How the ‘Hydrogens’ are Used in the Human Machine, the Right & Wrong Working of the Centers, and the Abuse of Sex

As we mentioned in the previous class:

“…the development of a person depends on storing the higher matters produced by their machine. So we must think about ways to increase the production of these finer hydrogens. But before we can think about increasing production we must study the factory from the point of view of waste, for there are many leaking parts in the machine, and if we do not stop these leaks, then increased production will only increase the leaks…

-paraphrase from Ch. 9 of The Fourth Way

So let’s look now at how the machine works with the different Hydrogens and how energy is ‘leaked’ or ‘lost’…


Part 1 – The Speed of the Centers and their corresponding Hydrogens

“The centers of the human machine work with different ‘hydrogens’. This constitutes their chief difference. The center working with a coarser, heavier, denser ‘hydrogen’ works slower. The center working with a light, more mobile ‘hydrogen’ works faster.

The thinking or intellectual center is the slowest of all the three Brains. It works with ‘hydrogen’ 48 (according to the third scale of the ‘table of hydrogens’).

The moving center works with ‘hydrogen’ 24. ‘Hydrogen’ 24 is many times quicker and more mobile than ‘hydrogen’ 48. The intellectual center is never able to follow the work of the moving center. We are unable to follow either our own movements or other people’s movements unless they are artificially slowed down. Still less are we able to follow the work of the …instinctive functions of our organism…

The emotional center can work with ‘hydrogen’ 12. In reality, however, it very seldom works with this fine ‘hydrogen’. And in the majority of cases its work differs little in intensity and speed from the work of the moving center or the instinctive center.

In order to understand the work of the human machine and its possibilities, one must know that, apart from these three brains and those centers connected with them, we have two more centers, …but they are not connected with our usual life nor with the three Brains in which we are aware of ourselves.

The existence of these higher centers in us is a greater riddle than the hidden treasure which those who believe in the existence of the mysterious and the miraculous have sought since the remotest times.

All mystical and occult systems recognize the existence of higher forces and capacities in human beings although, in many cases, they admit the existence of these forces and capacities only in the form of possibilities, and speak of the necessity for developing the hidden forces in the human being.

-Paraphrase from Ch 9.5 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Development of the Human Machine and Superior Centers

This present teaching differs from many others by the fact that it affirms that …the lower centers …are undeveloped or wrongly developed. And it is precisely this lack of development, or the incomplete functioning, of the lower centers that prevents us from making use of the work of the higher centers.

As has been said earlier, there are two higher centers: The higher emotional center, working with hydrogen 12, and the higher thinking center, working with hydrogen 6.

If we consider the work of the human machine from the point of view of the ‘hydrogens’ which work the centers, then we shall see why the higher centers cannot be connected with the lower ones.

The intellectual center works with hydrogen 48; the moving center with hydrogen 24.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 9.5 of In Search of the Miraculous

“With regard to the Hydrogen of the Emotional center it is also 24…”

-Paraphrase from ‘The Face of the New Generations of Gnosis’ Lecture #215
[“Las Nuevas Generaciones Frente a la Gnosis”] in El Quinto Evagelio

If the emotional center were to work with hydrogen 12, its work would be connected with the work of the higher emotional center. In those cases where the work of the emotional center reaches the intensity and speed of existence which is given by hydrogen 12, a temporary connection with the higher emotional center takes place and the person experiences new emotions, new impressions previously entirely unknown to them, and the description of which they have neither words nor expressions.

But in ordinary conditions the difference between the speed of our usual emotions and the speed of the higher emotional center is so great that no connection can take place and we fail to hear within us the voices which are speaking and calling to us from the higher emotional center.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 9.5 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Development of the Human Machine and Superior Intellect

“The higher thinking center, working with hydrogen 6, is still further removed from us, still less accessible. Connection with it is possible only through the higher emotional center. It is only from descriptions of mystical experiences, ecstatic states, and so on, that we know cases of such connections. These states can occur on the basis of religious emotions…

If we could connect the centers of our ordinary consciousness with the higher thinking center deliberately and at will, it would be of no use to us whatsoever in our present general state. In most cases where accidental contact with the higher thinking center takes place a person becomes unconscious. The mind refuses to take in the flood of thoughts, emotions, images, and ideas which suddenly burst into it. And instead of a vivid thought, or a vivid emotion, there results, on the contrary, a complete blank, a state of unconsciousness.

The memory retains only the first moment when the flood rushed in on the mind and the last moment when the flood was receding and consciousness returned. But even these moments are so full of unusual shades and colors that there is nothing with which to compare them among the ordinary sensations of life. This is usually all that remains from so-called ‘mystical’ and ‘ecstatic’ experiences, which represent a temporary connection with a higher center.

Only very seldom does it happen that a mind which has been better prepared succeeds in grasping and remembering something of what was felt and understood at the moment of ecstasy. But even in these cases the thinking, the moving, and the emotional centers remember and transmit everything in their own way, translating absolutely new and never previously experienced sensations into the language of usual everyday sensations, transmitting into worldly three-dimensional forms things which pass completely beyond the limits of worldly measurements; in this way, of course, they entirely distort every trace of what remains in the memory of these unusual experiences.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 9.5 of In Search of the Miraculous


Part 2 – Understanding the Wrong Working of the Centers

“Our ordinary centers, in transmitting the impressions of the higher centers, may be compared to a blind person speaking of colors, or to a deaf person speaking of music.

In order to obtain a correct and permanent connection between the lower and the higher centers, it is necessary to regulate … the work of the lower centers. Moreover, as has been already said, lower centers work in a wrong way, for very often, instead of their own proper functions, one or another of them takes upon itself the work of other centers. This considerably reduces the speed of the general work of the machine and makes acceleration of the work of the centers very difficult.

Thus in order to regulate and accelerate the work of the lower centers, the primary object must consist in freeing each center from work foreign and unnatural to it, and in bringing it back to its own work which it can do better than any other center.

A great deal of energy is also spent on work which is completely unnecessary and harmful in every respect, such as on the activity of unpleasant emotions, on the expression of unpleasant sensations, on worry, on restlessness, on haste, and on a whole series of automatic actions which are completely useless. As many examples as you like can be found of such unnecessary activity.

[Intellectual Center]
First of all there is the constantly moving flow of thoughts in our mind, which we can often neither stop nor control, and which takes up an enormous amount of our energy.

[Motor Center]
Secondly there is the quite unnecessary constant tension of the muscles of our organism. The muscles are tense even when we are doing nothing.

As soon as we start to do even a small and insignificant piece of work, a whole system of muscles necessary for the hardest and most strenuous work is immediately set in motion. We pick up a needle from the floor and we spend on this action as much energy as is needed to lift up a human being of our own weight. We write a short letter and use as much muscular energy upon it as would suffice to write a bulky volume.

But the chief point is that we spend muscular energy continually and at all times, even when we are doing nothing.

When we walk the muscles of our shoulders and arms are tensed unnecessarily; when we sit the muscles of our legs, neck, back, and stomach are tensed in an unnecessary way.

We even sleep with the muscles of our arms, of our legs, of our face, of the whole of our body tensed, and we do not realize that we spend much more energy on this continual readiness for work we shall never do than on all the real, useful work we do during our life.

[Emotional Center]
Still further we can point to the habit of continually talking with anybody and about anything, or if there is no one else, then with ourselves; the habit of indulging in fantasies, in daydreaming; the continual change of mood, feelings, and emotions, and an enormous number of quite useless things which a person considers themselves obliged to feel, think, do, or say.”

-Paraphrase from Ch 9.5 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Working of the Centers

“In order to regulate and balance the work of the … centers whose functions constitute our life, it is necessary to learn to economize the energy produced by our organism, not to waste this energy on unnecessary functions, and to save it for that activity which will gradually connect the lower centers with the higher.

All that has been said before about work on oneself, about the formation of inner unity and of the transition from the level of Human Being №1, №2, and №3 to the level of human being № 4 and further [to the level of human being № 5, 6, & 7], pursues one and the same aim.

What is called according to one terminology the ‘solar astral body’, is called in another terminology the ‘higher emotional center’, although the difference here does not lie in the terminology alone. These are, to speak more correctly, different aspects of the next stage of the human being’s evolution or possible development.

It can be said that the ‘solar astral body’ is necessary for the complete and proper functioning of the ‘higher emotional center’ in unison with the lower. Or it can be said that the ‘higher emotional center’ is necessary for the work of the ‘solar astral body’.

The ‘solar mental body’ corresponds to the ‘higher thinking center’. It would be wrong to say that they are one and the same thing. But one requires the other, one cannot exist without the other, one is the expression of certain sides and functions of the other.

The fourth body requires the complete and harmonious working of all centers; and it implies, or is the expression of, complete control over this working.

What is necessary to understand (and what the ‘table of hydrogens’ helps us to grasp) is the idea of the complete materiality of all the psychic, intellectual, emotional, volitional, and other inner processes, including the most exalted poetic inspirations, religious ecstasies, and mystical revelations.

The materiality of processes means their dependence upon the quality of the material or substance used by them.

One process needs a certain fuel and therefore demands the expenditure, that is, as it were, the burning, of hydrogen 48; another process cannot be obtained with the help of hydrogen 48; it requires a finer, a more combustible substance—hydrogen 24. For a third process hydrogen 24 is too weak; it requires hydrogen 12.

Thus we see that our organism has the different kinds of fuel necessary for the different centers. The centers can be compared to machines working on fuels of different qualities. One machine can be worked with oil residue or crude oil. Another requires kerosene; a third will not work with kerosene but requires gasoline.

The fine substances of our organism can be characterized as substances of different flashpoints, while the organism itself can be compared to a laboratory in which the combustibles of different strengths (required by the different centers) are prepared from various kinds of raw material. Unfortunately, however, there is something wrong with the laboratory.

-Paraphrase from Ch 9.5 of In Search of the Miraculous


Part 3 – Explaining the Wrong Working of the Centers

“The forces controlling the distribution of combustibles among the different centers often make mistakes and the centers receive fuel that is either too weak or too strong, too easily inflammable. Moreover, a great quantity of all the combustibles produced is spent quite uselessly; it simply runs out; is lost.

Besides, explosions often take place in the laboratory which at one stroke destroy all the fuel prepared for the next day and possibly for even a longer period, and are able to cause irreparable damage to the whole factory.

It must be noted that the organism usually produces in the course of one day (24 hours) all the substances necessary for the following day. And it very often happens that all these substances are spent or consumed upon some unnecessary and, as a rule, unpleasant emotion.

Bad moods, worry, the expectation of something unpleasant, doubt, fear, a feeling of injury, irritation, each of these emotions (in reaching a certain degree of intensity) may, in half an hour, or even half a minute, consume all the substances prepared for the next day; while a single flash of anger, or some other violent emotion, can at once explode all the substances prepared in the laboratory and leave a person quite empty inwardly for a long time or even forever.

All psychic processes are material. There is not a single process that does not require the expenditure of a certain substance corresponding to it. If this substance is present, the process goes on. When the substance is exhausted, the process comes to a stop.

-Paraphrase from Ch 9.5 of In Search of the Miraculous


The Incorrect Working of the Centers

The incorrect functioning of the centers, is a theme that has to be studied during the entire life through the observation of oneself and the rigorous examination of dreams.

It is not possible to comprehend the centers and their correct or incorrect work in just a moment; we need infinite patience.

The entire life unfolds in the functioning of the centers and it is controlled by them. Our thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, loves, hatreds, actions, sensations, pleasures, frustrations, etc., are in the centers…”

-Paraphrase from ‘Prodigies and Mysteries of the Fire’ Lecture #106
[“Prodigios y Misterios del Fuego”] in El Quinto Evagelio


Part 4 – The Five Inferior Centers and the Mechanicity of Sex

As we have already mentioned in previous classes that there are 5 inferior centers:

“The first is the intellectual center.
The second is the emotional center.
The third is the center of the movement.
The fourth is the center of instinct.
The fifth is the sex center.

There is no doubt that SEX is the center of gravity of all human activities. People go to church driven by sex, meet in the café driven by sex, and dance driven by sex. When a person finds their soul-mate and they unite sexually, society has begun.

The mechanicity of SEX is frightening and the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL does not want to comprehend this. When we become conscious about SEX and its functions, when we work with the MAITHUNA (SEXUAL MAGIC), then the MECHANICITY disappears and we enter the path of SEXUAL REGENERATION.

SEX has the great power to ENSLAVE and the GREAT POWER TO TOTALLY LIBERATE. THE NEW BIRTH which JESUS spoke to NICODEMUS about depends totally upon SEX. THE INTERNAL ANGEL must be born from SEX and only with the MAITHUNA can we ACHIEVE it.

If we want the AUTHENTIC CHRISTMAS of the Heart, then we need the GOD CHILD OF BETHLEHEM to be born within us and this is only possible with the MAITHUNA (SEXUAL MAGIC).

The wonderful HYDROGEN SI-12 is the material with which the SEX center works and with which the SEX center creates. It is a SEED, the seed in which the INTERNAL ANGEL is found in a latent state.

We have explained that with the TRANSMUTATION of the HYDROGEN SI-12 we can CREATE the real ASTRAL BODY, the real MENTAL BODY and the legitimate CAUSAL BODY.

…No abuser of SEX can CREATE the SUPERIOR EXISTENTIAL BODIES OF THE BEING and for them the unhappiness continues after death with the LUNAR vehicles. It is impossible for anyone to be free of the 48 laws if they only possess LUNAR bodies. Only by creating the SOLAR BODIES, and the SUPERIOR EXISTENTIAL BODIES OF THE BEING can we LIBERATE OURSELVES FROM THE 48 LAWS.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.8 ofThe Science of Music (Christmas Message 1965-66)
also called The Spiritual Power of Sound in English


Part 5 – The Incorrect Working of the Centers and the ‘Abuse’ of Sex

SEXUAL ABUSE exists in the action of sex [1] through the other centers of the human machine [2] or the action of the other centers through the SEXUAL CENTER. Each CENTER OF THE MACHINE must operate with its own energy, but unfortunately the other centers of the machine steal the SEX energy.

When the INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL, MOVEMENT and INSTINCTIVE centers steal the sexual energy, then there exists SEXUAL ABUSE. What is most serious, regarding all of this, is that in order to work, the SEX CENTER has to simultaneously steal the energy from the other centers, and all this is also SEXUAL ABUSE.

When the SEX CENTER works with its own Hydrogen SI-12, then it TRANSMUTES in order to CREATE the SUPERIOR EXISTENTIAL BODIES OF THE BEING. Unfortunately, people abuse the sexual energy. People are captivated with disorder and with wasting the HYDROGEN SI-12.

It’s easy to discover sexual abuse in people. When there is sexual abuse, the intellect, emotional, movement, instinctive centers have: a certain special “TASTE”, a certain unmistakable tint, a certain passion, a certain vehemence that leaves no room for any doubt. All this is visible for the warlords in the mental plans; in the bullfighting arena; in the exciting efforts of the football players during a game; and in the violent passionate instincts of the people.

Wherever there is a waste of DIABOLIC INTELLECT, VIOLENT EMOTIONS, PASSIONATE MOVEMENTS, PASSIONATE CAR, HORSE OR BIKE RACING, olympic games, etc., etc., etc., or even bestial instincts in action, then it is clear that there is SEXUAL abuse.

What is most serious regarding all of this abuse is that the SEX center is then forced to work with the heavier HYDROGENS that correspond to the other centers. When SEX is forced to work with HYDROGENS like 48, 24, etc., it is impossible then to create the SUPERIOR EXISTENTIAL BODIES OF THE BEING.

Those who enjoy pornographic movies, novels and pictures, use sexual energy in the intellectual center and it is clear that they agree with the tendency to satisfy sexual fantasy and thus eventually acquire the PSYCHO SEXUAL type of IMPOTENCE, (which is when those persons truly want to execute the sexual act, they instead fail miserably).

When the EMOTIONAL CENTER steals the SEXUAL ENERGY then stupid sentimentalities, jealousy, cruelty, etc., etc., etc., follow.

When the MOVEMENT CENTER works with the HYDROGEN SI-12, stolen from SEX CENTER, then the abusers of the center of the MOVEMENT such as the football players, the ACROBATS OF THE CIRCUS, cyclists of the great races, etc., appear.

When the center of instinct steals the SEXUAL ENERGY then there is a wastage in instinctive, passionate, violent acts.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.8 ofThe Science of Music (Christmas Message 1965-66)
also called The Spiritual Power of Sound in English

“There exist various types of instincts: THE INSTINCT OF PRESERVATION, the SEXUAL INSTINCT, etc., there also exist many perversions of Instinct. Deep within every human being there exist SUB HUMAN INSTICTIVE forces that paralyze the true Spirit of Love and Charity.

Those demonic forces must first be comprehended, then brought under control and eliminated. These are bestial forces, instinctive criminal forces, lust, cowardliness, fear, etc. We must comprehend and subdue these bestial forces before we can dissolve them.”

-From Ch.15 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


How to End the ‘Abuse’ of Sex

SEXUAL ABUSE truly ends when we establish within ourselves the PERMANENT CENTER OF GRAVITY.

We have said it before and we are repeating again, that the “I” is a legion of DEVILS.

The “I” exists in a pluralized form.

The five cylinders of the human machine provide the origin and strength for the legions of small “I’s” which in their conjunction constitute what is called the EGO, the “I”, the MYSELF.

THE PLURALIZED “I” awkwardly wastes the ESSENCE (which is within us in order to CREATE SOUL).

When WE DISSOLVE THE PLURALIZED “I” THEN THE SPENDER (or Squanderer) IS FINISHED, and thus the ESSENCE begins to accumulate inside of us, converting itself into a PERMANENT center of GRAVITY.

When we establish inside of ourselves a PERMANENT CENTER OF GRAVITY, then THE SEX CENTER starts to work with its proper HYDROGEN (the HYDROGEN SI-12).

GNOSTIC ESOTERICISM teaches that when the SEX CENTER works with its proper energy, with its proper HYDROGEN, this ends SEXUAL ABUSE because then each center starts working with the ENERGY … or HYDROGEN that corresponds to it, and not with the HYDROGEN SI-12 stolen from the sex center. It is necessary to DISSOLVE THE “I” if we want to end SEXUAL ABUSE.

…Anyone who wants to get rid of the 48 laws must end SEXUAL abuse. Anyone who wants to end sexual abuse must annihilate the “I”, reducing it to dust. It is URGENT to establish a complete equilibrium of all five centers of the MACHINE and this is only possible by dissolving the “I”.

-Paraphrase from Ch.8 ofThe Science of Music (Christmas Message 1965-66)
also called The Spiritual Power of Sound in English


Comprehending the “I” within the Centers (Actions & Reactions)

“The “I” exerts control over the five inferior centers of the human Machine… The “I” cannot control the two superior centers of the human being, which are the SUPERIOR MIND and the SUPERIOR EMOTIONS.

If we want to dissolve the “I”, then we must study it in the five inferior centers; we need comprehension. It is urgent to comprehend the actions and reactions of each one of the five inferior centers of the human machine. The “I” exerts control over these inferior centers; therefore, we walk on the path of the dissolution of the “I” with in depth comprehension of the activity of each one of these inferior centers.

Two people react differently before any given representation; what is pleasant for one person could be unpleasant for the other. The difference lies in the fact that one person judges and perceives the representation with the mind and the other is touched in their feelings. Therefore, we must learn how to differentiate the Mind from the Feelings. The Mind is one thing and the Feelings are another.

Within the Mind there exists an entire game of ACTIONS AND REACTIONS that must be carefully comprehended. Within our Feelings, there are affections that must be crucified, emotions that must be studied and in general an entire mechanism of actions and reactions that can easily be misplaced and confused with the activities of the Mind.

We need to SELF-discover and comprehend our habits in depth. We must not allow our life to continue to develop mechanically.

It seems incredible that we live within the molds of habits and that we do not know those molds which condition our life; we need to study our habits. We need to comprehend our habits. We need to SELF-observe ourselves in the way we speak, the way we dress, the way we walk, etc., etc.

Habits belong to the MOTOR CENTER. Games; football, tennis and all sports in general belong to this center; when the Mind interferes with this center, it obstructs it and damages it because the intellect is too slow and the center of movement is much faster. When a typist works, they work with the center of movement; they can make mistakes on the keyboard if the mind intervenes, a man driving an automobile could suffer an accident if the mind intervenes.”

-From Ch.15 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor


Second Section: the Nourishment of the Superior Existential Bodies

Part 6 – Nourishment of the Solar Astral Body

“The Solar Astral Body is the splendid and marvelous vehicle that is normally used by the Angels and Masters of the Great White Lodge. After its birth, this luminous vehicle also needs its nourishment to grow, develop and fortify itself.

It is urgent to know that the nourishment for the Solar Astral Body is created by the human organism, the physical body (which sustains itself with the Hydrogen 48), but the excess of this Hydrogen, converts itself into the Hydrogen 24 with which the Solar Astral Body nourishes itself.

The initiate must not waste the Hydrogen 48 so as to have a good surplus of that Hydrogen, in order to develop the Hydrogen 24 which serves as the basic nourishment for the Solar Astral Body.

A great Master talking about this subject, said:

“The energy is wasted especially in the unnecessary or unpleasant emotions whether these are related with things that are possible or impossible, in bad moods, in unnecessary haste, in nervousness, irritability, in fantasy, in daydreaming, etc.

The energy wasted with the wrong functioning of the centers; in the unnecessary tension of the muscles, tension which is out of proportion to the work performed; in the interest that we have in the things that are happening around us, or to the people around us and that, in truth, we only have but a minor interest in; in the constant waste of attention, etc.”

The organism receives coarse or heavy Hydrogens from the exterior, the ‘materia prima’ which can be transmuted through Alchemy into subtle or fine Hydrogens that can then be crystallized in a very special way, in order to create the internal bodies. The Solar Astral body is a splendid crystallization of the Hydrogen SI-12.

Just as the physical body is engendered through the sexual act, so too is the Solar Astral body engendered through the sexual Act. Just as the physical body is born, so too is the solar astral body born, just as the child needs nourishment for the growth of the tissues, so too does the Solar Astral body need the Hydrogen 24 as nourishment for achieving its development AND growth.

The internal growth, the development of the interior bodies, the solar astral, the solar mental, etc., is a material process completely analogous to the creation of the physical body.

-Paraphrase from section “Nourishment of the Astral Body” in Christmas Message 1963-64
by Samael Aun Weor, available in English in the book Gnostic Christification


Nourishment of the Solar Mental Body

“A whole lot has been said about the Mind in Pseudo-Occultist and Pseudo-Esoteric, etc., literature. We have to ask ourselves these questions: Which mind are the occultists referring to? We have thousands of minds, to which are they referring? Really the plurality of the “I” is the foundation of the plurality of the mind.

The “I” is a legion of Devils, each Devil has its own mind. The organic machine is under the control of many Devils who do not even know each other. Devils that quarrel among themselves. Devils who fight each other for supremacy. Devils of desire, Devils of memories, Fancy Devils, Devils of Fear, Hatred, Violence, Passions, Envy, Greed, Lust, Pride, Jealousy, Anger, etc.

The mind has no individuality and yet the pseudo occultists texts speak wonders about human individuality. Ignorance causes so much pain. Egoism is the foundation of Ignorance. It is necessary for us to dissolve the reincarnating Ego.

Only by dissolving the ego, only by killing the myself, only by DE-EGOTIZING OURSELVES, do we INDIVIDUALIZE OURSELVES. But individuality is not everything, much later we will have to reach beyond individuality.

The mind must pass through a supreme death and through a supreme birth. It is necessary that the Ego dies. It is urgent for the Solar Mental Body to be born.

We must work with death, and we must work with life. With death we work fundamentally in profound comprehension. With life we practice Sexual Magic. We are dying little by little. We are being born little by little.

It is necessary for us to die from instant to instant. It is necessary for us to be born from instant to instant.

Through the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) the Hydrogen SI-12 crystallizes in the Astral Body, afterwards it receives a new Shock that places it in the DO of a third musical octave. Then we acquire the Solar Mental Body. This is the system in order to achieve a solar mental body.

Thus the Solar Mental Body is Born, which is our true mental individuality. The Solar Mental Body converts us into individuals. Only with the solar mental body do we individualize ourselves. It is false to say that we are already individualized. Nowadays we are only machines controlled by the Legion of the “I”. This is all.

The Surplus of vital substances not spent on the Solar Astral body, can then be utilized for the nourishment of the solar mental body. The Hydrogen 24 that is not totally spent on the Solar Astral body, becomes the Hydrogen 12 that serves to nourish the Solar mental body.

A great master said:

“All the substances for the maintenance of the life of the organism, for psychic work, for the higher functions of the Consciousness and for the growth of the superior bodies, are produced in the organism as the foundation for nourishment which it receives from the outside: The organism receives three kinds of nourishment.

First: The nourishment we eat everyday.
Second: The Air we breath.
Third: Our impressions.”

The process for the transformation of the substances which enter into the organism, the transformation of the coarse substances into finer substances, is under the Control of the law of musical Octaves…

-Paraphrase from section “The Mental Body” in Christmas Message 1963-64
by Samael Aun Weor, available in English in the book Gnostic Christification


Nourishment of the Solar Causal Body

“People believe they have conscious willpower when in fact have they only have desire which concentrates in this or that direction, falsely denominating it as a force of willpower, when in reality it is only the force of desire. It is necessary to acquire the body of conscious willpower. This is known in occult literature as the solar causal body.

Fakirs, Monks, Yogis and Gnostics, we all agree on the purpose of acquiring the body of conscious willpower, because we know very well that this body is what makes us immortal in the fullest sense of the word.

Really it is only possible to acquire that body with the Maithuna, Sexual Magic, or the Arcanum A.Z.F. The Fakir achieves the dominion of his physical body and Invigorates his strength of will but fails to acquire the body of conscious willpower. The Monk, achieves the complete control of his emotions but does not get the body of conscious willpower. The Yogi, achieves total control over his mind but fails to acquire the body of conscious willpower.

Fakirs, Monks, and Yogis, sooner or later have to resolve to work with the Hydrogen SI-12 with the purpose of really acquiring the body of conscious willpower. The surplus of Hydrogen SI-12 after crystallizing as the solar mental body needs an additional Shock which will place it in the note DO of a fourth octave of the musical scale. The Fourth Octave of the musical scale originates the crystallization of the Hydrogen SI-12, in the resplendent form of the body of conscious willpower, which makes us immortal.

The surplus of Hydrogen 12 not spent on the solar mental body, then converts itself into Hydrogen 6 with which the body of conscious willpower nourishes itself. Only those who already have the body of conscious willpower really have that which is called true willpower. Whosoever possesses the body of the conscious willpower is no longer a victim of circumstances; they are capable of determining circumstances, since they are not determined for them.”

-Paraphrase from section “The Body of Conscious Willpower” in Christmas Message 1963-64
by Samael Aun Weor, available in English in the book Gnostic Christification



Conclusion: The Four Bodies and the Soul

“The Human Being has two centers that he does not yet use. THE SUPERIOR MIND and THE SUPERIOR EMOTIONAL. These are the two divine centers, the true instruments of the eternal and imperishable HUMAN BEING WITH SOUL. We can profoundly study the great mysteries of life and death with these two superior centers.

…Those who believe that they are using these two centers without having ENGENDERED THE VEHICLE OF THE CHRIST MIND, and the vehicle of the ASTRAL CHRIST are completely mistaken. It is necessary to engender these two vehicles in order to dress ourselves with the Superior Mind and the Superior Emotion. Only with the Arcanum A.Z.F. is it possible to engender these two superior vehicles.

In the third initiation of Major Mysteries the ASTRAL CHRIST is born. In the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries the MENTAL CHRIST is born.”

-From Ch.16 of Esoteric Course of Kabalah by Samael Aun Weor

“In esoteric christianity the four bodies are called the carnal body, the natural body, the spiritual body and the divine body. The physical is the carnal body, the Solar Astral is the natural body, the solar mental is the spiritual body, and the solar causal is the Divine body.

Really before having these four bodies, we are just intellectual animals and nothing more. Only those who already possesses the four bodies can be face to face with their spiritual triune, with their divine monad, in order to convert themselves into true human beings.”

-Paraphrase from section “The Four Bodies” in Christmas Message 1963-64
by Samael Aun Weor, available in English in the book Gnostic Christification

“The process of creating a new being is realized within the Law of Musical Octaves. The 7 Notes of the musical scale form the basis of all creation.

IF WE TRANSMUTE THE CREATIVE ENERGY, then we initiate a new Octave in the Etheric World, and the result of this is a vehicle with which we are able to consciously penetrate all the Departments of the Kingdom.

A Third Octave permits us to engender the true Astral Body, THE CHRIST ASTRAL. Upon reaching these levels the old Astral phantasm is reduced to an empty shell which disintegrates little by little.

A Fourth Octave permits us to engender the Christ Mind, and this vehicle gives us true Wisdom and Unity of Thought. Only the one who engenders the Christ Mind has the right to say: “I HAVE A MENTAL BODY”. The current Mental Body is only the ghost of a facade. Really, this phantom converts itself into a hollow shell when the true Mind is born; it disintegrates, and is reduced to cosmic dust.

The Fifth Musical Octave engenders the true Causal Body; upon attaining these levels we incarnate the Soul; then we have a Real Existence. Prior to this instant, we do not have a Real Existence.”

-Paraphrase from Ch.14 of Tarot & Kabbalah



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