Marriage, Sex and How to Work with the Creative Forces

Dear Disciple:

Married Disciples who have achieved the exercising of the sexual functions as a sacred act or as a religious operation in their matrimony have obtained a great advantage since both beings in this way can mutually help each other.

In general each one of our Disciples must have a spouse in order to perform the duties of marriage but up to now they have done nothing but squander their values and even life itself when they could have gained eternal youth.

Let us not forget that the sensation of coitus is much too short enough to lead the performer to boredom apathy and annoyance like a form of sickening sadness and often we must force ourselves to become magnetically charged in order to feel the romantic attraction for each other.

Ovid has already said: “Post coitum omnia animalia tristia” [“All animals are sad after intercourse”].

Animals only seek this instant (for the final goal of impregnation) at the precise time in which the female is in heat and demands to be fertilized but man (the sublime animal, the angelic-being) is the only one who repeats this function every day in order to go about slowly draining himself of his values and he does so without consciousness…

Catalysis is what we call an accelerating action that exercises certain substances upon other substances in order to increase or decrease the speed of their chemical reactions and if we transfer this idea of catalysis to the field of parapsychism then we can already begin to count on the verification of the sexual functions as an exchange of their forces.

The Pelvis in women pours feminine currents while the breasts give masculine currents. In a man the radical feminine current is in the mouth and the masculine current is in his virile member.

All these organs as a consequence must be excited with the purpose of giving and receiving transmitting and collecting and then one should provoke the currents more and more that are now flowing looking for quantity and quality.

Dancing and kissing (which put the couple in intimate contact with each other) are none other than an intuitive manifestation in order to achieve this Magnetization between man and woman.

Here in Germany and in many other countries there have been societies which cultivated nudity and even nude dancing. This has served many times for immoral excesses and it is good that it has been prohibited.

These things should only be handled by select persons with pure sentiments and let us not forget that for the pure mind everything is pure and that immorality is not outside of us but within us and in the Mysteries of Eleusis (where they practiced these things) nobody was thinking about anything other than holy things.

Before in the Initiations of ancient Mexico young people of both sexes united for months completely naked who were allowed to mutually embrace each other without ever reaching the carnal act or orgasm.

The awakened passion must be dominated so that once all the glandular juices are in their zenith, they can be transmuted into spiritual strength.

-Paraphrase from Zodical Course (1931) by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


Scorpio, the Magical Key, and Divine Magnetization

In our book “the ROSE-CROSS” we said that in this instant the Semen is cerebrized while the Cerebrum is seminized… the key to which lies in what we have already explained.

Our Disciples who are in Rose-Cross marriages should ignore what others do and keep this secret so that we are the privileged, the supermen and women, those of character. This seems to be a selfish act, but certain Keys should not be disclosed to people who are going through a purely materialized life and have not done the Rose Cross practices.

Instead of coitus which reaches orgasm one should reflexively lavish one’s partner with sweet caresses amorous phrases and delicate touchings maintaining the mind constantly separated from animal sexuality sustaining the most pure spirituality as if the act were a true religious ceremony.

Nevertheless the man can and must introduce the Penis and maintain it in the feminine sexual organ so that for both of them a divine sensation full of joy ensues (which can last for hours) withdrawing at the moment in which the spasm approaches in order to avoid the ejaculation of semen. In this way each time they will have a greater yearning to caress each other

This can be repeated as many times as one wants without ever becoming fatigued because on the contrary this is the Magical Key in order to be rejuvenated daily to keep the body healthy and to prolong life since it is a source of health with this constant Magnetization.

We know that with ordinary Magnetism: the Magnetizer communicates magnetic currents to the subject, and if the first has these magnetic forces developed then they are able to heal the second.

The transmission of the magnetic current is ordinarily done via the hands or via the eyes but it is necessary to say that there is no more powerful conductor than the virile member and the vulva which are a thousand times more powerful a thousand times superior to others as organs of reception.

If many people practice this then they spread strength and success to all those who are put into commercial or social contact with them.

But in the act of sublime and Divine Magnetization to which we are referring; both man and woman magnetize each other reciprocally being one for the other as a musical instrument which (when being plucked) gives off or starts prodigious sounds of sweet and mystical harmony.

The strings of this instrument are spread over the whole body and their principal buttons are the lips and the fingers provided that absolute purity presides over the act and this is what makes us Magicians in that supreme instant.

Obtain a good accumulation of forces at their boiling point and say:


and then direct the Mind towards whatever it is that you want to achieve.

Let us repeat, as we did in our other Works, that we have the right to comfort wealth and power, provided that it is not to the detriment of others and, on the contrary, that it is to the benefit of others. The general utility is above the particular.

Keep this secret and work according to what your Inner Being advises you to do.

-Paraphrase from Zodical Course (1931) by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Door of Triumph and the Great Fecundator

We have arrived at the last Glands of the Septenary which we have followed. We started with the Epiphysis or Pineal gland and by recommending the path of LIGHT, LOVE, LIFE, LIBERTY AND TRIUMPH and if the Disciple has consciously done the practices then they have been able to find the final door that of TRIUMPH.

We also recommended concentrating oneself upon the Source of Light upon one’s interior source repeating each time “I AM, I CAN” [“YO SOY, YO PUEDO”]. This was the Fighter in the practice corresponding to Aries dominated by Mars.

Today we reach (from the opposite direction) the dominion of the same planet Mars but in Scorpio who rules the sexual parts. In the ancient Initiations they called the Scorpion THE GREAT FECUNDATOR.

The terrestrial current comes from the sexual parts which only has slight opposition in the knees and in the joints of the feet before colliding and mixing itself with those heavenly currents which have gone through so many screens until finally reaching the testicles and ovaries

Now we are looking after the great laboratory where the fate of everything is determined. All of Creation is governed by two forces that from above (positive) and that from below (receptive).

Based in Love one repeats the same activity emitting and receiving the two poles represented here by the man (positive principle) and the women (receptive principle).

There is an intimate secret then in the mental plane through our action the woman converts herself into the positive principle and the man converts himself into the receptive principle, this transformation transcends sex.

That is to say an androgynous tendency in us where both principles fight each other which makes us comprehend the Laws of the Biorhythm.

We have already seen that in our Liquid Nervous System we consist of masculine and feminine Glands (see our book “Biorhythm”) which vibrate in a constant cycle of action and reaction ascent and descent augmentation and diminuation and that Mars operates in this fight and that within us its outpouring is in the constellation of Scorpio.

-Paraphrase from Zodical Course (1931) by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


Life, Death, and our Glands

In Astrology Scorpio is the 8th House. This is the House of Death and statistics prove that the majority of beings die when the constellation of Scorpio is acting. This is because we have lost the Key to managing Scorpio.

Let’s remember that in Scorpio is the action and function of the sexual organs whose passional power can only be compared with a lively steed who pulls the chariot of our life.

While we have our hands firmly on the reins of this steed we can dominate it while hopping and jumping and infuriating the proud but the day that these reins are gone, the animal runs wild and goes off at a full gallop: turning our chariot around and dragging us through the rocks and the mud of the road until we are exhausted and dead. Behold the cause of many deaths in this Constellation.

But Death and Life are intimately linked and depending on whether we can overcome the evil effects of Mars in Scorpio we can thereby emerge triumphant in Life attracting new Life and new vigor the Key is this.

Throughout our whole body a portion of Little Glands are distributed which are more or less large or small such as the sweat and sebaceous glands that are in the skin by the millions each one of them is of a masculine or feminine character.

These Little Glands (in their intimacy) are individual accumulators of Magnetic Forces with their respective currents seeking in every instant for the masculine collision with the feminine and vice versa as if they were in a constant exchange of positive and negative principles.

This exchange which is prolonged until a divine sublime state is reached is nothing other than Love. But these forces are dormant, sleeping and it is our duty to wake them up and to excite them or provoke them and unite Man –as the positive principle– and Woman –as the receptive principle– in a mutual agreement and harmony so that both can realize the Great Operation of Sexual Magic.

We do this for 22 erotic points on our organism.

I observed that many women are copiously excited if one touches the edges of the ears; others are excited by touching the nipples, however the excitement is not local but includes the entire body. It is the same in man, who also has his erotic points. The latter is excitable by touching the chest which is his feminine part, while women have their clitoris as their masculine excitable part.

In this letter we have exposed a lot putting every word clearly and accurately in place so that our Disciples comprehend and take charge of what this practice is and so that they take care to do it as best they can.

We only desire that the comprehension is correct between everyone and that you do things properly to our wishes.

I insist that this letter should not be desecrated and that nobody should teach it to another.

It is strictly personal and one commits an indiscretion an evil action which never goes unpunished karmically if one were to share it.

In addition it is not complete. In the course about Magic we will return to this subject

-Paraphrase from Zodical Course (1931) by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
available in Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology


The Rose-Cross Fraternity, White Tantra, and Gnosis

Although Huiracocha says this secret should not be shared with just any body, in the 1950s, the key of White Tantra was given to the public by Samael Aun Weor. Let’s look at how this “secret” passed from Huiracocha’s FRA to Samael Aun Weor’s Gnostic Movement.

Sometime between 1906 and 1912, Huiracocha published “No Fornicarás ” [“Do not Fornicate”] with a simplified presentation of some of the themes of tantric sexual magic. The book was referenced in the Revista Rosacruz [Rose Cross Magazine] of June 1930:

“If the Rose Cross brethren seek gnostic works in libraries, provided that the caretakers of the books have not followed the example of St. Jerome (burning everything that smacks of sexual issues) they will find true wonders, as I have found, because the Gnostics were those who gave me my key of Sexual Magic.

Some theosophists have called me a black magician because I occupy myself with these studies, but in this field all can agree that in terms of sexual magic I am an authority, and that I have occupied myself for many years with that discipline, publishing more than twenty years ago, my first book ‘Do not fornicate’, which at that time attracted much attention. Today it is only found in libraries.”

Then between December 1932 and March 1933, Huiracocha published a number of articles in this same Magazine discussing some concepts about the ‘Astral Light’ (called Light and More Light) and ‘Tantra’ (see the articles of the same name Parts 1 and 2).

Samael Aun Weor studied at an FRA school in Columbia, where he received the Key of Alchemy and, starting in 1950, he began publishing information about the sexual mysteries, in his book El Matrimonio Perfecto [The Perfect Matrimony] (1950).


Huiracocha’s Practice for Scorpio

The practice given for this sign is to practice White Tantra with our spouse. If we do not have that luxury, then we can perform a single’s transmutation practice, such as Pranayama or Ham-Sah.


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