In this class we will cover a few main topics in order to wrap up the Ray of Creation in Descent:

• Fundamental and Subordinate Octaves
• Octaves inside of Notes (‘Inner Vibrations’)
• The inter-relation of substance/matter of the worlds with each other
• The Lateral Octave and Organic Life on Earth
• How the 12 Categories of Matter (or “12 basic Hydrogens”) are created


Fundamental and Subordinate Octaves in Vibrational Movement

“In the study of the law of octaves it must be remembered that octaves (in their relation to each other) are divided into fundamental (or primary) and subordinate (or secondary).

The fundamental octave is likened to the trunk of a tree giving off branches of lateral octaves. The seven fundamental notes of the octave and the two ‘intervals’ (the bearers of new directions), give altogether nine links of a chain, which can be grouped into three groups of three links each:

-{ DO-RE-MI }-     -{ [Interval]-FA-SOL }-     -{ LA-SI-[Interval] }-
-{ [Interval]-SI-LA }-     -{ SOL-FA-[Interval] }-     -{ MI-RE-DO }-

The fundamental octaves are connected with the secondary or subordinate octaves in a certain definite way. The construction of octaves can be compared with the construction of a tree.

From the straight basic trunk there come out branches on all sides which divide in their turn and pass into smaller branches – becoming smaller and smaller, and finally are covered with leaves. The same process goes on in the construction of the leaves, flowers, fruit and so on.

A merely a “technical” understanding of the law of octaves may require some time, but this will help us understand many things within ourselves.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.7 of In Search of the Miraculous


Inner Vibrations and the Influence of the Superior Cosmos

“In order better to understand the significance of the law of octaves, we should have a clear idea of another property of vibrations, called ‘inner vibrations’. This means that within vibrations other vibrations proceed, and that every octave can be resolved into a great number of inner octaves. Each note of any octave can be regarded as an octave on another plane.

Each note of these inner octaves again contains a whole octave and so on, for some considerable way, but not ad infinitum , because there is a definite limit to the development of inner octaves [see Fig 17].

These inner vibrations proceed simultaneously in mediums of different density:

• interpenetrating one another;
• reflected in one another,
• giving rise to one another;
• stopping, impelling, or changing one another, etc.

Let us imagine vibrations in a substance or a medium of a certain definite density. Let us suppose this substance or medium consists of the denser atoms of world 48. Of course, the vibrations in this medium are divisible into octaves and the octaves are divisible into notes.

Let us imagine that we have taken one octave of these vibrations for the purpose of some kind of investigation. We must realize that within the limits of this octave proceed the vibrations of a still finer substance. This is because the substance of world 48 is saturated with substance of world 24. The vibrations in the substance of world 24 stand in a definite relation to the vibrations in the substance of world 48; namely, that each note of the vibrations in the substance of world 48 contains a whole octave of vibrations in the substance of world 24. These are the inner octaves.

The substance of world 24 is, in its turn, permeated with the substance of world 12. In this substance also there are vibrations and each note of the vibrations of world 24 contains a whole octave of the vibrations of world 12. The substance of world 12 is permeated with the substance of world 6. The substance of world 6 is permeated with the substance of world 3. World 3 is permeated with the substance of world 1. Corresponding vibrations exist in each of these worlds and the order remains always the same: each note of the vibrations of a denser substance contains a whole octave of the vibrations of a finer substance.

If we begin with vibrations of world 48, we can say that one note of the vibrations in this world contains an octave or seven notes of the vibrations of the planetary world (world 24). Each note of the vibrations of the planetary world (world 24) contains seven notes of the vibrations of the world of the sun (world 12). Each vibration of the world of the sun (world 12) will contain seven notes of the vibrations of the starry world (world 6) and so on.

The study of inner octaves, the study of their relation to outer octaves and the possible influence of the inner octaves upon the outer octaves, are a very important part of the study of the world and of the human being.

-Paraphrase from Ch.7 of In Search of the Miraculous

Something that must be remembered in all of this is that our study and understanding of the interrelations of Vibrations in their Descent is critical to understanding how the Ray of Creation in Ascent works. The fact that an octave of a higher world is contained in a note of a lower world allows us to understand a very simple concept: sometimes we must do a lot of work to get what seems like one little thing, but that little thing (a Note) is tremendous in terms of its necessity to continue the work of ascension (by connecting an Octave in the World above it).


The Intervals or Pauses in the Cosmic Octave

“The ray of creation like every other process, which is complete at a given moment, can be regarded as an octave. This would be a descending octave in which DO passes into SI, SI into LA and so on

The Absolute or All (world 1) will be DO; all worlds (world 3)—SI; all suns (world 6)— LA; our sun (world 12)—SOL; the earth and all planets (world 24)—FA; the Earth and/or the Philosophical Earth, the human being (world 48)—MI; the abyss (world 96)—RE.

The ray of creation begins with the Absolute. The Absolute is All. It is—DO. The ray of creation ends in the Abyss. Beyond the Abyss there is nothing. This also is an Absolute (absolute nothingness).”

With this final DO, then return to the Absolute (the first DO) is initiated.

“In examining the ray of creation or cosmic octave we see that ‘intervals/pauses’ should come in the development of this octave:

• the first between DO and SI, that is between world 1 and world 3, between the Absolute and ‘all worlds’,
• and the second between FA and MI, that is, between world 24 and world 48, between the Planetary World (‘all planets’) and Earth and/or the human being.

As we have discussed, the first ‘interval’ is filled by the will of the Absolute. One of the manifestations of the will of the Absolute is precisely the filling of this ‘interval’ by means of a conscious manifestation of neutralizing force which fills up the ‘interval’ between the active and the passive forces.

With the second ‘interval’ the situation is more complicated. Something is missing between the planets and the earth. Planetary influences cannot pass into the earth consecutively and fully. An ‘additional shock’ is needed; the creation of some new conditions to insure a proper passage of forces is indispensable.

The conditions to insure the passage of forces are created by the arrangement of a special mechanism between the planets and the earth. This mechanism, is a ‘transmitting station of forces’ that we call organic life on earth. Organic life on earth was created to fill the interval between the Solar System [SOL in the Cosmic Octave] and the interior of the Earth [RE in the Cosmic Octave].

-Paraphrase from Ch.7 of In Search of the Miraculous


Organic Life on Earth and External Influences

“Organic life represents something like the earth’s organ of perception. Organic life forms a sensitive film which covers the whole of the earth’s globe and takes in those influences coming from the planetary sphere which otherwise would not be able to reach the earth. The vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms are equally important for the earth in this respect.

A field merely covered with grass takes in planetary influences of a definite kind and transmits them to the earth. The same field with a crowd of people on it will take in and transmit other influences. The population of Europe takes in one kind of planetary influence and transmits them to the earth. The population of Africa takes in another kind of planetary influence, and so on.

All great events in the life of the human masses are caused by planetary influences. They are the result of the taking in of planetary influences. Human society is a highly sensitive mass for the reception of planetary influences. And any accidental small tension in planetary spheres can be reflected for years in an increased animation in one or another sphere of human activity.

Something accidental and very transient takes place in planetary space. And this is immediately received by the human masses, and people begin to hate and to kill one another, justifying their actions by some theory of brotherhood, or equality, or love, or justice.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.7 of In Search of the Miraculous

“Wars are due to PLANETARY INFLUENCES, and cosmic forces, any bad position of the stars, or cosmic catastrophe, is enough for millions of people to be willing to go to war.

Man is not capable of resisting those forces because, FRANKLY, HE IS STILL NOT A MAN, if he were TRULY A MAN, then he would resist those tremendous cosmic forces and then there would not be wars, but unfortunately MAN still can not DO anything, the so-called man is simply a machine driven by cosmic forces.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.1 of Great Gnostic Manifesto of the 2nd year of Aquarius
by Samael Aun Weor, available in English in the book Gnostic Christification


The Lateral Octave and Organic Life on Earth

“Organic life is the organ of perception of the earth and it is, at the same time, an organ of radiation. With the help of organic life each portion of the earth’s surface occupying a given area sends (during every moment) certain kinds of rays in the direction of the sun, the planets, and the submerged mineral kingdom.

In connection with this the sun needs one kind of radiation, the planets need another, and the Abyss (the submerged mineral kingdom) needs yet another. Everything that happens on earth creates radiations of some kind. And many things often happen just because certain kinds of radiation are required from a certain place on the earth’s surface.

No matter what takes place in the thin film of organic life it always serves the interests of the earth, the sun, the planets, and the submerged mineral kingdom. In general, nothing unnecessary nor independent can happen in the thin film which is Organic Life on Earth because it is created for a definite purpose and is merely subordinate to superior forces.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.7 of In Search of the Miraculous

“Just as we need energies in order to exist, in the same way the Earth also needs energy to exist and live (it is an organism). However, the energies that the Earth receives for its existence, come from the other planets of the Solar System…

However, since our planet is different from the other planets, the energy has to be transformed in order to be useful as nourishment for the planet Earth, and this energy could not be transformed if there were no channels to allow this energy to pass through…

Fortunately, those channels do exist (they were made by the Sun) and are made up of ORGANIC LIFE, which was established as a thin film in the terrestrial layer by the Logos. Therefore, the thin film of organic life: vegetable, animal, human, is necessary in order for the energies to be transformed and for them to pass into the interior of the Earth.

Only in this way can the Earth exist; otherwise it could not exist as a living organism. We, the human beings, are just simple machines in which Cosmic Energy has to pass; each one of us receives certain charges of electricity and magnetism that are unconsciously transformed, and retransmitted, automatically to the interior of the Earth itself.”

-Paraphrase from ‘The Solar Experiment’ [“El Experimento Solar”]
from pages 942-957 of El Quinto Evangelio

If we want to stop being machines and start being Conscious Human Beings, then we need to recognize our place in the Cosmos and start taking advantage of the energies that we receive and retransmit. When we understand this and take advantage those energies, then we stop being machines and start waking up. In order to understand how to do this a little better, lets look at the inner vibration or Lateral Octave that forms Organic Life on Earth.

“The additional or lateral octave in the ray of creation begins in the sun (world 12). The sun, SOL of the cosmic octave, begins at a certain moment to sound as DO, SOL-DO [see Figure 19]. It is necessary to realize that every note of any octave, in the present instance every note of the cosmic octave, may represent the DO of some other lateral octave issuing from it. Or it would be still more exact to say that any note of any octave may, at the same time, be any note of any other octave passing through it.

In the present instance SOL begins to sound as DO. Descending to the level of the planets this new octave passes into SI. Descending still lower it produces three notes, LA, SOL, FA, which create and constitute organic life on earth in the form that we know it; MI of this octave blends with MI of the cosmic octave and RE with the RE of the cosmic octave.

There is a great deal of meaning in this lateral octave. First of all it shows that organic life, represented in the diagram by three notes, has two higher notes, one on the level of the planets (world 24) and one on the level of the sun (world 12), and that it began in the sun. This last is the most important point because it contradicts the usual modern idea of life having originated so to speak from below. In the Gnostic view: life comes from above.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.7 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Ray of Creation and the 12 Categories of Matter

“It is urgent to know that there exist twelve basic hydrogens in the Universe which are arranged according to the twelve categories of matter. These twelve categories of matter exist in all of creation…”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 8 of the Supreme Message of Christmas 1966-1967 by Samael Aun Weor
(originally published under the title: “The Buddha’s Necklace”,
also published in English as “Light from Darkness”)

The last thing we want to cover related to the Ray of Creation in Descent are the 12 basic Hydrogens in the Universe and how they are formed. As we have already said, the Cosmos above influences the Cosmos below it and this affects how matter is formed…

“The action of the Absolute upon the world, or upon the worlds created by it or within it, continues. The action of each of these worlds upon subsequent worlds continues in exactly the same way.

• ‘All suns’ of the Milky Way influence our sun (world 6 influences world 12).
• The sun influences the planets (world 12 influences world 24).
• ‘All planets’ influence our earth (world 24 influences world 48)
• and the earth influences the abyss or submerged mineral kingdom (world 48 influences world 96, etc).

These influences are transmitted by means of radiations that pass through starry and interplanetary space. In order to study these radiations we take the ‘ray of creation’ in an abridged form: Absolute-Sun-Earth-Abyss. In other words let us imagine the ‘ray of creation’ in the form of three octaves of radiations:

1. the first octave between the Absolute and the Sun (world 1 to world 12),

2. the second octave between the Sun and the Earth (world 12 to world 48),

3. and the third octave between the Earth and the Abyss (world 48 to world 96).

Now let us examine the passage of radiations between these four fundamental points of the universe.

1st Octave: In the first octave the Absolute will include two notes, DO and SI, with the ‘interval’ between them. Then will follow notes LA, SOL, FA. Then an interval or pause, and the ‘shock’ filling it, unknown to us but nevertheless inevitably existing, then MI, RE.

2nd Octave: Then radiations reach the Sun. Two notes are included in the Sun itself, DO, an ‘interval or pause’, and SI, then follow LA, SOL, FA—radiations going towards the earth. Then an ‘interval or pause’ and the ‘shock’ of organic life which fills it, then MI and RE.

3rd Octave: The earth: DO, an ‘interval or pause’, SI, and then LA, SOL, FA—radiations going towards the Abyss; Then again an ‘interval’, a ‘shock’ unknown to us, then MI, RE, and the Abyss, DO.

These three octaves of radiations, in which form we shall now imagine the universe, will enable us to explain the relation of matters and forces of different planes of the world to our own life. Note that, although there are six ‘intervals’ in these three octaves, only three of them actually require to be supplemented from outside.

The first ‘interval’ between DO and SI is filled by the will of the Absolute. The second ‘interval’ DO-SI is filled by the influence of the sun’s mass upon radiations passing through it. And the third ‘interval’ DO-SI is filled by the action of the earth’s mass upon radiations passing through it. Only the ‘intervals’ between FA and MI have to be filled by ‘additional shocks’.

These ‘additional shocks’ can come either

• from other octaves which pass across the given point
• or from parallel octaves which start from higher points.

We know nothing about the nature of the ‘shock’ between FA-MI in the first octave Absolute-Sun. But the ‘shock’ in the octave Sun-Earth is organic life on earth, which (as we have said) are the three notes LA, SOL, FA of the octave which starts in the sun (explained in the previous section). The nature of the ‘shock’ between FA and MI in the octave Earth-Abyss is unknown to us.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Action of the Three Primary Forces upon Creation

“If we examine the first of these three octaves of radiations, (the octave Absolute-Sun), from the point of view of the law of three, then we will see that the note DO will be the conductor of the active force, designated by the number 1, while the matter in which this force acts will be ‘carbon’ (C).

The ‘active’ force which creates the note DO in the Absolute represents the maximum frequency of vibrations or the greatest density of vibrations. The note SI in the Absolute will be the conductor of the passive force designated by the number 2. And the matter in which this passive force acts or in which sounds the note SI will be ‘oxygen’ (O). The note LA will be the conductor of the neutralizing force designated by the number 3, and the matter in which sounds the note LA will be ‘nitrogen’ (N).

‘Carbon’, ‘oxygen’, and ‘nitrogen’ together give matter of the fourth order, or ‘hydrogen’ (H), whose density we will designate by the number 6 (as the sum of 1, 2, 3), that is, H6: The first triad…”

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of In Search of the Miraculous

Gurdjieff mentions that these atoms have 3 aspects that affect the manifestation of the subordinate triad:

1. the Action of the Forces
2. the Density of the Matter
3. and the Frequency of the Vibrations

And he goes into more detail about how these affect the creation of the following triads and the corresponding Hydrogen, but we are omitting this (if you do want to learn more about this, see Ch. 9 of In Search of the Miraculous).

“C, O, N retain their numbers 1, 2, 3. ‘Carbon’ is always 1, ‘oxygen’ is always 2, and ‘nitrogen’ is always 3. But being more active than ‘oxygen’ ‘nitrogen’ enters as the active principle in the next triad and enters with the density of 2. In other words ‘nitrogen’ has a density of 2 and ‘oxygen’ a density of 3. So that the note LA of the first triad is the conductor of the active force in the next triad which it enters with the density of 2.

If ‘carbon’ enters with the density of 2, then ‘oxygen’ and ‘nitrogen’ must correspond to it in densities, repeating the ratio of densities of the first triad. In the first triad the ratio of densities was 1, 2, 3; in the second triad it should be 2, 4, 6… Taken together they will give ‘hydrogen’ 12 (H12): The second triad.

According to the same plan and order the following [3rd] triad will be constructed: FA, ‘Shock’, MI. ‘Carbon’ which was ‘nitrogen’ in the second triad enters with a density of 4; the ‘nitrogen’ and ‘oxygen’ corresponding to it must have a density of 8 and 12; together they will give ‘hydrogen’ 24 (H24): The third triad.

The next triad MI, RE, DO, by the same plan and order will give ‘hydrogen’ 48 (H48): The fourth triad.

The triad DO, SI, LA will give ‘hydrogen’ 96 (H96): The fifth triad.

The triad LA, SOL, FA —’hydrogen’ 192 (H192): The sixth triad.

FA, ‘Shock’, MI –’hydrogen’ 384 (H384): The seventh triad.

MI, RE, DO —’hydrogen’ 768 (H768): The eighth triad.

DO, SI, LA —’hydrogen’ 1536 (H1536): The ninth triad.

LA, SOL, FA —’hydrogen’ 3072 (H3072): The tenth triad.

FA, ‘Shock’, MI —’hydrogen’ 6144 (H6144): The eleventh triad.

MI, RE, DO —’hydrogen’ 12288 (H12288): The twelfth triad.

Twelve ‘hydrogens’ are obtained with densities ranging from 6 to 12288.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of In Search of the Miraculous


The 12 Original types of Hydrogen and their Reductions

“These twelve ‘hydrogens’ represent twelve categories of matter contained in the universe from the Absolute to the Abyss. And if it were possible to establish exactly which of these matters constitute a person’s organism and act in it, this alone would determine what place person occupies in the world.

But at the place where we are situated, within the limits of our ordinary powers and capacities ‘hydrogen’ 6 is irresolvable; so we can take it therefore as ‘hydrogen’ 1. We reduce ‘hydrogen’ 12 into ‘hydrogen’ 6. And, reducing all the hydrogens that follow by 2 we obtain a scale from ‘hydrogen’ 1 to ‘hydrogen’ 6144.

But ‘hydrogen’ 6 is nevertheless still irresolvable for us. Therefore we can also take it as ‘hydrogen’ 1, take the next ‘hydrogen’ after it as ‘hydrogen’ 6 and reduce all the following again by two. The scale obtained in this way from 1 to 3072 can serve us for the study of the human being.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Reduced Hydrogens and their role in the Human Machine

“All matters from ‘hydrogen’ 6 to ‘hydrogen’ 3072 are to be found and play a part in the human organism. Each of these ‘hydrogens’ includes a very large group of chemical substances which are linked together by some function in connection with our organism. In other words, it must not be forgotten that the term ‘hydrogen’ has a very wide meaning.

This kind of definition of matters enables us to classify them:
      1. in the order of their relation to life
      2. and to the functions of our organism.

Let us begin with ‘hydrogen’ 768. This ‘hydrogen’ is defined as food, and includes all substances which can serve as ‘food’ for people. Substances which cannot serve as ‘food’, such as a piece of wood, refer to ‘hydrogen’ 1536; a piece of iron to ‘hydrogen’ 3072. On the other hand, a ‘thin’ matter, with poor nutritive properties, will be nearer to ‘hydrogen’ 384. ‘Hydrogen’ 384 will be defined as water. ‘Hydrogen’ 192 is the air of our atmosphere which we breathe.

‘Hydrogen’ 96 is represented by rarefied gases which people cannot breathe, but which play a very important part in their lives. ‘Hydrogen’ 96 is the matter of animal magnetism, of emanations from the human body (hormones, vitamins, and so on). In other words, with ‘hydrogen’ 96 ends what is called matter or what is regarded as matter by our present physics and chemistry. ‘Hydrogen’ 96 also includes matters that are almost imperceptible to our chemistry or perceptible only by their traces or results, often merely presumed by some and denied by others.

‘Hydrogens’ 48, 24, 12, and 6 are matters unknown to physics and chemistry, matters of our psychic and spiritual life on different levels. Altogether in examining the ‘table of hydrogens’, it must always be remembered that each ‘hydrogen’ of this table includes an enormous number of different substances connected together by one and the same function in our organism and representing a definite ‘cosmic group’.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of In Search of the Miraculous


Esoteric or Occult Chemistry and the Functions of Matter

“…ordinary chemistry does not take into consideration all the properties of a substance. Specifically, it does not take into consideration the ‘cosmic properties’ of a substance.

The chemistry of which we speak here studies matter on a different basis from ordinary chemistry and takes into consideration not only the chemical and physical, but also the psychic and cosmic properties of matter.

This chemistry or alchemy regards matter [1] first of all from the point of view of its functions which determine its place in the universe and its relations to other matters [2] and then from the point of view of its relation to the human being and to the human being’s functions.

By an atom of a substance is meant a certain small quantity of the given substance that retains all its chemical, cosmic, and psychic properties. Because, in addition to its cosmic properties, every substance also possesses psychic properties, that is, a certain degree of intelligence.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of In Search of the Miraculous

“All planetary material is scientifically formed by marvelous atoms. Undoubtedly, these are the smallest particles of the elements. Every atom is a true universe in miniature; every atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness.”

-Paraphrase from Ch. 4 of the Supreme Message of Christmas 1966-1967 by Samael Aun Weor
(originally published under the title: “The Buddha’s Necklace”,
also published in English as “Light from Darkness”)

The intelligence which is present in matter is related with the consciousness of the atoms of that the matter.

“The concept ‘atom’ may therefore refer not only to elements, but also to all compound matters possessing definite functions in the universe or in the life of the human being. There can be an atom of water, an atom of air (that is, atmospheric air suitable for our breathing), an atom of bread, an atom of meat, and so on.

An atom of water will be a tiny drop of water which under certain conditions can be seen with the naked eye. This atom is the smallest quantity of water that retains all the properties of water.

On further division some of these properties disappear, or will not be water but something approaching the gaseous state of water which is steam (and does not differ chemically in any way from water in a liquid state but possesses different functions and therefore different cosmic and psychic properties).

The ‘table of hydrogens’ makes it possible to examine all substances making up the human being’s organism from the point of view of their relation to different planes of the universe.

Since every function of the human being is a result of the action of definite substances (or vibrational influences), and since every substance (or vibrational influence) is connected with a definite plane in the universe, this fact enables us to establish the relationship between the human being’s functions and the planes of the universe.

-Paraphrase from Ch.9 of In Search of the Miraculous



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