland collaborates in this job with its biological iodine, disinfecting all the channels of the GRAND SYMPATHETIC or Autonomic Nervous system.

When the soul (wrapped in its Astral body) reenters the physical body, the body is already repaired. If the conscious being were not to leave the physical body, then their emotions and thoughts would interfere with the reconstruction of their human organism.

During the day, many organic refuses are being accumulated in the canals of the autonomic nervous system. This organic refuse impedes the circulation of the vital fluid. Slumber is the outcome of this interference. Thus, during the sleep process, the human organism is reconstructed.

A medium in a trance state can project the mumia through the spleen. This Mumia is then utilized by some disincarnated entities who enter within it. Afterwards, these entities physically condense or materialize.

This is how it has been possible to have seen and touched some people that have been dead. This is not a fantasy, because photographs have been taken of those persons that are already dead. The photographic plates cannot lie. Facts are facts.

The famous Dr. Louis Zea Uribe (professor of medicine in the National University of Bogota), was an atheist, materialist, and skeptic. When this man saw, touched, and felt those phantoms that materialized in a laboratory in Naples, he then was transformed radically and became a spiritualist one hundred percent.

In a scientific laboratory in Naples the materializations that were made through the famous medium Eusapia Paladino were studied. Thus, the skeptical scientists saw, heard, photographed, experimented, and believed.

Paraphrase from Ch. 10 ‘The Spleen’ in
Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology by Samael Aun Weor


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